Sunday, March 31, 2013

Special Sunday - Happy Easter Everyone

It's a special Sunday because it's Easter and it's the last day of March and a lot of the stores are closed for the workers to spend time with their family.  Do you recall those days when majority of the stores are closed on Sunday because it's truly a day of rest for everyone.  But now a days, it's only Easter and Christmas Day that store closes. 

It's also special because I get to spend the day with Jeff because when I called the Golf Course, they told me that they were not busy, so I don't need to VORK (volunteer work - my daughter invented this word).  Last year my daughter and her husband spent Easter with us and we did a little egg hunt for her.  We also had other family join us for dinner, but this year, we are only having my MIL and one of Jeff's cousin.  No big fuss, just having Pot Roast Dinner and simple dessert (ice cream).

I wish everyone a Happy Easter with or without their family and hope that the Easter Bunny brings joy and peace in your home.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sharing Saturday - It's not a big deal

Weekends are usually a very easy going kind of day for us except this morning, we had an early appointment with the Taxman.  We decided to have breakfast after our appointment and stopped by a restaurant close by.  The place is called COCO's which is a 24 hour restaurant similar to Denny's.  The service was fast and the food was just OK.  Jeff ordered the Classic breakfast with two eggs, two bacon strips, hash brown and two pancakes.  I thought I would try their Classic French Toast which was made of sourdough bread.  It came with two eggs (poached) and bacon which were very thin but crispy.  There are other great places for breakfast but when I have to eat, it's really all about service and less busy.  Food is food.

Since it was still early and not even mid morning, we thought of stopping by Target just to check out the sales.  My daughter liked a special brand of clothes that were on sale.  Yesterday I got lucky and found the right size and price in the dress she wanted.  It's really not a big deal for me to be her personal shopper because she truly appreciates everything I do and I love it when I pick the right style, etc.

Why is my title about sharing when I have not shared anything except the things we did.  We actually got some Easter stuff for Jeff's grand kids which included candies, toys, juice and cookies.  I hope that the kids will enjoy them tomorrow since we won't see them because they will be with the other grandparents.  

So what do I share?  Usually when I make dishes or bake goodies, I would tell Jeff to call his son to pick up what I have made.  It's not really a big deal to make extras to share with family.  Tonight we are having my two cousin Jo and Becky join us for dinner.  I have to do a bit of sewing for Jo so it's not a big deal to have them stay for dinner.  We are having steak, salad, special mediterranean rice and vegetable samosas for appetizers with fruity chutney.

Vegetable Samosas with fruity chutney
Rice with spices and cranberries

Friday, March 29, 2013

Finicky Friday - It's time to clean up

Finicky, Fussy, Picky, etc.  when it comes to home, health and habits.  But I am not the same as Sheldon or Howie Mandel.  I like to keep our home tidy and clean, our closets organized and basically just an orderly household.  There's a big difference when the house is a bit messy because of children but it's not really dirty or untidy.  When I see a house or home with children and the whole place is not only dirty, messy but filthy, then it really bothers me a lot.  Sometimes I just want to ask the owner if I can come in and help them clean it but I guess if that's their way of living, it will be the same mess after a couple of hours.

Spring is in the air and as they say, it's time to spring clean.  I remember my daughter telling me about this rule.  When you buy something new, like undies, socks, etc.  then you have to get rid of one or two old ones to make room for the new ones.  Since then I have followed that rule and it works very well. Jeff and I would go through our clothes, linen, etc. and check out things we don't use and or need. Have you started your spring cleaning? Do you like organizing things around your home by category or color or do you label everything?

This is not mine but I love the color coding and shoe arrangement.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Timing Thursday - It's all about coordination

My daughter sent me a very nice fabric that contains the golf theme.  I was contemplating for at least a month on what I will do with the fabric.  Yesterday, I decided to get back to sewing and have completed a few things.  First I made a sun dress that can be used also as a bathing suit coverSecond, I made a potato bag for my friend Nikki because she does not have one and it will make her making meals quicker.  Third, I made a bunch of things from the fabric my daughter made.  I am still thinking of other ideas but so far I have made a fabric wallet, cell phone case, card/ID holder and MP3 case.  Today I will sew a reading glass case, a small cosmetic bag, a tiny snack bag, a lingerie travel bag and maybe a footwear bag.

My new pinkgolf accessories
My new Sundress - cost $4.95
New pink purse for my upcoming trip.
That's right, Jeff and I are going for a nice getaway with another couple.  It will be a sunny place, lots of beaches, golf courses, and very scenic.  The color theme for my wardrobe - pink, white and black.  It's time to get excited and start counting sleeps.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wishful Wednesday - Sometimes only

There are times in our lives when you would just wish certain things and hope that it goes away.  Lately I have been dealing with certain issues of life and so here's some of my wishes.
  • I wish that some people would just be a little less mean specially when I have not done anything to them.
  • I wish that some people would leave me alone and let me enjoy my retirement.
  • I wish that some people would understand that everyone should be responsible for their own life or actions.
  • I wish that some people would just forgive and forget and move on with life.
  • I wish that some people would just try and enjoy their life and stop blaming others for where they are sad or unhappy.
  • I wish that some people would appreciate what their family or friends do for them.
Last night Jeff and I decided to change our greeting message on our home telephone.  In case you don't use our home phone to call us, I thought I would share the message I recorded.
  • If you are selling something, we don't want it.  If we did not answer, we must be enjoying life, but please leave a happy message. 
According to my SIL: " You deserve to be happy and do what you please. You've paid your dues. You deserve to be happy and not have your actions questioned at this point in your life".  That is why is my favorite!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toonie Tuesday - Only two topics

ONE - while golfing yesterday, it so happen that my first ball went into the water on the first hole.  I thought I would just check it anyway to see if I could retrieve it, but it was too deep.
Just then I realized there were two turtles just chilling at the edge.  While I get my phone to take a photo, the little one decided to return to the water ever so slowly.  So this was all I got.

You might have to really zoom in to see it.
TWO - we invited our friends Jean and Gil for dinner last Saturday.  Since we will be travel soon together, we thought we would make some plans, share ideas and maybe talk about the last minute details of our trip.  They have been to Maui several times which means we will have our own tour guides or at least know which are the best spot to check out.  When they arrived, they brought me a very cute terrarium in a glass container.  Apparently I only have to water/spray it one a week.  As I have mentioned before, I don't have a green thumb, but you can check out the four plants I have in the kitchen area.  They are actually alive.

The one in the middle is their gift.  The one on the left is a Jade plant.  The one behind was a gift from a friend from December 2011.  The one on the right is from my MIL which is also a jade plant.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mini Monday - Little things we love

Who does not love all those cute things that are small, tiny or mini?  I am trying to remember all the items that my daughter and I liked during her last visit.  While shopping we would see some items that are just adorable because of their size.  We both found out that there are definitely a lot of similarities between usI thought of searching for new items that maybe she will like to have then I will get a chance to actually look for them in stores.
Spheres in Box 

BabyCakes Pink Cupcake Maker Quick Information
 JOLLY RANCHER Wild Berry Jelly Beans

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sparkling Sunday - Glitters and more

Today is all about golf markers that glitters and sparkles.  I have one that a friend of mine found that has pink glitters and the word "Goddess".  I also have one that is similar to the lady bug below.  My friend Gina gave me a blue one with a bird that also sparkles.  The other one I like was the white one with my initial but unfortunately, I lost it at the golf course because I did not have hit clipped in my hat.  It was just in my pocket and it must have just slipped when I took out my golf ball or tee.  Oh bother.  If you are a golfer, do you have a favorite ball marker.



Product DetailsProduct Details

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Silly Saturday - My favorite children shows

Sometimes when there is nothing really worth watching on TV, I look for something funny, something easy to relax too.  You probably won't believe that at my age I still love to watch kids show.  At first I was disappointed that I could not find three of my favorites but the other day, I flipped to some of the channels that are not in the HD section.  Lo and behold, there it was my favorite channel - NICK JR.  I decided to tape a couple of each of the following shows.  I know it may sound silly to you but I still enjoying watching them and some episodes actually brings back some good memories.  You're never too old to do goofy stuff

Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch Kids

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fretful Friday - I don't understand

Since I am already late in doing this post, I will just do a quick one and vent for a few minutesIn a way I am over it because it happened yesterday but I still cannot understand why someone would write a long hurtful email message.  I don't understand why someone would question why I volunteer when I should be babysitting grandchildren.  I also don't understand why someone would charge Jeff and I as a horrible grandparents.  We actually think that we are great grandparents because we try to spend time with them.  How many of you actually got the chance to play mini golf, go to a movie, spend time in the park, play Wii, and take you out for lunch or dinner with your grand parents.  I don't recall ever doing any of those with mine.  We see them a few times a year during the holidays and that's it.  I also don't understand why someone would question relationships between father and son specially if you are not part of the original family.  My apologies to my readers for today's not so interesting post.  I thought I would share with you what I found as reasons why one would volunteer.
  • to feel needed
  • to share a skill
  • to get to know a community
  • to demonstrate commitment to a cause/belief
  • to do your civic duty
  • because of pressure from a friend or relative
  • to keep busy
  • for recognition
  • to donate your professional skills
  • to have an impact
  • to learn something new
  • for freedom of schedule
  • for escape
  • to become an "insider"
  • to be challenged
  • to feel proud
  • as therapy
  • to do something different from your job
  • for fun!
  • to keep skills alive
  • to have an excuse to do what you love
  • to feel good
  • to test yourself
  • to stand up and be counted


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Truthful Thursday - Meditation is not easy

When I was having difficulty sleeping, my doctor suggested to take a Meditation Class to see if it helps me relax prior to sleeping.  I attended a class last Tuesday just to see what it was all about.  Although I don't have any more sleeping problems, I thought I would still check it out.  At first I thought I was in the wrong class because everyone in the room talks about their health issues and the majority of their mood was sadness and depressed.  Then each one talked about the benefit and problems they have about meditation. After the introductions, etc. the doctor/instructor said it was time to practice meditation. The lights were dimmed and everyone closed their eyes.  I really did not have a clue why no one was giving the instruction on how to meditate. Then I realized that maybe that I picked up a class that had started weeks prior.  After a few minutes, I opened my eyes and noticed the doctor was nodding his head off - you know falling asleep.  There was apart of me that wanted to get up and just sneak out of the room.  Another part of me was ready to giggle because I realized that it was a total waste of time and waste of my $10.  That's right I paid for this.  Fifteen minutes later, the doctor woke up as well as everyone.  Again each one had to say how they felt, etc.  When it came for me to speak, I said "I don't think this is for me and I hope you don't mind if I leave the room".  I walked out and by the time I got to my car, it was LOL time.  Listening to everyone in that class made me realize that I am just way to happy for that group. I should have just gone golfing and saved that money for other fun things to do.

By the way, I found some cards that I gave to Jeff a long time ago.  It had simple sayings about life and I thought I would share some of them with you.  I hope that you find one or two useful when dealing with issues of life.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weedy Wednesday - Just not into it

What is the most annoying thing about having a garden? WEEDS.  They grow so fast that it seems like you just pulled them out and by the time you look again, it's back.  That is why this year, I told Jeff that I am not planting any more pretty flowers in my planter's box.  Last Saturday, Jeff spent almost half the day pulling weeds and trying to save some of the previous flowering plant that I put it but unfortunately the squirrel ate all the flowers.  This year there were two plants that survived and have beautiful blooms.  I am not sure how long it will take for that same squirrel to start eating them again.  This gardening business is not just my thing.  I always remember my sister saying that "I can't have all the talents" and I agree with her 100%.  As much as I love having flowers in our home, I would much rather buy fresh ones every now and thenDuring the summer there are so many inexpensive fresh flowers sold at the farmers market.  They usually last for a couple of weeks or more sometimes depending on the type of flowers.  Tomorrow will be the first day of spring so I might check out the store for good bargain of fresh flowers.  I found a few photos from last years flower arrangements I have done.  It sure is nice to have spring in the air.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tweet Tuesday - Ted and Sylvia

They are back.  That's right, Ted and Sylvia are the two birds that built a nest in our backyard deck.  This time they decided to build one at a lower area right across our bedroom sliding door.  Jeff tries very hard to put some barrier in certain areas of the backyard deck so that the birds don't build their nest.  One of the reason for this is that they are messy in their droppings and most times it will be on top of our BBQ or the table or chairs, etc.  The other reason is that they get very noisy when they are protecting the babies and can get a bit annoying.  Jeff did not realize that they have started another nest so by the time he noticed it, the nest is almost complete.  Do you know how hard it is for those birds to collect all the twigs and build this tiny place for the eggs?  I told Jeff to let them be, this time only, and once they've had the babies, then he can issue the Eviction Notice. 

This was taken a couple of weeks ago when they were searching for a great spot.
It seems like they decided not to finish the nest as they try adding more twigs but it keep falling.
After yesterday, I think Jeff won't be issuing the notice at all.  He will have to just clean up the mess that Ted and Sylvia left.  This is the reason why Jeff does not like them building their nest because he always ends up cleaning their mess.  Unfortunately they did not give us a deposit, which means another loss.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Messy Monday - OMG check out this car

Remember the saying "you can't judge a book by it's cover"I am not sure if this one applies to what my post is about.  While out shopping last Friday night,  we saw a red Toyota Prius parked in a handicap spot.  From a distance I thought what the owner might be selling as it seems to be filled with boxes/papers.  The closer we got, the more we realized that this was one messy owner.  Maybe messy is not the word, I guess the owner's a slob.  It had everything garbage you can think of. Empty coffee cups, soda cups, take out boxes, other boxes.  The inside was filled with everything and anything.  The front passenger seat was filled with what seems to be dirty clothes. The only space open is the driver's seat, just enough to seat and see what's ahead. The back is so full, the driver would not be able to see anything from the rear view mirror nor the right side view mirror. So much safety issues for driver and other cars on the road. What is sad is that the car looks so new from the outside. Anyway, I can't describe it anymore, check it out and let me know how you feel.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shamrock Sunday - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone and specially to my followers and other bloggers.  Although the traditional meal would be corned beef and cabbage which I don't know to make, we opted to just making a big pot of Irish Stew.  Since we love sourdough bread, we stopped by the store and got some freshly made buns.  My MIL joins us every Sunday for dinner but since she has given up dessert for Lent, we will not make any special dessert.  As for green beer, I am sure we won't have that either because we have a variety of assorted beer that has been in our fridge for a while.  Do you celebrate St. Pat's Day?  Do you go out to the local Irish pub and join the celebration?  What is your favorite Irish food?  Whatever you decided to do this day, may it be touched by a bit of Irish luck and warmed by the smiles of people you love.


May joy and peace surround you,
contentment latch your door,
and happiness be with you now
and bless you evermore! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Saturday - My favorite brownies

Introducing Jeff's home made brownies with walnuts and mini chocolate chips.  Last night after doing our grocery shopping, I asked Jeff if he knows how to make browniesAfter a few hours, I can smell the aroma of the freshly made brownies.  He made me wait for at least half an hour for it to cool and he served a small square with a glass of milk.  I told Jeff that from now on, each time I am craving for something rich and decadent, he will have to make the same exact brownies.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Filing Friday - Time to Organize

If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, you will understand where this is all going.  After watching last night's episode, I realize that I am a bit like Sheldon Cooper when it comes to organizing.
Just in case you are not a fan or missed last night show, he was invited to dinner at Howard and BernadetteThen all of a sudden you see him inside their closet organizing and sorting the mess.  After a few minutes it shows how much he accomplished and the closet looks so clean and color coded and even labeledWhen I woke up this morning, it was still in my head and that prompted me to do a bit of that.  I organized all the several piles of paper, magazines, letters, etc. that has been in folders.  In addition to that, I got all the important papers/documents ready for when we go to get the our WILL updated/amended.  During the process I also updated also my list of telephone numbers and decided to write a couple of letters and sent a couple of Easter cards.

Leonard is telling Sheldon it's time to go home and Sheldon wants more time.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Truthful Thursday - A new hair style

Every day has become a bad hair day because I had not seen my hair stylist for over a month.  I was debating if I should try to find a new stylist that is closer to home specially now that the gas price seems to be going up.  While I was out for a drive with Jeff last weekend, I noticed a hair salon and thought of checking it out.  The first person that I met is one of the hairstylist and his name is Erik.  The name of the salon is Elle Kiss Hair Studio.  I feel like I trying it out but Jeff said that I will have to break up with Wilson, my current hairstylist.  What is great about Wilson's Salon is that it feels like I am part of their family.  They other stylist always look after me when Wilson is away and they are all have great talents.  One other bonus is that when Paul (hair stylist from Orange County) is in town, I get to take advantage of his talent and skills.  As he says, when I am finished, you will feel and look like a star.  The last time I was at the salon, Wilson suggested a new style, new colors, new highlights, etc.  I am sure it will be a bit costly but it's so worth.  If I was younger, I can try one of this. But since I am going to be celebrating that big number soon, I probably should get a more classic style.  What exactly is that style?  Short and curly or straight and short?




Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Testing Tuesday - How High is high

During my last doctor's visit, I was told that my blood pressure was a bit elevated.  My answer was, of course it is a bit elevated as I tried to walk very fast from the parking lot to his office in order to arrive 15 minutes before my appointment.  As you know most people get their BP higher during the test because they are already edgy prior to the test.  I was told I have to do get it checked after two weeks.  I think I will check it at home prior to going for my appointment. Yesterday I decided to check it and the result was 148/72.  The magic number for a healthy BP is 120/80.  I realized that the first number is higher and that's why my doctor decided to changed my prescription.  Although, I think they should let me do my test for a week, maybe 3 times per day, before changing prescription.  If the result is still high, then I guess I have no choice.  This health issue is not new to me as it runs in our family.  Honestly, most of my health issues are my inheritance from my parents and I just hope that my daughter is spared from all of this issues.  One would think that if you eat healthy and exercise regularly and don't have a lot of stress in life, then one should have none of this.  But you could do all of that and have the bad genes from your family history, well I guess you just accept it and try to do the best you can and still enjoy life.  RIGHT?  By the way, one of my BFF told me that the cause of my Ashtma was an allergic reation to the wonderful weather of sunny California.