Thursday, February 28, 2013

Truthful Thursday - Relative responsibilities

Sometimes there are things in life that just makes you cringe and wonder how you were able to survive all the issues that came your way.  I always thought that you have to be responsible for your own life once you reach the adult years.  Then when you have children, you are responsible for them until they become adults.  Sometimes you have to look after your parents later on in life if they are unable to care for themselves.  Most of the time you only have to be responsible for yourself.  So who is responsible for your adult brother or sister? What if you did not have any brother or sister to help you out, then you are on your own.  Does it make you a bad person if you are unable to provide for themWhat if you know that they are financially taken care of but does not have any relatives visiting them because they live far awaySince today is my day to say what is either bothering me or just how I feel about this particular topic, I know I am opening myself to being judge or criticize.  But that is the best part about blogging, it gives you that freedom to write what's in your mind.  Oh bother!  

This looks like one happy family.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Worry Wednesday - New health issues

Ten years ago today Jeff agreed to start a long distance relationship with me but only after I convinced him that he was technically availableToday we can't believe that we actually are together and happily married.  We also want to brag that in the ten years we have not experienced a fight, quarrel or days of silence.  Yes, we have difference of opinions or even a little debate but never an arguement.  We are both very lucky to have met at a stage in our lives when we do not tolerate raising our voices or saying things you don't mean.  We are hoping that this magic last another ten years or more because we know how hard it is to find the perfect partner. 
This was taken from a photo booth on our first date.

So why I am worried? Yesterday I had my doctor's appointment to discuss some new health issues and I was diagnosed with a couple of new ones.  Of course with that comes additional medication that is suppose to help and benefit the body.  My sister was surprised that even with all the exercise I do plus trying to really eat healthy, that I am having additional health problems.  She said that I should be doing better now that I am retired with no stress and living in California (no winters)Maybe I should consider returning to work to pay for all the extra medical cost (this was one of my concern about moving to the USA).  It's hard to get adjusted to paying each time you see the doctor or whatever medical service I need.  Canadians are very lucky to have such great medical plans.  I believe the expression is "life is not fair" and sometimes you have to give up something or other things.  As the Rolling Stone song says "You can't always get want you want".

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three Tuesday - It's ok not to win

After being away for an overnight trip, I was a bit tired to do a post last night so I am rushing to get this done today.  It was such a nice day yesterday that after we got dropped off we immediately changed outfit and played tennis for about an hour.  I am hoping that this will still be an interesting post and not too boring.
  •  YES - we had a great time at the Thunder Valley Casino & Resort.  My girlfriend and I played slots while our husbands checked out the place.  We had nice healthy meals and sometimes the guys would try their luck as the slots.  The rooms are very nice and it was a treat when we returned to our room.  They have nice robes and they prove slippers you can take home as souvenir. 
  • NO - there was not big winnings, I guess because we don't bet big but it was still nice to recover what I have lost for the first part of the evening.  In the morning we played for a few more minutes and I was able to win enough to get it all back.
  • MAYBE - we will probably do another trip similar to this because we enjoy the company of our couple friends J&G.  It was funny that both guys had brought the same jacket for the trip and I said something like "they are like twins".  In a way they are because they have the same birthdays.
Those are rose petals and they also left mini chocolates.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Moolah Monday - If only

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you ever win the lottery or hit the jackpot at a casino?  I would have to say that I thought about it and I already have a list of things that I would do, buy, etc.  if I really get lucky and win some big moolah.  But what is considered big or a lot or too much?  My definition is that if the amount is more that what I have - then it's big, it's a lot and possible enough.
  • Enough amount for my daughter and SIL so they can visit once a year without worrying about airfares.
  • A certain percentage for my sister so she can retire and travel to that special destination.
  • Set aside some funds for Jeff's grand children for their education.
  • Buy a smaller home where Jeff and I can retire - without mortgage.
  • Travel with Jeff for two weeks to a destination of his choice.
  • Take my MIL for another plane ride maybe to visit her daughter and son.
  • Buy a bigger home for my daughter and SIL in Canada so we have a place to stay when we visit.
What would you do if you did get lucky and win something really big?  How would you spend it or would you just invest everything in the hopes that it will double before retirement?


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Soulful Sunday - and the OSCAR goes to

Tonight will be all about the OSCAR so I decided to do this post about it.  I will just go through the different categories and pick my choiceTomorrow I will check all my picks and see how good or how bad I did.  And the Oscar goes to:
  • Best Picture - ARGO
  • Best Actor in a leading role - Hugh Jackman
  • Best Actress in a leading role - Jessica Chastain
  • Best Director - Steven Spielberg
  • Best Music (original score) - Lincoln - John Williams
  • Best Actor in a supporting role - Alan Arkin
  • Best Actress in a supporting role - Anne Hathaway
  • Best Animated Feature film - Brave
  • Best Music (original song) - Skyfall by Adelle       
  • Best Cinematography - Life of Pi 
Although I have not seen a lot of movies, I have watched all the different awards and I remembered some of the winners.  So far I have only seen Argo, Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook.  Good luck to all my choice of winners and I hope they get the Oscar.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Simply Saturday - Babysitting report

It has been a week since we babysat Jeff's grandchildren (Gamble and Greenlee).  Honestly it was not so bad as they are good kids but of course going to bed could sometimes be tough.
Gamble who is use to sleeping over and knows the schedule, he usually just goes along with the program.  On the other hand Greenlee has only slept over twice so we still are not use to her scheduleJeff ended up putting her to bed because I can't figure out what she wanted.  She just cried loud and as if I was beating her up.  The good part is that she slept through until around 500 am and Jeff ask me if I heard her cry.  I guess not, because I was not the one who gave her the bottle that early in morning.  She must have gone back to sleep until 800 am.  Greenlee is already walking and she loves to go around the living room and the kitchen.  She is very happy just going around the coffee table and moving the stools that are around the table.  She also likes playing with my hula hoop and the four fabric coasters.  Gamble sometimes plays with her but still does the grabbing of toys from her and not wanting to share.  Both of them loves watching Sponge Bob as it's probably what they both watch at their parents home and the other grand parents.  As for eating, Gamble still a little picky but did try to eat my home made spaghetti and meat balls.  Greenlee ate chicken nuggets, pancake, bacon and of course drank a lot of milk from her bottle.  Jeff and I have noticed how both of them have grown a lot that most of the clothes we have for Gamble is a tad smaller.  We do not have the same for Greenlee so we have to make sure that their parents pack some clothes for her.  Anyway, here's a couple of photos I took while they were here.  As for the next schedule of their sleep over, we will have to wait for when they need us to look after them.



Friday, February 22, 2013

Fluffy Friday - PJ's, blanket and boxer short

Do you remember the line of the little girl on Despicable me when she finally got her toy unicorn? "it's so fluffy".  Every time I stop by the fabric stores, I always go by the aisle where they have all the fabrics for making PJ's or blankets.  I love the feel of the new type of fabric - glacier fleece or anti-pill fleece. This week they are having a sale on all the fleece including the NFL team logos.  I am hoping they will have the New England Patriots because I want to experiment making PJ bottoms as well as my own fluffy blanket.  Since I already have a scarf for next winter, it will be good to have them all matching when I am watching the team play. 


The other fabric that I have been looking for is the Miami Dolphins cotton fabric.  A very good friend of mine from Mississauga, Ontario has been asking for a boxer short.  Unfortunately I have not seen in either fabric (fleece or cotton).  Although I still have time because he won't need it until May for their boys golfing week in Myrtle Beach,  I prefer to get them done because I would still need to mail it to him.

Miami Dolphins Team Logo Boxer Shorts for men
If only I can find this fabric, it does not take a lot of time to sew it, probably half an hour.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thank you Thursday - Surprise from my daughter

What a nice way to start my day.  I checked our mail box and saw a brown envelope with my name but was not expecting a package or envelope.  It came from Florida and I don't know anyone from there because my girlfriend moved back to Houston.  Anyway, I was so excited I immediately opened and there was a card - To MOM, From Leesh.  My daughter sent me some labels which she ordered from Etsy and it had my blog name - Cranberry Portage and my address.  I was not expecting it because she never mentioned anything the last time I spoke to her.  This was a very nice surprise and I want to thank her very much for thinking of me.  It might be a while before I use it because they are very pretty and I don't want to use it just for every day mailing.  Maybe when I have another contest/give away, I will probably use them.  

For the past couple of days, our weather has changed from really nice to wet and cold.  I don't want to complain because it would still be warmer that most areas in the US or Canada.
There's only another week left and this month will be over and I believe the ground hog prediction is that spring will arrive early.  In fact the SF Giants are already on their spring training in Arizona and I saw some of the cherry blossom trees with flowers.  Not sure what these flowers are called but they are blooming.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight Wednesday - Really need to try

It's not a new year's resolution but I am really going to try and lose weight this year.  The benefits of losing ten pounds would make a difference in the management of my Diabetes.  If for some reason I can lose 20 pounds then I am sure my doctor would have to reassess some of my medication maybe even my insulin regiment.  I have decided to just make some small changes that I know I can commit.  While searching for some easier things that will help, I found this list as well as some quick exercises I could even while watching TV with Jeff.
I have made a list and would like to share with you as well as the quick exercises.  Let me know if have seen or tried any of this and if it actually works.  For now I will give it a try and share my success or failure.  
  1. Drink a glass of water every day
  2. Climb stairs for 2 minutes - every day
  3. Do a little house work - half an hour every day
  4. Eat cereal with non fat milk for breakfast - once a week
  5. Drink 8 oz of non fat milk - every day
  6. Walk briskly for 20 minutes - every day
  7. Eat a piece of fruit - twice a week
  8. Dance for an hour - once a week
  9. Hula Hoop for 15 minutes - every day
  10. Drink ice water with a splash of juice instead of diet soda.