Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Timely Tuesday - Time to save trees

Three weeks ago, I posted a photo of Jeff's new electric car by Nissan called LEAF.  He has been driving this car to work and sometimes on our shopping day and he is loving it.  What I love about it is the little section on the dash where it shows you how much tree you grow just by driving efficiently.  Let me explain.
Look at the inverted U beside the red lights  - this is the gauge of how efficient you are driving
Now you can see a tree, it starts just a trunk and then it adds branches until a full tree has grown 

Once the tree has grown, it moves to the side and it starts over again. The most Jeff's has grown is 2.5 trees during his commute to and from work when there's a lot of traffic. 
As this is a 100% electric car and not a HYBRID, Jeff has never bought gas since May 8 and never will unless I trick him in paying for gas for my car.  This car has a lot of bells and whistles but having said that, it is the quietest car that I have been on.  It even has a tiny beep when backing up to warn pedestrians because the car is so quiet.  The other bonus is that now he can drive on the HOV lane as he is driving a ZERO EMISSION car.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Maybe Monday - Memorial Day

To all my family, friends and acquaintances in the USA - A very happy memorial day to all.  Since it's an American holiday, I am going to blog about some of the sayings or idioms (that is if you want to call it that) that is funny when I use it and Jeff sometime starts cracking up because of the way I usually says it.  Here are some of them - the correct ones are in (  ).
  • skip and a hop (hop, skip and a jump) 
  • hemmed and hogged (hemmed and hawed)
  • side by each (side by side)
  • left, right, and center (left and right)
  • burning the candles at both ends and in the middle (burning candles are both ends)
  • funny elbow (funny bone)
  • above the top (over the top)
  • hit and miss (hit or miss)
  • part and parcel (not being used as much here)
  • bifurcate to the right or left (veer to the right or left)
I am sure there are other ones that I mix, match and combine and that is what makes it funnier and I should really start writing it down.  Do you have any special sayings or idioms that you want to share?


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soulful Sunday - day after my birthday poem

One year and one day older and I still feel the same
Being retired and loving life makes me feel like a great dame
Lots of tennis, golf and that thing I cannot name
No stress, no fuss because that would just be lame.

Wrinkles, I don't have because I don't like to worry
Grey hair is just part of aging, getting used to it but don't feel dreary
There's only one part of my life that I regret and feel so sorry
My son leaving me so unexpectedly and much much too early.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Simply Saturday - My Birthday

A short and sweet blog for my special day.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow - that is how I am celebrating my birthday.  Full details will be posted later.  So far I have received 3 birthday cards, two email birthday wishes, two telephone wishes and one birthday present from my niece (No Guts No Glory).  This year I bought 3 gifts for myself - a pink purse, a pink hat and a pink bra.  As for a song that I would like to listen to on my birthday.

My only wish is that it does not rain on my birthday.  Since I live in California, I don't think I have to worry about that as it Never Rains in California.  But after all, I am feeling pretty Luckie. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Feel Good Friday - Spa day and Brunch

Today is all about me.  My niece and I will treat ourselves with a nice brunch and then an afternoon at the Spa and if we have time, maybe a little shopping.  After being sick for a little over a week it's so good to be able to go out and enjoy outdoors and a little treat indoor.  I did not think it would difficult to find a place to go for brunch.  Last night I checked and could not find a nice place for brunch in the area where we will spend our Spa.  We might have to find a restaurant around my area that has a great breakfast and then proceed to the Spa place.

Yesterday I was suppose to do a little bit of shopping but ended up staying at home - still feeling a little tired.  I had a chance to chat with at least 3 of my friends from Mississauga to try and make some plans for my upcoming trip.  After taking a short nap, I started cooking dinner and decided to make some Beef Stew.  Once it was done, there was a lot of contemplating but in the end I ended up making some chocolate cupcake with Annette's special frosting.  I only have red food coloring, so it's back to pink frosting.

Only one more sleep and it will be my birthday.  So this year there will be no big party just a party for two.

For those of you residing in the USA, have a great memorial day weekend.  Don't forget to check out all those big sales.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Truthful Thursday - Tennis Tantrum

It has been such a pleasant experience watching tennis - French Open, without the drama and excuses from the Williams sisters.  Now I can really enjoy each match all the way through the finals without listening their fake interviews or watching their annoying outfits. So who do I think will win this year.  On the men's side even though I am a Federer fan, I think maybe this year is Novak Djokovic's year.  While on the women's side, I am still a Sharapova fan and I love the fact that she's changed from Prince to Head racquet, because I love my Flexpoint Head Racquet.  Which reminds me, I need to get new strings for my racquet.  I hope that I will be able to play a few games during my visit in Mississauga.

When I finally a little bit of energy and got tired of looking at the fabric on my sewing table, I decided to sit down and finished what I started.  So I did and it only took  a couple of hours. 
My new kitchen appliance covers (food processor, mixer and blender)
Yesterday I got a call from my tennis group and it was really difficult to say NO because I have not played for a couple of weeks.  But I did since I know that I have not really recovered from whatever illness I picked up.  I need to be 100% because there's only 13 more sleeps before my vacation.

One last note: there is nothing better than watching Scotty becomes the new American Idol. He is such a sweetheart and I loved it when he performed with Tim McGraw and sang "Live Like you were dying".  I hope he doesn't wait to long to release his first CD.  Congratulations Scotty!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winners Wednesday - WOW

What a night?  All the final shows were on and I almost did not get to see the Game 5 of the Sharks vs Canucks.  I recorded and added an extra hour but it was not enough because they went to 2nd OT.  It was good that we watched it short after it started so we caught up just in time for the recording to end and then by the time the second OT started we were watching it live.  I was writing this blog while watching the game and all of a sudden they scored. Oh bother.  This was not a WOW moment.

It was getting late but I was not going to sleep without watching the American Idol Final showdown between two country talents.  Since it was only an hour show we thought we would watch it and breeze through the commercial so we will have time to watch the Finale for Dancing with the Stars.  I really want Scotty to win but since I don't vote, I guess I won't be too sad if he does not win tomorrow.  Either way, I am sure he will be signed by some record company.

Next up - Dancing with the Stars -  Right from the initial show, I really like the way Hines Ward move, the he way he shakes his booty.  But most of all, I really love the way he is so humble, so caring and so loving in the way he talks about his mom.  After all 3 couples danced their best and everyone got all 10, it was so amazing that Hines Ward won the mirror ball because he deserve it.  This was a real WOW moment.

There was one more show that we recorded - The Voice - but since it was not a final show, it was OK to leave it until tomorrow.  I will most likely watch it during the day when I get bored with tennis at the French Open.  No time left, I need my sleep and no time to spell check.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Timely Tuesday - Tennis all week - yeah

How much tennis can I watch?  As much as ESPN2 is covering.  I have recorded as far as Friday and each day there's 6 hours of coverage from the French Open.  I just realized that it was a good time to be home since I still have not recovered fully from whatever illness I had.  I am slowly getting more energy each day except yesterday I started sneezing more than normal.  

Tonight is game 5 of the Western Conference Finals and the Sharks will be in Vancouver.  The Canucks are leading the series 3-1.  As they say - this is the do or die situation.  I can't skate so I can't really comment on how hard it is but from watching the last game on Sunday, the Sharks had 5 power play and they did not score any while the Canucks had their first power play of the 2nd period and score at least 3 goals.  So what can the Sharks do in order to win tonight's game?  From someone who does not skate and does not play hockey but watch a lot of games enough to make a few suggestions.  Good luck tonight, Sharks, you can do it.
  • be disciplined in order to stay out of the penalty box
  • be more aggressive specially during your power play
  • play hard, shoot more and protect that goal with your life
OK, I am tired now, need to nap to have enough energy to cheer our San Jose Sharks.  BTW, did you know that although the Sharks is a USA based team, the majority of the players are Canadians and at least 10 players are from Ontario.  The coach - he's Canadian and the GM - he's Canadian.  So technically I am cheering for the right team.