Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simply Saturday - Two new coffee flavors

It has been a while since I checked to see if there are new coffee flavors out there.  My MIL needed to get some of her supplies so we stopped by Bed, Bath and Beyond.  We both got excited because they had some new ones that we have not tasted.  So here's my two new flavors.

While watching the food network, I saw this snack made up of mixed nuts.  It was very easy to do and loved all the spicy ingredients.  I decided to try and and here's the result.
Not sure what I did wrong but all these nuts are sticking together.
Just in case you are wondering if the fireplace mantle and tiles project is finished.  Yes, it is all completed but I cannot post a photo because I want my daughter to see it first when she arrives. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Friday - American Idol - Top 8

This past Wednesday show of American Idol was one of the best top 9 out of all the season that I have watched.  Everyone did performed their best and I don't know how the votes are going to be divided for the upcoming shows until the finals.  Last season I picked Scotty right from the beginning and somehow I knew he would be at least in the top three.  Although I don't participate in the voting, I just like picking my best three and watch how they compete and hope for the ones that I like.  Here's how I am rating them for next week starting from the bottom.
#8 Holly
#7 Skylar
#6 DeAndre
#5 Elise
#4 Colton
#3 Jessica
#2 Joshua
#1 Philip 
The trio that I enjoyed the most are Philip, Elise and Colton.  Their harmony of their voices are so perfectly blended that you could imagine them forming their own band.  As much as I am not a fan of Led Zep, I love the way Elise performed the song A whole lotta love.  I look forward to next week see how they set up the bar, hopefully higher than this week.  Goodbye to HeeJun, he did his best but I think he kinda new he would be the next to go.  The good part is that he is still going to be part of the Idol tour. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Under the weather again

There's a very good chance that today's post will be short and sweet.  I have not been feeling good and I think I lost my bounce again.  It is possible that this is a side effect of one of the prescription that I took (a little too strong).  In a way I think it's my fault because I should have not taken the older ones since my body have already adjusted to the newer prescription.  Oh bother.  I learned my lesson and now I just need to be patient for my body to get use to it again. I am sorry that this is so boring but I found something cute to make up for the contents.

Yesterday while doing my volunteer at the library I found some books and it was all about Curious George.  I bought all three of them and hopefully I can read it to Gamble when he comes over or maybe my daughter can read it to Gamble.  I am a little upset with myself because I cannot remember if both my children liked Curious George.  I think they did.