Friday, October 27, 2017

Frayed Friday - OMG what happened

A few days ago, I had purchased some fat quarter fabrics that are 100% cotton.  I decided to wash and dry them prior to cutting.  At first I was going to put them inside my delicate wash bag but then I forgot.  When I ask Jeff to check it out for me and place them in the dryer, he came up with all the fabrics in a bundle.  He was so good and started unraveling each and everyone of the pieces and tried to cut all the frayed one, trimming the threads. Finally all the threads were gone and he place it back in the dryer.  Nothing happened inside the dryer.  All I needed to do was iron them and they were ready for cutting.  I have completed 10 potato bags and have 6 more to sew.  My friend Jean will have the first choice as she had ordered 6 bags.  The rest I will keep handy just in case some of my neighbors wanted to get them for the last minutes gift giving for Christmas.  By the way, if you remember what happened to our Minion nativity, Jeff finally put them back together and it will be ready for the holidays, just need a small star.  Today I had to ask Jeff to make me another loaf of the cranberry raisin bread. It is so nice to have an in house baker.  We haven't bought bread for at least a couple of months.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Territorial Tuesday - Birds in the park

While my sister was visiting us, we decided to check out one of the park in our area.  It was a nice crisp morning and there were not that many people around.  Before we got too far, I noticed a small stage and I instructed my sister to follow me.  We asked Jeff to take a video of us.  What my sister did not know was that we will be doing some type of dancing.  I took my phone and found a song that we would dance to.  Jeff was holding his camera for the video and my phone for the music.  Luckily we finished the video before a couple who was walking in the park was heading in our direction.  Unfortunately, I cannot show you the video, but we had a good laugh watching it later.  As we continued our walk in the park, we noticed a lot of pigeons.  Apparently there was a a group of people feeding the birds.  As we get closer they started flying towards me, and of course I started to scream because it reminds me of the movie "The Birds".  I started walking towards another area of the park and took some photos of the ducks who were so calm and almost posing for the photographer.

The people who were feeding the birds.

My sister and I always try to get a photo like this when we are together.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Frigoriffic Friday - It's getting really cold

If you can see some snow on top of the mountain, it means that it's getting cold, right.  For me, I don't need to see that white stuff.  I just know when I go outside and feel the cold wind and the chill in my bones.  Yes, that means winter is around the corner.  Although we are still experience some warm days, the evenings are getting cooler.  I am truly hoping that I can still golf until the end of the month.  When the sun is out and the sky is blue, I get so excited and then I check the temperature, ooops, it's cold, sometimes really cold.  What will I do indoors?  So far I have about six potato bag order from my friend.  Then I will need to do a couple of bottles, painting the base coat and then designing using acrylic paint.  There's also some other sewing project that I need to finish for my collection.  I was planning of having a small Christmas boutique for the ladies of our neighborhood.  In order to have gift items for the holidays, I truly need to get busy sewing items for the sale.  But here's what I have done lately as well as some stuff my sister and I did while she was visiting.

Placemat, bib, binkie holder and a bowtie for a baby shower.

The bed scarf that my sister made while she was visiting.

Beer batter bread that Jeff baked this week.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Memories Monday - My sister is back

It has been a while since I saw my sister who lives in Edmonton.  Luckily she decided to check out where we are and stayed with us for ten days.  Since she has been in the Okanagan many years ago, we really didn't have to do a lot of tourist spot.  We spent most of our time at home doing crafts, baking, cooking and  just catching up.  When I said a while, I guess we have not seen each other for a couple of years.  It seems that we were so busy with our lives or just enjoying life.  Of course her visit would not be complete without a bit of shopping for great deals.  She did mention to her coworker that she probably won't do any shopping since Edmonton is a much bigger city so much wider variety of stores.  You are probably wondering what we actually did so I made sure I took photos of the different items we did.  Almost forgot, she cooked a couple of filipino dishes that I can't make for our dinner after she leaves. 

My sister made a nice Roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.

I sewed this scarf for my sister.

This is her new cell phone charger holder for her room.

She crocheted five dish cloth for our kitchen.

I painted an empty Bailey's bottle with an african design for her living room.

She showed me how to bake a yummy butter cookies for Christmas.

I made this tote/shopping bag from the leftover material.
Finally, we woke up to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, I thought I was dreaming.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Memories Monday - Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving

As the saying goes, "it's better late than never".  We have been busy for the past week entertaining our very first guest to our CPBB.  Our friends J and G from Discovery Bay arrived a week ago and left this morning, which is Wednesday.  So it's not so bad, I am only two days late.  We took them for some beautiful scenic drive from Vernon to Penticton.  During their stay we ate our breakfast and dinners at home but had lunch out since we seem to be out around noon.  We tried several restaurants like the Turtle Bay Pub in Lake Country, the Match pub and grill at the Penticton Casino.  For their last night, they took us to dinner at the Alexander's pub in Coldstream.  The other fast food we tried are Fatburger in Kelowna, Station BBQ and Wings tap and grill in Vernon.  For our first Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner, Jeff was in charge.  He did everything except for the cranberry sauce which I made and Jean made the baked cauliflowers.  We couldn't decide what to have for dessert so we ended up with a store bought apple pie which was not too bad.  Of course I remembered to take some photos so I could share them with you all.  Hopefully everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with their families or friends or maybe decided to do something different.  This day would not be complete without giving thanks, for having great friends and caring family and for having a good life with very little stress.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Scrumptious Sunday - More yummy treats

Before I share all the recent yummy items that Jeff and I have been making, I wanted to tell you about our first food truck that we stumble upon while shopping in Kelowna.  It's a yellow truck parked along Highway 97 and it's called YLW which is also the code for their airport.  It's a taco/burrito truck.  Since we have a lot of those type of trucks where we came from, we thought of giving it a try.  We were surprised that it was actually a very good food truck that serves great mexican food.  The menu was not extensive but enough for a quick bite for lunch.  Jeff tried the chicken taco and I tried the pork belly.  What was so great about their taco is that it's home made and it does not break while you are eating the tacos.  All the items in the tacos were fresh and crunch and very flavorful.  The cost was not as cheap as compared to the ones we have in San Jose, but it's still reasonable.  Jeff and I got busy making treats this past week preparing for our first visitors.  He made his mom's double chocolate chip cookies and I made some Beef Empanadas.  Of course he also made another bread for our guest to try for breakfast.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall Friday - Autumn has arrived

When I start wearing my fuzzy slippers or my knitted booties, that means it's getting really cold outside and inside.  The other night I asked Jeff if the heater is on or at least we should try it out to see if it actually works.  He started winterizing the RV for storage as well putting on the winter tires on our car.  All I know is that when fall arrives, winter is just around the corner.  You have seen most of the pictures I have taken with the beautiful colored leaves, but do you know what quails look like?  Have you seen them run so fast?  We came home around noon one day and there were a bunch on quails on the side of our property.  Then all of a sudden they decided to cross the street.  All at once they went so fast and we were surprised that there was no car coming.  Although I don't think they'll get hit as they were truly fast.  So here's some photos for today.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Multicolored Monday - It's nice but not like Ontario

As promised from my previous post, I am sharing all the photos that I have been taking when I see some of the multicolored leaves that have been changing.  Some of these photos are just around our area and the one tree with two colors (green and red) is from the highway that we took during our Sunday drive.  Since this is our first Fall in this area, I am not sure where there are truly changing of the leaves scenery.  If you are from Ontario, you know what I am talking about and if not, then maybe you are from the eastern part of the USA and so it will also be amazing.  Let me know if you have some great Fall photos that you want to share and I might be able to collect and post them this month. 

Directly behind our backyard.

Across the shopping mall.

Along the highway going east, same tree two different colors
Outside the tennis court in the park nearby.