Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Friendly Friday - Party time

Maybe I'm too old to have a party - NOT.  Maybe I'm still thinking it's ok to be young and have a great time on your birthday - ah YEAH!  As a child I remember that I would get a new dress for my birthday.  I sort of continued that tradition although it could be as simple as a skirt, and inexpensive dress or even a t-shirt.  My sounthern belle arrive yesterday and we started catching up right when I met her at the baggage claim.  It has been over a year and it was so great to see her.  Yesterday went by so fast as we talked while having lunch at home, having dinner at a nice restaurant called Capers and stopping by for a drink at a bar with a live band.  Today we got up late and slept in, missed breakfast and instead got a chance to have lunch with a friend at Google.  We were able to buy a few really cute items at their store.  Then it was time to put Susan to work and she was so helpful preparing for my party.  She was also the perfect co host making sure everyone was taken care of with drinks, socializing, photos and of course fed.  The greatest part of the evening was when she started a Texas tradition during birthday parties.  Because of the number of guests, it was a best scenario to do it.  She started by doing a toast and talk a little about how we got connected.  The rest of the guests followed and it was an awesome way for everyone to share the stories of how they know the birthday girl.  What was funny was that some did a bit of stories about Jeff which was hilarious as I have never heard some of the stories.  The party ended not too late and everyone really enjoyed their time.  Another benefit of having an adult party - no fights, no broken glass/bottle, no neighbors complaining (they were part of the party), and very helpful with the clean up.  On the day of the party, Sue bought these flowers for me.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Telling like it is Thursday - I'm 62

I'm sixty two and I'm excited with all the benefits of being this special age.  For some, they wouldn't want to rush being this age but there are some perks.  Like I get to use the seniors rate discount at most golf courses in California.  Watching a movie will be cheaper for Jeff to pay for my ticket.  Most of the restaurants have a special seniors menu which is less expensive but also less portion which is perfect for my appetite.  The past three days, I have been helping Jeff paint the outside of the house.  He admitted that I have a great assistant but he couldn't afford my hourly rate if he was to pay me.  I told him the first day was regular time, second day is time and a half and third day will be double time.  He thought we could be done in a couple of days, but needed yesterday to do touch ups and clean up.  Anyway he was very appreciative of the help and all the money we saved if we had someone else do it.  What I cannot believe is that all the work and different muscles started to ache today but all in all, I still feel pretty good.  I am ready to party.  My friend Susan arrives today and we will have a great visit and will have more fun tomorrow night.  I have received several cards, email messages, texts, phone calls and early presents from family and friends.  Thank you all for remembering my birthday.  Being in good health, positive outlook and less stress makes it easy to enjoy retirement life.  My daughter said, " you don't look it and you sure don't act like it".  Although my life is going great, it is incomplete because my son left us way too early in life but I know he is watching over me.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Warming Wednesday - More gifts for Noah

During the weekend when I had a few hours to kill in between meals, I decided to make something else for the baby shower for April.  If you remember my post a few days ago, it didn't seem enough items for the shower if I only give the frame and the closet divider.  Since I bought a flannel material in the color that matches to what April wants for her Noah, I went to Hancock Fabrics to get some warm fleecy fabric for the reverse side of the flannel.  After sewing the blanket, I had enough material to make a burb pad and a bandana style bib.  I hope that she will like what I have made and if not, maybe she will just re gift them to one of her friends.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trembly Tuesday - Keeping it steady

Keeping the hands steady when doing nail art is the number one rule.  Although I have done this many times, there are days when my hands are a bit trembly.  Sometimes it's because they are tired from doing chores.  Of course there are times that it could be my blood sugar going low.  When I am doing the design on my toes, I have not issue because I am using my right hand.  It's only when I do my right hand is when it's a bit tricky.  If I cannot steady my hand, I try to lean it on something to make sure it does stay there.  My friend Jean and I were going to try and use our Mani Pedi gift certificate this week but unfortunately our life's schedule are much too busy to coordinate.  My toe polish needs to be changed and my nails were chipped from the trip.  Of course I had to do a quick job mani pedi.  What do you think of this weeks nail art.  The photos might not show the true colors but they are dark pink, purple and white.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Marvel Monday - Avengers Age of Ultron

When we got bored gambling in Reno last weekend, we all decided to see a movie during the day. The weather was a bit cool and some showers were expected.  It was Monday after lunch and for some reason at that particular location, we were able to get Senior's rate.  Jeff was a bit hesitant because technically he is not and he does not really want to rush it.  There were other good movies showing but the Avengers Age of Ultron had to be the one.  Our friends asked if I was OK with it since there might be some weird or scary creatures that might be involved.  My response was "if THOR is part of it, then everything will be just fine".
Really, who wouldn't love this character but most of all, who wouldn't love to see Chris Hemsworth.  The movie was a bit long but I did not mind because there's more of Thor to see.  It was a great movie and I can't hardly wait to see the other THOR movie that I haven't seen.  Hopefully it will be available ON Demand soon and if not I can wait for it on Amazon Prime.  The next day we decided to watch another movie but this time we just had to go to the cinema in our hotel.  It was an afternoon movie for $4, not a bad deal for some type of entertainment.  My friend and I watch Cinderella while the guys watch Jupiter Ascending.  Nothing exciting to report, in fact I think I dozed off during the first part of Cinderella.  I really thought that it was going to be the animated version.  There's nothing special because everyone knows the story from beginning to end. 

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Swift Sweep Sunday - Plus vacuum and mopping

With only five more sleeps left before my southern belle arrives and my birthday party, I started doing some of the cleaning on Friday.  Jeff has been busy prepping the outside of the house for painting.  It's not as easy as some would think.  He has to clean all the areas and take some of the items that are leaning on the walls.  The last three days were spent just prepping and cleaning.  Since there are chores to be done inside, I have not gotten a chance to help him outside.  Although I have offered to help with the painting, I have to actually wait until some of the major areas have been painted before I can help.  The good part is that he will be using the spray with the help of the air pump which will take less time.  We will eventually do some of the areas using the roller and brush.  When I am doing some of the cleaning inside, I find that I end up organizing drawers, switching from swiftering to sweeping to vacuuming and then mopping.  Most of the time I get side track doing other things that I see while cleaning.  Somehow it breaks the monotony of the cleaning process.  I am glad I have done all those so that in a couple of days it will just be more of a touch up cleaning.  Our floors are very easy to take care of and they look really shiny after mopping.  We have to use the special product just for hardwood.  It was a tiring couple of days but I feel very productive.  I wonder what it's like to have a cleaning lady once a month.  Last year I ask Jeff if we can get a cleaning lady and his response, "I like the one I have and she does a great job".

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shower Saturday - Simple and quick

Just received an invite to a baby shower next week at the place where I volunteer.  At first I thought of just sewing some items but I haven't touched my sewing machine since December.  I wanted to do something quick and simple because we are very busy this weekend and do have time to waste.  Then I started searching on Pinterest just to see what I can make that would not take a lot of my time.  There are so many cute items but I decided to pick the least amount of materials and keep the cost down.  Here's what I did last night that took all of half an hour.  All I know is that the color theme is green and blue and hopefully no one gets the same idea or hopefully she makes use of it.

The first one is for the door knob and the rest are for the closet as dividers - need to add ribbons for hanging.

In addition to the above, I will be sewing a small blanket after all.  I found a nice green flannel fabric that I have already, I just need to get a blue fleecy or something soft fabric for the reverse part of the blanket.  It will be a simple blanket but it will be very soft and fluffy.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Furcon Friday - It was fun until...

When we arrived at our hotel in Reno last Sunday, we were surprised to see so many different kinds of animals walking around.  Well, they are not real animals, they are people in costumes but all furry animals.  After talking to some other people, we found out that it's the last day of the FURCON.  On our way to our room we saw more on the elevators, the hall ways and some are even bowling.  It seems like every one is having a great time and everyone is very friendly and didn't mind posing for a photo.  Here's some of the one's Jeff took from his camera.  My friend thought of searching the web for more info about this particular event and for some reason we read some things that made us feel a little weird. I guess you can check it out for yourself. 


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Scavenger Sunday - Mission possible

There are simple things in life that a mother and daughter can do when they live so far away from each other.  Now a days people are constantly texting to keep in touch.  Some still call each other once a week or maybe twice a month.  Others choose to Skype, Facetime or video chat, who knows what else is out there.  Although my daughter and I do some of those, we play the Scavenger Hunt game.  My daughter sends me a list of items she needs but can't find in the area where she lives.  When I am out and about, I look for them and eventually get it.  Sometimes I can find it the first try, others might take three different stores before finding them.  Since I am retired, I have the time to do my hunt.  The mission is usually possible to complete in a couple of weeks.  The great part about her request is that she sends me very good details as well as photos or websites.  Although I don't send her expensive stuff, it's the little things that count.  Each package I send I would always try to add some small surprise that I think she will enjoy.  Simple things and small items that provides happiness and excitement. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Smoothie Saturday - Very Berry

What am I going to do with all these berries (blue, black and straw) that was leftover from the mother's day brunch.  They were still in great shape but I cannot keep up since I can only eat 1/2 cup of fruit per meal.  This morning I decided to sort out these berries and some other fruits.  Of course if you are thinking of making something you have not tried, you have to go to the Food Network site.  I did and although I took some of their ideas the rest was mine and actually turned out very berry yummy.  It's a combination of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, ice, water, mixed berry juice, hypnotic and Soho (lychee liquor) and a dash of sugar.  The end result is two beer mug full of this very berry smoothie for adults.

The next thing I made was the Puff Wheat Square that I have featured before.  When my daughter noticed it, she suggested that I post the recipe for it.  I couldn't find the recipe that my sister gave me which I used the last time.  So again using the Food Network, I found the Ooey gooey Chocolatey Puff Wheat SquareThe only difference is that I like adding pecans to the squares. It makes the square healthier with the chopped nuts.  You really need to try making this so easy and very yummy snack.  I use the Golden Puff Wheat cereal from big lots. It cost only $2.00 for the big bag. 


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tempting Thursday - Craving for sweets

Being a diabetic I have to be really careful on some of the special treats and snacks that I make.  Most of the time they are healthier snacks but sometimes it's much sweeter treats.  The other day when I say some great looking plantain, I started thinking of Banana Roll aka Turon (tagalog term for the treat).  I bought one and stopped by the asian market to get the wrapper.  In addition to this two ingredient, I decided to get a can of Jackfruit to add to this treat and make it more yummy.  The combination of banana, jackfruit and brown sugar is just like fire works when you take a bite of this roll.  It's really easy to make with only a few ingredient.  The bad part is that it's deep fried and of course it's sweet.  Oh bother, I started with only half the plantain and end up with eight rolls.  I ate four for my evening snack and the rest I ate for breakfast the next day.  I am not going to like but you can just guess how high my blood sugar results.  Doing this once a year is not a bad thing.  I had the craving and I dealt with it.  Who knows when I will make this again.  Maybe when my sister comes to visit, it's possible we will both crave for this tempting roll.  

The other much healthier snack - Banana Nut Crumble Muffins.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tinting Tuesday - Color Scheme

Do you get excited going to a paint store?  Do you like selecting a particular color and find the best complimentary color?  One would think I really have to find a new hobby or get a life, as the saying goes.  Jeff and I have been contemplating lately about painting the house.  He asked for my opinion and we did a little searching online.  Yesterday he decided we should get the pain since he has some time off to do this job.  I will most likely help him with some of the house painting as long as I don't have to get up a ladder.  Since he has already painted the new fence last year, it is only fitting that we keep that color for the trim on the house.  So I got to pick the main color which will be in the brown tone.  Here's the swatch sample that I got from Kelly Moore.  As for our front door, I have suggested that we paint it with an accent color which is in the family of green tones.  Once it's all completed, I am hoping to share the before and after.  I will try and remind Jeff to make sure to take photos.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Multicolored Monday - Flowers makes me happy

Belated Happy Mother's Day, Belated Happy Birthday and Belated Happy Anniversary.  Very important events that happened this past weekend.  My friend Jean had a surprise birthday party.  Jeff and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary - simple and quiet.  Yesterday was mother's day brunch at our house which Jeff prepared for me, his mother and his cousin.  Instead of sharing photos of foods, I have decided to share photos of the beautiful flower arrangements that we prepared as decorations for the birthday party.  We ended up taking a couple each for our home, it's like the goody bag.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Teaching Thursday - What keeps me young

Today I received my first birthday gift.  When I checked in for our tee time, I asked the man working behind the counter if I can get the seniors rate.  He asked if I was 62 and my reply was "in a few days".  And he said, "this is your birthday gift from the golf course". I was very happy, thanked him and he said, "don't rush it"  Enjoy being young.  He was actually surprised that I was very excited to be that age.  But as they say, age is just a number.  It's all about how you feel and right now I still feel young.  I am sure most of you are already doing what's on my list but maybe some of it will just be a reminder. 
  • Take care of yourself first - it's an old saying but some still think it's being selfish.  NOT
  • Eating as healthy as you see fit - I am diabetic and do not try any type of fad diets.  I keep it simple and still using Canada's food guide.  It's all about variety and portions.
  • Stay active.  Although I am not into any exercise regiment, I walk when I golf (three times a week).  Jeff and I still play tennis every now and then. We don't have a cleaning lady, so house chores keeps me busy during the week.
  • PON - princess of nap, that's what Jeff calls me.  I truly believe that taking naps re-energizes my mind and body.  It's only 20-30 minutes and that's not a lot to take a break from the world.  While they recommend 8 hours of sleep, I still think that if your body needs it, then you should let it have 8, 9 or even 10.  It all depends on how you feel.  OK, maybe this does not apply if you are still working.  
  • Family and friends are part of our lives except when they are the constant cause of the daily stress of your life.  Remember that you can be supportive without taking over their life.  Sometimes you have to let them be to figure it out themselves.
  • The three words that are so simple but realistic - Live, Love, Laugh.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Theater Tuesday - It's been a while

It has been at least a year ago since we have been to see a movie at the theater.  Not really why all of a sudden we have stopped.  Maybe it's because it's getting a little too expensive to go and from past experience, there always those annoying kids that sits behind you.  They seem to like to kick on the back of your chair.  Sometimes it's not just kids, adults do the same thing.  We try to choose a night where it might not be that busy.  Then we will find a good spot to seat and at the last minute someone with kids will sit behind us.  I believe these are the reasons.  Oh, let's not forget that if you wanted a snack it will be so expensive for just a popcorn and a drink.  Now there are some movies that has to be seen in the big screen but if we have to put up with those people who are annoying, then we won't really mind waiting for it and watch on demand at home.  We can have the popcorn and drinks and sit comfortably in our couch without anyone kicking.  Anyway, these are the latest movies that I do want to see someday. 
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Hot Pursuits
  • Home
  • The Water Diviner
  • The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • The Age of Adaline
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I can watch his movies over and over again.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sparkles Saturday - Nail Art

It has been a while since I have posted about my nail art.  Last week I was talking to one of my BFF and she sent me a photo of her nails.  I was very proud of her because usually she just do simple nail color polish.  This time she had the ring finger with a different color and some sparkles.  It reminded me of what I use to do and it was timely also because my nails had some sparkles on my thumb and ring finger.  This week I had just change my nail polish and decided to do a french manicure in deep purple and some sparkles.  My toes have the same color polish but I did some design.  The problem with taking photos of your toes is not that pretty, although the design is pretty, I am not sure if my readers really would want to look at my toes. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Flourescent Friday - My favorite green

May is my favorite month.  Most of you know why.  There's only twenty seven sleeps before my birthday.  Last month I already bought my gift for my self.  If you can recall on one of my post, I showed a photo of my Cobra amp cell driver in my favorite color. So today I am posting some of the things I have been searching online that I would like to get sometime this year.  And if I don't get them, it's not a big deal, it's just fun to have some of my favorite things.
  • Lime green golf skort
  • Lime green golf glove
  • Nike white grey and green golf shoe
  • Ticket to one of the Mountain Winery Concert
  • An hour massage at my favorite spa
  • A round of golf for a course I have not played
That's it, I can't think of anything else.  Maybe Jeff will read this and maybe it will give him a hint on what to get for me this year.  The most exciting part of this birthday is that I can start benefiting the senior rate discount at any of the golf course in our area.  Another exciting birthday gift is my southern belle friend who will spend a long weekend with us.

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