Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sipping Saturday - Simple drink

Last weekend I found this simple drink from Pinterest that is suppose to melt fat in only 4 days.  I thought that it was simple enough to make and I have all the ingredients at home.  Of course I would like to try it since I am not very good at drinking just water but if it has a little flavor, it's worth a try, right!  So here's what I did.

Thinly sliced one medium lemon, thinly sliced medium cucumber and 1 tsp grated ginger.

Mix the above ingredients with 8 1/2 cups of filter water in a pitcher.
Image result for mint leaves
Luckily we still have some growing in the backyard, and I was able to use 12 mint leaves.
Let all the flavors blend overnight. I opted to leave my pitcher in the fridge and the next day I started drinking it.  Hopefully it will continue to work since I have noticed I've lost two pounds.  It's not a lot but maybe it does really work.  Last night I made my third pitcher.  Thank you to whoever started this and good luck to all who have tried it and to others who might try it.

                                                Image result for lemon cucumber mint water

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tedious Thursday- Still completing forms

There's only a few more days left this month and we have worked on our forms for a month and we are not even close.  It's not that we are being lazy about it, we put a couple of hours every now and then in getting as much of the forms completed.  We also have to get all the documents/evidence that needs to accompany our applications. Some of the questions are a bit silly specially when it comes to our relationship. Jeff and I have known each other for almost 16 years and have been married for almost eight years.  We have to go back and find dates the we traveled to see each other, provide proof of tickets or boarding passes (who keeps those papers for that length of time.  Although while searching for a particular piece of paper, we both discovered that we each have kept a treasure box of all our cards and letters and maybe even some copies of tickets/boarding pass.  I am guess there's hope to get this task completed and sent off by next month.  What is interesting is that we are going through the same motion as those people who are actually using the process to get to Canada (MOC - marriage of convenience).  According to their website, it will take as long as 18 months for the application to get processed.  As for the other application, I have completed 12 pages of 21 and should be completed by the end of this week.  We hope to get everything out by end of next month.  After that it's just another waiting game.  Hopefully we have completed everything perfectly and if not, we are hoping for the best and that luck is on our side.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TPart Tuesday - Just being creative

You have seen it in your hotel room or maybe even at your friend's house but have you tried doing it at your own bathroom.  Usually when I have guests coming for dinner or friends/family visiting, I would do my TP art in the guest bathroom.  Sometimes I get so creative that I would do it at a friend's house when I have to use their bathroom.  There are times when I would also do it at some nicer bathroom, just to have fun and give the next person something to enjoy.  That is why I am showing you some of my TP art which I have done recently.  I am sure there's a lot of other TP art out there, but I just want to create my own and not copy them.  So far I have done four and even name each design.  You should try it sometime when you are expecting company.

The envelop

The fan

The flying nun

The flower

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mourning Monday - It's not easy to accept the loss

There's nothing anyone can say or do to make me feel good today.  I just need some time to accept the recent loss of my Patriots.  It was very heart breaking because they only lost by two points.  But since I have already decided that I would host our first Superbowl party,  I now have to get the invitations out and start planning our menu and be enthusiastic.  I am more excited about the arrival of our special guest from Texas.  Susan will be with us for the Superbowl weekend.  For the next couple of days I will try to keep busy and forget about the AFC championship game this past Sunday.  As the saying goes, "we have to move on".  The Patriots had a great season and I am still a loyal fan. 

  Image result for patriots loss

Image result for sad face

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Semifinals Sunday - AFC and NFC Championships

As my team is getting ready to play the AFC Championship, I am getting ready to watch it wearing my Patriots scarf and beenie aka toque.  Each time they play and I wear these apparel, they win.  But these are just one of those superstitions.  My heart will be pounding for the whole game.  I'll be cheering for them and if don't have any favorite team, please cheer for them.  I would like to host a great superbowl party since my friend Susan is visiting that weekend.  It's almost game time and I need to get ready.  Good luck to my Patriots.

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 Image result for new england patriots

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Selective Saturday - Petroglyph

During the long weekend (MLK), we decided to do something fun indoors because of the rainy weather.  We were planning to go on a day trip but when we got up it was raining pretty good so we had to think of something to do and not waste our day just watching TV.  It has been a long time since we went to Petroglyph.  If I remember it correctly, our first time was in July 2008.  We enjoyed picking our piece, painting it and the excitement of picking up your piece after three days.  Petroglyph is a ceramic place where you can pick an item from their collection of ceramic pieces.  They have a wide variety of pieces from dishes, to decorative pieces for the home.  The first time Jeff pick a vase and I picked a bowl with a slot for chop sticks.  After that, I have been back at least three times.  This time I wanted to pick something that will match our new Corelle dishes.  The photos I will share are the before
which is just painted but has not been fired.  The colors are just a little less bright but I know that they will be when we pick up the finished product.

This is called the relish bowl.

We will use it for our home made salsa.
I painted all the ingredients of the salsa on this bowl.

This is an appetizer plate which I don't have in our new set of dishes.
This is the Endless Thread collection of Corelle.  I thought I did a pretty good using similar pattern.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tedious Thursday - LEGO art

When you think of Lego, you would think of kids toys, right.  Until I saw the detailed work of Jeff's older sister, now I know that Lego is not just for kids.  I have been wanting to post the photos of the Lego art that his sister Jodi made for my MIL.  What is great about it is each of them are enclosed in a nice case.  Because of the very small pieces that you have to put together, she must have a lot of patience trying to create each theme.  Let me show you the four she's made so far.  As you can see on each case the details she's put into each pieces. 

This is Jeff's brother who likes to brew his own beer.

This is Jeff's mom and dad having breakfast.

This is Jeff's sister Jodi and Laura.

This is Jeff and I playing tennis.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Warm up Wednesday - I thought I would give it a try

Winter in our area is basically just a lot of rainy days and when it doesn't rain, it is just a cloudy day.  Sometimes the we get some sun and the temperature is just comfortable.  For the next couple of months, our golf schedule is more or less a guessing game.  Since I am responsible for booking tee times, I just book it every week in order to get an early tee time.  The sunset is around five in the afternoon so it is important to be able to get out early.  Now when I can go anywhere due to rain, I have to find something indoors to do.  Of course I have my practice putting green that is my go to when I am bored.  Last week I stumble upon a box of oil pastels that was free.  I didn't hesitate to take it home because I have been wanting to try it.  The next day I bought a small size sketch pad to do some warm up drawings.  Since I have not use pastels for any type of art work, I though I should check out what's available online.  After watching a couple of beginner's instruction, I think I am ready to begin.

This looks a drawing by Dora. LOL
I guess I need a lot of practice.  Maybe I should start with one simple subject.  I thought flowers were simple.  Oh bother, I have to read more or watch more videos.  As my sister says every time I try a new hobby or craft, "you can't have all the talents".  I guess she's right.  Maybe I'll stick with what I am good at.  Another saying, "you can't teach old dog new tricks".  I hope you enjoy today's post and maybe it even made you laugh.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Must have Monday - When is it a good deal

The news arrived just before the holidays.  One of the golf courses we play annually for a tournament is closing.  It was a little further from our area to play but we enjoyed our annual trip to play an awesome event.  Unfortunately they can't keep it open due to financial reason. They can't afford to pay the water to maintain the course.  They had two 18 holes and one is like a championship course.  Just after Christmas I received an email message advising us that they will be having the golf shop open to sell all the merchandise.  I was not sure if I needed anything but after New Year, I received another message and the discount was amazing.  Jeff and I decided to travel that distance to find what I can get if there was any left.  Lucky for me I wear the not so popular size shoes.  Check out what I got for a very great deal.

A rain jacket or wind breaker which is perfect for winter golf.

My SIL will give me two thumbs up because it is the right brand of golf shoes.

This might have to wait until spring before I can wear it and I might even alter a little.

Like the above item, this too will have to wait for the summer or until I need a new pair.

When it's a good deal, you can never have too many balls.  I've used the orange ones and lost already two.  LOL

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Slip resistant Saturday - Our own bowling shoes

When I told my daughter my bowling score, she was thinking of Wii Bowling.  She didn't realize that I actually go bowling at the real place.  The funny part is that I can have seven strikes in a row in Wii bowling but cannot get one strike in real bowling.  But last week I was very proud to say that I got my score to 100 which is good enough for me since we have only started going last month.  Our friends suggested that maybe we should consider getting our own shoes instead of renting because the cost is very inexpensive.  Of course Jeff did not wait and started checking.  Last night they arrived and we both tried it.  Very comfy and it surely is slip resistant.  I started searching for the perfect bag to carry our shoes and sure enough I found it one in our guest room closet.  This bag was given to me by my favorite SIL many years ago.  At first I use it as my gym bag, then tennis bag, sometimes a weekend bag and now it is the perfect bag for our bowling shoes.

My goal is that each week I can improve my score and when I get better and have great results, maybe I can get my own ball that fits my fingers.  Last week when we played, my friend took out one of those wet wipes and we were cleaning the holes of the balls we were using.  Maybe that's another good reason to have our own personal ball.

Image result for turquoise bowling balls
I love the colors and the design, it's like I got the whole world in my hand.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tempting Thursday - Powerball crazy

Everyone was lining up to buy their winning tickets last night for the Powerball because of the biggest jackpot ever.  A friend from Canada said, but some tickets and if you win we can split it.  My problem is that I am not very lucky even though it's mentioned in my name.  I cannot even get one number right.  But just for the sake of curiosity I decided to buy two tickets and as you are reading this post, I have not checked my tickets.  The jackpot is obscene.  And it's pure luck,right.  Some people has a set of numbers that they use and others just get a quick pick or whatever the cashier gives them.  I don't think buying a whole lot of tickets has a better chance than the one who is truly lucky and it's their chance and it's meant to be.  Now it's all a waiting game.  While we are all waiting let me share what makes me happy.  

My friend Jean gave this to me as my house slippers for the cold winters.
I can't hardly wait until I get a mini cut so I can use this band aid.

My bowling score - for the first time I got 100.  I am thinking of getting my own ball. LOL


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Thankful Tuesday - That's all it takes

That's all it takes to make someone feel appreciated, by someone saying THANKS or Thank you!  It's such a simple word and yet it is sometimes taken for granted.  Some just assumes that they don't need to say it because it's a given or maybe they feel they deserve whatever it is they received.  The first place I volunteered after I retire was a senior center in the San Jose area.  It was once a week for a couple of hours setting the table, serving the lunch meals and clean up.  My MIL and her neighbor also volunteers but since they don't drive, I pick them up each week.  After a few weeks of this, one of the person that supervises is a little rude at times.  It made you feel that your time there was not appreciated and I would come home and complain to Jeff.  "It's a volunteer job, if you are not happy, quit" that's what Jeff use to say.  To make the long story short, I only last one year and had to give it up and found three other places to volunteer.  All these places are very appreciative of your time and they let you know that by saying Thanks or Thank you.  I guess that's the reason that after three years I am still giving my time at these places.  But wait, there's another issue I would like to address.  Do you remember doing someone a favor or an errand or something and they don't acknowledge your time and efforts?  While doing this post I happen to stumble upon a very positive blog about saying Thank you.  It's not too late to start and it will make you feel better about yourself.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spontaneous Sunday - My southern belle

Shortly after the all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I received a message from my BFF from Texas.  She was planning on visiting us during the weekend of the Superbowl.  Of course, we would love to see her and spend some time.  Since this is the weekend of the Superbowl XLIX and in case you have not been following NFL, the location is right in the heart of San Jose, CA.  Although we won't be watching the game at the Levi's Stadium, we plan to have our own Superbowl party at home.  It will be a perfect time to have a party while my BFF Sue is visiting.  I know that she loves watching sports because she use to take me to the Bluejays game when she use to visit Toronto.  Sue and I have been friends for almost eight years.  We met on the flight from Toronto to Houston.  It was one of those meant to be kinda thing.  She was on her way home and Houston was my stop over to switch flight for SJC.  We were seated the row just behind the business class.  I actually noticed her at the gate while waiting to board.  I noticed the nice jacket she was wearing and the stylish top.  When I boarded the flight she was seated on the window seat and I sat on the aisle of the same row.  I believe I started the conversation and pretty soon our flight started it's descent.  We exchange numbers and email and the rest is history.  I am so lucky to have a  true southern belle as my BFF.  Only 26 more sleeps before Sue arrives.

May 2015 - Birthday visit

Friday, January 8, 2016

Fruitful Friday - Lemon or Lime

One of the good benefits of living in Cali is being able to pick some fresh fruit even during the winter months.  My MIL has one orange and one lemon tree that produces really juicy and sweet fruits.  The other one is my friend the Master Gardener who has a different selection of fruits.  Remember that really large pomegranate that she gave me before the holidays?  This past weekend I already started making my orange/lemon marmalade.  The fruits were from my MIL's tree.  Since I have already given five out of the eight jars, I am contemplating on making more.  Although I can't really use a lot of the marmalade on my toast, I still like to have them handy for gifts.  The other day I needed some lemons so I traded one of my marmalade with another neighbor.  I felt like I was living in a farm trading goods.  Anyway, I ended up picking not only lemons, lime and some oranges.  Of course I took a photo so you can see.  I also decided to share my latest fruit tray.  I guess you cannot have enough citrus fruits to get enough vitamin C for the cold winter months.

The fruit tray during the holidays.

The Citrus Collection from the neighbors tree.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Watercolor Wednesday - A new hobby maybe

The California winter is here and that means rain in our area.  It's cloudy, dreary and wet which means it's pretty well an indoor kind of day.  What else can I do but stay at home and complete some of the chores.  Aside from completing an abundance of paperwork, there's always cleaning and tidying up.  While I was trying to find some information that I needed to complete some of the forms, I stumble upon a  photo of a drawing I did a very long time ago.  Probably sometime in 1989 when we first got our first computer at work.  There was no real training nor class that was given.  Basically he said to me to just play with it and you will get comfortable using it.  The first program that I notice was called Paintbrush, does anyone remember them.  Everyday after I have processed and completed the files that was assigned to me, I would work on my one piece of drawing.  I thought since I like working with colors and brushes, I began drawing one fruit at a time then added some of the shades to give it some dimension.  In a way I am so glad I have kept this copy because I have put a lot of time and details on this piece.  Now that I have been retired for over five years, I am contemplating on taking up this hobby but not on computer but on real canvas.  With all the different variety of craft store that's available, I could start on smaller canvas to see if I could still do it.  There's also a few painting classes offered at the senior community center that I could try.  Here's the paintbrush picture that I completed from 1989.

Can you identify all the different type of fruits?


Monday, January 4, 2016

Meticulous Monday- Getting started

It's overwhelming, it's meticulous and information OD.  What the hell am I talking about?  This is the month to start the applications for both Canada and USA.  When I started going through all the forms and reading all the checklist and procedures, my head started hurting so I stopped.  I tried to organize all the different forms so I can complete a draft version.  Then the printer stopped and I could not print some of the forms because I have to update some program in order to download.  To ensure that I don't forget anything, I made some notes on a word document..  OMG, I felt like I was back at work when I was reading some of the regulations.  Some of the forms are still called the same number when I use to work in the early 90's.  Remember the words "come full circle", well I am doing it again.  Although it is now much easier as the information online is so detailed as well as the forms can be completed online.  All in all it's just a lot of information that has to be on paper and we have to really jog our mind for dates and details.  One of our friend that went through a similar process actually had a lawyer assist them.  It would be nice to just pay someone but we would still have to provide all the information to that person.  As 2016 is about FOCUS, I will now have to apply this and try to complete a few forms everyday just to get them ready.  Life is definitely full of surprises and changes that we need to adjust and adapt. Oh bother!

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Focus Friday - My new favorite word

Happy new year to everyone specially to those who took the time to read my blog  through the years.  I cannot believe that I have been blogging for over four years.  Even though I only have very few followers, they are all very loyal in checking my blog and read my posts.  And for those who just happen to stumble upon my blog, I would like to also thank them for taking the time to read some or even one post.  Today is the first day of 2016 and I decided to have a new favorite word.  FOCUS. You are probably wondering why I chose this word.  As I get older I am noticing that I get side tracked with certain things that I do.  Of course everyone does a little of that every now and then.  So I thought that if I can remind myself to be focused with whatever I am doing, then I probably will be able to get more things done.  There are so many things planned this year and I am afraid that if I don't get focused,  this year will just fly by like the past five years.  I need to be organized and plan everything in a timely manner so I don't end up with too many things on my plate or platter for that matter.

F - first things first
O - organize and order
C - concentrate then communicate
U - useful and understanding
S - sorting and selecting 

That's all the words that I can think off but it will be enough to get me started on the new way to make life easier and have more time to enjoy each day.

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