Thursday, January 31, 2013

Truthful Thursday - My favorite salon

It has been almost two years since I found the hairstylist that I would trust my hair with.  I believe that I have posted something about him and his best friend who is a hairstylist from Orange County (LA area).  This week I had my roots touch up and I decided to take some photos of the salon.  He recently added a new treasure inside the salon and it really gives a different feeling when you are getting your hair done.  What's so special in his salon is that he really treats me like a friend and sometimes like family.  He updates what he is doing with his home, his planned vacation as well as his cousin who recently had a baby.  Sometimes if he is busy, she takes over doing my roots or highlights or even a trim.  It's always a treat when I go for my hair appointment because they are so attentive.  

I love their interior color scheme (white, black with red accent)
The door leads to a small room where we hang our coats
This is the new addition which still has to be painted - just the trim.
If you are ever in the Sunnyvale, Mountain View or San Jose area, you have to check this salon.  My next appointment, Wilson will add more highlights and possibly give me a new hair cut but still keeping the length.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weeping Wednesday - Gone too soon

There are no words to describe the sadness one feels when a mother loses a child.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three Tuesday - Movie with friends

Somehow I forgot about my three on Tuesday in other words, my Yes, No or Maybe.  Today's topic is movie.  It has been quite a while since Jeff and I went to see a movie in the theater.  Most of the time we sort of wait until it's on Demand and just watch it from there.  This means that it's a bit older but it's cheaper and a lot more comfortable watching at home.
Last Saturday we had our friends over for dinner and we decided to see a movie after eating.  You might not have read or heard this, but I am the worst person when it comes to picking a movie.  Most of the time, I will have to check with my daughter prior to seeing a particular movie.  This time it was my friend who picked it so I was comfortable seeing it and I knew for sure that I would not get blame for itPrior to going, we had talked about some of the other movies.  So here's the result.
  • YES to Argo
  • NO to Zero Dark Thirty
  • MAYBE to Silver Linings Playbook  
Have you seen any of the above movies?  Have you seen other movies that you would recommend a must to see?  Which movie would you not watch at all?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Marleau Monday - Go SHARKS

Patrick Marleau of our San Jose Sharks has scored 9 goals for the last 5 games.  It's too bad he couldn't do another one so he could have the real record of two goals per game for five consecutive wins.  Now that I reside here there is no question that I should be cheering for the home team SHARKS.  Unfortunately we won't be able to see them play live because the tickets are a little expensive specially the ones in the lower section which is what I prefer.
Actually Jeff likes watching at home because he likes the play by play comments.  Of course it is a different atmosphere seeing it live, but I don't mind watching at home because our TV does a great job.  Last night's game celebrated some special numbers.  It's the coach McLellan's 200 game win, it's the goalie Niemi's 100 win, and it's Patrick's most goal tying a 95 year old NHL record.  In summary, our Sharks has won all their five games.  Is it because they had so much time off?? Maybe the hockey season should be shorter or maybe not.  Next game will be against their rival DUCKS but they are still at home so hopefully another win.  I have change my nail polish this week to support the Sharks since I only have two T-shirts with the Sharks logo.

The color is possible a shade less than the Sharks color.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Solution Sunday - How to keep warm

Did I mention already how my husband is so thoughtful? He is always looking out for me.  The other day another package arrived shortly after my daughter's package.  Since it was addressed to Jeff, of course I don't open anything if it's not my name.  He does a lot of ordering on line and he has not mentioned anything about a new toy.  When he came home, he opened the package and there it was, a new toy for me.  It's my new electric blanket for when I am sitting in our living room watching TV, blogging, reading or whatever it is that requires me to sit down.  I have been using it for a few days now and it keeps me warm and it is very comfy.  I believe it's a cheaper way to keep warm when we get those cold weather than blasting the heater.  The temperature control keeps it at a perfect setting for a number of hours.  Now that I have tested the new toy, Jeff will be ordering one for him.  If he can find a nicer more girly color, he will keep the older one and I will end up with the new one.  See, he is very thoughtful and such a wonderful person.

Do you have an electric blanket to keep you warm?  Do you use just a regular throw when you are relaxing in your couch?  Do you wear those fuzzy slippers to keep your feel warm?

Biddeford Plush Denim Heated Throw

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saddest Saturday - No Roger No Maria

If the finals for both men's and women's does not include Roger or Maria, then I am not watching at all.  I can't even talk about it so this is the last line for this topic.

But before I finish today's post, I have to make a comment on the other semi-finals game between Sloan Stephens (USA) and #1 Victoria Azarenka.  In case you did not watch it, the young 19 year Sloan lost but I think she could have won the second set if her opponent did not take those two pretend medical time outI cannot believe the tour committee allowed that to happen when in fact Victoria was just having a panic attack because she thought she was losing the set and match.  She was complaining about her chest or whatever.  She might be #1 but what she did was unacceptable and I hope she loses today against Li Na. That's all.

On the happier note, our San Jose Sharks has won 3 games in a row (two away and one home game).  Today they are playing again Avalanche and I am a little bit of a traitor because I was an Avalanche fan prior to moving to San Jose and now I have to cheer for the home team - Go SHARKS.

Home Opener game against Coyotes

Friday, January 25, 2013

Feeling great Friday - Scrub and more

Sometimes I love treating myself with something that I truly enjoya day at the SPA.  Since the place that I have been offered some good deals on their services, I decided to take advantage of it.  At first I was going to take my girlfriend Nikki there but something came up and she could not make it.  I re booked my appointment and this time instead of just a massage, I had also booked a sweet sugar scrub.

Yesterday I left early and had lunch at the Big Basin Cafe.  I had an American Club panini and a cup of spicy chai latte. 

American Club panini (turkey, bacon, cucumber, lettuce on a sourdough bread)
Spicy and sweet chai latte
I arrived at Preston Wynne Spa a bit early which gave me time to change and read one of the magazine in the waiting area.  The first service was the scrub which was so different because after the application of the scrub, my body was wrapped like a burrito and then was covered by a tent that steamed my whole body for 15 minutes.  After a quick shower, the stress zone massage began using some special creamy body butter bamboo scent.  All of this took about one and half hour.  This experience was so great I left the SPA like a new person.  My massage therapist is really good at relieving all the knots that I might have.  I am so glad that I found this place but more importantly, I found Natalie.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Truthful Thursday - Overjoyed

On Tuesday morning I received a knock on the door and it was our lady postal delivery.  She said "Suprise!".  The package that looks like a shoe box was from my daughter.  I knew she was going to send me a package but did not really know what would be included except for my insulin pen which I had asked her to pick up at Walmart.

Upon opening the package, I could not help to be overjoyed because as I take one item after another, it was all a surprise and I felt so loved.  My SIL gave me four new golf outfits which are so classy and feels so comfy and so in style.  I also received a Zester which I have been wanting to have after my sister's visit.  She told me that I need one for when I make lemon bread or anything that needs zesting.  Jeff received a nice utensils specially for making his ham and eggsGamble received a set of Angry Bird pillow case which I know he will love to sleep with.


Do you love getting surprise packages?  Do you like surprising someone instead?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Wednesday - Library chore

In case you are wondering what I do when I volunteer with my MIL at the library, here's some of our duties and stories.  We go once a week for a couple of hours which is not really a lot of time from your day.  We can still do lunch, maybe get some groceries or do a bit of window shopping.  It's going to be almost a year since we started and next month we are having another book sale which was what got as started.  Just to explain that we volunteer for the Friends of the Library, although part of the library, we report to two wonderful ladies who are also volunteers.  Upon arrival at the library we get our ID tags and immediately start working on sorting the books that have been donated by people, stores, or organizations.  There is really nor right or wrong in the sorting but they ask they you at least place it in the shelves that you think is the closest to the type of books.  Then there's a small corner in the library called the Nook where we keep re stocking with newer arrivals.  People who look through these end up buying books that they like for a very minimal fee.  Sometimes I have to clean up and organize both our room and the nook.  I love arranging the books by colors within each category as well as arranging the book displays.  My MIL is such great partner at the library because she just goes along with what I want to do or fix.  We get the job done is a short time and feel such pride in keeping the room tidy and organized.  Next month we will have another Book Sale and of course we will be working the day prior to the sale.  The day we volunteer at the library is also my day with my MIL and we have a fun day.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday - Retirement allowance

Just sharing some things that I do to save some of my retirement allowance monthly.  I am sure most of you don't even have to watch your spending since you are still working.  Today I really did not have anything interesting or creative but hopefully you might find something new that you can try.

  • Since I volunteer at a golf course - I don't pay for my round of 18 and it's unlimited whole year round.
  • Learning how to do all the nail art - Although every now and then, I would get a pedicure, I can do both manicure and pedicure which is at least a $40 savings per month, that is if you are going regularly to get your manipedi 
  • Eat meals at home - it's nice to eat out some time when you forgot to take out something to cook or no left overs or just don't have the energy to cook.  It's not only healthier, it's very inexpensive to make a wholesome meal.
  • Housecleaning - some of my girlfriends due to their work schedule and commitments, have a cleaning lady that comes once a month or every other week.  Well, I am the cleaning lady and my assistant Consuelo takes care of our home.  I guess if you can afford it, why not.  It gives you more time to do other important things in life.
  • Knowing where the sales are for groceries, etc.  This is something that helps in your weekly shopping - knowing your prices and where they are on sale.  This does not mean that you have to spend hours cutting coupons and driving around to different stores for the sales.  
  • Inexpensive fitness venue - Jeff and I play tennis at several public courts without fees and no reservation required.  I bought my hula hoop for $25 which is great to use while watching TV.  I have no gym membership because I am not into it because I like doing something that's fun.  Some people buy those expensive membership and most times they don't even get there. 
  • As for doing errands, I would try and coordinate my route so that I am not going back and forth using extra gas.  Unless it's really needed, I normally would wait until there's enough to get to make the trip.
  • Books and more books - since I volunteer at the library and I have a Kindle, I don't buy books or magazines.  If I see a book that I like to read while sorting, I can just take them and return after I am done. 
That's it.  After all that, I guess I did have a lot to add to this post.  Sometimes it's just a little tough to get started but as soon as my fingers start typing, the rest follows. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Mourning - Boo Hoo Patriots

Tom Brady how can you let me down.  I cannot believe my favorite team lost.  I was more worried for the 49ers than the Patriots.  What was funny was that when we first started watching the 49ers game I was not wearing my hoodie.  The Falcons was ahead and Jeff said "where's your hoodie? you have to wear it to cheer for our team".  Shortly after I put it on, they scored and they came back and win the NFC championship game.  Then it was time to watch my team, when they scored first, I was feeling OK until the Ravens came back and scored three touchdowns, then I knew.  There lots of errors and whatever name you want to use.  Before watching the game, I was not worried and thought the game would be close but in the end, I was sure the Patriots would come through.  Anyway, there's no sense crying over spilled milk.  It's time to get pumped for the 49ers and just cheer on with my hubby.  It will be a great Superbowl because it will be the battle of the twins.  For those of you who are real football fans, you know what I mean.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Screaming Sunday - Two for Two

It's all about football today.  Both our teams are playing today.  That's right a double header.
For those real footballs fans, you already know who are playing and maybe even have a better idea on who might win.  For me, I will be cheering the 49ers first and then the Patriots after.  As mentioned in my previous post,  the menu for dinner is the GamePack from KFC and maybe some beer.  My MIL will be joining us early so we can all cheer for the local team.

I actually can't believe that both teams are in contention for the Superbowl.  As much as I want the 49ers to win and the Patriots to win,  it will be one interesting Superbowl in our household.  Jeff does not like monetary bets that's why I have to be creative and think of something that he go for.  Maybe I can get him to agree to an overnight stay at Thunder Valley Casino and Resort since I have a special coupon for a special day in February.  In the meantime, we have to wait until we see if both our team wins today.

As the logo of KFC - Game Day Just got AWESOME - ER.  The bucket includes 8 piece crispy chicken, 8 hot wings and 10 original bites.  Of course, it's not complete for me without the gravy.  I know it's bad for us but it's been a long time since I've had KFC so I guess it's allowed.

It's COUCHGATING time - watching football at home has all the benefits.  It's comfy chairs, cozy blanket, no hassle with parking or traffic, no annoying fans that are too obnoxious, no bathroom line ups, and very little cost.  Good luck to our teams. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sports Saturday - T H F

It has been a week since the Australian Open started and most of my favorite players are through the third round.  Roger, Maria, David and Novak.  Unfortunately the troll is still around and I just hope that she does not get to the finals.  The commentators are routing for her and although she's not my favorite, she is one powerful player.  I guess all I have to do is wait and wish my favorite Maria all the best and hope that this is her year to win all the majors. 

Talking about Maria, when I watched her on her first round match, I thought that she has another classy outfit with colors yellow, white and grey.  And as the day goes by, there were a lot of yellow outfits for both women and men.  As usual classy and sharp dresser Roger Federer has the great ensemble.  You have to see how crisp the collar of his shirt and you can even see the crease on his shorts.  He truly has the whole package of an awesome athlete, a great father, and just one wonderful person.  During interviews, he always has the best etiquette and always gives compliment when it's due.  Other players should really learn from him.

I am looking forward to this coming week of quarter finals, semis and of course the FINALS.
On another sport, hockey season is back and our local team the SHARKS are ready to win a lot of games.  The tickets were only sale last week but when I check on line, they were still a bit expensive, only because I don't want those nose bleed seats.  I guess we will have to settle in watching in the comfort of our home.

THF - tennis, hockey and football.  These are all the different sports that I will be watching for the next two weeks.  If for some reason the 49ers or Patriots does not make it to Superbowl, Jeff and I decided that we won't watch it all.  Maybe if the weather is nice that day we will end up playing tennis. 

Out of all the three sports, which is your favorite and who are your favorite players?  

Australian Open - The Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific

Friday, January 18, 2013

Freezing Friday - It's a bit cooler again

Every day this week before I leave to go somewhere, I have to scrape the windows of my car.  Yes, that's right scrape, the windows are frozen and I am happy to say I own a very special scraper that my daughter gave me for my first winter in San Jose.  For those of my friends who live in Canada, this is nothing but I thought it might be funny to show that we actually have a bit of winter.  Although NO SNOW, it's a bit colder for this part of the bay area.

Back - Defrosting

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Truthful Thursday - Orange or Cutie

With the latest flu epidemic, it's time to load up on your vitamin C, right.  My MIL gave us a bunch of oranges from her tree.  It would have been a happy experience if my sister was the one picking all these oranges.  When she was visiting in November, she had a great time taking photos of these oranges but since they were not ready to be picked, she just checked them out.  She was able to pick up some lemons at my cousins place.  I hope my sister will read this post today, maybe she might recognize some of these oranges.

Unfortunately I am not into this type of oranges, instead I love the CUTIES and I just bought a bag and they were very sweet.  It's good that Jeff loves oranges and if he does not eat them, he can make fresh orange juice.  Whatever the type of orange you love, its a good source of vitamin C and although it's not a cure for the common flu, it's a healthy snack.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Wednesday - Something new

A week after Christmas, I received a surprise gift from Jeff's cousin GracieIt was a surprise because we already got a gift from her at Christmas. What's so special about this gift?  When you see it, you'll say, it's just a glove.  Well, it's not just any glove, it's a special one because you don't have to take it off to use your phone to make a call, send a text or play a game.  I immediately thought about my daughter who lives in Toronto where they have very cold weatherI saw them at Target so I bought her exactly the same color which I hope she will like.  As for me, I only use it when I am at home and it's a bit cool and lazy to turn up the heat.  If you don't have this and is constantly taking off your glove to use your phone, then definitely it's a must to have.  Those differently colored tips really work.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tennis Tuesday - Australian Open Begins

During the Patriots game, I happen to search for things to watch while they are on commercials or in between quarters.  Then there it was on ESPN, the Australian Open.  I could not believe it but then it's the middle of January, of course it's summer in the land from the down under.  I immediately checked the website to see if all my favorites are playing and I very happy to see all their names.

Two weeks of tennis is going to be very tiring because of the time difference but thanks to DVR, I can record some of the late night matches.  My favorite female player Maria already won her first round match.  Her new outfit color scheme is yellow with another classy design.
As for my favorite male player Roger Federer, I will have to find when his first round game will be.  There are other players that I love watching but not until they get to the quarter finals.

Are you into tennis? Do you only like watching the final games? 


Monday, January 14, 2013

Madness Monday - It's all about Football

How was your weekend? This is not my normal weekend because I don't regularly watch so much football, but this week, I did.  The games were all so exciting and the scores were so very close and even some with OT.  While watching I would read on my computer the Beginner's Guide to Footbal which helped me get a better understanding of the game.  The sad part about the weekend is that I did not get anything done.  The good part is that I was able to watch the Patriots live on TV instead of the recorded version because I end up not doing my volunteer.

For yesterday's game day I made a very hearthy chili with kidney and pinto beans as well as corn (it makes me think of my son when I make chili with corn as it was his favorite).  I used some diced tomatoes with green chilies that gave some additional flavor. My MIL and Jeff does not really like mushrooms, but I diced them to almost nothing and added it to the chili.  We bought two loaves of fresh sourdough bread to accompany the chili and had enough for everyone and some left overs for my MIL to take home.

After three and half hours of me sitting at the edge of the couch, my team the New England Patriots wins the game.  The greatest part of watching the two games on Sunday is that I actually knew what was happening and paid attention to the play and listened to the referee's announcement.  By golly I think I've got it.  All the best and good luck PATRIOTS.

Patriots vs. Texans - 1/13/2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweet Sunday - DFB

Actually we have bananas and I was craving for the so called Deep Fried Bananas aka Turon (tagalog word).  It has been a very long time since I've one of this.  Last Thursday while preparing our dinner, all of a sudden there was this craving for some sort of different dessert.  When I looked over the dining table, I saw these bananas that needed attention.
There was no undecisiveness at that moment.  I took out from the freezer the package of wrapper and after an hour or so, there were my deep friend bananas ready to be consumed.  One great version is the one where they add some thin slice of jackfruit.  The combination of banana, jackfruit and brown sugar plus very crisp wrapper is just one heavenly dessert. 

I only made six and by the end of the game, they were all gone.
Today my favorite NFL team will be playing and I will of course be cheering for them.  Unfortunately, I will have to watch the game after my volunteer work.  Jeff was so nice and remembered to record it for me.

Ladies PINK Pullover Hood-White
This one would be perfect this year if they win as this is my new favorite number.  I really want one of this.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Serious Saturday - Winning is a must

Tonight's NFL game between 49ers and GB Packers is a serious one.  Each team wants to win in order to move on.  Since I live in the bay area, it is a must to cheer for the local team.  I do own a 49er hoodie that Jeff gave me some years ago and will definitely be wearing it while watching the game.  We will be watching it at home and although it will just be two of us, we will have some game day snacks and game day drinks.  The team color is red and gold and white.  It's just fitting that I make my other favorite drink - Spicy Caesar aka Bloody Mary.  Although I really prefer Spicy Caesar using the spicy clamato juice and of course adding my spicy green beans for some crunch and heat.  When it comes to choosing our snack/dinner, Jeff will have to make the final decision because if it was up to me, I will order some special thin crust pizza with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, hot sausage, bacon and grilled BBQ chicken.  If you were just at home watching football, what are your favorite snacks and drinks?

I would have one with shrimp/green beans/olives/asparagus/lobster

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fretting Friday - I know it's not good

Normally I don't worry about things that I cannot change or things that I have no control off but lately I seem to be worrying a lot and I am guessing this is one cause of my inability to sleep.  I've stopped playing the games on Kindle Fire prior to sleeping because I know it's not good - I end up staying awake longer but of course when I get very tired then I fall asleep.
So what am I fretting about?  Hmmm, let me share some of these things circling in my head.
  • what to do for my birthday
  • how to fill out this year's taxes (Canadian)
  • where to renew my passport (in or out of Canada)
  • what to do for our anniversary
  • how to lose weight and keep it off
  • should I visit Canada or not
  • when are we going to update the will
  • should I get a job
  • when can I have the courage to sort the BOX
  • should I join the girls in April for this year's golf get away      
The worried look
Fretting on a decision