Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weeds Wednesday - Wondering WHY Weeds

Well, I finally did it.  We bought some flowers on the weekend and planted some flowers in the box in our backyard.  Since today is the 29th of February because it's a leap year, I am truly hoping that this will bring some luck and let the flowers live.  As I have posted before, I am not a very good gardener nor a green thumb nor have the talent to grow any kind of garden.  The one thing that I hate doing is pulling weeds as you have to sort of bend over or kneel or something.  At the beginning the flowers looks good without the weeds around it but as Jeff tells me, after a few days those damn weeds will be shooting out and I have to keep up to ensure that they don't take over and cover all my pretty flowers.  For those of you who have beautiful flower garden in your front or back yard, you probably will provide some suggestions or comments.  Anyway, here are the photos I have taken for my BEFORE pictures.  I will try and post another one a month from now so you can see the results of my leap year efforts.
First level of our flower box
Fourth level ( top to bottom)
Second and Third level
Each morning after breakfast, I go out to the backyard to check on the flowers to make sure the squirrels have not ruined it.  Apparently sometimes they dig out the flowers so they can hide their snacks.  I truly hope they won't do that to my flower box. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Psycho Donuts

This is probably not the best time to post something so yummy during the time that some of the people are giving up their sweets for Lent.  But when my cousin gave me the menu for the variety of donuts, I had no choice but to post this special place in Campbell, Ca.  Since my daughter will be visiting sometime in April, I wanted her to check this out so she'll have another item to get excited about her trip.  The place is called Psycho Donuts and you can check out more decadent and interesting donuts at
Here are some photos to get you all hungry and drooling.  The donuts that are on a plate are the ones I have tried and they are all yummy.
Canadian Morning Squeal Meal
Manic Malt

 Key Lime Pie