Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Timely Tuesday - Prize for the winner of my blog contest

Finally got a chance do a bit of sewing last night.  I made another bib for one of the ladies at the senior center.  After seeing what I made for Rosemary and Alice, another lady wanted to order and offered to buy it.  Since it is not a business for me, I just told her that I will make her one.  I took a photo but my phone and connection started acting up, so maybe next time.

As there was still time and I could multi tasks (sewing and watching the first round of the US Open Tennis 2011), I started making the apron for Pat from Edmonton, winner of my blog contest.  This is only one of the first item.  I plan to do at least a couple more items as her prize.
One side of the reversible apron.
The reverse side of the above apron.
Second day of the US open and I was going to make a comment about the Williams sisters but I think I will let it go for now and comment in a couple of days.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Maybe Monday - A new nail polish

It was a little sad last night when my niece left to return to her home in SFO.  We had a great weekend including calling my daughter so that the two of them can chat for a bit about all the shopping we did.  So what things did you do, you might ask.  Well, here's some of the photos of what I bought and what I made for her.  I am still not sure which new nail polish I will try on my nails.
My new collection of nail brushes for my nail art.
My new Katie Perry Shatter (only a few left as they have discontinued this collection) and China Glaze Crackle.
Finisher and Shiner Square, buffer (6 for a $1)  and ORLY Chip preventing primer
Two sets of false lashes with a Black Glue that looks like an eyeliner.
I made 4 shoe bags with lining for my niece.
 There are so many more sewing projects that I have to get to.  Here's my list:
  • San Francisco Giants pajama bottoms for my niece.  She is a SFG fanatic.
  • My MIL's lady bug apron
  • A few shoe bags with lining for my daughter
  • An apron for my sister in law who lives in Indiana
  • An apron and a kitchen towel for the blog count contest winner - Pat from Edmonton
  • A simple shift dress for my sister 
  • 2 aprons for the cupcake girls that I met almost 6 months ago.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soulful Sunday - Really Cool App - Sound Hound

Until last night, I did not know that my humming talent would be that good.  Well, actually it is not my humming talent but it is the brain behind SOUND HOUND.  While we were having dessert, my cousin asked what song was being played on the radio.  The station I was listening to is 96.3 Easy Rock - a station from Manila - through internet radio.  Anyway, my niece said, wait a minute and she turned on her Sound Hound.  But since the song was unfamiliar, probably because it was a filipino singer singing an english song but written by filipino artist.  So what is really cool about this APP is that you can actually hum the song and it would still recognize that song.  Here's the proof.
I hummed the song Open Arms by JOURNEY and also Soul Sister by TRAIN
And I thought SHAZAM was really great. But I love this SOUND HOUND because it recognizes my humming skills. 
What is funny is that the second song I hummed was Open Arms and the results came is as Journey and then a Korean Kareoke singer.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Simply Saturday - Sugar and Spice and all things nice

This is the weekend I have been waiting for.  My niece from SFO is visiting me for the weekend. We don't have any big plans but we have a lot of tiny tiny plans. She arrived shortly after 430 pm and we did our little catching up then all of a sudden we got hungry.  We have decided long before she got here that we will be going for SUSHI.  Jeff does not like sushi so whenever I am with someone that loves them, then that's going to be my first choice.  We were so hungry when we got to the restaurant, so we started eating and forgot about taking photos of the meal. Oh bother.  The plan was to go to Victoria Secret afterwards to check out a couple of items for my daughter.  When we arrive at the mall, we got side tracked and stopped by different stores and bought a few items.  I ended up splurging on an item.  I cannot believe how this mascara made my eyelashes 3x thicker.

DIORSHOW - Azure Blue
Then I ended up buying at least 6 items for my daughter.  But the deals were so great that I ended up buying a couple of tops.
Zebra top
Salmon and gray stripes

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fine Friday - He would have been 30

Gino - the little business man - his grandfather said.

Gino and me taken during her sister's wedding in Punta Cana, DR
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
This was one of the songs on the SINGSTAR game that Gino and I sang together.
  I didn't know this song then and he just ask me to sing along with him.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Truthful Thursday - It's not easy

It's not easy to go on with life when you lose your son at a very young age.  
It's not easy to go on with life not knowing what really happen on that day.
It's not easy to go on with life trying to keep busy in order not think that he's gone.

It's not easy to see all his friends being happy knowing deep down inside 
they are missing him.
It's not easy reading his sister's blog when she express how much she misses him 
and would give up anything just to seem him alive.
It's not easy to say what happened to your son when friends ask about your children.

It's not easy when I hear a song that reminds me so much about him.
It's not easy when I see a car similar to what he drove 
It's not easy when certain days are reminders of what used to be.

BOYZ to Men - It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walking Wednesday - Walk, Stroll or hike

Walking is suppose to be the greatest exercise.  It doesn't cost anything, you can do it almost anywhere you are, you can do it almost everyday (if you live in our city) and you don't need anyone else to do it with it.  The only problem is that for me it is so boring and I guess that is why I cannot use it as a form of exercise to lose weight.  As my daughter says "Mom, everyone walks faster than you".  Even my MIL walks faster than me and I have to keep up most of the time.

As I mentioned in my yesterday's blog, we were at the Yosemite National Park.  There were a lot of tourist, people biking, hiking, walking and even swimming at some of the brooks or some body of water, maybe a small river.  We took the free shuttle from one area to the next, walk a little, walk a lot (for me it was definitely a lot).  There were some height involve and of course the fear of the unknown.  To make the long story short it was more traumatic than enjoyable.

The best part of our weekend was playing the slots at the casino, hanging out in the pool, even included a tennis game Australian style with our friends Carlos and Katrina.  Of course we also celebrated the boys birthday by going out to a nice dinner at the restaurant Nativo which was at the Casino/hotel.  Check out our picks for that night.
Calamari with deep fried artichoke hearts
Steamed clams in garlic and wine sauce
Pork tenderloin with Risotto and asparagus
Osso Bucco (veal shank) with wild mushroom sauce and garlic mash
Shrimp and pasta with pesto sauce
Finally the birthday boys with their ice cream sundae
Happy couples after a great meal.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Timely Tuesday - On time, always late or just fashionably late

Just a little venting about timeliness.  First, I would like to apologize for being late on today's post.  We were away on the weekend and I thought that I was being so organized and I got my daily post scheduled.  When I chose my post options, timing is very important because apparently some of my followers like reading my blog first thing in the morning while having their coffee, before they actually start working. So I try to make sure it's around 700 am MST and not EST or PST.  Second, are you the type of person that is always on time with appointments or always running late?  As for me and Jeff, both of us are on the same time zone, we are either a few minutes early or just on time.  Unless something happened on the way that was caused by something or someone else, you can count on us for being early or on time.  The only thing that irks me are those who are always late for dinner.  When I am having people over for dinner, I always make sure that the meals I prepared will be served hot or warm but never cold.  If we were going out to dinner, it's really important for me to be on time as I don't like people waiting for us because I know how that exactly feels.  OK, enough venting.  Let me share some great photos from our visit to the Yosemite National Park.
Can you see the waterfall?
That water is very cold, but feels great on warm feet.
More of the mountains - height issue.
Now I can say that I have been at the Yosemite National Park - been there, done that, but I did not get a t-shirt, but Jeff bought 3 for the price of 1.  Maybe Jeff will share the t-shirts.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Maybe Monday - maybe a new design

Lately I have checking on different blogs that features nail art design.  I have contemplating on changing the polish on my toes and try my new crackle shatter polish.  After the weekend was over, I finally got a chance to do it.
Sorry, not the greatest shot, the base color I picked is between silver and gold.  I think I should buy the more expensive Crackle by OPI.
French manicure using pink with golden tip and dark brown flowers with white dots and gold sparkle.
As for the Crackle or Shatter, I think I prefer my own nail art design for nails and toes.  I like trying different combination of colors and creating different designs.  Eventually I will try do more detailing of my designs using my new tools. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Soulful Sunday - Downtown Sunnyvale - Free Concerts

If you can recall from one of my previous post, I was talking about the free concerts that we go to.  This was the list from the Sunnyvale Wednesday concert.  So far we have attended 3 and everyone of them had great sounds.  What is fun about these events, there's always a lot of couples around our age group and they are all dancing for most of the evening.  We meet our friends Carlos and Katrina and sometimes other friends of Carlos joins us.  We pack our cooler with drinks and sometimes we also bring some appetizers. Last Wednesday, the group Tortilla Soup had an awesome playlist and they played at least 4 of my favorite songs.  Two from the Tower of Power (You're Still a young man and So very hard to go).  The other song one is called Suavecito, and the last one is the one that they played in Punta Cana by Celia Cruz called La Vida en us Carnaval.  In case you are wondering what these songs are.  Here's a couple of them.

In case you want to check out these bands that we have seen so far, here are their websites.
  • Aug. 03 – Entourage Band (r&b, fun, new school)
  • Aug. 10 – Take 2 (hi-nrg dance band)
  • Aug. 17 – Tortilla Soup (salsa, latin, funk)
  • Aug. 24 – Pacific Standard Time (70's funk/r&b)
  • Aug. 31 – The Hitman (rhythm & blues)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simply Saturday - Another surprise visit from the past

This must be the year for reconnecting with friends.  We have had a few guests staying at our B&B but at the same time, I have seen friends when I went back to Canada.  Last Thursday, my friend Lito had organized a dinner at the Patio Filipino Restaurant located in San Bruno, CA.  It's a nice Filipino restaurant with great food and it's sort of the half way point between SFO and SJC.  I was really excited to hear that a friend of mine from elementary school was in the area for a few days.  She was in town with another friend from the same town we all grew up.  Can you believe that after 46 years, we would be dining and catching up with life's stories.  We talk about our family, our careers, the friends we've lost and of course other friends whereabouts. It was a great get together and they told me that there is a reunion scheduled in Las Vegas and maybe another one in Anaheim, CA.  What is amazing is that it felt like we were still back home except we are now older.  Our friend Lito seems to have all the connection and almost like a social convener, main contact and has all the dibs, stories, gossips and lots of jokes that kept us entertained during the evening.  After 3.5 hours we said our goodbyes, see you later, and keep in touch.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to see my childhood friends and be connected again.
Me and my friend Susan aka Chot.  We went to the same elementary school from Kindergarten to Grade 4.
Lito, me, Chot and Tessie aka Baby.  Lito is a year older and Baby is a year younger than Chot and I.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fifty Friday - 50 gifts for Jeff's birthday

Remember the lyrics of the song by Paul Simon - 50 ways to leave your lover?  Well mine is more like 50 ways to keep your husband.  Actually it's the 50 gifts for Jeff's 50th birthday.  You are probably wondering how hard it was to get 50 items?  Jeff is a pretty easy going and likes simple things in life and that is why I did not think I would have a hard time to get all 50.  So in case you are wondering, here is the list.
  1. Prince Tennis Racquet
  2. Cinemark Tickets x2
  3. Cinemark Tickets x2
  4. Air Guitar with AAA batteries
  5. Kettle Chips Salt and Ground Pepper
  6. Head and Shoulder Shampoo
  7. Archer Farm Black Pepper and Sea Salt Chips
  8. Hanes Socks (6 pairs)
  9. Tatiana Cigar -Night Cap
  10. Tatiana Cigar - Dream
  11. Tatiana Cigar - Blue
  12. Tatiana Cigar - Vanilla
  13. Kleenex Tissue for car
  14. Black comb (2)
  15. Keurig Cups - French Vanilla
  16. Body Glove undies
  17. Mini Gumballs
  18. Jordan Almonds
  19. Mojito Sugar rimmer
  20. Lime Margarita salt rimmer
  21. Axe Body spray
  22. Vanilla air freshener for car
  23. Fila sweat headband
  24. Cliff bar - Chocolate mint
  25. Fila wrist band
  26. Body and hair shampoo
  27. Fruity gumballs
  28. Lime bottle opener
  29. Banana Boat sunscreen and lip balm
  30. Mini air pump for bike
  31. Pulsating Tootbrush
  32. Crest Pro health Toothpaste
  33. Crest Complete Toothpase
  34. Wilson open Tennis balls
  35. Pot Holder for BBQ
  36. Active wear long sleeve shirt
  37. Tennis short
  38. White California T-shirt
  39. Baseball chewy gum
  40. Dunplop (4) tennis balls
  41. Ziplock small container
  42. Ziplock medium container
  43. Almonds
  44. Pecans
  45. Walnuts
  46. Calvin Klein Jeans
  47. Levi's 550 in Black
  48. Levi's 550 in Blue
  49. Bailey's Mint Flavor
  50. Sambuca di Amore
Only gift missing are the movie tickets - they are currently in Jeff's wallet.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    ToolsThursdays - Nail Art, etc.

    The shed that the grandsons built for my MIL
    Nail Art tool
    Crackle polish and OPI base coat
    The tool  shed for my MIL is almost complete except for some touch up paint, weather stripping around the door, corners for all sides and maybe put up some shelves and a bench for my MIL.  Since the family for LA have gone back, Jeff will be doing all these last minute jobs which included the roof shingles and whatever else is needed to complete the job.

    On another type of tool, those two new tools are for my nail art design.  I have been searching for those and finally my MIL and I were shopping last Friday and we found it.  It was also a great price.  The two new bottles are also from the same store which is really a great store to shop if you were looking for anything that involves NAILS.  They have every color you can think of as well as every tool and supplies for manicure and pedicure.  

    Since I have not had a chance to try this CRACKLE nail polish, I won't have any nail art design to show this week.  I plan to try them out next week.

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Water Wednesday - Golf balls in the water

    Water around the golf course equals wet balls equals 2 extra strokes equals lost ball.  The good thing is that I only lost one and 2 of the golfers in my team also lost one ball each.  The other good thing is that is all the ball I lost while my others in my team lost some more balls in the woods.  In the end we all had a great time and had fun at this past Sunday's golf tournament.  
    Lito (my childhood friend) Al, me and Jessie
    A very interesting golf bag with great embroidery
    While I was too busy taking a photo of the whole group (total of 35 golfers), I forgot to use my camera to take a photo of the group.  Anyway, there was a total of 9 teams and I was the only female golfers.  I don't know which team won because Lito and I left early due to prior commitment.  Lito had mentioned that they have a monthly golf tournament and if I am interested in participating next month, they would love to have me join their team. 

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Timely Tuesday - Birthdays and more

    A very special day for Jeff as it his special number birthday.  Since he did not want to have anything big like a celebration party or one night of drinking and partying, we had a quiet dinner for him at his mom's home last Sunday.  We might go out for dinner again to celebrate with another couple who happens to have the same birthday with Jeff.  I remembered to take photos.
    My MIL made this chocolate cupcakes with nuts
    Jeff's mom gave him these golf shirts
    She also gave Jeff a couple of really nice hawaiian shirts
    And this t-shirt
    And another T-shirt
    Can you believe that Jeff's mom kept this cutting board that Jeff made when he was in Grade 7.  I guess this was his project for his Wood Shop class.  Now I can understand why he is so good at home renovations.
    My MIL also has kept this dust pan all these years.  This was Jeff's Grade 8 project for his Metal Shop class.  Jeff was only 13 when he made this.  His mom says that it is the best dust pan ever as it is really easy to sweep into.
    At this time I would also like to wish a happy birthday to Gil who is Jeff's friend from work, as well as to Anjay of Oakville, Ontario.  Anjay is one of my son's best friend.  

    Tonight, I will give Jeff my surprise birthday gift.  I got the idea from him 8 years ago when I turned 50. 

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    Soulful Sunday - in our 50's and still friends

    Today is a special day for me and my childhood friend.  For the first time we will be golfing at a course here in the Bay area.  He called me last week and invited me to play in a golf tournament sponsored by a group that he belongs too.  It will be a great time for sure because I have known this friend since we were 5 or 6 years old.  The last time I saw him was in 2008 while I as visiting Jeff for a couple of weeks.  One of our other childhood friend organized a dinner for all of us to meet and reconnect again.  We all grew up in this little town outside the Metro Manila area called Muntinlupa meaning a small piece of land.  We all went to the same elementary school but different grades.  We played a lot including all our brothers and sisters and it was one big happy group of kids that enjoyed our childhood.  When I left to emigrate to Canada, they all chose to move to California.  Through the years we have kept in touch even if it's only once a year or every few years.  We manage to share life's ups and downs whenever we reconnect by phone or email or in person.  It is really amazing that even if we don't connect for a very long time, when we do, it's like it was just old times.  We reminisce and share memories from our childhood and still be able to laugh about it but sometimes share some tears for the loss of our loved ones.

    We shall start our day with breakfast at the Lookout Restaurant at the golf course.  Then register for the tournament.  We will probably practice some putting, chipping or even go to the range to hit a small bucket of balls.  Since I don't know anyone else, I will of course ride the same cart with him.  There will be a lot of catching up with stories in between holes or during breakfast and lunch.  The weather forecast is sunny all day and a temperature is 76F or 26CIt will be nice if our team wins but I kinda doubt that because I am just there for the fun as well as my friend.   I am hoping that my putting works, my drives are straight, my fairway shots long, my chipping has some heights, and my bunker shot only once.

    What's my outfit you might ask?  I plan to wear the pinks.  I am sure my son in law is already cracking up just reading this part.  He knows exactly what this outfit is all about.  Pink skort, pink top, pink hat, pink flipflop, pink socks, pink gloves, pink golf balls, and pink tees.  

    Just wearing the pink hat - no time to switch purse
    Maybe I will remember to take some good photos of this day and possibly post it by next week.  Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you are having as much fun as I am. 

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    Simply Saturday - More sewing, some tennis and some golf

    The weekend is here again.  It seems like I just did a post about my weekend.  This is my plan and what is yours?  Just realized that it's the Rogers cup (Men's tennis in Montreal and Women's in Toronto).  Since we have just exchange our cable box to a newer version, I am now able to record all the tennis matches and then watch them without the commercial.  As for golf, I will have to watch some of the highlights since Tiger is not doing very well.  I think that he is not really there mentally.  Whatever it is that is bothering him is really affecting his game.  During interviews he talks about all other mechanics of golf.  My opinion, he is still paying for what he had done and he will for a long time.  Until he comes to really forget what transpired in his personal life, his game is always going to be affected as Golf is both mental and physical.  Just my personal views,  I am still cheering for him to come back and be Tiger, but it does not look like it's going to happen this weekend or next.  This is like losing someone really close to your heart.  Wow, I did not think I would be going on and on about Tiger. OK, moving right along. 

    Since we are trying to really lose some extra pounds, Jeff and I loves playing tennis on the weekend.  This is the one sport that we can work hard in a short period of time (between 1.5 to 2 hrs), just hope that it does not get too hot today and tomorrow.
    My sewing machine is still out and there's still a few projects that needs to be completed.  The one urgent item is the prize for my blog contest.  Since I will have to mail the prize to Canada, I would like to try and finish the apron this weekend.  The good part about DVR, I can watch tennis and golf while sewing.

    After reading my sister's blog and listening to our internet radio,  I thought of sharing a song that kinda reminds me of my childhood.

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    Fried Friday - Nothing Fried, Nothing Fatty, Nothing etc.

    Q. What happens when your cholesterol (LDL) is higher than normal? 
    A.  You get a phone call from your doctor asking you to come in to discuss the issue.  He added it's nothing major, nothing to worry about.

    Q. Why does my cholesterol elevated, you might ask?
    A.  I can give you a million excuses, but honestly I believe it's a combination of the following: being on vacation and eating out, eating comfort food when I feel sad, and just having fun and enjoying life.

    Q.  Why should I avoid eating to help reduce LDL?
    A.  Eggs, pastries, desserts, red meats, butter, cheese, processed meats, shrimp, crab, lobsters, clams and mussells.  As you can see by the lists, those are all the great tasting food.

    Q.  Exactly how high are we talking about?
    A.  Normal people should have between 70 and 100.  Last March my level was at 95 and this month is 116.  So really when you think of the big picture, I am only 16 over and 21 over from last test.

    Q. How can anyone lower the levels without taking medications?
    A. The following tips are from the Cholesterol class that I attended 6 months ago.
    Quit smoking - I don't smoke
    Physical activity at least 30 minutes on most days - I play tennis at least 4 to 5 times per week - between 1.5 to 2.0 hours each time. Also I golf 3x per week
    Maintain healthy weight - I have been trying to lose weight 
    Eat less fat and smaller portions
    Manage Stress - I don't have any, I am retired and live with a easy going husband
    Limit alcoholic drink to one drink per day - I very seldom drink.

    Q.  What course of action am I taking to get my level lower for my next test?
    A.  Exercise more, less fatty foods (no more bacon, fried foods no dessert)., eat more fish and chicken.  Less red meat and more fiber.  Easier said than done.

    Q. Does anyone have any other secrets that actually works?
    A.  If you do, please send it my way.  Appreciate all the help I can get, I really don't want to attend the cholesterol remedial class - it is so boring.  I guess my doctor can also increase the dosage of my prescription to lower the LDL but I'd rather not.  

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    Truthful Thursday - Personal Shopper

    A new aka for me from my daughter.  I love this new part time job as a personal shopper for my daughter.  Although I don't get paid for this, it's still a fun thing to do when I want to kill time between tennis and golf or when there's a few hours extra prior to picking up Jeff at his work when we carpool on certain days.

    So here's how I do it.  I go to whatever store I decide to check out for sales.  When I see some great deals, I take a photo and send it to my daughter.  She reviews it and makes a decision whether she wants it.  I am getting pretty good with the styles of clothes and shoes that I think she might like.  Sometimes I might need to call her just to confirm color and size.
    Once I do the purchase, I will either send her a box and filled it with stuff that she likes that she cannot get in Canada.  If for some reason, there will be some friends visiting us, then I might just sent it through them.
    I bought the teal colored one to match with her teal sandals.
    Teal flip flop with silk flowers.
    Does your mother shop for you?  Do you like the things that she buys for you? 

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Wild Wednesday - Turtle Gone Wild

    This is just a similar turtle.  Jeff forgot to take a photo of the real turtle.
    Why did the turtle cross the road? Well not really, the turtle tried to cross the very busy street of Meridian.  Jeff was driving to his mother's house, he noticed something on the road.  The closer he got, he realized it was a turtle was trying to get to the other side.  On this particular road, there's a creek and the turtle must have gotten out and started heading up and up and pretty soon he was on the street.  After passing it, Jeff continued driving and then realized if he does not help the turtle to cross the road and back on the creek, the turtle would be run over by some cars not paying attention on the road.  So Jeff did a U-turn, parked the car, and started walking towards the turtle.  He then picked it up and was ready to return it to the creek when a young girl was walking towards him looking for the same turtle.  She asked Jeff if she can have the turtle and would take it home as her pet if her parents would let her.  Jeff told her that if that is not the case, then she should return the turtle to the creek.  The moral of the story, save a life, make someone happy and the world is a better place to live in.  As from previous bee story, Jeff has a very kind and loving way of saving little critters.

    What would you do if you see a turtle trying to cross the road?  Would you like to have a turtle as your pet?