Monday, July 27, 2015

Motif Monday - Dots are so in

It is amazing what is available out there now when it comes to nail art design.  As for me, I have been doing my nail art for many years even before all the nail tools, DIY, Pinterest, etc.  I remember using just simple items I find around the house, like toothpick, Q-tips, old toothbrush, old paint brush, sponge, etc.  With all the different shops and stores selling all types of polish, a variety of tools, it's harder and harder for me to get a manicure and pedicure and pay whatever they are charging.  A couple of months ago, one of my golf buddy gave me a mani pedi coupon at a nice Spa/Salon.  My friend Jean and I decided to go together one of these days as it's more fun when you go with a friend.  This time I will just get a plain polish and do my own nail art when I get home.  Check out this week's design.

This is for the last week of July.

The flower on my toe is so detailed, I even impressed myself.
As you can see from previous design, I love the color green

This was for the third week of July.
This design was at least a couple of years ago.

One of my favorite designs.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sugary Saturday - Donuts anyone?

When I get a craving for some donuts, it seems to be happening later in the evening.  Jeff always tells me that I need to change the craving to begin in the morning.  Donut shop are usually open early and closes early.  I guess I got spoiled by Tim Horton's Donut in Canada as I can get them fresh any time of the day or night.  After several attempts of finding a donut shop that is open late, we finally found one.  I am not going to reveal the location because I don't want the people to get there before me.  Not only that this shop is open 24 hours, they have a great variety of donuts and the sizes are just over the top.  My favorites are the glazed twists or fritters.  This particular shop cells not only apple and blueberry, they have the pineapple fritter.  Although you have to make sure you are there early in the morning as it's sold out by mid morning.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Forthright Friday - Just a little

Are you able to say exactly what you had in mind without hesitation?  Or do you always think twice before opening your mouth?  Do you always like to have the last word?  I seem to recall that when I was younger, I did not have the guts to say how I truly feel.  Maybe as I get older or maybe because of my work experience, I am now able to speak up.  Sometimes I am careful though because it might not be political correct or just a bit forthright.  Here's an example.  I was golfing with a couple of my buddies volunteer and when we got to the 18th hole, there was a couple who just came out of nowhere.  My friend ask them where they came from and the response she got was something like they let at least three other groups go before them.  When we were about to tee off, I see this woman teeing off in front of us.  I approached her and ask what she was doing.  She said that it was their turn.  I told her that they have not been the group that we have been following for the back 9.  She said " why would I be lying to you" and I responded " I did not say you were lying, "you cannot just jump in front of us whenever you want.  It is your fault that you let all three groups before you, so technically you have to wait after we tee off".  She did not have anything to say as I walk away.  My friend told them go ahead.  Two weeks later at another golf course, my group was following a four some that was really taking extra time and not keeping up with the pace of play.  After the front 9, they stopped to get some lunch which delayed them even more. One of my buddies ask them if we can play through, and their response was NO as they have been waiting for the group in front of them.  So even though I was not part of the conversation, "I said NO YOU'RE NOT because there's an open hole in front of you for the last four holes".  They did not say a word because they knew I was right.  Self confidence plus knowledge and experience is the key.  

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Treatment Tuesday - Drugs and side effects

Do you always read all the fine print that accompanies your prescription drugs?  Do you read all the side effects?  Don't you find it weird that although it might cure what your ails might be, the side effects are much more harmful than what it is suppose to help.  A long time ago when my father was hospitalized, I happen to be in their area visiting.  When I asked my mother why there are so many pills my father had to take.  She really couldn't explain.  My sister and I decided to have a meeting with my father's attending physician.  OMG, we couldn't believe some of the drugs they have him take.  Even without doing the research, just by asking what each of the pill does,etc. we were able to request that at least half of them were unnecessary and that my father would not truly require them.  Some of them was making my father more ill, unresponsive and other issues that were all the side effects of whatever drug they were pushing to him.  He was placed in a senior home a few months after.  Now it's happening all over again.  This time, to my brother.  It is very sad to see people being taken advantage by these doctors and pharmaceutical company.  They seem to just want to push the drugs and not really care what it does to an individual.  I am sure there many aging individuals specially the ones in the executive class nursing homes that are victims of these.  The relatives are unaware specially if they are not involved in their day to day lives.  Some of us are blessed with the mental ability to understand the prescribed drugs we are given.  We are able to ask questions, other alternatives, etc.  Did you hear the story of the couple who are experiencing so much hardship for treatment of cancer?  The choice they have to make is losing a home or losing a loved one.  It's expensive to live and funerals aren't cheap either.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Mishmash Monday - Maybe or not

  • Sunday was spent at a golf tournament and although my score was not worth mentioning, I am happy to report that I won the closest to the pin on hole #7.  It measured 11 ft 11 inches.  What was the prize? A sleeve of Titleist velocity.
  • There's more cherry tomatoes than I can consume so I shared some with friends. Please check out some of the photos of our harvest.
  • A little disappointed that Jordan Spieth did not win the OPEN.  Well, sometimes in life you have to experience some disappointment.  He's still my favorite.
  • Traffic sometimes on the highway really annoys me when there shouldn't be.  Most of the time there's nothing to really slow down the traffic.  Today it was about a motorcycle that was stopped on the left side with two police vehicle.  There was nothing blocking the road and there was no accident.  It was merely a regular police checking the motorcycle and it's rider.  What is to ogle or looky look at?  If only people just ignore and keep on driving, then there should be no traffic.
  • I don't understand why smokers still flick their cigarettes out of their car on to the dried grass along the highway.  Although the photos I took are not burning, I thought maybe this is why California has these wild fires.  Just an observation.
  • Nail art for this week is my favorite green with white flowers and some black stem.  Yes, it is my own ideas and only took half an hour to complete and has lasted a week and counting.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fried Friday - Easy and yummy

Two bananas are getting some little brown spots. Oh no, what am I going to do.  I am tired of banana bread or banana muffins, but I don't want these bananas to go bad.  What can I do with it that is easy but yummy.  I checked our freezer and found some spring roll wrapper.  Here's what I made and it only took a few minutes to make them.  The only bad thing is that it's deep friend.  I cut the bananas in quarters, sprinkle brown sugar on each piece then I wrap it like spring roll and last part is deep frying.  We call it Turon aka banana roll. The bananas were a little too ripe but it was still so good it's hard to stop at one.  Who knows when I will make this again since I am out of bananas and wrappers.  Maybe someday you should try making them so you know what I am talking about.  


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Treasured Thursday - It's still alive

This might be considered a little bit about bragging, but if you know my history about plant care, then you would understand and actually just cheer for me.  When I got the Orchid flower plant for my birthday, all I could think of is that the person doesn't know me well.  I still appreciated the fact that it was a very practical gift that would have some meaning.  She told me a little bit about where I should let it sit as we as the watering schedule.  Another friend who has many experience of plant care and gardening also provided some tips.  Now I am proud to show you that the plant is still ALIVE.  I have never moved it from the spot that my friend told me place it.  Although I don't check it every day, I do check it once a week.  The number of flowers are still the same and it looks very healthy after three months.




Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Warmest Wednesday - It does get hot

When you don't have air conditioning in your home, you would understand how hot it might be when summer arrives.  For those of you who have stayed with us right around this time, you would have experienced that our home is actually pretty cool.  Jeff does keep the cool air locked in and the hot air out.  It takes a bit of timing and a lot of opening and closing doors and windows, but it is amazing how he keeps the house cool during the warmer temperatures.  Although we are only on our first month of summer, we have had some hot days and I have taken photos as proof.  These temperatures were taken for the month of May, July and July.  Maybe we won't have too many of these 100 F weather as the extended forecast are averaging mid 80s.  When you are outdoors three to four times a week, these mid 80s temperature are perfect for golf.  Sometimes I think that I should when the weather is perfect and then I realize that I am not spending summers in Canada.  We are definitely very spoiled here when it comes to weather and I am very thankful and appreciative of it.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tentative Tuesday - Lost a bit of my bounce

When I flip the page on my quote calendar a few days ago, it said "The only thing we can count on in life is that it will change".  It certain applies on how I fell when I wake up in the morning.  Most mornings I am just pumped and ready to go but lately it seems like once a month there's a few days that I lose my bounce.  I truly cannot pin point what it is, I just don't feel 100 percent.  When those days happens, I know that it's time to take it easy.  The body is telling me that it needs a bit of recharging so I give it a boost.  It usually takes a two or three days of doing just the minimum chores.  It will also mean that I will take a couple of naps, eating lightly and just chilling.  Does all of the above works?  Yes, for me it definitely does.  It's not for everyone but at least I know that after a few days and I still don't have the bounce, then I might send my doctor and email and maybe get an appointment.  Tomorrow is my third day and I should start feeling better.  Sometimes this is one of the reason why you won't see any new posts, specially my daily followers.  But here's some photos to make you hungry.

Jeff made this cake for our Sunday dinner with MIL

Then he grilled these marinated veggies - harvested from his garden.

Although I do the marinating, Jeff does all the grilling of the smokey BBQ ribs.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Minions Monday - I couldn't wait

July 10th was the first day of the Minions movie in the theaters.  A few weeks ago I told Jeff that I would wait at least a couple of weeks before we would go and see it.  Last Saturday afternoon shortly after our nap, we decided to check out the show times.  Since Jeff knows that I hate watching it in the theater when I know there are going to be some kids involved, we both had an idea of watching the movie at the nearest Drive in theater.  You are wondering why I don't like watching when I know there's going to be kids.  It's pure luck or just because, it doesn't matter which seat we would pick, there would be some kid behind me that would constantly kick the back of my chair.  Sometimes it's not just kids, even adults and it is so annoying.  You can tell them but most of the time they ignore you and maybe sometimes even do it more once you tell them.  This is one of the reason why we just wait for whatever movie we would like to see to be available ON Demand.  There is only one drive in that's close to our home so we checked out the times, cost and was happy to see the results.  We left an hour early to make sure we weren't rushed and when we arrive there, we were completely so so wrong.  The line up was very slow and very long that we thought we will miss the beginning of the movie.  When we finally got the ticket, there was not much parking left and we had to take the one which was not a great location but it was good enough.  Since the Minions was the first movie showing, we were able to leave the place right after the movie.  The next movie was Jurassic Park which I was not interested in seeing.  Anyway, after that experience, Jeff and I decided that we love watching movies in the comfort of our living room, with free food and drinks, no annoying kids/adult kicking my chair and most of all we don't have to worry about parking, etc.  Oh, almost forgot, I can't do a review of the movie because my daughter will be watching it with her friends in a couple of weeks.  PS. I am never going to that drive in theater again.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Surplus Sunday - more tomatoes

Every other day I would go out of our backyard to check out what is happening with Jeff's vegetable garden.  If you recall he has pulled all the carrots and the green onions.  Now I wait for the tomatoes to get the nicest red before picking them.  I also get very excited when the yellow squash starts to get the shape.  Sometimes when the weather is very hot, it seems like the grow twice as big in a day.  There are more cherry tomatoes that I can handle.  They are so good on salads,  my vegetable breakfast frittata (tomatoes, sweet basil, cheese), and a new recipe I tried (stir fry yellow squash, tomatoes, sweet basil, green onions and carrots).

This is the fifth one.  It's just nice to cook something that comes from our garden.

We may never get to eat these but it's just nice to watch them grow.

Every other day I get about this much in my little basket.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surprising Saturday - I am gettting light green thumb

A couple of days ago I sent my sister a photo of the spider plant that I started growing after snipping from the ends.  Then I planted them in a bigger pot and have been keeping an eye on it.  Although Jeff does all the watering outside, I have some plants that I sort of can call my own.  I pull the weeds, move them around, talk to them sometimes and basically try to keep them alive.  Well, when my sister saw the photo of the plant, she told me that my thumb are starting to look light green.  Apparently my sister's thumb is really green because she can truly care for her indoor and outdoor plants without killing them.  Now I would like to show off some of my plants.  Maybe there is hope for me, but for now I am just happy that I haven't killed any.  The orchid plant that I got for my birthday is still alive with seven flowers in bloom.



Friday, July 10, 2015

Family Friday - With or without drama

As we get older, it feels like we don't have as much patience or we get so set in our ways.  For years everyone was taking care of children, then taking care of parents.  Then one day you realize that you are now free of those responsibilities.  You are now really enjoying life but it took all of 60 years to get there.  I feel very lucky to have a great relationship with Jeff .  There are no drama, no stress, no complaints, no whining nor mind games.  We both are very caring in our own way as well as very respectful of each others family issues.  Being in a blended family is a bit difficult and at times very trying.  The other half of my family is in Canada so it's only blended on Jeff's side.  The rest of my family (sister, brother, cousins) are also in Canada.  So technically, I don't have that family, but Jeff is my family now and of course my wonderful MIL.  When you hear all the issues of family life from friends, sometimes it is good that your family issues are not as bad.  Some have too much drama and others are just difficult to deal with so you just avoid them.  But then you hear other stories of family who get along so well that we have monthly or yearly reunions, etc.  They even have their own website or newsletter or some other social media connections.  My brother said one day that I have changed.  Maybe so, but don't we all.  It might be a little selfish that I prefer not to get too involved in other family issues.  After retiring, I have taken this new attitude of truly enjoying each day in whatever I choose to do.  At the end of the day, I know that I spent every minute of every hour doing what I love the most and have no regrets.  

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Threading Thursday - Automatic

Something is wrong with my automatic needle threader and I can't figure it out.  When Jeff fixed it the last time when it got stuck, it was working great.  My old sewing machine did not have that so it was frustrating at times when you try to get the thread to go into the tinniest hole.  Although there's a little tool I could use, the automatic threader is much more convenient and fast.  I have started sewing some items for my purse which I am making sets of different patterns and colors. Here are the completed ones, the one waiting to be sewn and the two waiting to be cut.

Blue set on the left and black and grey set on the right.

Purple set and brown set to match my purses.

The red set which will include fabric wallet, cell phone cover, cards, earbuds, glasses holders.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wimbledon Wednesday - It's almost over

Only a few more days left and Wimbledon will have the final winners.  Although I enjoyed most of the matches, there are some that I just fast forward.  If you have been following my blog, you know who I don't cheer for and don't want to listen to their interview.  It would be a much better tennis world if they are not part of it.  But can you imagine if they did retire and became part of the sportcast team for tennis.  OMG, I think that would even be worst.  For the women's section, I am cheering for Maria Sharapova.  She is such a great player with no drama as well as very professional during interviews.  As for the men's section, my all time favorite Roger Federer is going to play the semi finals against Andy Murray, of course I will be cheering for Roger.  During the last week matches, they showed one of his tweets with a bunch of emojies.  I loved it.  After this weekend, I will have to wait a whole month before the US Open 2015 begins.  At least the time difference will only be three hours.  Good luck to all my favorites and look forward to seeing your matches this weekend and at the US open.

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Tenacious Tuesday - Training and Tending

For the past few days, Jeff has been harvesting some of the fruits and vegetables from his garden.  I have been trying to post some of the latest harvest but sometimes I forget to take photos.  The other day he picked an apple from the tree he planted last summer.  All the three trees were grafted to have at least four different types of fruits.  The apple tree has 4 different types of apples.  The second one has plum, apricot, peaches and nectarines.  I am sure I have shown the perfect plum which I ate after returning from Vegas.  The third one is a variety of cherries.  So far not fruit is coming from that tree.  I know I promised to post photo from the 4th of July dinner but I realized I forgot to take them when we were having our dessert.

This was the first apple that we tasted and it was sweet and crisps.

We hope these will have a chance to grow before the squirrels ruin them.

These are the final harvest of this year's carrots.

The peaches were not ready but the plum was yummy.

This was harvested today and it was a bit bigger in size.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Superlative Sunday - Most likely to become tennis players

After watching a lot of Late night with Jimmy Fallon, my post today is a spin off from his Superlatives.  It is also related to Wimbledon since for the last week I have been watching a lot of tennis matches and more of it for another week.  Just to explain it a bit, I have taken a picture of some of the children of family and friends.  Some were an easy match but others maybe not be as similar as others.  It was fun doing it and I hope you enjoy all of them.  


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stars and Stripes Saturday - Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all!  Today we are just having a small celebration with my MIL and our very good friends J and G.  For the past couple of years we have been taking turns having the celebration at our home and theirs.  We try to have a menu that reflects the great American traditions.  Since the weather has been a little hotter than other days, we opt to have a BBQ.  Both beef and chicken burgers with a couple of different bread (square chibatta and medium dinner rolls as oppose to those regular flatters burger buns).  In addition we will have home made potato salad, southern buttery bbq corn, watermelon, red and blue jello with whip cream and my MIL will be making some red velvet cupcakes with her home made frosting and blue sprinkles.  Unfortunately as I write this posts, I can't post photos yet because we have another five hours before dinner.  You just have to patient to see what all of the above looks.  In the meantime, be safe if watching those fireworks but have a great 4th of July 2015.  I will have to wait a year or two before I can start singing the song, I am proud to be an American, although I already know all the lyrics to the three most popular anthems (Star spangled banner, America the Beautiful and God bless America).  I bet you there are only a handful that can sing our O Canada.  By the way, the Sgt at SJPD who I report to, actually knows the lyrics of O Canada because he started singing it last Wednesday.  
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Flowery Friday - Simple and lovely

Now that you don't need a camera to take photos of something that is just simple and lovely to look at, I find myself taking photos of flowers everywhere I go.  As you noticed from yesterdays post, I took only a couple from the Atrium at Bellagio.  Now I just wanted to share some of the other photos of the flowers I have taken lately.  Somehow, these simple and pretty flowers, seems to make my day.  I just love looking at them even later when I check my phone to see if I actually captured them at it's peak.