Monday, October 31, 2016

Mouthwatering Monday - Persimmons

Almost forgot that today is Halloween and for me is the scariest night of the year.  I never really liked this holiday but if you have children, you need to be brave and not show that you are afraid.  Making costumes when my son and daughter were little was fun.  During their adult days, I found myself still helping make their costume.  Now a days, the most that Jeff and I do is give out candies and in our neighborhood unfortunately not too many kids goes around.  Most of our neighbors are retired and have grown kids that have moved out.  Maybe it's their grandchildren that comes around.  The funny part about giving out candies,
Jeff usually does it because sometimes the bigger kids are wearing some pretty scary mask or costumes, I just don't want to see them.  The other funny part is that Jeff does not mind not having too many kids stopping by because it means, he will have more candies to eat.  This is why when we buy the bags of candies, he has to make it sure the assortment in the bag are his favorite.  As for me, I just want a few saved so that I can have them when I get a low blood sugar episode in the middle of the night.  They are the perfect size for me to have to bring up my sugar level.  I'm sorry, I got so side tracked, this post was suppose to be about persimmons.  There's not much to say except we received a bag of the sweetest persimmons ever.  It came from our friend's tree and she picked the best that are firm and ready to eat.  Well, the colors of this fruit is perfect for tonight's holiday.  See the photo I took.  Happy Trick or Treating and be safe.

I found this one that was taken during an office Halloween party in 1990's?


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Socket Saturday - My new student

When Jeff asked me to help him with some sort of a project, I was very excited to hear what it was about.  Then he started talking about his tools, some collection of sockets.  I thought he was going to ask me to sew something like a bag that would hold all of this tiny items.  But later on as I listened to him, he actually wanted to do it all by himself with my guidance and training.  On Wednesday night, we started with his Sockets project.  I showed him some of the materials we can use and started figuring out sizes and other notions he would need.
After cutting the main fabric, then the pockets, he started sewing.  I was surprised how well he did.  Except on one part of the pockets, I had to start over due to a minor mistake.  He then continued with the rest of the sewing.  He was ironing as well to ensure the correct fold and to make the seam flatter.  If you noticed on one of the pockets, he chose the fabric with the chevron and he is using it to remind him that those are the sockets that are in Metric. He needed some help in attaching the velcro, so I finished it for him.  I was very proud of my new student on his very first sewing project.  Now he is talking about making a new cover for his Grill.  I had to disappoint him because the fabric he wants for the Grill cover will not be good for my machine as it needs some sort of industrial sewing machine.  I suggested that he could just order it from Amazon or maybe try and patch the original one.  He also did a great job taking photos for this post. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Whatever Wednesday - All over the place

There's only two weeks left before election day here in the good old USA.  Last Friday, I received my official ballot so I can vote by mail. Inside the package were three pieces of document marked A,B and C.  I thought of just browsing quickly and decided to put it back in the envelope.  Jeff received the sample ballot as he goes to the polling place to vote.  He also received this thick book about the different Measures.  I am guessing I have to sort of look through those and figure out which one I would like to say YES.  Oh, just talking about it gives me a headache.  Let's switch topics, something more interesting and more rewarding.  Yesterday I finally finished my fabric wallet project and during the weekend I started my back pack project.  In between I also started my eye glasses cleaner/cell phone or tablet cleaner.  I bought some micro fiber towel and use them on one side and just a cotton fabric on the other side. Not sure if I did show you these new sets of placements that I finished. These are not our colors, so eventually it will be a gift to someone who will appreciate them, just in time for Christmas.  Almost forgot, I also need to shorten the long summer dress that I bought for my daughter.  So that's it for today because I really need to get busy for I do another post.

Unfortunately the blue chevron and the white elephant pattern has been saved for my daughter.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stressful Sunday - Finally it's in the mail

It all began sometime during the first month of 2016.  We both went online searching for all the documents required to apply for residency in Canada and for becoming a US citizen.  Everything was downloaded on a PDF format and we started completing the forms as a draft.  We gathered all the documents required and several times we stumble upon some requirement that would take more work like getting an FBI clearance, tax transcripts or even just getting the correct photos.  Although I am saying we started working on these applications, we would only spend an hour or two and then give up for whatever reason.  In mid April, I finally decided I would complete my forms for the US and not stop until it's all completed.  We could not believe how fast everything was being processed every three weeks I would receive some sort of instructions, complete it and make the long story short, the whole US Citizenship process was a done in five months.  During all this time, Jeff's application was put on hold.  Until last week when I noticed that one of the document might expire and that his photos were not stamped correctly.  This week, we spent at least 4 hours every night getting all the forms finalized ensuring that all the boxes are checked off, etc.  You probably don't know this but when you are sponsoring your spouse to emigrate to Canada, they are asking so many things when it comes to proving your relationship.  Hint, we have known each other for 13 years and have been married for 8 years but we still have to comply.  We scanned a bunch of photos, the letters/cards we exchange for those 7 years, all our airline tickets, boarding pass and stamped on our passports. I went to the post office early on Friday and mail the package. Now it's the waiting game.  Information online seems like it will take 14 months that is if everything is correct and no delays with submitting additional information, medical exams, etc.  But we all know that days go by quickly if you are busy which we are. We can't really do anything with regards to buying house, etc.  One thing we know for sure is the area where we want to move.  Keep all our fingers crossed and hope for the best.  
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Friday, October 21, 2016

Fancy Friday - Scrapbooking and more

When my neighbor needed some help organizing some section of her home, I told her I would come over and help her out one afternoon.  And I did.  But we also talk about organizing some of her many photos that were just in boxes.  I told her what I did with my photos when I move from Canada to the US.  I placed them in a box and figured once I retire I would have all the time to do it.  When my friend Jean showed me how to do it, I was able to do at least three scrapbook from the photos in a box.  I made one for my family, Jeff's family and one for just friends.  I found a couple of nice scrapbook at Michael's and I got them for my neighbor.  We decided on a date to meet again to just organize the photos.  A couple of days later my friend Tran and I stopped by my neighbor Pam started the process.  By the end of the day we completed 10 pages and she realized she would need a couple more books.  She also bought some really nice papers and accent papers while Tran bought her tools that she had from her scrapbooking days.  It was such a rewarding experiencing once the photos are on the album.  We plan to do another get together to do more pages and hopefully complete the project.  Have you done any scrapbooking?  Do you still have old and new photos in a box or do you have them all scanned or in files in your computer.  Do you have one of those electronic photo frame that you download photos?
 Fiskars Paper Edgers Scissors

 Double Dot Paper Pad 6"X6" 36 Sheets-Bold & Bright 

 Fabric Frame Scrapbook 8.5"X11

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wondering Wednesday - here and beyond

How far do you plan for a special birthday?  Some people like to have parties on their big birthdays (30, 40, 50 and 60) and others would just like to celebrate it with their better half or their siblings or their BFF.  I have done those decade birthdays 30,40,50,60 and even had one called Practice Party for turning 50.  The best one is my 50th because almost all my friends were there as well as my children's friends.  My daughter helped me organize the event and it was such a great time.  Every now and then we still talk about that night. In a couple of years I will be 65, OMG that is old right.  Are you allowed to still have a special party? After my 60th party when we started at 530 pm and guests were gone by 900 pm. LOL, that was the clue.  This is a sign that it's not a good idea to have a party.  My daughter suggested then that I should have it in Toronto because all my friends who like to party can attend. What was I thinking?  So here's my idea and of course it's just an idea.  I would just like to go on a river cruise specifically the VIKING cruise.  My childhood friend is currently on the Great European tour and she'll be giving me a review when she returns.  It was very interesting to find out that because it the one that I picked if we were to go on a Viking cruise. There's still at least 19 months before my big day and who knows where we will be. I told Jeff that after researching this type of cruise, I might have to get a job in the new year so I can save up for it.  He said "do you really to get up early each day to go to work, fight the traffic and get stress from your boss and coworker?".  But check the link and the photos.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Mechanical Monday - Only in the Silicon valley

For some reason I got stuck again when I started this post until Jeff sent me a photo of something interesting he saw at their parking lot at work.  At first I thought, someone has invented a new remote control toy and is trying it out.  Then again, just maybe it's actually something useful that their company is trying.  I zoomed into the picture and I sort of can read the word security.  So check out the new robot replacing the security guy that usually goes around the parking lot to check on suspicious movement, etc.  I am guessing this must be an expensive toy but it's probably cheaper than paying a security company guy minimum wage.  It's probably more accurate and because it will have a camera it can record as many incidents, etc.  Now I am wondering if they have a name for it.  Oh who cares, I decided to name it with Jeff's help.

Introducing JEEVS (Juniper Employee Elimination Version of Security).

Image result for echo alexa
Introducing ALEXA.  She's the new addition to our home.  She's very useful and we love her.
Image result for echo dot
This is like Alexa's daughter.  If you have lot's of room in your house, you would want a few of this.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Showering Saturday - It's raining again

It is really too bad that the rainy weather did not arrive a few weeks earlier.  There were so many different brush fires and other type of fires, it would have helped the firefighters to contain the several fires around California. When the weather starts to change for the fall and winter, it's not as harsh as the rest of the country.  We are still able to golf on the days that we don't get the rain.  Of course a few hours from us, like Tahoe and Reno, the temperature is much colder and they get that white stuff that I am not fond off.  The changing of the leaves during this time of the year is spectacular in my old hometown of Ontario.  Yesterday I went around my home to take some photos before the rain came.

In October and November these buds are orange and in December it turns bright red.

Our very last harvest. Last cucumber and three mini eggplants.

This is just around my neighborhood, the only one with some fall colors.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Great bargain hunter

There's only 75 shopping days before Christmas and so we decided to shop last weekend for deals at Kohl's.  The great part about Kohl's is if you spend $50 you get $10 Kohl's cash.  I usually get to spend it for something that I need and I usually find a great deal.  For example, I went with my friend last Friday night and I bought a top for myself and for my daughter.  Since I had a $10 reward and my friend Jean gave me her 20% coupon, I end up paying only $3.65 for what I purchased.  Both tops were Vera Wang and the price is between $40 and $44.  When my MIL and I are shopping, whatever Kohl's cash she gets, she give it to me to use for whatever.  A couple of weeks ago, I used it for a nice navy blue hat and a set of bracelets.  Yesterday, I found a nice black top for my daughter and again the regular price is around $40 and I bought it for $900 and with my Kohl's cash from the Christmas shopping we did during the weekend, I got the top for free.  When you have the time to look through the special racks that are 80% off, it's definitely worth spending some time.  I can go through the rack pretty quick because I already have an idea what I am looking for and I know what I want to pay.  We will most like do another Christmas shopping before the end of the month to avoid the line up and the crowded store.  I happen to chat with my next door neighbor the other day and they just came back from Christmas shopping for their grandchildren.  Are you organize enough to get your shopping done early?  Are you one of those who likes to wait the last minute for bargains?  Next month they will have the Black Friday sale which is the one day we stay away from going out.  Have you seen those videos of how people behave that day?

Image result for early christmas shopping online
ONLINE SHOPPING is very popular to those who wants to avoid the crowds.

                                                 Image result for early christmas shopping


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tarty Tueday - I love these grapefruits

For a very long time, I stopped eating grapefruits because I was taking some statin for my cholesterol.  But one day I did some reading on what the benefits of eating grapefruits and I found out that as long as I  don't consume a large amount and do not eat it everyday, it would be too bad.  Here's what I found.

Grapefruit contains a chemical that interferes with your body's ability to break down or metabolize certain statin medications. When statin takers eat large amounts of grapefruit, the level of statins in their blood can increase, raising the possibility of side effects.

And then here's what I found regarding the benefits of eating grapefruits.
  • Grapefruit may not be a miracle weight loss food as touted in some previously popular fad diets, but consuming grapefruit as part of a healthy diet may just give you a little boost
  • eating higher amounts of a compound found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit may lower ischemic stroke risk for women
  • One study found that a diet supplemented with fresh red grapefruit positively influences blood lipid levels, especially triglycerides
  •  As an excellent source of the strong antioxidant vitamin C as well as other antioxidants, grapefruit can help combat the formation of free radicals known to cause cancer
  •  Grapefruit, because of its water and fiber content, helps to prevent constipation and promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract. 
  •  The risks for developing asthma are lower in people who consume a high amount of certain nutrients. One of these nutrients is vitamin C, found in many fruits and vegetables including grapefruit. 
Like anything else in life, moderation is the key.  Unfortunately my supplier of these wonderful grapefruits is moving and I can't pick fresh grapefruit from their tree.  I know they are available at every store, but nothing beats fresh. 

The biggest one weighs almost 2 pounds and the smallest one weighs 1 pound.

These grapefruits are juicy, sweet, sour and tart. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sports Sunday - Winning teams

What a dilemma each Sunday when figuring out which sports I want to watch.  Since we only have two tuners, I can only record two shows and then I have to watch something I have recorded previously.  It was good that I have recorded an LPGA yesterday so I could watch it while the baseball and football were being taped.  A funny story,  I wanted to make sure I recorded Game 3 of the ALDS since Toronto Blue Jays is 2-0 and of course they are in my home town.  I recorded what I thought showed Texas at Toronto telecast which starts at 430 pm PST.  When it was time to watch, the one I recorded was all in Spanish, which I didn't mind because the score will be still showing.  Until the 3rd inning, while flipping through the channels, I realized there was another channel covering the game and it was in English.  Well, I am sure you have heard that the Blue Jays won in a clean sweep against Rangers.  Of course on Sunday, there's a lot of NFL games as well and I am happy to say that my New England Patriots won again.  Just to make it clear, while I am watching all these games, I was busy sewing a new pool cue case for my new stick.  I found it at Big 5 Sporting Goods and I feel in love with it.  There was some ironing to do, so I also finished it while watching.  This way there is no wasting of my precious time.

My new case is made of black lace and it's lined and has a quilted pocket inside to protect the stick.
Image result for blue jays game
Good luck to your next round against whoever they maybe.  GO Jays GO!

Image result for patriots
Keep up the winning streak.  Your fans are with you all the way.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Film Friday - A heart warming movie

Can you remember the last time you saw a movie at the Theater?  Do you remember what you saw?  For me, it has been too long, maybe about a year and a half.  I went with my friend Jean and saw Cinderella.  We were in Reno for a few days and it so happen the hotel we were staying had a movie theater on their property.  While our husbands saw another movie that we were not interested.  Wait, maybe our last movie was maybe the Avengers or maybe Thor.  You see, this is what happens when it has been so long.  While my cousin was visiting us this week we decided to see a movie one day while Jeff was at work.  It was good that I remembered that I had a gift card for the movies that one of our neighbors gave to me for my birthday about 18 months ago.  I was happy to use it for all three of us since we were able to qualify with the senior rate, and it only cost an additional $3.50 for the three of us.  The movie we saw - The Queen of Katwe.  It was a Disney production and a bit long but well worth seeing.  According to the credits, it was based on a true story.  So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, this one I recommend as it's truly a heart warming story.

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Image result for queen of katwe