Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Thursday - I am thankful for

This year we are doing something totally different on thanksgiving day.  You will have to check out my next week's post to find out.  Since we don't have a lot of family members around, we decided that it was too much work to do all the cooking for three people.  It's not really all about the turkey.  Although it's not the only day that one should be thankful for, we can all take time to appreciate and be grateful for what we have in life.  We are sending our happy thanksgiving to all our family and friends today.  Here's what I am thankful for.

Punta Cana

To all my other family members and all my other friends in Canada and the USA, thank you so much for being part of my life.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Treats Tuesday - Winging it

Last Friday I invited three girls who I worked with for my weekly volunteer.  We have been planning this girls night out at my house but due to my very busy schedule we couldn't pick a date.  I decided to just ask them out of the blue if they were free on Friday and they were.
I made a simple light dinner and added a couple of treats.  There were a couple of apples that needed to be used so I made half an apple pie which looks like a calzone.  Since I only used one of the ready made crust, I decided to make some mini butter tarts as it was a perfect little dessert to go with ice cream or just by itself.  Most times when planning meals I usually start with what I have and go from there.  It's very interesting what you end up with,  just by checking what's in the fridge and your cupboards.  The girls night out at home was a success.  Everyone had fun and we even manage to play Sing Star on my old PS2.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Melting Monday- My new favorite cookies

Cookies are not one of my favorite things to bake.  I have to admit that I am not really fond of baking cookies.  Making other types of sweets such as sweet bread, easy cake, different types of bars or even pies or flan, these I can do without hesitation.  Until a few weeks ago when I saw this recipe of Lace Cookies on Pinterest.  I read the ingredients and the instructions, I thought for a while and then went to the kitchen and started making it.  The only thing I added were chopped pecans because I love anything with nuts.  It is crispy and chewy and just an awesome cookies.  Last night I made another batch and this time it was even better than the first time.  Jeff suggests that I drop smaller portions because they seem to really spread when they are in the oven.  Some of the shapes became a little square instead of round, but the taste is still the same.  Yummy, yummy,yummy, that's all I can say.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Social Sunday - I wonder what they are thinking

Now a days it's so easy to take a quick photo of something interesting that you see when you are out and about.  Although during our last trip in British Columbia and Tennessee, we did not get many photos because we keep forgetting that we can use our phone.  Anyway, today I am going to share some photos that I have taken during the past few weeks.  This time it's a little different because I am adding a caption of what I think they are thinking.

" I better run fast, that tourist has a gun"

"Look at those city people, have they never seen cows before"

"Why can't these golfers leave us alone, they're always taking our pictures"

"I will not give you the cutest pose because I don't want it on You Tube"

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fresh Fish Friday - Sushi feast

Do you remember those days when you couldn't eat meat on Friday?  I seem to recall when we were growing up that Friday meals would be fish only.  For breakfast would be fish and rice, same for lunch and dinner would be fish again.  The only difference is that it'll be fried,
boiled or grilled. I am sure there are still households that follows the Fish Friday. Even restaurants seems to have fish and chips on Fridays.  Now a days you can have fish any day of the week.  There are so many Sushi restaurants everywhere you go.  Even some of the small towns both in the USA and Canada are opening Sushi places.  Although the bigger cities have a very good variety of Sushi places that serves more exciting pieces.  What I am sharing with you today are photos taken by my daughter during their dinner last Tuesday. It was my favorite SIL's birthday and they celebrated it at Yasu in Toronto.  Apparently you get 18 different piece for your dinner. I guess my daughter was hungry and forgot to take a photo of the other 5 pieces.  For now I can just imagine how awesome each piece and maybe the next time I am visiting Toronto, I will definitely have to try this place.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Windy Wednesday - It was a blustery day

The sky was blue and the sun was shinning so brightly but there was a very strong blustery cold wind.  That was the weather when I decided to golf this week.  Oh bother.  I wore my leggings under my golf pants, a golf shirt with light sweater and a warm hoodie.  It was so cold I thought I was back in Canada.  It was very deceiving because of the blue sky and a very sunny day.  I realized that they have some sort of changing of the leaves at the golf course so I took time to take a couple of picture.  Although it's changing but cannot be compared to the ones you will see if you are in Ontario, Canada. This morning I also noticed how bright the Pirocanthas which are directly in front of our kitchen windows.  Definitely a sign of fall/winter.  In another month fall is over and winter arrives.  When we were in Vernon, BC last month, there was a sign along the highway that is a reminder."Are you ready for winter".  It's difficult sometimes to think of winter when there's no sign of the white stuff. There's a need to dress warm as it gets cold early in the morning and after the sun set.  I realize I need some warm long sleeve shirt if I decide to continue golfing for the next three months.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Muff Monday - I'm so into NFL

Monday night football, Thursday night football and All day Sunday football, I am watching it. If you are a football fan I am sure you know their standings.  I am very happy to say that my favorite team is currently 9-0.  I truly don't care what they say about Brady because right now they are just in their zone.  Somehow I think that the more they talk about him and get him upset, the better he plays.  Just look at their stats.  So what is MUFF - according to wiki

A loose ball that is dropped or mishandled while the player is attempting to gain possession.

When I first started watching football, I had very limited knowledge, basically I knew all the teams names and how many points they get.  Since I moved to SJC,  I tried to watch as many games as I can and read some of the terminology and different plays.  Now it is really addicting specially when the games are so tight and it could go either way. What Jeff thinks is funny is when the Patriots are playing, I can only watch when they are winning, once the scores are so close, I get all nervous and walk away until they get another touchdown.  Since we are on the west coast, we rarely see their games and I can only get the highlights on the NFL channel.  Sometimes I check on my phone for their scores.  I sometimes wish we had a different cable provider so we can get all the sports channel that covers all the games that I like watching.  NFL, NHL, golf and tennis are my favorite.

Image result for patriots

Monday, November 9, 2015

Miraculous Monday - The roses are still alive

This past summer we were wondering what other type of flowers we can plant that would not attract the squirrels or other critters.  We also wanted some perennials and a few annuals.  I am sure I have featured the two color roses that Jeff and I decided to get.  We were a bit worried on how long it will survive because of the current drought in our area.  It must be some miracle because after some blooms, it seems like it was going to die.  Last week I took a couple of photos because they were so alive and the colors were so vibrant.  A few days ago we had some rain and I am sure all our plants were having a party.  Although the temperature is getting a bit colder in the evening, during the day the sun still keeps it warm and comfy.  All the plants in our backyard are also doing well.  As for winter crops, Jeff will be planting some in the next few days as he is still preparing the planter beds.  Check out our beautiful roses.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Squashy Saturday - A different variety

Remember that weekend when the hockey team showed up, that was Friday and we decided to check out Davidson Orchards which was located a few minutes from our hotel.  Since the tourist season was almost over, we thought that it would be a little quiet and the view from the orchard was so pretty that we could sit outside and have lunch.  Wrong!  We arrived there and the parking lot was packed and there were children everywhere.  It was their day off and even several child care buses with smaller children arrived.  There was no place to sit and have lunch as they were all having their picnics.  All we could do was check out the place quickly, take some photos and leave.  It was too bad because I wanted to ride their little train that takes them to the orchards and winery.  Instead, I will share photos of the different variety of gourds.  No fruits from the orchard as their season was over.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Westward Wednesday - Worthwhile trip

There are so many nice things worth mentioning during our last trip to Canada.  Although we were on the west side of the country, everything about Canada remains the same.  First of all the people are so friendly, hospitable and helpful.  Jeff cannot get over on how great the road conditions of their highway.  The drivers are very courteous to other drivers and pedestrians.  One day we stopped by an Irish pub along the way because we wanted to see the Blue Jays game.  We sat the at the bar and met two people having a great time.  Next thing you know, the young man was buying us shooters after he found out we were visitors to their community.  He had just finished his 8 days shift of driving and was taking his mother for lunch and some drink.  There gave us information about certain areas that are great for retirement, golf courses and more.  The hotel that we stayed in Vernon has the friendliest staff and provided all the information we required.  While checking out properties, the realtor from Century 21 (Laurie) took the time showing us what we requested and gave us a different view of the area using the back country roads.  Most of the places we stopped to have our meals or drinks provided a great customer service.  They were very attentive but not annoying.  It was a very worthwhile trip except for the part where six junior hockey team checked in on Friday afternoon at the same hotel we were staying.  They were very noisy and packed the breakfast area and the hallways and the pool/hot tub.  The hotel staff were very apologetic and we just dealt with it by leaving early and coming home late.  This was a great excuse to start our day early to see some of the scenic and tourists spot.

Golf course outside Kamloops, BC

Okanagan Lake

Pub and Liquor Store along Highway 97

Outskirts of Vernon, BC

Monday, November 2, 2015

Must have Monday - It's hard to resist

It's very hard to resist certain foods that are some of my favorites when I lived in Canada.  A couple of weeks ago we traveled to the Okanagan are of British Columbia.  Some call it the Napa of the North and truly it is very similar when you see the area with so many wineries. While we do a bit of travelling and research as to which area might be good to retire someday, I found some of my favorites that I started craving for them.  Some of the foods we tasted were a bit of a surprise and the others were just what I was hoping for.  What was difficult was that since we were staying at a hotel for 7 days, we were eating out three times a day for that many days.  It's different when you are visiting friends or family, at least you get some home cooked meals.  Although we could have stayed in a place where there is cooking facilities, but that means we have to get our supply and actually make meals.  This will take time from our mission.  Anyway, we accomplished what we were there for and here's my must have foods.

Perogies served at the restaurant at one of the golf course.

Breakfast at Rosalinda's - Filipino Canadian restaurant

Warm donuts at Montana's in Kelowna

Deep Fried Oreos at Match bar and grill in Vernon