Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weeping Wednesday - Specially for Gino

Eight years ago today, you left without saying goodbye
Not sure what you were thinking, all I can do was sigh.
It was too much of a shock, I thought I would die
Now life has a different meaning, somehow I have to try.

The pain was excruciating but now some days I just feel numb
Was it something I said or did I do something really dumb.
It's difficult to understand why and at times I feel stumped
When I don't have the answer to why you decided to jump.

Thinking of you on Sundays, I always feel that stab in my heart
Wondering where you are on Mondays, I don't even know where to start.
When I hear your favorite songs on the radio, I sometimes fall apart
Maybe you are really in a better place, ready for a different kick start.
Whatever is that place somewhere all of us will never know
We can just hope that you are happy and things here will just flow
In time our tears and our pain will somehow eventually go
But our love for you will remain forever because you are our GINO.
A little boy cabbage patch doll name "Gino" that my daughter saw at a store in NYC.

I saw this toy at Target and it made me teary as this was Gino's favorite toy.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Satiable Sunday - Very easy to be

We are both very easy going person and I think that is why get along very well.  Like the other day after dinner I asked Jeff if he could take me to the Nail Supply Store.  His response, "Sure".  I told him about this post that I am doing today is about being satisfied.
Not just satisfied but very easy to please.  Kinda like me, he said, it doesn't take much to make me happy.  Easy, happy and satisfied.  What more could you ask in life.  As I try to finish this post, he is waiting patiently for me because, it's almost time for my evening shot.
Wait, I said, just a few more lines and so I guess, that's all for now.  Maybe I need to add
some photos and maybe a song. 

My fruits and veggies collection.

See how happy Jeff was when I took him for dinner to his favorite restaurant the day before Father's day.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thriving Thursday - His and Hers plants

Just recently I was noticing my geranium plant (5 years old) and my orchid plant (1 year old) are doing so well.  I almost forgot my Asian bamboo plant (3 years old) is also thriving.  Although all these are inside the house, I have a few outdoor plants that are also doing well and I have to give to Jeff all the credit as he is in charge of watering them and if required adding a bit of vitamins.  I have to credit myself for doing all the talking to the plants, really.
This year Jeff's garden is not as big of a variety as previous summer.  Some of the plants were put in late so we are not sure if they will produce before the fall.  Most of them have started showing what type of vegetables we can expect but for now they are tiny.  On Sunday, Jeff gave me he bad news.  Remember the lone peach, well I didn't get a chance to eat it because the birds got to it first.  I was very disappointed because it looked really good the last time I checked it.

Now all I have is this photo to remind me that I have to wait another year

These are the new variety of succulents that we planted on Sunday.

I checked this Jalapeno plant today and there's at least 15 peppers.

Yes, can you believe that my orchids are doing so good. It's definitely a miracle.

These were the old succulents from last year and we decided to move them together.

I think they love being together as a family as they seem to grow every day.

Jeff replanted this one to a big pot located just beside the grill. I love seeing them in the morning.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whirwind Wednesday - Too many ideas so little time

It is amazing how much work you can do on a weekend if you truly set your mind to doing whatever needs to get done.  I suggested to Jeff that we clean the deck in the backyard so we can sit and enjoy using the area.  First thing we was move some of the planters and at the same time added more flowers in a pot and another succulents group.  I did a little planting my self using the baby spider plants that I snipped and waited to root.  After a while Jeff had to continuing tidying up the left side area of the house.  I saw some pieces of wood that he was just going to burn. Wait a minute, I have an idea.  He can make a side table for our two chairs.  Jeff started cutting the wood and by the end of the afternoon, the table was finished.

Maybe in a couple of weeks I will ask Jeff to make some other item to add too the furniture in our deck.  I was thinking of a small planter stand to be used for one of the flower pot.  It will be a special one to feature a plant that is doing well.  As for me I need to repair one of the wind chimes that we have that fell and broke.  Oh I almost forgot that Jeff ordered some new solar mini lights to be added around the deck so it will look nice at night.  Some evenings we like hanging out there, maybe roasting marshmallows or cooking Jiffy popcorn.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Melange Monday - A variety of photos

The weekend went by very fast because Jeff and I were so busy with cleaning and tidying up the backyard, side area of the house as well as the front yard.  I rearrange the furniture while Jeff cleaned the area that was filled with excess wood and bamboo sticks that used to cover the roof of the deck.  Since it was a little cool on Saturday he was able to burn some of the stuff using his Chimnea.  Of course I had to make some crafty things to use as center piece for our table.  Since there were so many different flowers blooming around our neighborhood, I also took some photos for my readers to enjoy.  Aside from doing all that, I also continued sewing more potato bags and fabric wallet.  I think I would need another couple of days to complete that before I start trying to sew some little girls summer dresses.

The only Hydrangea that survived.

I have no clue what this tiny tiny purple flower is called but it's pretty.

White and pink Oleander which is nice to have but actually belongs to our neighbor.
Some silkwood flower growing around the neighborhood.

This was taken in front of one of the library building in our area. 

This arrangement is for our table on our deck.

This twig arrangement is on top of our fire pit.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spanish Sunday - Maybe taking a class would help

It has been five and half years since my MIL and I took some Spanish classes at the Senior Center.  Although we did learn some it was not what I expected.  We never learned how to construct sentences as the teacher basically taught us a bunch of words.  I even helped the teacher with some flash cards that he was using but was a bit outdated.  I remember that I had benefited from doing all the cards while designing them.  After being in the Dominican Republic, it was a struggle to conjugate sentences so that I can get the message across.  Last Friday while volunteering at the library, I came across another Spanish English book that actually have day to day sentences that I could use. I have checked with another Senior Center but unfortunately the classes will resume in the fall.  In the mean time, I will do some studying on my own and when my BFF Percy aka BFAM (brother from another mother) comes to visit in August, I will practice with him and hopefully he can teach me some easier way to communicate some day to day verses.

Feliz dia a todos los padres.  Tenga un buen dia.  Poner los pies en alto, relajarse y tomar una cerveza.

 Image result for happy father's day 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

Foodie Friday - Pics that makes you hungry

After all the download of photos from our vacation, I can finally post some of the pics that we took of our dinners and maybe even breakfast and lunch.  When we would eat at the main dining, Jeff always wondered why it was taking too long to bring back my plate.  As soon as he sees them, he figures it out.  I was making it all pretty for photos for my blog.  The rest of the photos are from the different restaurants that we tried.  Some of the appetizers or entrees I remember the names but the rest of the them, you will just have to guess or imagine.  I hope you can enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed eating them.

Jeff's entree - rib eye steak

My fish dinner

My breakfast on our second day,

My lunch on our second day.

My appetizer which was something like an open faced empanada.

No really sure whose meal was this but it looks like a pork dish.

A special type of salad with some sliced meat.

My lobster dinner at the French restaurant, a little salty and overcooked.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Minions Monday - It's so cute, it's a must

Who wouldn't like the minions?  Whatever age you are, it's very hard not to like these characters.  After watching Despicable me 1 and 2 and the Minions movie,  I cannot help but
get one of those character.  Sometime ago, I saw them at Target and I bought Kevin who says a bunch of words that you can't hardly understand but yet still funny.  It was so funny that  included him in the outgoing message on our home phone.  Remember last Christmas when we made our Minions nativity.  Enough said, I guess you get it.  Last Sunday when my MIL came for our Sunday dinner, she brought something special.  So again, I share it with you.

They are blueberry cupcakes with yellow frosting and black licorice for the hair and lips.
Image result for minions golf head covers
#1 LPGA golfer Lydia KO has the minion golf club cover.  I want one.

Custom Made Kevin in Minions Golf Head Cover for Driver #1
This is Kevin and this cover is for a driver and available at Amazon.  I wonder if I can make it!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sharks Sunday - We need all the fans to cheer

Tonight is a do or die for our bay area team.  Go Sharks Go.  I am doing this post to ask all my readers, followers, friends and family both in Canada, USA and maybe even around the world to cheer for the Sharks.  They are playing at home and hopefully have the home ice advantage.  We need this game to at least get a chance to play the 7th game.  This is the first time they are in the Stanley Cup finals and it will be amazing to have that chance. So however you cheer, whatever works when you are cheering for a team, I would appreciated anything.  It's not easy for me to beg for something but this time, I am and I know if you are reading this you will help out.  Tonight let's all be a SHARKS fan.  

 Image result for sharks vs penguins

 Image result for sharks hockey

Image result for sharks hockey

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Settling Saturday - Normal is a good feeling

Almost a week has gone by since we came back from our vacation and as much as it was great to not have to do anything that's related to chores, it is nice to settle back into normal life.  What is normal life you might ask?  Being home is definitely something to look forward to after being away.  It didn't take me long to get back into the swing of things.  The one thing that I noticed that was a little weird is the fact that I am waking up very early in the morning.  What is early?  Between 6 and 7 am is early specially when you are retired and doesn't have to be anywhere.  Although the first day back I was at the golf course for our 952 tee time.  The two days a week of volunteer was like riding a back, I was into it just like that.
Actually I had another golf game on Thursday, bowling night on Tuesday and MIL on Friday.  But unfortunately things will change a bit for the next couple of weeks and maybe even into the next month as everyone is taking some long vacations.  I really don't mind as I have a lot of sewing projects that I need to finish before I start some other crafts.  Did I mention that I am hoping to enrol in some Spanish classes?  Not really sure where to go as I might have to wait until the Fall session begins.  That is it for now because I have a lot of house chores that needs to get done.  Here's some beautiful flower photos I took in Punta Cana, DR.  Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully I will be getting back to normal schedule with blogging and creating some exciting posts for everyone to enjoy. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tiring Tuesday - Back to normal

Before I return to blogging after a week of having fun in Punta Cana, DR I would like to send our Best Wishes and Congratulations to my daughter and her hubby aka my favorite SIL who is celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  It was so fitting that family and friends return to DR to attend another wedding but also do a little reminiscing of their wedding which we attended in June 7, 2006.  Although it was a different resort this time around, some of the memories came back as if it was just yesterday.   I would like to write more about the trip but I think the best way is to share the video that my SIL made.  Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.  

This morning I got up so early because my body still thinks I am on eastern time.  There was so much to do to get back to normal.  I decided to unpack, finished three loads of laundry, tidy up the living room and dining area and still had time to touch up my nail polish.  After all that there was still time left before meeting my girl friends for lunch.  I tried to take a nap but it wouldn't happen even after I came back from lunch and had this huge glass of margarita.