Saturday, October 31, 2015

Frightened Friday - Halloween is here

Frightened, scared, trembling and afraid. This is what Halloween does to me.  The only thing I like about trick or treating are the candies that we buy each year.  We usually buy the packages that has all our favorites so we can eat the leftovers.  What is scary? It seems like the neighborhood we live in enjoys decorating their front yard with the scariest items.  A couple of nights before Halloween we tried to find the two homes that had the scariest front yard.  In a way I was glad they were not there but I wanted to share some photos.  I guess they had moved and the only one I was able to take a photo is not even scary, it was actually funny. We ended up going to our friends for dinner so we did not give out candies from our home but brought our share to hand out.  It seems like we have more leftovers of candies each year as the number of children going out dwindles.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tantalizing Thursday - It'll make you hungry

When it comes to taking photos of food, I have to give a high score of ten to my daughter and her hubby.  Everything she sends me photos of what they had for dinner either at home, their local favorite restaurant or when they are on holidays.  Last weekend she share with me some photos of their dinner during their date night.  The place is called MIKU which is located in Toronto.  When I checked online, there was a similar place in Vancouver, BC.  Anyway, there are no words to describe the drink, entree and dessert.  Hopefully you will enjoy the photos as much as I did.  Thank you daughter for sharing.  I guess if you are in the downtown Toronto area, you should maybe check it out, that is if you like Japanese food.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tilted Tuesday - Just nit picking

Lately some of the shows that I have been watching is starting to irritate me a little.  Jeff says if you are not enjoying it, then don't watch it.  My response, it's not that at all, I still enjoy watching it, but there's certain parts of the show that I can't help but nit pick.  Here's some of my latest.
  • Dancing with the starts - I do not understand how some of the judges provide their scores. There are nights where the best dancers only get a 6 or 7 and a couple of the stars who are not that good, actually cannot dance gets a 5 or 6.  It is also interesting that they seem to sugar coat their comments on the older stars, almost afraid to hurt their feelings.  And yet they are so quick to judge one little error that Bindi or Nick or Carlos (he is a great dancer with lots of rhythm).  Like I said, I'm just nit picking.  Someday I actually want to see those judges actually do a hard dance routine with one of the pros and let the some other stars give them their score.  I am sure JH will be the only one who will have a perfect score.
  • Celebrity Name Game - This is a morning game show that I started watching last year, I think.  Anyway, the nit picking on this show is how terrible some of the contestants and sometime even the guest star for the episode.  I can understand that some of the clues are very difficult specially if there's an age difference between contestants and shows of the past.  But it's just some of the general knowledge question.  For example, one female did not know the name of the place where the US president works.  A lot of them also are not so familiar with their own US geography.  Lately they have change the format to make it easier. The first part they choose a letter which means all the answers will begin with that particular letter.  The response they provide is not even close. When it comes to the guest star, it's difficult to watch when they can't respond to clues that are about movie or TV stars.  They are all in that same world and they have no clue who they are.  If you haven't seen this game show, try to watch at least one.  
  • Modern Family - I started watching this one because Jeff likes the show and they have received a lot of awards for their comedy.  It was fine at the beginning but the more and more I watch it, I just don't find it that funny anymore.  Some of the cast are truly annoying, maybe that's the purpose of the show, is to annoy you.  The only reason why I watch it now is because I really enjoy Sofia Vergara's role and she is very funny.
There's only one show that I just love and there's nothing to nit pick about it.  The Big Bang Theory.  It is such an entertaining sitcom and I wish there's a new episode twice a week instead of one.  We actually watch some of the reruns because it's truly funny and how can you not love Sheldon Cooper. 
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sportsfan Sunday - There's only two tuners

We definitely need to upgrade our cable service.  For those of you who do record a lot of your favorite shows, sports game, and some music special, you will understand what I mean.  Our
DVR can only two and only two shows at the same time.  Jeff has to do some type of prioritizing the shows in order to accommodate his favorite and mine.  He records some comedy series that we both like and he has some of the scary series that I cannot watch.  While he doesn't mind watching some of the sports,  I get disappointed at times because I have to give up one or the other.  Between, Golf, NFL, NHL, MBL, NBA and Tennis, it is definitely getting more and more difficult to watch special when they get to the final stretch.  Like last weekend, when the Blue Jays was playing, Golden state warriors was 3-1 for the series, and the Sharks was playing as well.  I was flipping channels and trying to record and unrecord some, it was so confusing.  I love watching record games so I can skip through all the commercials and all the chitchat of the people doing the coverage of a particular game.  Jeff laughs at me,because if the team I am cheering for is winning, I am just so into it.  But as soon as they are down by a few, then I start fast forwarding to where I can see if they won.
Maybe when Jeff gets tired of the service provided that we currently have, we will most likely get some sort of deal where we can have at least four tuners.  Two for him and two for me.  Who is your cable provider and how many tuners do you have?  Any tips on who provides the best sports coverage?  Do we switch to DISH, Direct TV or AT&T Uverse?

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Fiddle Faddle Friday - It's just nonsense

When I took a photo of my recent purchase of a type of snack, my daughter was surprised that it came in such a huge container.  I know most of you know what a box of Fiddle Faddle is. Caramel corn with some type of nuts.  It all started when we went to Virginia City and stopped for lunch at this store where they make fresh caramel corn with almonds or whatever nuts you are craving for.  My friend Jean bought some and we tasted them on our way home.  Once we got back to San Jose, the very next day I have been searching for a good caramel corn.  After a week or two, I gave up because none of the ones I saw did not look fresh or appetizing.  Until one day, we stopped by Big Lots and there it was, on the top shelf was a great big jar of Caramel Corn.  It looked really good and of course I bought it.  When I got home, I did not open it right away, I waited a couple of days for that sugar craving.  Being a diabetic, I know I can only taste a few kernels, like maybe 10.  I did it was worth it.  It's going to take me a very long time to finish it.  I just hope it stays fresh.  If you can see the price for this item, then you will understand what you would buy it too.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday- Where to go next

When I retire, I will travel and see the world.  Once we are retired, we will have all the time to travel.  These are just a couple of statement you hear from friends, family and people in general.  Do you really have all the time to travel once you are retired?  Maybe or maybe not.  It's not just time because you now have to put aside funds for travels as you retired income is less than when you were employed.  But it also depends on where you live which is what I am experiencing.  When I use to live in a certain part of Canada where winters are very long, you really have to plan a holiday once or twice a year to give yourself a break.  One of the incentives of living up North was that employers provide airfares to their employees and family annually in order to travel.  I am not sure if that is still applicable now.  We were a little spoiled because we were able to take advantage of that and we look forward to it every year.  When I moved to the eastern part of Canada where you truly experience the four seasons, it wasn't as bad not to go away every year, although friends and family do go away a lot so some warmer climate during the winter months.  Now that I live in sunny California, where the weather is nice every day even when it's cloudy and lately no rain, I don't have that same desire to get away.  Although lately I am experiencing a travel withdrawal.  I am sure you just read the post about Viking cruise and we are looking forward to an all inclusive trip to DR next year.  Yesterday while checking my email I just read an update on my AC miles will now have an expiry date.  Now I need to figure out where we can go next year so I can use it as it's good for one trip for two people.  There was no such rule before so I need to figure it out as booking a trip using air miles is not as easy as before.  You need to book at least 3 months or maybe more in order to get the right amount of points.  I could offer my points to my daughter and her husband but she does not have enough vacation leave to visit us.  Where to go next?  I've selected a few photos of favorite destination, how many can you identify or which one have you visited? Happy Travels.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Microscopic Monday - Confusing but colorful

When Jeff is working from home, I am always amazed at how colorful his computer screens are.  It's not really the desktop or wallpaper, it is the current printed circuit board he is working on.  It starts with just a plain board.  Then he reads some sort of schematics and he starts placing different types of components.  I believe he starts with one layer and it ends up with a whole lot more layers by the time it's ready for release.  Let me see if I can remember the terminology of the board just from hearing him talk to some engineers or when he comes home and has to vent, here are some of them.
  • Annular ring
  • DRC
  • Drill hit
  • Mouse bite
  • Finger
  • Panel
  • Paste stencil
  • Pad
  • Plane
  • Pick and place
  • Slot
  • Solder
  • Thermal
  • Trace
  • Via 
Not really sure what each one does but some of these I kinda get it.  So I took a photo of one of the board that he was working on.  In case you are wondering what Jeff does, here's an example.  It takes a lot of patience and a very detail oriented person to do this type of job.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sailing Saturday - Viking Cruise

There is something very interesting and exciting about this Viking Cruise.  The first time I saw a brochure in our mail was about five years ago when I first moved here.  We are not experienced cruise traveler but we have been on three and it has been fun.  Although I have to really express my disappointment with NCL - Norweigian Cruise Line.  The destination was different because it was an Alaskan Cruise.  I know I have posted my issues with them.
It's in the past and I am over it but I know that the next we go on another cruise it won't be with them.  Now each time I see the commercial on TV about the Viking Cruises, I start imagining us being on one of their ship.  In case you have not heard about them, here's some amazing points that I found on their site.
  • Their destinations and itineraries are so unique.
  • The tours at destinations are included.
  • The 24 hour room service is also included.
  • There's less stateroom in the ship which means the service is more personal.
  • Their chef shares his experience and even recipe for passengers to try at home.
  • The activities on board are educational and historical.
When would be a good time to do one of these expensive cruise?  I think maybe for our 10th wedding anniversary.  This is a great way to see some of the European countries and their culture, art and cuisine.  It would also be fitting if we go in the month of May so it will be a double celebration as I would turn 65 that same year.  Which means I only have three years to convince Jeff and plan this big adventure.  For now I am just dreaming but hopefully we can actually do it.
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