Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wondering Wednesday - Not sick just busy

Has it been over a week since I posted something on my blog?  Oh no,  some of my friends are wondering, is she sick or maybe too busy or is she running out of ideas.  The answer is yes, yes and no.  I have not been feeling good since Sunday to the point that I missed golf on Monday.  Not sure what it was, just no energy and as I also say, lost my bounce.  Today was better, actually felt good enough to bake.  I made some blueberry muffins and a pineapple coconut cake.  Oh no, I forgot to take photos.  Maybe I'll post it by the weekend.  Tonight my BFF from Ottawa is coming for a visit for 6 days.  It has been two years since her last visit.  We didn't plan a lot for this trip as it'll just be all spontaneous stuff that we will attempt.  Oh, that's right what was it that kept me from blogging.  Embroidery.  If you recall on one of my post I was doing some tea towels for my daughter and then I got carried away and bought more towels in different colors.  So far I have finished four more and only two left to do.  After that I told my MIL that I will return all her threads that I did not use because I am taking a break from embroidering.  Maybe I'll take up another craft or get back to sewing more project.  Actually I have one order of change mat and some other new baby stuff which I will start in January.  Check out the latest tea towels I have completed.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Thursday - Happy Happy

Today is my first real US Thanksgiving.  What it means is that since I am now an American citizen, celebrating the American thanksgiving not as a guest but as an American.  For today's post I decided to just share my favorite emogi's as they are so much fun to use and it makes people happy when they get them.  It all started when my daughter introduced me to this app and after that, Jeff and my MIL got into it as well as Jeff's sister and some of my friends.  For a while we were just sending emoji back and forth but the most fun was creating our Avatar and our friends.  There was a lot of going back and forth but all in all it was hilarious after each and every changes we made with our own emoji.  Let me share today's special.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends in the USA.  Gobble gobble

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Walking Wednesday - Sidewalks are for cars?

Why does this topic annoys me so much?  Do you have this problem in your city?  Please do make a comment because it's just does not make sense.  So what is the problem with sidewalks?  First I researched on why there are sidewalks on our streets.  A paved path for pedestrians at the side of a road. This means there are specifically for pedestrians aka people walking.  But why is it that most of the people walking on our streets are on the streets and not on the sidewalk.  People walking their dogs, parents with their children and strollers are all walking on the streets.  Most of the time they don't even look if there's car coming, they just occupy the part of the street where cars are supposedly using and you need to go around them to avoid hitting them.  Are the sidewalks packed with other pedestrians?  Oh no, it's empty.  Do they want the cars to drive on the sidewalks so the pedestrians can have wider space to walk.  The other part that is truly annoying is that they give you this look like they are saying "what, can't you see we are walking and they don't even move to the side, instead they slow down and occupy the road.  I am not a walker or jogger nor do we have a dog that needs to take for their daily round.  Almost forgot, Jeff watches these people with dogs and he can see from the window of our home, some of them does not pick up the stuff the dog leaves in his garden.  He also can see these dogs, digging up the front yard where the flowers are and the owners are just letting their precious pet do whatever.  There are times when Jeff has gone out to tell them not to do whatever it is their pet is doing.  It's bad enough there's squirrels and raccoons that dig up the yard, Jeff does not need another animal doing the same.  Well, that is my venting for the week.  My apologies to my readers as this is not as exciting as my other posts.  To make up for it, I am sharing some meaningful photos.

Mini Creme Brule at Maggiano's
Someone at the golf course that I play seems to own a number of this classic cars as he parks in the same spot.
My version of black peppered chicken.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mouth-watering Monday - Sushi for birthdays

Last week there were three birthdays were celebrated, two in Canada and one here.  The one here was a cousin of Jeff and she wanted to have Italian food at Maggiano's which was located in Santana Row.  It was a bad night to be there as there were no parking available.  We had to park across the area somewhere and walk to the restaurant which by the way was a cold evening.  Apparently it was the tree lighting ceremony and there were so many people.  Anyway the food was just OK.  I felt bad for Jeff's mom since she was wanting to have Ravioli and they only have cheese or mushroom version, so she ended up with just a salad.  The other birthday was my favorite SIL Mike and they celebrated his birthday by having dinner at a place called Jabistro located in the heart of downtown Toronto.  My daughter described what they had but check out the photo that Mike shared.

The other celebrant was my friend and golf buddy Lulu who is also in Canada.  She mentioned that they are ordering a big tray of Sushi to share.  She sad that it was the perfect meal for birthday since the word Sushi in Chinese means LIFE and what a better way to celebrate your birthday.

I have more mouth-watering photos which I took a week ago when we went to dinner with friends at one of the new Thai restaurant near our place.  Jeff ordered this coconut shrimp and was surprised to see how large the prawns were.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scrubs Saturday - A new sewing project

During the week my childhood friend Cleo from LA called to chat and tell me about her recent Viking cruise.  After hearing all her stories I am more convinced that I will need to start saving for that big trip that I want to do for my 65th birthday.  Anyway, during our chat we talked about my recent embroidery projects and other sewing project.  For some reason we started talking about what she wears to work and how she had to buy her own because most of the ones they provide were very big on her.  That's when I thought that maybe that will be my next project, sewing her a customized scrubs.  Although I have to wait until I meet her in person so I can measure here, but if I can actually do it, it will be one special scrubs.  I started researching for some ideas since I know how to make the pants, it will easy because it will be with drawstrings and some pockets, it's like making a pajama bottoms, but a more tapered skinny look.  As for the top, it has a V neckline, sleeves, some pockets and not other openings that requires buttons or snaps or zippers.  On another note, check out my latest kitchen embroidered towel.

This towel will be one of my Christmas gift to someone special.

Image result for scrubs pattern free sewing
It will be something similar to this except I can only use plain blue fabric as required by the hospital.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stitching Sunday - I'm loving it

Now that my daughter has received the tea towels that I embroidered for her, I can now post the photo of these amazing stitching that I have accomplished.  Last night I decided to draw all the design on 7 more tea towels that I hope to complete the embroidery before Christmas.  I haven't figured out who I am giving them to because when all is said and one I might not be able to part with it.  Most of the time I try to do my stitching during the day time because of the natural light that comes from our dining room window.  At night when I am watching some TV, I could still do it but our living room lights are not as bright that I need some extra lighting, like Jeff's Ryobi flash lights.  As I have mentioned before, doing this type of craft is very relaxing.  The other benefit is that you see the design transform into a much wonderful art work.  Now I can share these project and a new one which I completed last Thursday night. My daughter really love her new kitchen towels and she said I did an amazing job. 


Friday, November 11, 2016

Forever Friday - Always remember our heroes

Whether you are celebrating Remembrance Day (Canada) or Veterans Day (USA) it's a day to thank all those who gave up their lives for their country.  For some they have a day off and for others it's a day to attend some type of service honoring their Veterans.  So whatever it is you are doing today, take a moment of silence to remember someone you know who serve their country.

Image result for vet day 2016
Honoring all who served.

Image result for remembrance day
We shall never forget.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sorting Saturday - Getting ready

According the the Canadian Immigration website, it will take almost 14 months to process an application for a spousal sponsorship.  So we are thinking that by April 2018 we should be able to plan our return to Canada.  Is it too early to start pairing down?  I don't think so.
This weekend, Jeff and I started with some of our clothes.  We sorted them and figured out it was time to donate again.  Maybe it's a little too early but if we do some sorting of whatever we have every other weekend, I figured we will be so organized, moving will be a breeze.  I believe the biggest challenge for Jeff is the garage.  He has a collection of stuff from tools to whatever it maybe and it will take him a year to get it cleaned.  The problem is that I cannot help him do it.  He has to sort it himself and figure how out what to throw, sell, keep or give away.  I remember the first time I moved to his home and I saw the garage, well if you really know me, you know what I said.  There were many days during that first year I wanted to start cleaning and sorting but I knew it might have caused our break-up. LOL.  So I left it and I just ignored it but it' very difficult.  Now that we have a reason to truly do something about it, I am hoping Jeff will get the push to start cleaning it up.  I have to remind him that this is a different move and we really have to be realistic on what we can take and what we have to leave.  We have seen a few of our friends move and even after garage sales, they still stuff to figure out what to do.  Hopefully we won't have that issue since I only have been living here for 6 years and Jeff for 10 years.  I have more experience than Jeff as far as moving or relocating.  From the Philippines to Canada to the USA, that's 3 countries.  While in Canada I have moved from Yellowknife to Whitehorse to Mississauga and Ottawa (twice).  Jeff was born in San Jose and although he has moved residences, it's always around the area. He has never lived in any other State or any other country.  Will he be able to adjust?  We shall wait and see.

 Image result for emigrating from us to canada

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tuna Thursday - A different kind

When my daughter ask me if I am up for a challenge, I give it my full attention.  I love a challenge specially when it is about being creative.  So she sends me a photo of some pots and a bunch of different variety of Cactus.  But it's not real plant, it's actually a photo of some creative embroidery art on a piece of cloth.  So I ask where she would like this art, she thought I could embroider something similar on a white tea towel.  Of course hand embroidery is a new hobby that I started so I consulted with my MIL.  She did some explaining and I decided I could do something similar.  Although I can't show you the finish product because it is suppose to be a surprise for my daughter, which I had a hard time keeping, but I did.  I will share the design as my daughter chose four of them for her towel.
Anyway, I have to honestly admit that this hand embroidery is so relaxing but so addicting.  You can actually start to see how each item of the design gets finish.  I completed the challenge within a couple of nights.  Now I have to start being creative and start drawing some new design for six new kitchen towels that will be used as Christmas gifts.
The photo my daughter sent for the challenge.

I drew this using some of the idea from the above.

Same process as the above drawing.

A different color of threads for this one.

The color of threads I used for this towel.

Image result for tuna cactus
The real tuna cactus

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Terminated Tuesday - Expired registration

How long do you wait before you renew your car registration sticker? Do you wait until they mail you the renewal or do you go and get it way before it expires?  Do you have a choice between one year or two year renewal?  Have you ever had one that expired and actually got a ticket for it?  So this is just an interesting observation or as my MIL says I am very observant.  Last week after parking my car at a parking lot, I started looking at some of the license plate of random cars.  It was very interesting to find out that there were a lot of cars with expired registration.  It was very easy to tell because 2016 is in red and 2017 is like a turquoise color.  Of course there would be some red because we still have until October 31 and for the months of November and December.  But I was shocked to find at least 10 with unexpired stickers starting from February up to September.   On Friday my MIL and I was parked at another parking lot and we both walked around and yes, there were more cars with the similar expired stickers.  I am guessing some of the people forgot or just don't have the money to renew or they are just the exception who are hoping they wouldn't be caught on a simple traffic stop.  Can you imagine if some officer goes around some parking lot and started issuing tickets?  It might not be worth it, but this could be an easy way to collect more funds to pay some of their debt.  Maybe they have more important things to worry about.  As for Jeff and I, we get our renewal in the mail about a month and a half before it expires.  We pay it and receive our stickers way ahead of the expiry dates.  I've seen this topic featured on one of that show in the Bay area called "People behaving badly".  You can find some of them on YouTube.

 Image result for expired license plate

 Image result for expired california license plate