Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sad Saturday - Still No Cell Phone

Just sitting the living room today trying to rest in the hopes that my cold will go away.  I forgot to tell you that my doctor prescribed an inhaler to help relieve the coughing and the whizzing.  It's new year's eve and we will just be staying in because I am still not feeling 100%.  I feel bad because I haven't had a chance to take my sister around or do some mega shopping.  Actually she did not mind because the shopping she did after Christmas filled up her luggage.

Now the big dilemma - 6 days and counting - still no cell phone.  It would be easier if I can just go to Verizon and get a new phone, but I think since my phone is on a 2 year contract, I cannot buy a new phone without paying an arm and a leg.  The family plan we have with Verizon is really good so I have to stick with it.  Oh bother - I guess I have to be patient and wait until Jeff tells me what we have to do.  Hopefully my family and friends will know how to contact me, it's really just another New Year's eve.

Just a quick note:  A million thanks to my husband for doing the quadruple by pass on my cell phone, it is now recovering successfully.  It might take a couple more days before it is back to normal.  What a nice new year's eve gift!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fruity Friday - Orange Tree

What is so special about an orange tree with a lot of oranges?  Well to some it is exciting because if they live in a very cold country, I am sure they don't have a lot of orange trees.  So while my sister is visiting sunny San Jose, California she so quiet a bit of homes with orange tree with many many fruits ready to be picked.  She said she would go for a walk and just pick the ones that she can reach.  My hubby told her that the owners of those trees do not appreciate people just going by the tree and picking one or two.  Yesterday while doing errands, I saw a sign that was posted right on the orange tree.  On our way home, I asked Jeff if he can stop by this particular home.  The sign was still there and I made sure my sister read the sign.  This is what it said, "PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR ORANGES". 

In order to satisfy the craving of picking fresh oranges from a tree, we took my sister to my MIL's home as she has an orange tree filled with oranges ready to be picked.  Not only that she was also happy to pick some lemons. I would have posted some pictures but unfortunately my phone is still incapacitated and actually maybe even dead.  I think this is when I start panicking.  Maybe not, I am still trying to feel better because this cold that I currently have is not going away.  The coughing is really annoying and it's very difficult to sleep because I am whizzing.  I actually don't care not having a phone because all I want for New Year is to get rid of this cold.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Truthful Thursday - Missing My Fascinate

This is my third day without my phone and I am truly missing it.  Hopefully no one is trying to get a hold of me and if so, then I am sure they would know how to get a hold of my husband or my home number.

Yesterday morning when I had to take some rice to cook for our breakfast, I saw my phone so lonely in the rice canister.  It did not make any noise because the battery is out.  Maybe today we can check it to see of it will start working again.  I am not really sure what the next step will be if the phone still won't work.
I am glad that Jeff has a new Kindle Fire because at least he does not mind sharing it with me so I can play Angry Birds or the new game I am getting addicted to is called Crossword Lite.  It is so much fun and sometimes we play it as a group so everyone contributes to finishing the game.

For those of you who are following my blog, please be patient with me being without a phone.  Maybe this inconvenience is good lesson for me to really take good care of my phone.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Worry Wednesday - We are sick

Why am I sick - I believe I picked up some cold and since I have been just going going going for the past few days since my sister arrived, now I am house bound laying in the couch and all bundled up.  I am just lucky to have a husband and my MIL taking my sister around to do some shopping.  Maybe after a couple of days rest, I should be able to get my body rejuvenate and re energized.

Then you are probably asking who else is sick.  OMG - it's my cell phone.  On boxing day during our open house, I decided to put my phone in my back pocket.  Since we have been really busy, I forgot about my phone being in my back pocket.  I really had to stop and use the bathroom.  The rest is history.  My cell phone is currently sitting inside my rice canister hoping that it will absorb all the moisture from my phone.  I am not stressing about it because it's all my fault and no one else.  There are other things in life that is more important, like getting better.  I wonder what kind of phone will I buy next just in case my current phone does not get better and have to bury it.
Maybe this will be my next phone if I can afford it or if we can cut a deal with Verizon since I still have one year left on our contract.  This could be costly.  I am just hoping that after 2 days of my cell phone being stored in my rice jar that it will actually work.  My niece googled info about it and some of the reviews were advising doing this process.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best.