Friday, August 31, 2018

Friendship Friday - Visiting guests from California

Last month we celebrated our complete one year residence in the City of Vernon.  This is not a requirement for anything, it's just we cannot believe the a year has gone by, even spending the winter months here.  This summer has been a very busy month with visitors both family and friends.  About a month ago, Jeff's friends from the bay are, called to check our schedule with regards to our availability and if there was room at our B&B.  We sort of had pre -booked them since they have indicated when we saw them in June that they were planning on visiting us at the end of August.  So it finally got all finalized and they arrived but with different schedules due to some requirement by the Canadian Immigration - ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).  Even with some of this special document, they arrived safely and were able to see the Okanagan.  They were very impressed with the area where we lived as well as the beautiful drive from the airport to our home.  Although their stay was short, we manage to shared a lot of stories, enjoyed some great meals, drank a few more than we could handle (at home), and played hours and hours of billiards.  After they left, we had to get our home ready for the next group of guests (my relatives from BC and Washington).  It's truly like running a B&B, cleaning each room and preparing meals, etc.  Here's some of the meals we ate at the Alexander's Pub in Coldstream.

Peachland, BC

Lunch at Alexander's Pub

Jeff received a very nice gift from his BFF.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Woodwork Wednesday - It's like magic

While watching TV last weekend, I noticed that one of our plant was just sitting on the floor while the other two plants have their own stand.  I told Jeff that maybe it was not a good idea to have them sitting on the floor just in case it leaks and ruin our floor.  Actually one of our plants did that because they did not have a stand but only had a frisbee under to catch all the water over flow.  Just then I thought maybe Jeff can make one of those wooden plant stand.  So I showed him a photo from Pinterest. 
Image result for plant stand wood

It did not take him a few minutes, maybe a few seconds and off he goes to Home Depot to get the wood.  He came back half an hour later and started working on it.  It was mid afternoon so I took a nap and when I woke up, he had completed the project.  The next day he painted it with a primer and now it looks like this.

The next day, I started painting it with the same red as our door and some of the accent walls in our entertainment room.  It's the cranberry red and then I will eventually add some encouraging words.  But for now it looks like this.  We started using a frisbee and fortunately we have a red one to match my new plant stand.  In a couple of weeks, I should get my creative mind going so I can finish this project. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sanable Sunday - If only

I have never even heard or seen that word.  What is the definition of sanable?  According to the dictionary, capable of being healed.  The question is can I actually be healed from the heaviness in my heart each time this day comes.  For those of you who have followed my blog since 2011, I am sure you know what today is about.  My son Gino would have celebrated his 37th birthday. Unfortunately he couldn't make it since he passed away at the age of 26.  Sometimes I can't help but wonder if there is any truth or good explanation about numbers.  I was 28 years of age when my son was born and my birthday falls on the 28th.  The date my son passed away was my father's birthday and my father passed away on his father's birthday.  There are so many other numbers that is difficult to explain or understand that coincides with his death.  To this date I still find it hard to go through today without doing all the what if's or the if only... Several of the books I read about death of a child tells me that things will get easier with time.  There's some truth to it, but the pain is still there and although life continues, in the back of my mind, I still ask WHY.  Just last week my daughter sent me a photo of a recipe box that I use to have.  Apparently my son used some of the recipe and even perfected how to make Yorkshire pudding.  It makes me really sad that I didn't even know about this.  But today I am going to remember all the good memories I have of my son because that's all I can do.  If only...

When I found my son's MP3 player I listened to some of the songs he had and
this one is the perfect song for today.  We miss you so much and today we
remember your special day.


Friday, August 24, 2018

Fingers Friday - Creative hands

You are probably wondering what I will blogging about today.  With that title, it could be anything.  I guess what I am trying to explain is that our hands are very important and if you can keep them busy, there's definitely a lot of productive time each day.  Actually I got on this subject because while I was making the rest of the scrunchies that I started, I realized that your fingers actually have to be creatives specially when trying to insert the elastic and then try to tie them together.  It was difficult to sew them by machine as they are very thin, so I opted to just tie them together making at least three knots.  Another topic I wanted to touch was about crocheting while on the road.  There are a lot of hours of nothingness and to make the time fly by fast is to make sure your do something.  Since it makes me dizzy to read or play games on my phone, crocheting seems to be the only creative thing I could do.  Last time we went on the road from Vernon BC to San Jose CA, I was able to make 14 coasters, one beanie, a couple of bath scrubbies and a couple of dish cloths.  This last trip which was only for three days, I was able to crochet a winter toque with a matching scarf for the little girl Serena (my friend's daughter) who is going to be 10 months old.  Almost forgot about my extra painting that I completed during the weekend.  It was good that my hands were not as big because it would have been difficult to get all the corners of this piece of item I bought at the garage sale.  I am still not sure what I will use it, but I will figure it out once I complete it by adding some other colorful flowers or some sort of abstract design.  

This could be a good cutlery holder for outdoor dining or to hold the assorted scissors.
The beanie for little Serena hopefully it will keep her warm during the winter months.

More scrunchies

My daughter ask me to make her some booties for their bar stools.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Watery Wednesday - Mouth watering food

One of the things that we like to do when we do a mini get away is stay at a nice resort where I don't have to worry about cooking our meals.  It's a very nice treat for me but it's not because I am complaining about cooking or baking all the time.  Don't get me wrong I love to do all that, but it is still nice to get a couple of days break.  So here are some of the meals that we tried at the Resort we stayed as well as at a family restaurant "Huckleberry's and a quaint restaurant downtown Revelstoke, BC.

Shrimp Pad Thai

Butter Chicken with naan

Beer tasting at the Arrowhead Brewery, Invermere, BC

Jeff's birthday dinner - Rib eye steak with roasted baby potatoes

My dinner, 3 oz steak and 3 prawns with mashed potatoes.

The birthday dessert - two mini cheesecake with strawberry coulis and caramel crunch.

Lunch special at the Big Bend Cafe, downtown Revelstoke, BC

Our drinks before dinner, Sweet Bourbon Tea and Mojito.
Huckleberry Family Restaurant, Invermere, BC - Best huckleberry pancake breakfast.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Movie Monday - Christopher Robin

 When I found out that there's going to be a new Winnie the Pooh movie, I got very excited.  And then got a little sad because I did not know anyone who would go because Jeff won't.  Then Jeff said, maybe I could ask our neighbor who has an 8 year old girl if I can take her, in case they are not going to be taking her.  So I immediately sent a text to our neighbor and I was so happy with the reply.  The grandmother of their daughter was planning on taking her and if I was interested in joining them, that I was very welcome to be part of this date. Friday, August the 3 was the date it will be in theater in our area.  I patiently waited but did not get any message.  When I went to the little girl's birthday last Saturday, I met the grandmother and she mentioned that she is planning the movie date soon and wondered if I knew if it was already in the nearby theater.  So the following Monday, I finally got the message that I will be going with them and they will also give me a ride to the movie.  What was weird was that I had a nap prior to the time of departure.  My stomach started having butterflies and I really didn't know what to do whether to back out or go with them.  After an hour, I felt better and decided to go since I was so excited about seeing this movie.  If you are a fan of these group from the hundred acre wood, then you will definitely enjoy the movie.  I am not sure if the little girl enjoyed it but all the adults with her did.  We even talked about it after and everyone cried a little on certain parts of the movie.  I know that I will watch it again when it becomes available on demand.  

Image result for christopher robin

Image result for christopher robin

This book has been with us for over 36 years, this belongs to my son.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Smoky Sunday - Every where we go it's smoky

For the past couple of weeks or maybe even three weeks the area where we live was getting a little too smokey.  We thought it might be nice to go away for a few days to take a break.  I know it's weird having to say that we need to take a break, because when you are retired, everyday is a break.  Anyway, it was timely since it was Jeff's birthday so I booked a resort somewhere in the East Kootenay.  The resort offered a stay and play which is my type of get away.  Although it's not Jeff's, he went along with it because I did all the booking and he just needed to get us there.  On the way there and back was just smokey.  So technically we did not get a break from the smoke.  It's so sad to see the Beautiful British Columbia is so smokey.  When we spoke to some of the other guests at the resort, they were also trying to get away from the smoke and they were from Calgary.  I am sure you also have heard of all the California fires which we experience some smokey days but not like here. Here's some of the photos we took.

This was taken on the way home when we stopped to stretch our legs. 

This was the day we got home.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Supersize Saturday - A very healthy garden

Before I start my post, let me remind you that it might be a good luck day to buy a lottery ticket.  Why, it's because there are a lot of the number eight today.  August is the 8th month, it's the 18th day of the month and it's 2018 and if you are reading this right now, it's possible it's 800 am if you live out west.  I have not bought a ticket for a very long time because I could not even get one number right.  But just for today, I will buy a couple.  Good luck to everyone.  Now on the topic for the day - super size vegetables and fruits.  Again you are probably wondering why.  Last week after playing tennis we decided to stop at one of those
U-pick type of orchard.  Although we didn't really pick, we were able to get some yummy fruits like cherries, apricots and peaches.  Of course we couldn't stop there so we added some yellow squash, zucchinis, cucumbers (a different variety) and some eggplants.  All of these fruits and vegetables tasted so fresh and even amazing once cooked.  On our way out I could not help but stop to take more photos of the different produce this place had.  Check it out. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Whimsical Wednesday - A unicorn birthday

It's a little funny story that I wanted to share for my post today.  A week ago, my neighbor invited me to her birthday party.  She was going to be 8 and the theme is unicorn.  I got excited as I have never been to a Unicorn birthday party.  She told me that I could wear a pajama if I wanted to but she will have a unicorn headband for me.  She told me the date and the time.  A few days later I bought a couple of gifts that had unicorn on it.  Before making some extra give away for her five little friends, I ask her mother what sizes do they wear for flip flops. It took me a few stores before I found the right sizes I needed.  The day before her party I started decorating the flip flops and then realized I needed to make doubles. Anyway you will see what I am talking about.  On the day of the party, I put on my PJs and carried the gifts and extras plus my manicure basket (nail polish, tools, etc).  When all the girls arrived, they made name tags using the unicorn chart, played games, had unicorn treats and then I gave them all a quick mani pedi which they all loved.  Once their nails were done, it was Pinata time which I did not participate (as per Jeff's instruction). Anyway here's some photos I took for the very whimsical unicorn party. 

These became a unicorn friendship bracelets, it was meant for the flip flops,
but it was too late to crochet more.

Everyone gets this during their pedicure.

Sparkle Fudge

Unicorn cupcakes - I saved mine and took it home for Jeff.

The birthday girl and me

Her friends

Her other friends

Monday, August 13, 2018

Motor mouth Monday - Golf etiquette

The only time that I try very hard not to talk a lot is during golf.  Don't get me wrong, I would engage in short conversation but I know when to stop.  For example, when people are teeing off, on the fairway and putting on the green, I truly pay attention and keep very quiet.  I understand we are not the professionals or even the amateur, but I believe that golf etiquette applies to every type of golfer, even the hackers.  About a month ago my golf buddy and I decided to try the Thursday special at the Vernon Golf and Country club.  Since it was a busy day we knew we were going to be paired up with another twosome.  We had no problem with that but we were not that lucky.  We had the same tee time as these two ladies who were apparently members of this particular club.  As soon as she met me, she started convincing me that I should join and be a member of the golf course.  Almost ever hole she was promoting the club and how it was inexpensive and that there's a lot of events.  I told her I was not interested but she told me that she would sponsor me and again that it was not
expensive.  On another hole, she asked if had taken lessons and almost on every other hole, she would tell me where to direct the ball.  My golf buddy was getting annoyed as she would not stop talking specially when he is putting.  Towards the end of round, she made a comment about my drive as being a good one.  My ball went right and was under the tree.  Apparently, that was good for her.  In my mind, I was thinking, it's a bad drive, I am not in the middle.  Once we finished, my golf buddy and I went to the restaurant and shortly after our spouses joined us.  The same annoying woman asked where we were going to sit.  That's when I just ignored her and went to straight to the restroom.  Most of the people you meet at the golf course are pretty good but once in a while you get someone like this woman who is just annoying and would not shut up.  So here's a few golf etiquette that I found just in case you are a golfer and did not get a chance to read up on this part of golf.  
  1. don't be the slowest player (play ready golf)
  2. keep your temper under control (it's not the equipment's fault)
  3. respect other people's time (if you have to cancel, do it sooner than later)
  4. repair the ground you play on (repair your own ball mark)
  5. be a silent partner (think of the course as the green library - Shhh)
  6. keep your golf cart invisible (don't leave your cart in front of the green)
  7. always look your best (your appearance speaks volume about you as a person)
  8. turn off your cell phone (I agree that if your cell phone rings, it's a two stroke penalty)
  9. lend a hand when you can (help to look for ball if you can)
  10. learn the little things (lay flag stick down slowly)

Image result for golf etiquette

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Scrunchies Saturday - Back to sewing

After my daughter requested that I sew some scrunchies for her hair, I made sure that I have extras to give away as gifts.  Last weekend while she was attending a birthday party for one of her nephews, she sent a text asking if I still have extras as the girls (her nieces) wanted to have some scrunchies just like hers.  So I immediately sent her a photo of the extras that was left from the first batch I made.  The girls loved it and they wanted all plus some other colors.  The youngest does not have as long hair as the other two.  My daughter requested that I make a couple of smaller scrunchies for her.  Now that I have started again, I will make more for later as I never know when someone might need scrunchies .  It is very easy to do and I have so much scrap fabrics but need to get more elastic for the rest of the scrunchies. Do you have little girls with long hair?  If so, this is the time to make them while they are still home and you can make it in a couple of hours.  They will be so happy to wear them when they return to school.