Monday, July 30, 2018

Momentous Monday - A year ago today

No one could believe it either.  We have been in Canada for one complete year.  Winter was not that bad and we survived living in our new home for the whole season.  Spring came a little late but Summer is hot during the day and comfy during the night.  We have made
many friends in the neighborhood and are still meeting new ones as some old neighbors moved out and some new ones moved in.  Of course there are other people we meet through my volunteer, the golf course and through our neighbors.  It seems like the year went by so fast that we have no reason to complain about anything.  We are very lucky to have found a great home which technically we have not done any repairs or repainting.  At the beginning we did a lot of shopping for furniture and appliances and decorative items.  Once everything was in place, there was nothing to do except enjoy living in our new home.  Some of the hobbies I started during the winter months are painting empty bottles of wine.  I also started painting 4" x 4" canvas using acrylic paints (both materials from the Dollar store).  Of course sewing still keeps my busy on those cold nights.  Embroidery and crocheting were the other hobbies.  As for Jeff he is constantly tinkering in our RV and of course in the garage.  His biggest project for the winter was the wooden shutters for our entertainment room.  After that we started collecting different items we bought from the store, garage sales and some were donated by our neighbor and friends.  We had a chance to visit relatives and friends who resides in other parts of BC as well as the state of Washington.  This weekend we will celebrate this even with a little backyard BBQ with the good old american dishes (hamburger, hot dog, corn on the cob, coleslaw, potato salad, watermelon and some treats).
We cannot wait to make new exciting memories as well as welcoming friends and family who will be staying with us.  

The day we moved in a year ago.
The two deer were in our front yard - the Vernon welcoming committee
Our first winter, snow arrived the first day of  November and stayed for a couple of weeks.
These flowers bloomed for my birthday.
My daughter and my sister came to visit.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Security Saturday - Upgrade required

A year ago we moved into this wonderful neighborhood and it appeared to be a very friendly and safe neighborhood.  During the winter months, there were some incidents of theft of
Christmas decorations and later some sports equipment.  In the spring we organized a meeting to establish a Block Watch in our neighborhood.  There were at least 12 homes that were interested and being part of the group.  We now have a registered group and the signs on the road will be posted next month.  Each Friday we received a Crime Prevention tips.  Most homes now have lights around their homes and some already added security cameras.  Just recently there was another incident involving two homes with their garage door slightly open.  Although we believe this is still a great neighborhood, we are not sure about those others who are just in the area scoping homes for easy target.  As you know Jeff likes his toys aka techie toys, he is now looking into installing cameras, etc.  We also noticed that we would need to replace our smoke detector and possible add a carbon monoxide detector. Aside from all these items, I would like Jeff to add more outside lights. Before purchasing those items, Jeff needs to do all the research and compare online versus in store shopping.  With all the technology available in making your homes more safe, it is still very important to be aware of what's out there.  Being part of the Block Watch is just one part of the total package.  Here's some of the toys we are contemplating on adding to our home.  And if one still feels unsafe, they can always hire a security guard or maybe just build a wall around it.

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Nest Hello

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Together Thursday - Miniatures and more

It has been a while since I have done any type of creative arts like painting bottles or acrylic painting on miniature canvas.  Yesterday since it was a day off from golf, I decided to be a bit creative and productive.  First I had to finish sewing a cell phone holder charger for my friend KL.  That did not take long to complete since I had done a bunch of them before.  After breakfast I decided to paint all the empty wine bottles that I have been collecting since the beginning of spring.  There were a lot of these bottles so I decided to pick only ten to do and the rest, I ask Jeff to take them to the recycle depot.  I have been wanting to paint my mini frames with something that I can decorate my laundry room. You are probably wondering who decorates a laundry room.  Since I am the one doing our laundry, I thought it would be nice to have something to look at when I sort the clothes and each and every time I do our laundry.  Now it is time to share what I have accomplished in one day.  I could have done more, but I had to get dinner ready for a neighbor who was coming over. 

The red ones will have Christmas theme, the ones in the middle will have dots
and the last group will be either floral or scenery.
This is how it started,

And this is how it ends.

I might hang it this way instead of all in one row.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tacos Tuesday - Little Yellow Truck

Just in case you live in the Okanagan area and happen to be driving near Kelowna, BC then I recommend that you stop by the little yellow truck on highway 97.  They serve a variety of
tacos and burritos.  So far it's our favorite mexican fast food whenever we are in that area.
We found them last fall when we were out shopping and needed to stop for lunch.  The real good part is that they make their own tortilla so it's slightly thicker and it does not break easily.  Another good part of the taco is their trimming (vegetables), they are so fresh and crunchy.  The sauce is also good but nothing to get excited.  Their special that day that we stopped by was Pork Belly Tacos.  I ordered two and it was enough.  Good thing I remembered to take a picture.  The three young workers were very energetic and friendly.  We hope to stop by again the next time we are in that area.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Seminole Sunday - His favorite team

Who are the Seminole?  For those of you who are not into sports, they are the Florida State University Football team.  Whose favorite team is the Seminoles, you might ask.  The correct answer - Dan (Jeff's son).  So why am I  blogging about this topic.  It all started when we visited him in Oregon and I noticed he did not have a special kitchen towel.  I thought it would be nice to make him something that is useful in the home and also something that he can really relate and actually use it.  I started to research and find some design or an easy logo for the towel.  Once we got home, I look at all the fabrics I have and figured I should be able to find something I can use.  There were still a few plain white kitchen cotton towels.  After that I found a couple of fabrics that I could use.  That's when all the ideas started flowing.  Now here's the completed project and I hope that Dan will like it.  

Friday, July 20, 2018

Foreign Friday - The Crown

While my son in law was visiting last May, he recommended that we try and watch the CROWN.  Although they just completed season 2 and are filming season 3, we thought we would give it a try.  We started watch Season 1 Episode 1 and we immediately said, we would continue watching.  Little did we know, we binge watch the next four episodes and it was getting late.  The next day we watch a few more and the next day we started watching after lunch.  It is very well done and it was very informative and entertaining.  Of course like any type of documentary, history, etc. there will be also some sort of issue that you don't agree or dislike and so on.  The biggest one is about marriage and the act that went in place.  What was weird is that they have all these rules for certain royalty and now a days it seems like they are a bit more easier on their position on marriages and divorces.  They talk about marriage being a concern for both the church and the government.  But would you say that it's a bit of turning the other cheek??  The church was so concern about single women marrying divorcees but do not have issues on priests committing unacceptable behavior towards young altar boys.  And what about royalties having an affair?  Do they just try to cover up everything?  Sorry, I am getting side tracked.  Anyway, we will continue to watch the rest of the episodes and will look forward to Season 3.  Everything seems foreign to me but after watching each episodes, I now have a bit more understanding of royalty and past history.  Maybe most of you have seen it already and just waiting for the next season.  If not, you might want to try a couple of episodes then decide.

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Image result for the crown

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tighter Tuesday - It's not that easy

Since our return to live in Canada, I have to admit that my health issues are being looked after just a little tighter.  I don't mind it because it is for my own good, but changing some of the meal plan and ways of treating the problem is a bit tougher.  When I was living in the US, the health care was just fine, nothing special and a bit expensive.  There are some good part, like not much waiting in line and a shorter wait for appointments.  But honestly, I prefer the way Canada's health care takes care of their citizens.  So why am I talking about this today?  I wanted to share some of the tips regarding healthy eating that my dietitian provided me during my last visit.  It's not really a diet but just some changes in the way I eat or how to pick the better type of food.  I have been trying to follow this and makes some changes to my eating habits and I am happy to report that I am feeling great and have lost some weight.  Maybe you have seen some of the article about LCHF (Lower Carbohydrate Healthy Fat) way of eating.  Here's the Basic Principles in short form:

  1. Minimize carbs
  2. As much as possible, eliminate processed foods
  3. Eat same amount of protein 
  4. Increase intake of natural fats
  5. Limit time during which you eat
  6. There's an adaptation period - don't give up to quickly
  7. Alcohol tolerance decreases with this way of eating
  8. This is away of eating -NOT A DIET
  9. Remember, it's not all about eating, take time to exercise, social connections and SLEEP
  10. Read labels and keep in mind - Junk is JUNK.  
There are lots of good choices in the FOODS to eat List and of course there's a list of Foods to AVOID.   For the last three months I have been constantly looking at this list so I can memorize what foods I truly need to avoid.  Although I have been following most of these principles, I still adjust according to my blood test results, my daily activities and am constantly trying to measure portions of each meal.  Once in a while I do cheat but it does not make me a bad person, right?

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sumptuous Sunday - The foods that I missed

It has been almost a year since we moved to Vernon, BC from San Jose, Ca.  And do you know what I missed the most?  My favorite restaurants.  So during our three week road trip back to SJC,  we decided to check out all our favorite restaurants and eat our favorite meal.
It was not such a great idea after all because I was suppose to start on this special meal to
lose some weight, lower my AIC and lower my cholesterol.  But I am happy to report that even with all that eating out, I was able to lose three pounds.  It's not a lot but I hope to keep it off.  With a time frame of about three months, I hope I can achieve a good report card.  For now I like to share some of those yummy foods that we missed.  Before I share the photos, I was so happy to see Angelique Kerber win the Women's Wimbledon Tennis 2018.  She played really great and she deserve all the credits and all the glory.  Unfortunately on the men's side, I am very sad that both Federer and Nadal  won't be playing in today's final.  Now I can't wait for the US Tennis Open 2018 which will begin at the end of August. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Fastest Friday - I was in the zone

After coming home from our three week vacation, there was so much to do at home.  I had to make a TO DO LIST.  There were at least ten items to be done which included sewing, laundry, ironing (that's right you read it right) and some crafting which could wait.  Of course I already baked our artisan bread but no baking of my treats.  I am hopeful that I can do some this weekend.  In the meantime, I just wanted to show you what I have completed for the sewing part.  They are for my family and friends and I needed to mail them this week.
If you don't believe in the Friday the 13th being unlucky, then it doesn't matter. But if you do, I hope that it's not too bad of a day.  Apparently there might be a super moon tonight.  Anyway, be careful whatever you do, just in case there is such a thing as an unlucky day.

These are binkie holders for my friend's twin grandson.

These are for my BFF Percy's grandson.

And this is for my favorite daughter (new make-up bag). It's her favorite NBA team.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Walking Wednesday - Amazing Flowers

Before I start with today's blog, let me remind you that if you are thirsty and needed a SLURPEE, head down to your nearest 7-11 for a free drink.  And if you are really thirsty, I am sure you can find other location of 7-11 to get another free drink.  OK, I did it, it's all up to you.  It has been almost two weeks since my last post and for some of you who check my blog on a daily basis, you are probably wondering what is happening.  Nothing that exciting.  We had to take a trip back to San Jose to visit my MIL, some of our friends and played a couple of rounds of golf.  Almost forgot. We also spend some time with Jeff's son and my cousin in Washington.  It was a very long three weeks.  If I am not mistaken, there are definitely more hours being on the road than actually visiting or having some fun.  But as my Jeff says, it was not really a vacation.  He had to do some important task that need to be done and he accomplished it.  So while visiting my MIL, I decided to take a walk to a small plaza close by and decided to take some photos of the flowers that I saw along the way. These are photos of the amazing flowers that are part of the tree, bushes or some other plant. 

Can you see a bee?