Monday, January 30, 2017

Manageable Monday - Food is food

It's not a whine nor a complain, it is just an observation.  Wondering what I am talking about.  Since this is the beginning of the second week of being sick for me and the third week for Jeff, we have noticed that we are just eating what we can quickly make.  Although I was able to make some meals and then have some leftovers, cooking is still a chore when you are not feeling great.  This sick feeling is not going well with me as I am starting to get cranky.  Even taking a shower takes a toll on my energy.  There's no fever or any other ache anymore, just cough, sniff and congested.  The good part is that I am be to sleep and able to stay home and just rest, rest and rest with liquids, liquids, OK you get it.  So here's some photos of what our meals look like during the weeks the we were sick.  Please brace yourself as some of the foods might be offensive.  Just kidding.  It still home made but maybe not the healthiest.

I deep fried corn tortillas to go with our salsa.
This is my plate of pork chili verde with salsa and refried beans.
To make sure we have some veggies, I made a mango and with some jackfruit.
If you know Jeff, you would have guess that this was his lunch.
Soda crackers with peanut butter and sugar sprinkles.

Another lunch, Naan bread with sausage, sundried tomatoes, orange bell pepper, parmesan and asiago cheese.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sickness Saturday - It was inevitable

What happens when your hubby gets sick?  In our home when I get sick, Jeff does not get sick, but that once a year thing when he gets it, it was inevitable.  For about 6 days that he was sick I was really trying not to get whatever it is that he got from work.  He went to the office on a Tuesday and he told me that a lot of the guys where sick, you know that coughing, sneezing, etc.  Well by the next day he started.  I thought that I was doing a good job but between him and taking my MIL to some of her doctor's appointment, lab work and picking up stuff at the pharmacy, I knew that it would eventually get to me.  So it began.  The sore throat, sniffles, sneezing, achy muscles and so on.  Only saving grace, NO fever or nausea or lack of appetite.  What is the recommendations from everyone and everyone, lots of rest, liquids and more rest and liquids.  I did that but sometimes I get bored so I started sewing again and some nights I started craving for something sweet.  Here's what I have accomplished during those sick days.

Lanyards, that's right, using some of the leftover fabrics.  This weekend I am starting on key loops.
Turon, a filipino snack - banana, jackfruit and brown sugar wrapped and deep fried.
Fruit Burrito - banana, jackfruit filling using flour tortilla and again deep fried.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Textile Thursday - Perfect Pattern

Ever since we renovated both bathrooms in our home, I have been searching for the perfect shower curtains.  Unfortunately, it seems like nothing strikes my attention.  The current ones are ok but my daughter mentioned that there's way too much beige and brown for colors.  That is when I thought I would add the pop up color by using an accent on the curtains.  So I bought a beige and a tan color curtains made of plain fabric.  I had the idea that I will buy a fabric with some of the beige and brown but with a nice accent color.  Our bathroom will have some sort of bluish or aqua or turquoise accent and the guest bathroom will have some greenish hints of lime or avocado.  Searching for the right combination is the hardest one specially when you are limited to two fabric stores.  There are a lot of fabrics but their designs are too small and I really need a bigger design.  Another issue is that I would like to find some geometric designs, like interlocking squares or rectangular shapes going in different directions.  For the guest bathroom I have changed one of the frame and now I am considering something with birds, cage, flowers in the colors I mentioned before.  There's no big rush but I am hoping to get it done before we actually sell the house.  To give you an idea, I need the fabric to sew on the bottom of the curtains, possible about 15 inches from the bottom.  There's also another idea where I could sew a smaller piece of fabric near the top, maybe six inches from the curtain rings.  Here's a couple of photos that might give you an idea what I am talking about.  Just remember that the colors and the fabric pattern would be totally different.
Image result for shower curtains
The area where the stars are would be where my fabric of choice will be added.
Image result for shower curtains
On this one, notice the line at the top, same width but using my fabric of choice.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Macarons Monday - Just day dreaming

Every time I am browsing on Pinterest, I keep seeing these very colorful macarons and a variety of creaming centers.  During this weekend I planned on trying to make it only to be disappointed because I could not find the almond powder.  When I did finally found one, it was called almond flour and it cost $11 for a small bag.  Jeff suggested to see if I can find a recipe that did not use almond powder and or find a substitute.  Most of the recipes were calling for that magic ingredient.  I was tempted to just ground up some almonds but I need a lot of almonds to make a cup of that powder stuff.  Although I have not checked other stores to see if they carry this powder, I would truly prefer just to buy it instead of doing all that work.  Since I am not good with making cookies or delicate cake recipes, I really would like to try making macarons because they look so yummy and so pretty.  Here's a few of the photos I found that looks so delicious.  I am sure they will be very sweet but it will be nice to be able to make it and actually comes out like those on the pictures.  Maybe I should have tried it when my daughter was visiting as she's very good with following directions and paying attention to details.  I am truly hoping that I will be successful in making all the three flavors on list.

 Image result for macarons

Image result for coffee and baileys macarons
Coffee and Baileys Macarons - This is the first flavor I would like to try making.
Image result for chocolate and mint macarons
Mint and Chocolate Macarons - The second flavor on my list.
Image result for raspberry macarons
Raspberry white chocolate Macarons - The third flavor that definitely is perfect for Valentines.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sugary Saturday - Something new

Lately with all the rainy days, I am finding myself being at home watching a lot of tennis and then I realized that I have not been productive.  So this weekend I tried to look for something new to bake, make and cook.  The first thing I had to make was a sweet dessert from my childhood.  You know when you guys where snacking on chocolate chip cookies and milk, we had what we called Kamote Q.  It's made of deep fried sweet potatoes, brown sugar and skewered like shish kabobs.  Since I only had one sweet potato which was plenty, I cut them in smaller cubes so it will take less time to cook.  I remembered to take a photo for you to see.  The next item for something new is called Caramel Crunch Bar which is a recipe on the back of the package of some caramel pellets that I bought.  While looking through the pantry, I notice this package and thought I should use it before it expires.  Luckily I have all the ingredients to make it and sure enough it was also very easy to assemble.  Again I remembered to take a photo.  Lastly, I cannot just make all sweets and since it's getting closer to lunch time plus it was raining, I started making cream of potato and ham soup with a sprinkle of bacon as my topping.  We delivered some to my MIL and she said it was sooooh yummy.  For this last one I did not take a photo because I am sure you know what soup looks like.
Graham crackers, caramel, pecans, marshmallows, pretzels and chocolate.

Kamote Q aka caramelized sweet potato cubes.
Ham, northern white beans and cabbage soup.  Another soup I made.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Federer Friday - He's moving forward

As sad as it was when Novak lost to Istomin, I am very happy to see my favorite tennis player of all time.  Roger is moving on to the Round of 16.  Of course I also need to cheer for Raonic, Nadal and Ferrer.  Unfortunately on the women's side, I don't have many choices
left.  With Maria Sharapova still out of the circuit and Ana Ivanovic retiring and others have lost on the earlier rounds,  there's not much to watch.  By the way, this year I decided to spare my stress level by not watching any of the games of the Williams sisters.  Almost forgot, I cannot understand why ESPN had to hire that guy to co host at the booth.  His opinion is so biased when it comes to the player he is coaching.  I don't want to listen to his comments so I just speed forward.  What is so sad about it, he will be there in all the four majors this year.  He should just keep coaching and stay away from covering the tennis matches.  There are so many great ones like John and his brother Patrick McEnroe.  The funny Brad Gilbert and of course the nice guy Darren Cahill.  Not so fond of a couple of the women sports caster but they are still better than that other guy.  We'll there so much more
tennis to follow, about another week of it.  Good luck to all my favorites. 

 Image result for federer round of 16

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Terrible Thursday - Are you kidding me?

What is so terrible about this Thursday? It didn't actually happen today but it happened last Friday.  I took my MIL to her family doctor to get checked as she has been complaining about some health issues.  Normally I just wait for her in the waiting area but this time she wanted me to go in since there will be an Intern observing during her consultation.  So I did and we waited for her doctor to come in.  Knock on the door and two female came in.  Since we know which one was her doctor, of course the other person was the observer.  After a few questions, her doctor started coughing.  She covered her mouth with her left hand and then with her right hand.  She did not wear a mask but she continued the questioning and there were more coughing and more of the covering with her hands.  At one point she made a call to another doctor who she was going to refer my MIL.  During her the telephone call, she held the phone with her left hand and then for whatever reason, she started touching the bottom of her left shoe with her right hand.  She was sort of rubbing the heel part of her shoe. Was she trying to clean it or was there a pain that she was trying to relieve.  Then the coughing started again and she covered her mouth with the same hand that touched the dirty bottom of her shoe.  I kept kicking my MIL to see if she was noticing all of this.  Once she was finished with the call, without washing or sanitizing her hands, she started examining my MIL.  OMG, I said in my head, are you kidding me? I guess I should have said something.  Almost forgot, during the whole consult, I decided to go out to get one of the nurse to bring the doctor some water to hopefully relieve the coughing.  The doctor refused.  Now my MIL wants to changed her family doctor.  I mentioned this to my BFF from LA and she suggested that I write to the Medical Director of that Medical Center and put a complaint.  What would you do?  Would you have said something right there? It was awful to watch and to think she's the physician and there's an intern observing her. So unprofessional and so unhealthy.  No wonder why there's so many people who are sick.  By the way, I did not see her wash her hands either before she left the room.  I am sure she was going in to see another patient without sanitizing her hand and so the passing of her germs continues.

Image result for wash your hands sign

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sewing Sunday - Charging station

It was early evening and I was on a roll with all the sewing of whatever I can make.  Since I had my working table out and all the left over fabric from the baby set project, I decided I want to do more.  Hmmm, what do I need and what can I create and sew quickly.  Well, it took all of 15 minutes to do one cell phone charger holder that you can take on your trip so
your phone is not on the floor.  It's not my idea, I saw something on Pinterest and I thought, I could do that.  Well, now I have done more than just one. I still have to make one for my MIL and of course for me when I travel. Then, maybe I'll make more and save them as gifts for our guests of our CPBB.  So check it out.  Let me know if you want your own for at home or for your travel.  Leave me a comment if you like it and your favorite color.
The first one.

This is for my BFF from Kindergarten, Cleo

For someone who likes grey and black.

For our friend Jean

For our friend, GIL
My golf buddy Man wants one of this.

And if you are a true GSW fan, you would want one of this.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Selvage Saturday - Baby collection for friends

What is more exciting than someone announces that they will be having a baby?  Each time a friend tells me that wonderful news, all I can think of is what can I make for their new arrival.  This year my brother's niece is expecting their first in April.  Later my good friend also announced they are expecting in April.  OMG, I get to make two sets for their first born.  At first I thought I would wait until later in March to start but since it has been raining, I took advantage of being house bound and started my two projects.  Well, it took me only a couple of days to finished.  Now I am so excited to share with you so today here's my show and tell.

The set includes a changing pad, 3 bibs, 3 burp pads and 2 binky holders.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Travelling Tuesday - Where and when

Sometimes I wonder if it's just me or maybe because I am retired and my husband is still working that is why he can't think of going away somewhere.  I think the real reason is that we got so used when I lived in Canada that we go away at least once for our annual vacation.  We also try and do some short vacation and mini weekend get aways or long weekend get away.  Maybe it has to do with having long winters and your body yearns for some heat of the beautiful sun.  Now a days I feel like I am the only one eager to go somewhere.  I know that our winters in San Jose is not bad, still a little cool at times but there's no snow.  So am I complaining.  Not really, I just want to plan to go somewhere even if its a short weekend trip.  Where do I want to go.  Here's my list for this year but there's really no time frames at this time of this post.  It's just a list that I can check and maybe I can convince Jeff to go along with the plan.  Maybe if I just book it and tell him we're going, so he can book his PTO.
  1. LA or Orange County, CA - to check out an RV for sale and to visit my kindergarten BFF.
  2. Kelowna, BC, Canada - to check out future home and visit my tennis/golf girlfriend who recently retired and move to Kelowna.
  3. Toronto, ON, Canada - to visit my daughter and favorite SIL and visit friends and maybe attend the wedding of one of my son's best friend.
  4. Yellowknife, NT, Canada - to show Jeff where I lived when I first emigrated to Canada and to check out the small town that is now a metropolis.
  5. Houston, TX - to visit my BFF Susan since she's been here twice already and now it's my turn to visit her.
  6. Park City, UT - I keep seeing their commercial on TV and I was just wondering what is so special about that place.
  7. The great European Viking Cruise - this one will take a lot of planning and searching and needs to be book at least seven months in advance.  This one will have to wait for 2018.
  8. The Canada and New England Cruise on Princess - New York, Boston,  Main, Nova Scotia and Quebec. 

 Image result for quebec

 Image result for park city utah

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Stitching Sunday - Leftover from last year

Rain, rain and more rain.  No golf, no walking outside and definitely no tennis.  So what can I do. Hmmm.  Lucky for me I can do indoor stuff like cleaning, chores and baking.  Although this weekend I decided to finish the last towel embroidery left over from last year.  Then once it was completed, I decided to work on more towels that I had but has not been finished.  Since I have all kinds of left over fabrics from all the different projects, I just mix and match the colors and added some extras.  This is what I have completed.  Let me know if you like to have one of this.  You might have to pay for shipping, ha ha just kidding.

This is the last towel to be embroidered, I call this the Ontario Fall.