Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordy Wednesday - Word Games

Crossword puzzles, Spelling Bee, Flags of the World, these are the latest games that I have been playing whenever I have a few minutes.  Sometimes I play before going to bed or while waiting for someone while I am in the car.  These are mind exercises that are suppose to keep the mind busy.  Lately I have been addicted to words.  But it has to be in a game form to make sure I get both fun and benefit.  My friend Jean and I saw this crossword puzzle book at the Barnes and Nobles.  Since it was on sale we decided to buy it and get back to doing it.  I didn't realize that she likes it as much as I do.  Sometimes we compare which puzzle we are completing.  With all the games available on our phone, Kindle, computer and of course my DS.  Using the old style of word games are great just in case you cannot use the new technology style.  Do you still play any games on your phone or tablet?  Do you have any favorite type of past time games or puzzles?  What type of brain games do you have?  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tantrum Tuesday - When is it not OK

Tantrum - an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child. I had to copy this definition on google.  This topic was a result of yesterday's conversation with my daughter and her hubby.  We had so much fun laughing and being silly.  Apparently he was having a tantrum during the weekend.  I told him that he was too old to be having tantrums.  So when is it not cool to have tantrums.  Is there an age limit?  If you read the definition, it says "young child".  So for women their tantrum becomes hissy fits, it's similar, right.  What about for older man?  Would you call it, throwing a fit or is it just all being upset?  While watching the Australian open, professional players still throw a tantrum by throwing their racket and most of the time breaking it.  John Isner just did that as he lost the game.  Nick Kyrgios also threw his racket after losing a point during the crucial fourth set of his match.  He ended up winning the match.  As for the women players, I've seen some taking it out on the lines people or the umpire and again their racket.  So I did my little research and came up with the following:
  • For a child, three basic rule: Be consistent, Eliminate temptation, Use distraction.
  • For a teenager: Stay calm, Set consequences, Follow through.
  • For couples: Anticipate, Wait, Validate
Remember him, best adult tantrum by a professional tennis player.

Meaningful Monday - Quotes

Finally the last crafty item from the twig collection was completed.  All the mirrors have been hung and I finally found the quotation that I wanted.  I bought the frame really cheap from Big Lots.  Jeff painted it brown for me but it actually didn't matter because the twigs will be glued over it.  Last week while I was out and about with my friend Jean, we stopped by Barnes and Noble.  She was looking for some gift items for another baby shower she was co-hosting.  While looking through the books, etc.  we found a section with all kinds of quotes on a magnet, on a frame and some wooden box.  That's when I was what I was looking for.  I must have read it somewhere and thought of just making it and framing it.  But I couldn't remember the exact words.  I decided to buy it since it seemed like the perfect size for my twig frame.  It was and this is how it looks.

My new creative wall made of twigs.

This frame will end up somewhere in the living room with all the twigs decor.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scenic Sunday - It's hard to believe it's winter

This is why living in California is very expensive.  You are paying for the weather although technically it's free.  Winter started last month but the past couple of weeks we have been getting some sunny and blue skies.  It's a little cooler but if you are outdoor and the sun hits on you, it's pretty warm.  Today we just had to play tennis after watching a lot of it on TV, we decided to get out and do some exercise.  We played for about an hour and a half.  It was enough to get our heart rate going and a bit of sweating.  Yesterday we did a day trip to Half moon bay and so did the rest of the bay area.  There was a lot of cars heading in the same direction.  We walked around their small downtown area.  When we felt hungry we thought about checking the restaurants along the water.  A big mistake.  Everyone that had the same idea were all lined up.  There was no place to park and every restaurant was packed.  I am not one of those who can wait in line for a very long time.  Being a diabetic, when it's time to eat, there's no room for waiting or being picky.  We found a sports joint serving hand made burgers.  Jeff opted for the pulled pork sandwich and I had the sea blue burger (blue cheese and seaweed combo).  What I forgot to do was take some photos of the big waves on the water.  You can just imagine it.  Surfers were out there and families were enjoying the view. Here's other photos that I have taken last week at the golf course.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Faulty Friday - Federer Failed

My favorite tennis player of all time Roger Federer failed to move forward to the quarter final.  It's so heart breaking to see him with so many double faults and unforced error.  Most of his matches was not an easy three set wins.  Late last night as I watch his third round match with Seppi, the non seeded Italian player, I saw how difficult for Roger to get his first serve in.  Anyway, I ended up not having a good night sleep only to hear the comments this morning over and over, how he lost the match.  Most of the commentators who were previously tennis stars could not believe what happened to Roger's game.  I am sure Roger just wants to go home and spend time with his family.  There's three more big events and he will come back fresh and ready to win more.  I am a big fan and have been faithful, win or lose.  He is like a son to me, born the same month and same year as my Gino.  As a mother, you want to see your son succeed in whatever he wants to achieve.  I wish him good luck and great health for 2015.  RF, you will always be the greatest tennis player of all time.  By the way I love his bright green shirt, which reminds me of my son's favorite color.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trimming Thursday - Bangs again

Bangs, no bangs, bangs again.  It's funny how this dilemma is experienced by a lot of women.  When one decides to grow out the bangs, there is that time when it is annoying because it pokes you in the eye or you couldn't style it.  This is my recent experience and last night I decide to deal with it and trim my bangs.  Usually I do a pretty good job trimming my own, but last night, I made it a little shorter than how I usually do it and it was more blunt instead of layered.  Now I have to make sure I dry it properly otherwise it will be hidden under my hat.  I have been contemplating on having a good hair cut to make my hair look healthier.  It's growing too long and I am feeling that maybe I am too old for this long style.  Maybe I should go back to my regular stylist Kevin.  Maybe he can give me that newer or more stylish hair for someone my age.  I was going to take a selfie of my bangs but I am too embarrassed  to show it.  The blessing is that my hair grows fast so those bangs will be the right length in a week.  
My bangs is very similar to this. LOL

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wondering Wednesday - My reasons and I am sticking with it

For all my dedicated followers and readers here's the reasons for not having my daily post.
  • The Australian Open began on Sunday and there's so much tennis to see.
  • My health was a little bit under the weather and still not 100 percent.
  • Last week I was on a roll and I must have ran out of ideas.
  • My favorite NFL team - Patriots just won the AFC and will be at the Superbowl XLIX
  • There was so much to catch up on housework, I had no time to be on my laptop.
Those are my excuses and I am definitely sticking to it.  Life goes on and the weather is just so nice that I need to enjoy the outdoors as well.  Thank you for stopping by and please continue to check this blog when you can.  But first enjoy whatever you are doing because that's what life is all about, being happy.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Faithful Friday - NEP at AFC

This weekend is like the opening act of a big concert.  The concert is Superbowl XLIX which will be on February 1 and it will be another exciting event.  Patriots vs Colts for the AFC while the Seahawks and Packers battle for the NFC title.  But before I get excited about the big event, my Patriots need to win the AFC title in order to attend the concert.  If you remember a couple of my post, I have all the things I need for this Sunday game.  I will wear my hat, scarf, pin, belt and drink from my patriots mug.  Almost forgot, I have to wear my T-shirt with my blue comfy pants with red ribbons on the back.  During the game, I get very nervous and sometimes Jeff has to talk about a particular play to distract me.  Because we record the game so we can watch it without commercials, we are usually about half an hour behind live scores. Except for the Superbowl which we have to watch LIVE, we have to check out the expensive commercials. My friends ask me why I picked the Patriots as my team since we really don't have NFL in Canada.  The story goes back all the way to 2001 when my co-worker was running a weekly football pool.  I was told that I had to pick my team and then pick winners for each of the week.  That's when I started looking at all the teams and decide.  It would look at their colors, logo and the name.  When I say "New England Patriots", it was so cool.  Red, white and blue are perfect colors.  Their logo is kinda like Paul Revere's hat. That is my story and I am sticking to it.  As you know the Patriots have three Superbowl wins and seven AFC championship.  Good luck to my Patriots and hope that you'll be the headline of Superbowl XLIX.

NFL New England Patriots

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Timely Thursday - Atomic Clock

Last year our cousins left us a gift before they returned to the other country.  It's funny because usually you give a going away present to the people leaving.  But our cousins were different because they are so generous and so appreciative of any little favor we do.  We miss them and hope that they will come back soon.  Only time will tell.  Talking about time - the gift was an atomic clock.  We have never had an atomic clock but we love it because of the large numbers and it provides the temperature indoor and outdoor.  The other bonus is that you don't have to change the time twice a year when the world decides to change time.  You are probably wondering what is so special about this clock.  The other day I took a photo of it because I saw something interesting and I thought it was a great topic for my post.  

As you can see, Jeff sets the temperature in Celcius so that when my Canadian family and friends ask for the temperature, I don't have to calculate.  Notice that at this particular time the indoor and outdoor numbers are the same.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Washerless Wednesday - Our new fixture

It is so nice to have a handy man around the house because you can get things done the same day without having to wait for an appointment.  The other benefit is that it's cheap labor because we don't have to pay anyone.  During the weekend Jeff decided that it was time to get the kitchen faucet replaced.  The good part about him is that he does read all the reviews before we go out shopping for one.  For me it's all about the looks and of course user friendly.  The store we picked is the all time favorite for most household - HOME DEPOT.  Since Jeff already have done his research it was a quick stop.  Walk the aisle, find the section and surprise - the item was in stock.  On Sunday morning after doing the dishes, he started to install the new kitchen toy and sooner than later it's all done. Ta ta da da!

It's nothing fancy but it's practical. It swivels smoothly and it has two settings and a retractable piece for directional cleaning.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Turning Tuesday - 50 is the new 40

A few of my friends are turning the magic number this year.  I still remember how I celebrated my big 50th birthday.  It's the best birthday of my life and I hope that it will be the same for my friends.  Today, I thought of listing 50 things that they might or should do when you turn this milestone year.  The list is a mixture of what I think was the best from each of the list I found online.
  1. Take a photo of your favorite corner of your home.
  2. Pay for someone's coffee or tea anonymously.
  3. Eat a whole lobster.
  4. Try to draw a picture one day during the week of your birthday to capture a moment .
  5. Give as many compliments as you can during the month of your birthday.
  6. Plan that trip whether it's a day trip, a weekend or a whole week, and GO.
  7. Watch a funny movie with a friend or other half.
  8. Try a new drink with your BFF.
  9. Stop and smell the roses and other flowers too.
  10. Make special dinner for your better half.
  11. Sorry I ran out of ideas.  Just enjoy this year because it's all about you. 
50th birthday gifts - Fifty, the ultimate F-Word! Postcards
Add caption

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mixture Monday - Just flowers but

Spring is only 69 more sleeps.  Yes I'm rushing it but it's because I feel for my family and friends who are experiencing cold winters.  If you have been following my blog lately, I have been posting some pretty flowers that I take each time I see them everywhere I go.  It's a constant reminding that spring will be in the air soon.  As the days get longer and I notice this more and more when we are out in the golf course.  We try to finish 18 hole each week but in order to make sure we have enough light, the guys tee's off with me on the red block.  This way it's shorter distance for the last 4 holes.  Sure enough, we are on the last tee by the time it gets dark.  Here's the latest mixture of flowers which I took this weekend in my MIL's neighborhood.

I have no clue what their names are, but I know you will agree with me that they are pretty and it makes you think and feel like spring is in the air.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sweet and Sour Sunday - Citrus time

The oranges and lemons were calling me to pick them from the tree.  We stopped by my MIL's home to help her take some of the fruits that are ready.  It's a little exciting trying to pick the best ones first, then the ones that were hanging lower and Jeff takes care of the ones that were way too high.  I couldn't believe how many oranges and lemons were ready.  If you remember my other post, I made a couple of batch of marmalades already.  Maybe I'll makes some lemon bread, lemon bars, orange cupcakes and whatever else I can make.  This years oranges are really sweet and juice while the lemons are really sour.  It's nice to have them without paying for them.  Each year I look forward to orange picking at my MIL's backyard.  Of course, I remembered to take some photos.

I only picked 7 lemons.
There is at least the same amount left on the tree.
Jeff and I made these orange cupcakes with orange glaze and walnuts.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sugary Saturday - Candy bar hunt

As you all know, there are so many different candy bars in the USA that are not available in Canada.  When my daughter is having a sweet tooth attack, she sends me a photo of a candy that she would like to try.  Today Jeff and I went hunting for the particular candy as well as a different snack.  Since Jeff is an avid fan of candies, he really did not mind looking for such an item.  Of course, he's like a kid when it comes to getting a surprise at the store.  Check out some of the candies and snacks we found.  

Jeff found this and it's similar to Smartees.

My daughter only likes the Butterfinger cups.
This is the one that my daughter wanted to try.

Two different kinds that might not be available in Canada.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Flowery Friday - Take time to enjoy it

Winter in San Jose is very easy to take as to compared to the places I have lived in Canada.  I always feel bad when my friends send a text asking what I am doing or what the temperature is.  On Monday I decided to golf with the ladies group that I use to go out with.  It was nice to see them and just catch up with life stories.  When there's five people golfing there's a lot of waiting in each and every hole.  This is when I take the time to enjoy the scenery and take some photos of whatever it is I think makes me happy or someone who look at these photos later.  Just think that we are in the beginning of our winter and you can still see some flowers that are colorful.
The lonely flower.

Just tickled pink.

Three sisters.

She loves me - she loves me not.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tortuous Thursday - One more month

Last November the guys that I golf with decided to join a players membership at the Summit Pointe Golf Course in Milpitas, California.  I cannot forget the first time I played this course many years ago, before Jeff and I were married.  I was visiting for a couple of weeks and his group from work usually golf early morning for 9 holes for a very cheap price.  All I can remember was that it was cold, very hill and lots of twists and turns.  When I heard the name I knew my memory is still pretty good.  It took a lot of convincing from the guys for me to make the decision to join.  Since we were only going to do it for three months, there was nothing to lose because I would get to golf with the guys at least once a week for a good deal and have the use of driving range.  Yesterday we decided to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Because most of the golfers have gone back to work, it was pretty quiet. No groups infront or behind us.  The sky was blue and there was no wind.  You couldn't ask for more.  Scenery was something else.  There were very large homes on the hills and on particular holes you could see the city and part of the water.  My golf game may have improved a little because these two guys are very helpful in making sure I am enjoying the game.  Almost forgot, I started using my hockey stick putter and even change the way I putt.  I hold it as if I am playing hockey (I've never played hockey in my life) and slapping the golf ball as a puck.  Putting is never going to be the same.  I am loving this putt and once I get really use to it, then maybe it will take some strokes off.  Check out the link of the course.
Summitpointe Golf Club


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wakeful Wednesday - Stop playing the game

I am blaming it to the Kindle Fire.  During the day, I don't think of playing the games on Kindle but I don't understand why I like playing before going to sleep.  When I was having difficulty sleeping, I use it to make my eyes tired and it did help for a while.  There was a time when Jeff made the rule that there is no games allowed in bed.  Well, you know that only lasted for one day.  Sometimes I don't need it but other nights, I would play only for half an hour, then sometimes an hour.  The bad part is that sometimes it actually keeps my mind so active that I stay more awake.  Of course I will be so tired in the morning and will sleep in until 900 am.  It's good that I am retired because I would never get to work on time.  I am sure it's the same as those people who are on other social media.  If I start playing the games longer and keeping me awake, Jeff might reinstate the rule.  We don't have a TV in our bedroom because it's suppose to keep you awake.  I agree with Jeff on this.  Here's some of my favorite games on Kindle and my phone.

for the kindle word search free games for kindle 3بازی نجات عطسه ها با Sneezies v1.1.3 اندروید

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twigging Tuesday - Creative and resourceful

It was time for Jeff to trim off all the branches and twigs of our fruitless mulberry tree.  This past weekend was my day to help Jeff with yard work.  I picked up all the branches, took off the leaves that was still left, rake the leaves that was on the ground and sorted the branches according to the projects I am contemplating on doing.  There's a few photos to share so I will let you decide which item/design that you like.  I will have to do more next weekend and hopefully finish all the ideas that I have decided to make with these twigs.

My SIL asked why am I being obsessed with TWIGS and the response is I like making use of time and love being creative.  The gratification of finishing a project in a couple of days makes me feel that I have accomplished something and the items will be a conversational piece.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Millionaire Monday - Fridge magnets a priority

One of the things on their wish list when searching for a house was that the fridge was not stainless steel because they want to be able to display their 30 magnets which they collected through their travels.  The couple I am talking about was on the House Hunters episode.  It was a little weird that it's almost a deal breaker if they can't have a refrigerator that can't hold their magnets.  Their budget was 2.5 million as they are relocating in the LA area near Santa Monica or Venice.  A condo, an older home close to the beach and an updated home with some unplesant surroundings.  By the end of the show, they chose the condo because it was move in ready and it had the fridge that can hold all their magnets.  If you had that kind of budget for a home, what would be on your wish list?  I bet you it's not a place to hold your magnet collections.  Here's what I would do if I have a million dollar.

Tiny House 2
A tiny house located somewhere in Ontario.

A small log home somewhere in California
... King St. East,and consists of 10 units. The units range in size from
A condo for my daughter and my SIL somewhere downtown TO
2015 Ford Raptor Release Date And Review
I've always wanted a truck.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Skeptical Sunday - Becoming an American

By the 5th of August this year will be my five years residency in the USA. Wow, it has been that long. What does this mean? Well, at first I thought that I needed to wait for five years in order to apply for citizenship.  When I actually checked the rules on their website, I only needed to be here for three years because I am married to a real American (Jeff was born and raised in California). Now you are probably wondering what am I waiting for.  I wanted to be sure that if I became a citizen of this country that I won't lose my Canadian Citizenship.  According to both websites, it appears that both countries allow dual citizenship.  If that is the case, than having dual citizenship would mean having the best of both worlds. There's only two benefit for becoming a US citizen, vote and no more renewing of PR card.  Medical coverage is the number one for remaining Canadian. Wait, I am still skeptical about the process which apparently doesn't take as long as it used to be. There's at least seven more months to decide where to apply or not.  Does anyone have any reason why I shouldn't?


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Second hand Saturday - A new clock

Many years ago, my uncle gave me a clock that is so different and it has always been a topic of conversation when guests arrived at our B&B.  Lately the clock is not keeping time even after changing batteries.  Jeff decided to take a chance to open the clock and see what the real problem is.  The clock face is made of paper and it seems like the glue is making the paper a little more uneven therefore causing the second hand to stick as well as the hour and minute hand.  After taking the paper off, the clock actually keeps time and that's when my creative idea comes in.  I used one of the pages of my 2014 calendar and cut out the same exact pattern using the old paper.  Then I used some of the letters and numbers from my scrapbooking collections to add something to bring out the pattern I picked. This was the perfect to make a new one for the New Year.  Here's the before and after photo.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Fruit Friday - A different marmalade

When Jeff came home yesterday from his mother's house, he brought some more lemons and oranges.  The produce are from my MIL's tree.  Since we cannot keep up eating these fruits, it was time to make another batch of marmalade.  I really enjoyed making my first batch.  It turned out really good that it was good enough to give some away.  I only kept one for myself so that is why I am making another batch.  This time I am being spontaneous and creative.  This is my own recipe of Orange, Lemon and Pineapple marmalade.  I started last night and realized I did not have enough jars for the finished product.  We ended up doing a last minute trip to Target to buy a dozen mason jars.  I was happy to see that they jars I got had some fruit design on the front which is a perfect container for my marmalade.  My sister saw my post about the marmalade and it's appropriate for me to send her a sample.  It's just too bad that it's a little expensive to send packages in Canada.  Even when the box is small and it's not heavy, it would still be over $10 for the package.  Most of the packages that I have sent usually is more expensive than the contents.  Anyway, the jars have been filled and the lid just popped.  Now that I know how to make jams and marmalade, I will have enough supply for this year.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Timeless Thrusday - Happy New Year

Welcome 2015 and a happy new year to all.  I am sure everyone will agree that 2014 went by just like that.  One of my BFF gave me the idea of today's post - timeless.  It's just that today did not feel like any other day.  Most of the stores were open as well as restaurants.  My daughter was surprised that I went out today to get some groceries.  The couple of shopping plazas that we passed by very busy.  What will this year bring us?  Hopefully warmer weather specially for my family and friends in the east coast.  Maybe a healthier 2015 without too many sick days, right!  That's not a lot to ask.  What will the year of the sheep bring? The sheep is the 8th sign of chinese calender.  The number 8 is suppose to be a lucky number.  Just think of what the shape of the number 8 - it's timeless, no end and no beginning.  Does this mean it's only lucky for all those born in the Year of the Sheep?  Who knows what this year will bring.  I am not making any list of resolutions nor plans because this is the year of winging it, be really spontaneous and easy going.  Wait, that's how my life is already.  Oh bother!