Friday, June 29, 2018

Forgiving Friday - Ten years ago

It seems like only yesterday but it was really ten years ago when I got the worst phone call of my life.  Everyone says that time will heal the pain that was caused by the tragedy.  Some of my friends were amazed how I was able to carry on with life after I lost my only favorite son.  The most difficult part to accept was that I was not able to say goodbye.  But then again, I did not know his plans of leaving all of us so soon.  He was only 26 and without a sign, a clue or a message, no one expected that this would happen to such a wonderful person, a happy kid, an amazing brother and a terrific friend to all.  It has taken me all this time to finally forgive him for leaving without saying goodbye.  As well as, I have stopped looking for the reasons or answers to the question WHY.  Ten years ago we had lost so many loved ones beginning in January 2008 up to the end of that year.  A very dear friend, my father in law, Jeff's aunt (sister of his mom),  another long time family friend, my son's grandfather, one of our first cousin, and wife of a good friend.  There were a few more but I think I'll stop here.
Of all these loved ones, most of them have a first name beginning with the letter G or their last name beginning with the letter G as well.  I cannot explain what this means but it's definitely a strange year.  So today, I am celebrating not just my son's life but all of the family and friends that have left us.  We hope that they are all at peace and we will continue to keep them always in our mind and forever in our hearts.  I miss my son each and everyday but I know that someday we will be together.  Until then, I will try my very best to understand whatever his reasons were. 


Friday, June 22, 2018

Frustrated Friday - Annoying golf fans

After watching the last two PGA tournaments, I decided that I couldn't stand it anymore and I need to vent. OMG, those annoying golf fans that were consistently saying weird words right after the players hit their ball at the tee box was just too much.  Shortly after I read something online about a Canadian golfer that visited an office and it was on video and he started screaming a bunch of non-sense.  Just to get his message across that they are are Professional Golfer and they are at work.  How would you feel if you were at work and your co-workers were consistently screaming those words like Bababoowee or some other stupid words so that when they go home and replay the record game, they will be so proud that they heard themselves on TV.  In order to avoid this, I will have to watch the golf without sound.  Maybe the PGA can't do anything about it, but maybe those fans can just start growing up and just behave like adults.  I understand you want to cheer for your favorite golfer but in this case, I think it's just all about them hearing themselves.  I am sure these professionals are getting tired of it as well.  Now that I have said my spill, let's try and enjoy this weekend's Traveller's Championship.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Twisted Tuesday - When no one listens

You know what happens when you are in a golf tournament and it's one of those Best Ball rule, well this is my story and I am sticking to it.  Last week I was asked to join a team for a golf tournament.  Although everyone had a great time, I was the unlucky one.  Why?  Because on the last hole, I twisted or rolled my left foot.  The team decided to use the ball
that was on an uphill lie and after I hit the ball, I took a step and my left foot rolled as there was a small hole.  The good part is that we were on the last hole but the bad part is that I am now in pain and limping.  I called my hubby to bring some ice which he did so efficiently.  While sitting at dinner, my left foot was having a very cold bag of ice.  I believe it truly helped my left foot.  Back to the reason why.  If my team listened to me and use the ball that was perfectly situated on a flatter side, just a few feet from green, then maybe my foot would have not rolled.  Sometimes it pays to listen because just maybe it might make sense.  Anyway, the damage has been done, I am off golf for at least two weeks since the doctor says
to rest the foot, elevate the foot and ice it for 20 minutes every few hours.  It should be OK after 10 to 14 days.  I am just happy that nothing is broken and the pain is not as bad.  Now I really have to pay attention to the contour of the fairways and certain sections of the course.

If you can see the bunker on the left side just before the green, that's the location of the ball.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Twofold Tuesday - Two BFF's

OMG, this post is way past overdue.  We have been busy with guests at the the new location of CPBB and I have had not time to write anything.  There's a lot of stories to share but some are classified as secret.  Anyway after my family's visit, two of my BFF's from Ontario arrived and the party started.  Everyday we do something fun and full of laughter and great memories.  Only complain was that both of them gained weight.  On a positive note, they truly enjoyed their one week stay and our B&B received great reviews.  Here are some of the photos we took of the scenery. Unfortunately we keep forgetting to take photos of the meals they tried and enjoyed. We hope that we can get together again sooner than later and not wait for two or three years.