Monday, May 28, 2018

Memories Monday - Life is good

It's another big birthday with a smaller celebration.  I don't know about you but I love celebrating birthdays but most specially the decades.  For example, for my 20th, it was what I would call a Holy One.  You might ask why?  I had only been living in Yellowknife for a few months and have not made a lot of friends.  So the guests were a few nuns (Sisters of St. Joseph) and a couple of priests. I was blessed right left and center.  Now for my 30th, it was with a group of great friends (couples and singles) but what I can remember is that I passed out on the couch half way through the celebration (a little too much drinking).  You know what they say about 40 - now I am over the hill.  Actually not yet.  The night before my birthday, my friend Debbie and I decided to go for a drink with the guys (mostly cops).  I guess I have not learned my lesson from ten years ago.  Mixing drinks was a bad thing.  I had never experienced a very bad hangover and my headache lasted for three days.  The sad part is that I had organized a party with 40 guests for my birthday.  I went to work only to find out I couldn't really concentrate. My supervisor was so kind and told me to go home so I could nap before the big party.  One surprise from a friend, a male stripper.  I was having such a big headache, it was a waste as I didn't pay attention to him. LOL.  There were a lot of gifts that I did not open until two days later.  Now to the best birthday ever, my 50th.  My daughter organized it at a local bar and 138 friends attended.  Of course we closed the bar and it was the best birthday ever.  The rest of the birthday are just regular and life goes on.
Today is sort of a big one because after today, I will be getting some great benefits even a discount at the local liquor store.  As they say age is just a number, it's all about how you live your life to the fullest, no regrets and no complaints.  Life is good.  Enjoy yours too.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sad Saturday - When family leaves

There is a very good excuse why this post has been delayed a little over a week.  The family visit kept me really busy before their arrival, during their stay and a couple of days after they left.  We had such a great visit even though they didn't really want to do a lot of day trips or tourists trap.  My daughter, my SIL (son in law) and my sister arrived the same day (May 19) with only a few minutes apart.  It was perfect timing so we didn't have to go to Kelowna airport twice that day.  My sister did a lot of cooking because all the requests of my daughter and her hubby were meals I am not comfortable making.  Although I made them my regular artisan bread and an olive bread plus Jeff made his egg bread.  We watch some shows on TV, a little sport (NBA playoffs) and a movie.  One day we were able to do a short walk around the neighborhood.  Then another day we manage to play a bit of tennis. Almost forgot, we picked a nice day to do a couple of wine tasting in Kelowna.  My daughter treated us to a very nice lunch at one of the wineries. One week came and went and we miss them already. Today they left and it's back to normal for Jeff and I.  Here's some pictures taken during their visit.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Welcoming Wednesday - Happiness with family

Whenever we get a chance to host our family visiting from other provinces, we or I should say, I get very excited.  I would start counting sleep and would get OCD with the planning.  My sister and I would probably do most of the cooking but maybe more my sister.  My daughter and her hubby will be visiting for a week while my sister will be around for an extra week.  It was a perfect timing that they were able to coordinate their vacation so they could be both here around the same time.  We don't see them often and it is going to be a fun week for us and we hope for them as well.  My daughter and my SIL have already sent a list of the meals they want to have while visiting.  Since my sister is a great cook and baker, she will do most of the meals they have requested.  I will get my special artisan bread ready for their arrival.  This will be the first time I will try on making an Olive Bread for my daughter.  On the other hand, Jeff will be making his Egg Bread, another request from my daughter.  While visiting we will plan on some fun things to do with them.  Although I know they will ask for some quiet time aka nap time.  They all have been working hard and are looking forward to this relaxing time at the CPBB.  Maybe my sister and I and maybe even my daughter will make a dance video just for laughs.  Do you have families visiting your home this summer? These are some of the activities we plan for their visit.
  • Okanagan Distillery
  • Wine tours in the area
  • Tennis match
  • Lunch at one of the pubs along the lake
  • Game night (Charade or Celebrity Name Game or Billiards)
  • Cooking Lesson 
  • Maybe a little shopping
  • Movie night plus the Royal Wedding
Image result for family day

Image result for family images
Minus the dog.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Material Monday - Garden Flags

Do you have a garden flag or banner?  You don't have to have a garden to have one.  When I first saw this type of flag that is hanging on a wire and stuck to the ground, I thought that it would be nice to have one of those in our front yard.  At first I made something for Autumn and then I decided to make one from Christmas.  Then each time I ran out of projects I would be creative and make a new one for whatever month I am missing a flag.  Now, I have a complete set for the whole year, for each and every holiday for that particular month.  Some of my neighbors have asked where I got them and eventually they would get one.  I have enjoyed making each one and personalized them.  Just recently I decided to make one just for my birthday since there was not flag for the month of May.  After I finished mine, I thought of making one for my friend who lives in Kelowna since she has a beautiful front yard with beautiful flowers.  It will be a surprise when I deliver it to her.  There seems to be more homes in the USA that uses these garden flags.  Maybe I have started a trend in our neighborhood as there are at least four other homes that have them now either in the front or their back yard.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Flora and fauna Friday - Taking the time to admire

May is definitely the month to plant flowers and or plants and decorate the front and backyard of your home.  Although I do not have the green thumb or the luck when it comes to the growth of plants, I still like to see and enjoy the flowers and whatever plant we have that grows in our yard.  While golfing, I always take the time to admire whatever flowers and maybe some animals that are around the course.  Recently the farm beside the course had all their cows grazing the grass.  One of the pond on the course I golf, we saw a mama duck with at least 14 ducklings just following their mother.  It's amazing what flora and fauna you see in the golf course or when we are out and about.  We found out that deer loves to come to some of the neighbors yard.  Of course you can't miss the bunch of quails just trying to cross the street.  Very funny sight as they go so fast to try to make it to the other side of the street.  So far no casualty.  So here's some of the latest photos I have taken so I can share them with my readers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Thrifty Tuesday - Garage sale treasure

There are definitely certain garage sales that worth checking out.  This past weekend we decided to go to a couple of places with our friends from Kelowna to check out two golf course community that were having their multi-homes garage sale.  We started early to make sure we get to pick the best items they were selling.  Jeff and I have an idea of what we are looking for and what price we are willing to pay.  There's a bit of bargaining but also you have to really know your prices for certain items.  After checking a few homes in one community, we moved on to the next community and found some more great deals.  Here's some of the stuff that we found that we needed for our home.  Some are for decorations and others are for the kitchen.  It's fun doing garage sales some weekend but it's also important to just buy because they are cheap.  We have our list of items we need and we stick with that plan.  This weekend was even more fun because we went with our friends.  After the hunting we went for lunch and stop by a couples of stores for a little more shopping.  It was a very productive Saturday morning.  Do you like going to garage sales? 

Glass fruits for our table.

Fruit plates 

Breakfast plates
Asian art work - not sure what it means but it looks great in our entry way

Authentic snow shoes for our entertainment/sports room

One was from the sale and the other a donation from my friend.

Metal artwork that we have been looking for, so new it came with it's original box.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Silly Sunday - The one day I don't do anything

Happy mother's day to everyone and thank you for stopping by today.  Yes, today is the one day that I don't do anything.  No cooking, no washing dishes, no house chores, etc.  It was a bit boring so it did not last very long.  After breakfast I started to fold some of the laundry that I did not finish last night.  Then as soon as I saw my sewing room, it needed some tidying and even a little vacuuming.  There were some projects that were on the table that needs a bit of attention so I decided to finish them all.  Jeff made a nice steak and lobster dinner for me and we decided to check out DQ for some treats.  It's been many many years since I had been to a Dairy Queen.  As soon as we were in line, it reminded me of that treat called Dilly Bar.  OMG, I have not had that for over 20 years. I know that it's probably not the best dessert for me, but today is the one day I can do what I want and when I want.  Anyway, these are the latest projects that I completed on this my "not doing anything day".

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wedding Wednesday - Ten years ago

Ten years ago Jeff and I got married in Las Vegas.  At first we thought it should be a small intimate wedding with only family and a couple of best friends.  Well, we were so wrong.  Once we told a friend, then this friend told more friends and so on, there were 30 friends from the USA and 30 or some from Canada.  It was still a simple wedding but we were so happy to have that many great friends to witness one of the best holiday of our life.  I am calling it as a holiday because each and every year, we try to do a mini get away to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  Although we didn't do something extravagant this year, we found a very nice stay and play resort somewhere in our next of the woods and it was only a little over an hour drive.  The place is called Quaaout Lodge and Talking Rock Golf Resort.  We picked their stay and play deal for one night and added an extra night.  When we arrived at the place, we were greeted by a representative of the golf course and he had our cart ready for our golf bags.  They also gave us two free bucket of balls for the driving range prior to our tee time.  The golf course was beautiful and it was not too busy so we truly enjoyed each of the holes that we played.  After our round, we checked in our room with a beautiful view of the Shuswap Lake.  If you are ever in the Okanagan, you have to try and visit this resort.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Floriculture Friday - Not really my fav

Welcome May, my favorite month.  It's a month of celebration.  Our wedding anniversary is this month and my favorite day of all - my birthday.  So how do I welcome this month with a bang.  I am going to start with giving myself a bunch of flowers.  Although they are fresh, I am letting them stay where they are and not cutting them so they stay alive.  Each time I see those pretty colorful flowers I take their pictures knowing that they might not be there for a long time.  Flowers gives you that feeling of joy and truly brightens your day.  It's too bad I am not a gardener because I don't like pulling weeds.  I don't mind planting them, watering them and even talking to them.  But weeding seems like a real pain.  Pain in your back, your knees, and maybe even your neck.  Some people enjoy it because it's relaxing for them.  My MIL's neighbor who is over 90 years old would sit on the ground for hours just weeding.  Today, I just wanted to share the latest photos of flowers I have seen. Enjoy your weekend and if you are a true gardener, then I salute you.