Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sundry Sunday - Assorted pics and mix

It didn't seem like a long time since I did a post and when I checked today, I realized it has been a week.  Some of you will be wondering if I am doing OK.  Honestly, it has been a very busy couple of weeks with weekly golf, golf tournament and more friendly golf.  Aside from all the golf rounds, I am still doing my three volunteer work on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Although I am starting to get tired of the politics of one of them or maybe even two of them.  It has been three years for all of them and maybe it's time to find some other organization that truly appreciates their volunteer workers and not make it too difficult to provide them my free time.  Anyway, enough of that unimportant topis.  Let me share some interesting photos that I have taken lately.
I saw this at Walmart and it's a sign that Fall is on its way.

While working at the Golf Course on a quiet Sunday afternoon, this tiny bird was keeping me company.

This is the latest dessert at Carl's Jr.  I wanted Jeff to order it so I can taste it but we were both full from our lunch.

The biggest JACKFRUIT that I have seen.  I tried to pick it up and it was very heavy - over 25 lbs.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Matching Monday - Simple DIY towels

A few days before our B&B guests Alex and Jamie were scheduled to arrived, I decided to make a few guest hand towels.  While I was out and about I bought three hand towels that were complimentary colors to the guest towels we had.  Since the ones we had were very simple, I thought it would be nice to have something different.  I knew it would not take long to do it since I have some left over brown fabric and matching notions.  Basically I cut a few strips of the brown fabric, sew it on the towel and added the rickrack accent (braided trimming in a zigzag pattern).  Here's what it turned out.  There are actually three hand towels in the picture from the lightest brown to the darkest brown (beige, tan, brown).

Now that fall is almost here, these colors are perfect for our bathrooms.  My next sewing project will be some fall kitchen towels.  Some of the ones we have are starting to look worn and old, so it's time to get busy to replace the old with the new. I will try to get some dark colors in green, orange and brown. Light colored towels don't really work well around the kitchen.  Maybe something like this.

Image result for kitchen towels for autumn
I will buy some fall color fabrics and add it similar to this towels.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Freehand Friday - Nail art for this week

The benefit of knowing how to do your own nail art is that if it chips after a week or less than a week, you can do it the same day and it does not cost anything.  The disadvantage of getting it done at a salon is that if it chips after a couple of days because I did some dishes or I chipped it while taking my golf clubs from my trunk, I can't return to the salon to have them fix it.  And the most important one is that I paid for it and it's a waste of money.  This month I have picked the color orange.  So far I have changed the design on my nail twice but my toes still have the same plain orange color and no nail art.  I'm still hesitant about sharing nail art on my toes.  

This week's nail art.

Three weeks ago.

Last week's nail art - only lasted 5 days.

Timecapsule Thursday - Virginia City

Do you remember those old western movies?  The very small downtown where the sidewalks are still made of wood with really old buildings were in Virginia City, Nevada.  We headed this way after we watched the hot air balloon races.  They were having the Camel, Ostrich and Zebra races.  When we got there we found out they were charging $20 per person.  So Jeff ask me if I wanted to spend the money there or save it for playing the slots.  I am sure if you know me, you know what my reply was.  Anyway, I took some pictures to share.  There was even a small area where they did some sort of play involving cowboys and indians.  I am not sure if you have a favorite western but mine was Trinity is my name.  I am guessing it's a movie similar to the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wasteful Wednesday - Buffet and big portions

What do you notice when you eat out either at a Buffet or regular restaurants?  Plates that are left with food either the portion was way too much for one to eat or the eyes are bigger than the stomach - specially when it's those all you can eat.  During our weekend get away, I started noticing all of the above.  People piling their big plate with so much food that you think they are feeding a whole table.  I notice some small plate and bowl which was just perfect for me.  It took me a few times to get full, but I made sure I only took a small amount and finish them.  I was telling a friend that there are restaurant in Canada, all you can eat Sushi, except if you waste the food, ie ordering and not finishing it, you will get charged.  It's too bad restaurant can have some portion in their menu like, mini, regular or large (for those who want more).  They can also adjust their prices.  When Jeff and I go out, most of the time we end up just sharing a meal because one order of anything is way too much food for me.  I think as I get older, I seem to eat less and less.  Although I have to admit, that when I saw
an Oyster Bar in Reno,  I asked Jeff if we can stop there for an appetizers.  I finished a dozen of raw oysters in less than 15 minutes.  Some photos to share from this weekend.

Tuesday lunch at Ariake Sushi- BBQ Eel sushi - one of my favorite.

Sunday dinner - Tilapia with sweet peppers, fennel, lime, coconut tequila salsa.

Tiramisu - Jeff's dessert at the Atlantis Casino in Reno

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tachymetry Tuesday - 90 hot air balloons

For my 40th birthday, a very good friend of mine gave me a very special gift.  A champagne hot air balloon ride in the fall of 1993.  As you know I am petrified of heights, but my friend did not know this. I did not want to waste this gift certificate because I knew it was very expensive.  Finally after three times of trying it book, it did happen.  It was an amazing experience. I asked the pilot (I think that's what they call the person who flies the balloon) if he doesn't take us too too high.  To make me comfortable with the ride he told me how he can tell where the balloon was going.  It all depends on the directions of the wind. I can't remember exactly, but he spit down and watch the direction of the spit. He said after that he would come up to go left or go down to go right.  Something like that.  So where am I going with this story.  This past weekend Jeff and I went with two other couples to Reno, Nevada to watch some 90 hot air balloon take off.  We had to get up very early and take the shuttle from the hotel to the site.  There were so many people mostly wearing their pajamas. There were lots of arts and crafts vendors, as well as food vendors.  Finally the balloons started getting bigger and the races took places.  Here's some of the photos I took that I think you would recognize.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Target Tuesday - Not the store

There are only two reasons why I am neglecting to do my daily post.  One - I am out enjoying life - golf with my buddies.  Two - entertaining visitors from Canada.  So what is this Target topic.  A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor and his son asked Jeff and I to join them at the Coyote Sporting Clays.  At first I was a little scared because it involves a firearm.  But after going through the safety video and actually holding a rifle or shotgun, it was not as bad.
Now the excitement begins.  We started with the easiest station and worked our way to seven different stations.  On the first one, I actually shot the disc (orange clay) that was coming from the right side.  At each of the station I was able to get one or two clay with the exception of one.  The last station, I am proud to say that I was able to get three in a row. The whole day I was giddy and was still very happy that I was able to shoot at a moving target that was fast.  On one of the station which was called the rabbit run, there was a white disc that was rolling down a small hill which replicates a bunny hopping.  No luck there as it was rolling down way too fast.  After our experience, we thought this would be a great adventure for some of our Canadian visitors.  This past weekend our friends Alex and Jamie stayed with us for 24 hours and we manage to take them there for an hour and a half.  We had fun and I have to compliment Alex for his score.  We completed six stations and he shot four out of four at least in four of the stations.  I know that Jeff and I are going to try it again someday.  I hope that my arms won't be hurting after like the first time we did.