Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Testimony Tuesday - Break and chip resistance

You know the expression " carved in stone", well this one is printed on the back of Corning ware plate "chip and break resistance".  My MIL have a couple of sets of corningware/corelle for many years.  When she first got them, she was showing off to her friends how she would drop them on the floor, throw them across the room and it wouldn't break.  But many years later she accidentally drop them on the counter and it shattered to many pieces.  Of course, the company replaced it without question ask.  Last year we decided to change our plates from ceramic plates to a simple white and black Corning ware set.  We love them as they stack easily and you don't have to be so so careful when washing them as we know they are unbreakable until yesterday.  While Jeff was putting away the dishes from the dishwasher to the cabinet, one small plate hit the countertop and I heard a crash.  The plate broke and shattered to many pieces.  Even today, we are still finding tiny pieces on the floor and counter.  On Sunday, we decided to call the store and they told us to bring it and they will replace it, no receipt needed.  So my testimony - Corelle/Corningware products do BREAK.  They should remove those words that is printed on every item and replace it with "may chip or break in many pieces by accident".


The one on the left is our current plate and they can only replace it with one that is on the left. Bummer.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Skills Sunday - Like a twin

When our friends moved to Discovery Bay, we found out that where they live is like going to a resort.  They don't really have a backyard with grass or trees, there backyard is actually the bay itself.  Their deck has a set of stairs that goes down toward their boat dock which is not being used as they still have to get a boat.  Our first trip there was like going on a weekend get away.  We packed our bag for an overnight or maybe two nights.  While I help my friend to do some unpacking and organizing, Jeff and Gil (my golf buddy) built a work bench in the garage.  These guys are like twins in more ways than one. The bench was done before dinner time.  When working on a project, they are so coordinated, meticulous and truly paying attention to details.  Almost forgot to mention that they are in the same line of work.  A month later after our first visit, we were back at their place for another weekend.  This time we stayed a couple of nights and the guys started on a bigger project.  They were building a shed on the side of the house.  After two days of work, the floor, framing and roof was complete.  Although Jeff was not there to help Gil finish the rest of the work, he was appreciative of the work Jeff had put it.  So here's the finished product.  I told these guys that if they were younger, they could be building tiny homes.  


Friday, February 24, 2017

Freehand Friday - New sewing projects

When one door closes, another opens.  Remember that quote.  It's not about quotes today but it came to my mind because each time I finish a project, another idea comes along or someone else has a request or just a new idea pops up.  After finishing all the lanyards and key chain and cell phone charger holder, my girlfriend from PD requested 10 bags for her candles.  Shortly after that, I received an email from the daughter of my BFF asking if I don't mind sewing her 3 travel toothbrush holder and 5 produce bags.  Since they are very simple projects, of course I said yes.  The ten bags are pretty straight forward. I need six medium and four small that are square.  It will have some sort of sheer lining with drawstrings.  Simple right?  I don't need to look it up or make a pattern.  Measure twice - cut once.  I learned this from Jeff.  For the second project, I will have to play around it for a bit before making the final product.  Just looking at the photo, it does not seem difficult.  Hopefully I can show you on this post the same of these two projects.  I am very excited sewing them and more excited to get the feedback from the recipient. 

Toilet paper holder.  I remember sewing these in the late 70's.

Large bag for candles for my friend Christina's party lite.

It should have been all the same fabrics but it was not enough for 6 bags.

The small bags also for candles and holders.

The other bag which hopefully she won't mind that it's different fabric.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Triple Tuesday - Coconut treats

Every time I read anything with coconut on Pinterest or Food Network, there's a voice in my head singing "you put the lime in the coconut".  I don't even know where that started.  This weekend with our friends J and G visiting from Discovery Bay, I decided to make a couple of treats for them, specially for Jean as she loves coconut.  The first treat is something I have made before, it's called the Almond Joy Cookies.  A very easy 4 ingredients cookie that last for a very long time if you freeze it.  My daughter requested some special treats for me to include in the once a month care package I send her.  The other coconut treat is something new for me to try and make.  I was surprised because it looked a little difficult at first but once I went through it, there was nothing hard at all.  The crust of this Coconut Cream Cheese Bars was crunchy and tasty.  It is something to remember for sure because I can definitely use it for making other squares or bars.  The third treat is a very simple Fruit Salad but different because I used a couple of cans of fruit cocktail (papaya, mango, pear, pineapple) and a jar of coconut jelly.  In addition to the fruits I used one small can of Nestle's cream.  It's definitely not sweet but the coconut jelly gives it a different texture.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo before eating them.  Maybe next time.

Almond Joy Cookies - 4 ingredients only.

Coconut Cream Cheese Bars.

Movie Monday - Not allowed to pick

My daughter always reminds Jeff or any of my friends - "Don't let my mom pick the movie".  And she has every right to say that.  I am so bad at it but Jeff still offers for me to pick even though he already knows the result.  The issue on picking a movie is that Jeff has different taste and although some of them will most likely be a great movie, it is probably too scary for me.  Of course, the definition of scary for me is again another issue.  I am not afraid of a little violence aka guns and all, it's all about the looks of the people or creatures on the movie. A while ago I posted some of the type of movies that I refuse to watch.  For whatever reason these kind of movies give me nightmares.  Let me give you an example and truly I don't mind if you laugh or shake your head because I know you will.  Here are some of the older movies that I cannot watch and will not watch.
  • Avatar - those blue people are scary
  • ET - that little cute creature is creepy
  • Men in Black - whatever those creatures are called they are awful
  • Exorcist - I am even having the chills just typing this word
  • Vampires and Wolverines - when such a good looking guy turns ugly
  • Walking Dead and Grimm - Jeff watches these series and I will go to bed early, shut the door and wear ear plugs and play games on my Tangerine Fire.
Now you are wondering what other movies can you watch or what movies have I picked that's really bad.  Again, you might think that these movies are actually OK, hopefully.
  • The light between two oceans
  • Me before you
  • Jackie
  • Miss you already
  • Manchester by the sea
Since we can now just watch some of the current movies on the TV at home using a special APP, we can truly enjoy our movie night.  Here's my list of upcoming movies to watch.
  • Hidden Figures
  • SING
  • Despicable me 3
  • The Great Wall
  • Allied

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sweetness Sunday - It's so yummy

After searching and reading instructions and finally buying the ingredients, I successfully completed making my very first MACARONS.  Although I wish I had followed another recipe after tasting one, I thought I did pretty good specially when I don't have any piping/frosting experience.  There were a few things that was not quite right.  The tip that I bought was too small.  The batter was a little thicker and since I have not made them before I had nothing to compare.  Almost forgot, the sizes were a little bit irregular.  I had to ask Jeff to do the filling and I had to admit that he did a better job than me.  Since I didn't have any cream to make the filling, I thought I would just wing it.  It was made of white chocolate (Ghirardelli), cream cheese, a little vanilla and a splash of Rum Chatta.  Surprisingly enough, it was yummy.  My MIL gave me a different tip which is a little bigger after she tasted her very first macarons, the one I made.  I thought I would try and taste one which I filled with Nutella.  Well, here's the results and I hope you continue checking my blog for my next colorful macarons.

Vanilla macarons with Nutella.

Strawberry chocolate chips cake.

Vanilla Coconut Cupcake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Flooding Friday - No more drought

Rain and more rain is the latest forecast.  My prediction - we don't have drought, in fact every day in the news, there's flooding every where, mudslide and dam overflowing.  Even the golf course that I play weekly has some sections that are just filled with water even crossing the cart path.  The state have been wishing for rain and now there's way too much that it causes more damage.  Everything is so green and the grass are growing so fast.  Of course the problem will come in the middle of summer when all the grass become brown and dry, now the will be fire hazards.  It's like you can never win with what mother nature brings.  Here's a few photos to share.  
Last September that gully was so dry and empty.

Ducks are just having a great swim.

That's actually the cart path towards the 9th hole.

My new orchid that I got from Jeff for Valentines.

Most of the days the sky look like this, so gloomy.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tasty Thursday - Very Canadien

When is the best time to eat freshly made biscuits?  Right after it comes out of the oven, right.  Over the weekend I had a craving for biscuits and since there was no Pillsbury package in the fridge nor a box of Bisquick mix, I had to make it from scratch.  Food Network is my go to search engine as there are so many easy last minute recipe that you can follow and I found one. It didn't take long and there it was looking good in the oven and you will be surprise with the shape I made my biscuits.  My friend Jean gave me this cookie cutter last year and I never had a chance to use it until now.  Introducing my Canadien biscuits.

It was time to eat them and I used a little butter and fig jam on one side and honey on one side.  Yummy.  While putting the rest away for another breakfast, I realized a few strawberries were getting a little too mushy.  This time I searched Pinterest and found a very easy Strawberry chocolate chips cake.  Luckily I had all the ingredients for this one and off I go making this recipe for the first time.  When it was done, it looked perfect and once I added the powdered sugar, it was good enough for a photo to share.  We had to taste it with a half a scoop of my new favorite ice cream - Old fashion lemon pudding.  Now don't you wish you were here visiting CPBB and enjoying your treat after dinner.  


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Truthful Tuesday - Happy Valentines

The most romantic day of the year is being celebrated by people all over the world.  This year we decided to decorate our tree with something special just because.  I thought that I might as well use our tree to celebrate what ever holiday falls on each month. In the beginning I was only using it to hang Christmas card and decorate it around December.  Shortly after we were getting cards for Easter, birthdays and other holidays.  That is when I got the idea, use the tree to hang all the cards we
get throughout the year and maybe decorate it with whatever holiday falls for that month.  As you know cards are getting very expensive and people are starting to send virtual or text messages.  This year we decided to do something different.  While we are out and about, we checked out valentines card and pick one or two that we think we would get for each other.  Then right there, we get the card, read it and then place it back.  We figured it's the thought that counts.  Is that being cheap?  No, it's being practical. We also decided not to buy gifts instead just go to a nice dinner on a different day when it's not so busy. What do you do with the cards after?  It gets thrown in the recycling bin because we don't want to keep storing items that will just get discarded at a later date.  Now here's my wishes to all my followers and readers.
 Image result for happy valentines day

Each heart contains a name of family members and friends who are special.

This is the flag I made a couple years ago that I decided to use in front of our home.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Scrumptious Sunday - Are you hungry?

This time I am blaming it to the Patriots. While watching their exciting game last Sunday, my stomach was all in a know because I was so nervous that they might lose.  Of course if you watched Superbowl LI, you know what I mean.  It was an awesome ending but not so great for my stomach.  I've been experience heartburn since Sunday and it has finally subsided today.  When you have heartburn or acid reflux, you lose your appetite and you get so picky on what to eat.  They say avoid acidic fruits, spicy food, fried food and so on.  Well, that leaves you with very bland and no so appetizing meals.  I ate a lot of bananas, some oatmeal and soupy dish that are bland.  So what is scrumptious today?  All of the things I was craving for when experiencing heartburn and I know I can't have.  While searching for great pics of foods, I found some of the ones my daughter have tried and I am sharing because they are so yummy.  Now, are you hungry?

I believe this one is from a Toronto restaurant as well as the one below.

This is from one of the restaurant in Miami.
Image result for lobster dish images
This one is from the food network, lobster and more lobster.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Fluster Friday - All over the place

What happens when you are not completely recovered from whatever illness you caught from people?  You stay at home and rest and hope for the best.  But what if you get bored from doing nothing.  Well, for some of us, we have our hobbies or crafts to keep us entertained.  So here's a few things that I have completed while I was not quite up to par. By the way I also did some baking and cooking.  I made a big pot of cream of potato soup for my MIL and made some Leche Flan for me, Pam (my neighbor) and Sylvia (MIL's) neighbor.

I tried this new flavor of potato chips - it does taste like my new favorite drink.

I sewed a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom and our bathroom.

I made this cell phone charger holder and a IPhone holder for my sister in law Jodi.

This photo reminds me of some scary movie or something from Halloween.
And finally after two months of not bowling, we decided to try it out and look at my score. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wishes Wednesday - Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my best friend aka BFAM (brother from another mother) aka PJD. Today's post is dedicated to him because he is just one special friend.  I know he reads my blog and I just wanted to make sure he knows that he is one of those guys that you would want as a friend, a partner at work, and not to forget a family.  He is there for you no matter what, always ready to listen, to give advice when needed, to have fun when it's required.  So Percy, have a super duper extra wonderful day because you deserve every minute of today.

Image result for birthday balloons

Image result for birthday cake

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl Sunday - True Patriot Love

For those of you who are Canadians, you would be saying, I know where those words came from.  That's right, it's part of the national anthem of Canada.  It was the first thing that came to my mind when I started on today's post.  TRUE - I am definitely a true fan of the team. PATRIOT - that's the team that I have been cheering for since I was asked to join the weekly football pool at the place where I use to work. LOVE - what is not to love about that team.  Just look at their record.  The truth is that even though I am a true fan, I am not a very good one.  Well, at least that's what Jeff says.
When the game is on I love watching it as long as they are winning, if they are losing, I can't watch it. I would wait until the recording is done, check the scores on my phone and when I see that they've won, then I go back and watch the rest of the game.  Stupid, right.  So today, Superbowl LI, I will be brave and watch it live and cheer for Patriots without all my stuff.  Last year each time I watch their game I would wear some of these items, but this year I didn't and they have won almost all of it.  Check out my collection.  I forgot to include my key chain, a pin and my favorite mug.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Freewheeling Friday - It's so relaxing

Remember those days that the only way to see a movie is actually going to the Theater? Now we have so much more options and the best one that we like is watching in the comfort of our living room with our electric blanket and awesome snack to munch on.  There's a variety of providers and lately we have been watching a lot of movies for free.  We would pick from the selection that is available and if we time it right, we could watch two instead of one.  The other great feature is that we can pause it if we want to stretch our legs, get a snack or drink or even use the bathroom.  I have to admit, I am the worst when it comes to picking a movie.  Thankfully my daughter is nice enough to provide me with suggested titles that they have seen or she's reviewed.  There's a list of movies that I would like to see and hopefully will be available soon.  The other list below are some of the ones we have seen in the past couple of months. Almost forgot, watching at home is perfect because no one will be kicking the back of your chair during the movie.
  • Sing
  • Hidden Figures
  • The light between oceans
  • Lion
  • The Great Wall
The following are the ones we have seen and in no particular order.  You might wonder why there's a bunch that are animated/children movies.  Well, for those of you who don't know me, I am not fond of anything that has the following words, horror, alien, sci-fi, too violent, too many letter X, and more.
  • Trolls
  • Secret Life of Pets
  • Storks
  • Finding Dory
  • Kubo and the two strings
  • Zootopia
And these are the other lists of adult movies that we picked from what is available.
  • Manchester by the sea
  • Jackie
  • Hell or high water
  • The Accountant
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • La la land
  • Sully 
  • The Choice
Image result for the great wall movie