Sunday, September 30, 2012

Single Sunday - Ryder Cup Final Day

What was I thinking?  I cannot believe that I did not take today as a day off from my volunteer.  Thank God for DVR so I won't miss the finals at the Ryder Cup.  The only problem with this is that the place I volunteer is at the Golf Course and can you guess what they talk about there?  You guess it right - GOLF.  Therefore I will have to make sure I don't ask the people coming out to play or anyone else there.  By the time I get home, the results will be announced and I don't want to know until I watch the recorded version.  I wanted to show you what I wore today in support of Team USA.  I wish them all the luck in the world and it's time for the Americans to get the cup back.

I found a ribbon with the USA letters.

Sorry for the unfocused shot but you can see I am wearing a RED flipflop.
My pony tail with the USA ribbon.

My red top and blue skirt.
It will be a nice surprise for me when I watch it later today to see the my TEAM won.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Simply Saturday - Just another reminder

Since there are only 10 days before the deadline of my THANK YOU GIVE AWAY, I thought I would dedicate this post just to remind all the readers and followers of my blog.  Because I forgot to do a contest for my 10,000 hit,  I wanted to give away some gifts to those who have been so kind stopping by my blog. I will take all the comments and randomly pick 3 or maybe even 5 winners depending on the numbers.  I realize that sometimes the readers does not see the side bar where my contest is located. Please pass this on to your favorite  bloggers, friends or relatives.  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Family Friday - It's all about Family

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from my sister from Edmonton, Alberta.  She sounded so happy as she announced that she was able to get a booking form YEG to SJC.  Does this mean I have to start counting sleep?  Damn right.  Although there is a lot of sleep still, I can start the countdown - 49 sleeps more.  She will be visiting for almost 10 days which will be great.  I will have take some time off from my volunteers but I am sure it will approved because technically they can't say NO - because it's free.  What is even great is that she will be celebrating her first US Thanksgiving with us and the rest of the family (my MIL, Jeff's son and his family, my niece, my cousins (Jo & Becky) and maybe even Gracie.  I am not sure yet what she wants to do, but I am sure shopping will be included and maybe trying a new restaurant.  Whatever we decide to do while she is visiting I am sure that it will be special. We have a childhood friend who lives in L.A. who might try to visit. The photo below was taken a very long time ago. Our friend Lani found it and sent it to us. What I look forward to is some of her special cooking.  I might have to start dieting before she gets here so I can eat without feeling guilty.  She is my favorite sister - I only have one.

That's me with the guitar, behind me is Lani and my sister -the one with the bangs.

Last Thursday I did a little shopping for my daughter for some coffee, granola and candies.  When I do this, I always look for great deals for her.  This time I found some trouser socks which I will just keep until she visits again.  It's fun shopping for her because I already know her size, a bit of her style and colors.  Sometimes I take photos and send it asap for her to check and sometimes it is just as easy to call her.  That's so great about technology because we are miles and miles apart.  She's in the East and I am in the West but it only takes seconds to do TEXT or email.  Because of the distance and the different products we have here that are not available in Canada, I love being her personal shopper specially when I get the awesome deal and the right item for her.  She's my only daughter and she's my favorite.

Me and Leesh taken on her last visit.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Love my new phone

Two years ago I bought my first smart phone - Samsung Fascinate 3g.  I was very happy with this phone except when the battery started acting up all because I dropped the phone in the toilet last December 26.  Jeff bought me a new battery and it was a bit better that my old one but it still did not last the full day.  This week Jeff checked to see if we are all eligible to upgrade to a new phone since we are on a family plan, we decided to wait until everyone was eligible.  It was this week that we found out that we are all eligible and that the phone we wanted were in stock at the store.  Jeff and my MIL both got the Droid Razr Maxx 4G and I went with the Samsung Galaxy S III in white.  Because I love how the Samsung operates and I am more familiar since my old phone was a Samsung.  We kept our plan and you will be happy to know that I have the same number and I can call all my friends in Canada for free.  Since I have been sewing a lot lately, I decided to sew a case for my new phone.  While I was in the mood, I also made an earbud holder for my daughter. 

Ear buds holder

Smart phone case for my new GS3 below

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Women Wednesday - My. Me, Mammogram

Next month is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is just a reminder to anyone who reads this that might need to get a mammogram to do it soon.  Don't wait until you think you have felt something unusual.  As I am a little more organized when it comes to health matters, I already have made my appointment for this month - that's right a month earlier.  Sometimes you might not feel like getting checked because you have heard so much on how painful it is when those machine just press the sensitive part of your body.  After turning 40, I started going for the mammogram every year and I am glad I did because a lump the size of a gum ball was found on my left breast.  At that time, my doctor felt she would leave it there for six months unless something changed.  Six months later she made the decision to remove it because they could not take a small piece through the needle aspiration as my lump had a hard cover similar to the gum ball.  The surgery was booked and the lump was removed and all was good.  But I could remember those six months of just waiting to see if anything would happen and it was not easy.  At my age, I have been scheduled every two years as the results have been good.  Awareness and Education should be in your top ten list.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trying Tuesday - my new hula hoop

Introducing my rainbow hula hoop.  When my daughter was here in August, I took her to my special Nail Supply Store.  In the same plaza we found some interesting store that sells items from clothes, toys, footwear, kitchen stuff and what a surprise, HULA HOOPS.  They sell them with different weights starting from 2,3, 4,5, 6 pounds.  I tried a couple then and checked out the prices which was very similar and within $1 or $2 spread.  I was not sure then but after a few weeks of thinking about it, I decided to get one and we went back to the same store.  It sat in our living room for a few days and then I started using it trying to remember what I did as a kid.  Well, what a surprise, it's not as easy as I thought it was.  I did a little research and watch a couple of videos how to do it.  Then the next day I tried it again.  Now I am happy to report that I could do it for a longer period than when I first started.  The instruction that came with it advices not to do it more than 15 minutes per day and no more than four times per week.  The other store owner who sold similar item suggested to do it once a day for about 15 minutes.  She mentioned that you should see some result specially in the waistline.  

Have you ever tried using Hula Hoop as your fitness buddy?  Do you have special routine that you can suggest?  Hopefully I can see results after a few months and of course I will share whatever the outcome.  Happy Hula Hooping!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Manic Monday - More sewing

The weekend fly by so fast because I was so busy with cutting all the fabrics to make all kinds of small project.  After finishing the fabric wallet, I had more left over fabrics which I wanted to use and do not want to store it again.  I started thinking what I could do with some of the smaller fabric.  Although the fabric baby slippers are small, it still takes a bit more fabric because of the shape and you need doubles because you are actually doing a pair (R&L) each time.  Some of the fabric, I was able to cut for credit card holder, others are for business card holder, the longer ones are for cell phone or eyeglasses holder.  I just kept going until there was nothing left of a particular fabric.  Some of the fabric is just enough for some sort of holder, I actually don't have a clue what it will be used for.  Maybe a key holder.

Check out these items that ends up to be a set, that is if you like the pattern, then you can have everything matching.  Both of these pattern have a matching fabric wallet.

Cell phone or eyeglasses holder.

Business card or credit card holder  
On another topic, since I started doing volunteer at the golf course, we moved our weekly dinner with my MIL to Saturday night.  This past weekend I was craving for the simple Spaghetti and meatballs dinner served with cheese garlic bread and a garden salad.

A little sprinkle of goat cheese on top my spaghetti and meatballs/

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Autumn or Fall

Do you say Fall or Autumn?  I think I like to say Autumn because it sounds more like a season.  Fall is more the verb and although it best describes the action of the leaves, Autumn is the transition between Summer and Winter.  Yesterday was the first day of Autumn and for some it's not going to be an exciting next few months.  For those who has big backyards with many trees, it will be a lot of work raking those leaves.  The only thing that is great about this season is the changing of the colors.  Living in Ontario for a number of years, we have seen some awesome Autumn.  There is an area along the highway 101 when you are going East towards Ottawa that is breathtaking when it is at the peak of the color changing.
When my mother was still alive, she always tries to visit me in Ontario during mid September to mid October.  I would take her on a road trip to Ottawa visiting friends and relatives and each time she sees the scenic colorful leaves, we would stop and take a photo.  Another place where I have seen the natural wonders of leaves changing colors was sometime in mid 90's where a friend and I drove to Vermont and stayed a some quaint Inn.  Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the place but I remember how it looks and how serene the view from our room.  What is you favorite Autumn activity?  Is this the season you get ready for Winter?  Do you do some baking, canning, pickling, etc?  For me, I know that I will have to start wearing track pants for my tennis games at 830 in the morning.  As for Golf, I will be wearing Capri pants and maybe a little jacket.  Autumn does not mean the Flip flops will be stored, I will still wear them during the day when it's sunny.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simply Saturday - Ironing is relaxing

Does anybody still irons?  I still do and still enjoy it because for me it is relaxing.  When I do iron, I am usually in our living room in front of the TV watching golf or a movie or one of those recorded musical concert.  Yesterday I watched the LPGA and then I remembered I recorded the show Invitation only.  This time it was featuring Toby Keith.  Yes I like a little bit of country.  The time sure goes by fast when you are being entertained.  But I noticed that our iron is shutting off too often, I a guessing the cord near the plug is loose and I have to keep wiggling it.  When Jeff came home I told him the issue of the iron in the hopes that he will say "we can shop for a new one".  Instead he repaired it, replace the cord and now it's a great iron again. 

But when the time comes to buy a new one, here's some of my favorite and maybe I might invest in a powerful steamer so I can do our duvet cover, sheets and pillow.  Since Jeff wears a lot of Hawaiian Shirts, they are 100% cotton therefore it definitely needs ironing.  I don't want him wearing wrinkled shirts as I think it reflects on his wife.  I know I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I sometimes irons his jeans which he keeps reminding me that if I take it out of the dryer on time, there's no need to iron.

Conair Hand Held Fabric Steamer - Blue
Conair Handheld Steamer in Blue available at Target for $39.99

Hamilton Beach FashionFirst Medium Iron - White
Flower Hamilton Beach Iron at Target for $17.99
Hamilton Beach Fashion First Iron - Black/White
Black and White Hamilton Beach Iron also at Target for $19.99

Friday, September 21, 2012

Finish Friday - Fabric Wallets

Summer is finished and so is my fabric wallet sewing marathon.  Yesterday, I stayed home to complete my fabric wallet project.  Some of these will be used as GIVE AWAYs for my contest that ends on October 8, 2012.  Please don't forget to check the rules on the side bar of my blog and send a comment/email me with your information.  Now I would like to introduce to you the colorful collection of Fabric Wallet.

Brown and more Collection
Mismatch Collection
Flower Collection
Shapes and Dots Collection
 Menage a trois Collection
Moody Blues Collection
Patriotic Collection
For my next sewing marathon, I am debating between aprons, card wallet or more of those cute baby slippers.  Since I have some Christmas fabrics as well, I plan to make some placemats, baby bibs and maybe more Tote bags.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Truthful Thursday - In love with tacos

After last nights dinner, I am totally in love with my home made tacos.  I made Tacos Al Pastor with some home made salsa and a little shredded lettuce.  I pan fried the white flour tortilla until it was soft and a bit crispy.  Jeff said it was one of those tacos that you want to have more.  I made him one taco at a time so it's fresh and warm which makes it so yummy.

My own version of Tacos Al Pastor
When my daughter and her hubby visited this past April, I made my version of two different seafood tacos - Shrimp and Fish.  The shrimp was seasoned then grilled while the fish was seasoned then pan fried.  I made a cabbage and corn slaw with some citrus sauce.  I believe I got a great compliment from them.

I had to copy this photo from my daughter's blog.
The first time I tried making them, we would buy the Carne Asada already prepared at the Mexican Market.  Jeff would grill them and we would add my home made salsa and a sauce called Tequila Lime Sauce.  I first tasted this sauce while dining at a diner somewhere in Sedona, AZ.  The ingredients were simple and the waiter actually told me how to do it.  Each time we have our Canadian visitors, I would serve it for lunch or dinner.  Sorry, no photo to share because I am guessing I never took a photo as it gets eaten before I would remember to take a picture.

If I am eating out for lunch after tennis or golf, the new favorite Tacos are the ones sold by the Taco El Toro truck.  For the past three Tuesdays, I have been stopping by to get 3 different tacos for lunch (Carne Asada, Pastor and Carnitas with hot sauce).

Best Tacos and very reasonably priced - $1.25 each
Do you like tacos? If so which type is your favorite?  Do you prefer white or corn tortilla? Do you like it hot or just mild?  Where can you get the best tacos in your area?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Willy Nilly Wednesday - All over the place

When I started my blog someone said you might ran out of words to go with your days of the week.  I guess they were right because some days I just keep the same like my Mondays are MAYBE, my Tuesdays are TIMELY, my Thursdays are TRUTHFUL, my Saturdays are SIMPLY and my Sundays are SOULFUL.  It seems that I found different words for Wednesdays and Fridays.  After almost one and a half year, I am really having difficulty thinking of a word to describe my daily post.  There are still so many words that I can use but sometimes it does not fit the blog or my topic.  That's why today is a willy nilly post.

This car was parked outside the restaurant that we went to dinner last Saturday.
Last night I made my first Summer Corn Chowder - celebrating end of Summer.
My almost perfect fabric wallet - One of the prize for my contest. Remember to enter.
A couple of snickerdoodle cookie and a Kahlua creme caramel flan
I am still taking photos of anything Chevron pattern for my daughter.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Truck Tuesday - Colorful food truck

Someone from the place where I volunteered told me about some food truck that hangs around every Monday from 500 pm at the light rail station.  Last night on our way home from grocery shopping, we stopped by at this place. Lo and behold there were at least ten very colorful food trucks and people were starting to all line up.  We decided to check it out and end up buying our dinner and taking it home.  I am pleased that most of my photos were clear so I can share it with you all.

This was Jeff's pick - he ordered the deep fried shrimp - 8 pieces for $8
There was a long line up and I could not check their menu.
This is were I got my dinner called Sandwich with no name (Gruyere Cheese and smoked salmon)
Different kind of burger joint
Asian Noodles with an assorted choice of skewers (beef,pork,seafood,chicken)
This was Jeff's first choice but they weren't even ready to serve.
Waffle with all sort of toppings.
Different kind of BBQ
Maybe next time my daughter and her husband are visiting, these trucks will be available.  I know that on Fridays, there are some other trucks in another location in San Jose.  We hope to check that out too and post more photos.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Making Monday - Back to Sewing

With my Canadian friends visiting and making meals for my step grandson's birthday, I missed two days of blogging.  For my daily followers, I am sorry that I did not have any new post.  Today I am back to sewing and have a lot to finish.  This morning while doing laundry, I was able to finish a senior bib and six cloth wipes (for your computer, phone or glasses). Check it out.
This is going to be just a sample piece which will I use as a pattern also.

These were the left over fabrics from when my daughter was doing her marathon sewing.
Short post but at least there is something to read and look at for today.  I hope to post more of my sewing projects tomorrow. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Face to Face Friday - Best Way

There is only one perfect way to reconnect with friends - FACE to FACE.  This is a continuation of my blog from yesterday.  It has been over a year since I last saw Gina and Gary.  I truly appreciate that they took extra time during their California vacation to stop by and visit us.  There are so many stories to share and updates on the latest stories from the place that I use to work.  Last night I made those Authentic Filipino Dinner (lumpia, pancit, BBQ pork (using my own marinade) and for dessert was Kahlua coconut creme caramel flan with snickerdoodle cookies and a few slice strawberries. I was planning on making Mexican food for tonight but I just found out Gary is not into it so we need to do a change of plans. We will be hanging out with them at home since they have been on the go for the last couple of weeks and this is their last stop.  Just hanging out and talking about old times is a great way to really visit.  If we get bored, we might try and do a round of golf.  Gary loves to play those tough course with elevation and great scenery so I suggested for them to try The RANCH.    
Last night's dessert. 
They will be heading home tomorrow and I wish them a safe flight home.  Both of them travel a lot for work so hopefully we will see them in our CPBB again.  It was such a pleasure having my friends from Canada take the time to stop and visit us.  I look forward to seeing them hopefully next year either in Canada or in the US. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Welcome G&G to CPBB

A little late posting again.  I got up a little late as well then I started getting busy. My Canadian friends Gina and Gary will be arriving shortly after lunch.  They will visit for a couple of days and then continue their California tour.  I have known Gina for almost 20 years.  We met when I was temporarily working at an office near the airport.  She was so young, very bubbly, fun, kind, loving but most of all honest and tell it like it is.  We have gone to parties, baseball tournaments (although I just cheer for them) as well as Golf tournaments. I had the opportunity to traveling with her to Costa Rica with our other BFF Rose and it was a week full of fun, laughter and special memories. This was one of those trip that I got to know her really well and she would never let anything happen to me.  We have gone through the good times and sad times and she's always there for support.  During the last couple of years prior to retirement, we worked together in the same unit and had so much fun.  One day we started singing Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and the whole office could hear us.  They were all cracking up.  When some guy would give me a hard time, she is very protective and would deal with them within seconds.  I am so glad she found the perfect match a few years ago.  She has been very happy with him and he is a very nice and kind man.  A little quiet but still fun to be with.  So Gina and Gary, welcome to our home and we hope that you will enjoy our hospitality and my home cooked meals.  I am trying a new way to serve breakfast. This was a suggestion made by my daughter during her last visit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Wednesday - Just Because

Just because I did not want to miss a day without posting, today will be all about what I have been doing, what's keeping me busy and what's on the drawing board.

On the last day my daughter was visiting we stopped by Target and she found this so called Chevron Pillow Sham with colors that would go so well with their bedroom theme.  Only problem was that there was only one.  After she left, I tried to look for them and to no avail.
So now I have been checking out stores with something CHEVRON in the hopes that she might find something that she likes. Here's a collection of what I have found.  She's probably cracking up reading today's blog.

Is this a Chevron dress? It's available at Target
Chevron rug for kitchen
Chevron comforter in purple from Big Lots
Chevron Shower Curtains from Target
 This is what I have been doing for the past week but I manage to sew an apron which was an order from my hairstylist for at list a couple of months.

This is a reversible apron.
For my upcoming project, I started cutting all the fabric to make the famous Fabric Wallet that my daughter showed me how to make. It's a great gift for girl friends and can be used as a secret stash for money or for coupons.  When it's all done, there will be 19 wallets available for gifts, prize and maybe even for sale.

This will be the outside part of the wallet and the lining will have a matching or similar colors.
That's all for today. I am so glad that I was able to post something that you might find interesting.  Even with my busy schedule, I still don't want to miss a day of blogging.  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.