Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weather Wednesday - What can I do?

When something so tragic and so devastating happens, you always ask yourself what would I do if I was in that situation?  I actually don't know but I know how it feels to have No power for a few days and getting off the bus and the water is up to your knees or sometimes even to your waistline.  But that was a very long time ago when I was about 17 or 18 and lived in the Philippines.  While watching the news last night, one lady was says, you can always replace your car or even your home, but the people who lost their friends or relatives, you can't replace them.  It was so sad to watch it and one lady says, there's not much you can do, but if you can just pray for us and hope that the worst is over.  Most of the people that were interviewed said they were not going anywhere and they will stay and start to rebuild.  

Today all I can say is that we all take time to reflect and say a little prayer for those who were affected by SANDY.  May they have the courage to stay strong and alive. 

I pray for strength for all the people who have suffered this recent storm.
I pray for relief for those who continuously provide assistance to those in need.
I pray for guidance for those who provides funding to help rebuild their homes.
I pray for peace and comfort to those who lost a loved one or a friend.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three on Tuesday - Yes, No & Maybe

After following one of my daughter's bloggers, I always want to follow and do the post of Ten on Tuesdays, but I can't seem to find ten things and so I could not do it.  So I hope she does not mind that I have my own Three on Tuesday.  This is not asking my readers or followers to do their own.  This will be my Tuesday post where I agree, disagree and a maybe on a particular topic, news, etc.  Although I am not sure how well this is going to turn out, I am taking the risk and try it for at least a month.  As this is the first time, I am picking a simple topic of TV shows on HGTV.

YES - Property Brothers (they are really good at what they do)

NO - Love it or List it (I don't like the female designer, she's a bit annoying and always over budget)

MAYBE - House Hunters/International (It's nice to see different styles of homes both in the USA and abroad.  The only thing I don't like is some of the people who are looking for the homes).

This was very easy so if you are running out of ideas for your blog and want to follow along, please feel free and I would love to see which topic you would pick.  


Monday, October 29, 2012

Magnificent Monday - World Series Champion

There was nothing to post today until SF Giants won the World Series last night.  For those of you who are sports fan, you already know how awesome last nights game was.  It's interesting that my first year being a resident of the bay area, the Giants won in 2010.  Two years later, they are the champions again.

Another interesting fact, Marco Scutaro use to play for the Toronto Blue Jays (2008-2009). My southern belle friend Sue would be visiting Toronto for a couple of weeks and she would invite me to watch the Jays game.  We had great seats - three rows behind the Jays dugout.  That was the first time I have heard of Scutaro (each time he would bat they would play some latin song).  We would have so much fun watching the games as it was our way to spend some time together while she was in town. Imagine if he stayed with the Jays, maybe they would have a chance to be in playoffs. (NOT).
Last July 2012 he was traded to the Giants.
Congratulations San Francisco GIANTS.  All your fans will be waiting for your return to the bay area.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Happy SF Giants Day

If you live in the Bay Area, you know that everyone is cheering, pumped and very happy because their home team is 3-0 in the World Series.  Tonight could be another great game and everyone in this neck of the woods will be glued to their TV.  Good luck to the Giants and as one of their team song says "Don't stop believin". 

GIANTS one win away.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sweet Saturday - Stop and Shop

Shopping aka retail theraphy is an activity that could be fun but sometimes stressful.  The good thing about being retired is when you could shop early in the day without the crowd.  This is the perfect time for me to go shopping as I can really look for great deals.  Last Thursday since it was raining there was only one decision to make - go inside a store.  So here's what I bought, a pair of summer shorts for $2.60 regularly priced at $26 and the other item is a navy blue purse for $4.05 regularly priced at $54.  Then the next day, I had to get some sewing supplies in order to use my coupon.  I happen to have a 15% coupon for Kohl's so I thought I should stop by.  This time I bought a whole outfit plus sandal for $22.

I have been looking for a replacement for my old one and I am so glad I waited.  Regular $45 bought for $6

Part of my birthday outfit for next year. JLo pair of shorts Regular $44 bought it for $6
Almost forgot to feature my new car accessory which helps me find my car in the parking lot.
Jeff and I had breakfast at Jack in the Box last week and when he picked up our order, this was his surprise for me.
Jack in the box - Nutcracker

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Truthful Thursday - It pays to have a geeky hubby

When your hubby makes your house chores very easy to complete, you won't mind doing them over and over again.  If you remember from another post, Jeff got me an assistant for when I clean floors.  Consuelo has been very helpful and does a great job which makes my job easier.  After she sweeps then I can take my mop and special solution to clean and shine our hardwood floors.  She also vacuums the bathroom floors before I mop it.  Now it take less time to clean all the floors.
Introducing my new assistant CONSUELO

Yesterday when I came home, there was a package waiting at the door.  It was addressed to Jeff so I brought it inside the house.  I always get excited when we get a package because I never know what's inside the box.  As soon as he gets home, I immediately ask him to open the box and to my surprise, he bought another assistant for me.  A Panasonic Cordless Iron.
The old iron was getting a little annoying because Jeff had to replace the cord twice.  I guess I was complaining more than usual therefore it was time to keep me quiet.  Check out my new toy.

It comes in this very cute case with a little handle like a small purse.
This is how it sits on the charging base.
It almost looks like a small robot, very light and it's multi-directional with powerful steam
I wanted to share more of my flower arrangements that I've done during the weekend.

 This arrangement is located in our guest bathroom.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Win Win Wednesday - World Series

World Series Game #1 Detroit Tigers versus the hometown team San Francisco Giants.  East versus the West.  Tonight the every baseball fan will be watching and will either be cheering for Tigers or Giants or for some it just another excuse to hang out in the bar with their friends and watch their favorite sport.  I know that we will be watching it from the comfort of our living room and most likely have some pizza, wings and beer.  Good luck Giants!!!

While waiting for another show to watch, I switched channel and saw a few minutes of the X Factor.  I thought that this was suppose to be a singing competition but from last nights show it looked like an evening soap opera with a lot of crying and a lot of lows and a bit of highs.  That's when I realized that it was the reason why I am not following it anymore.  Too much drama for a show that suppose to showcase singing talents with an X factor.

Although I don't vote on any of these reality shows, I like picking my winners for the week and pick who I think should go home.  This weeks DWTS, I believe that Kirstie Alley should go home, I don't know how she still survive, I guess she still has a lot of fans??  My favorite to be the top three would be Gilles, Melissa and Shawn.  I have to say also that their level of dancing has become more difficult and in the group dance of Derrick's team was so awesome you couldn't tell the difference between stars or the professionals.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trying Tuesday - What I do to cope

Third day of feeling sad and almost missed my blog for today.  I know what's the reason and I am trying to snap out of it. So here's what I have done so far to try to keep busy and not think about how I feel.
  1. One load of laundry done and a basketful of clothes ironed.
  2. Changed polish for my nails and toes (Orange and black theme in time for Halloween).
  3. Called one of my BFF to share how I feel and find out how she feels and try to listen.
  4. Arrange the flowers that was given by my friend Michelle last Saturday.
  5. Mailed a package for my daughter.
  6. Mailed a birthday card for one of my BFF in Canada.
  7. Shop at Ross since Tuesday is when I get 10% senior discount.
  8. Got a few items at the grocery store.
  9. Sent a couple of email messages to long time.
  10. Called another friend who I have not spoken to for at least two years. 
After all of the above, I do feel a bit better and should start to be on the upswing. Thank you for stopping by. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Maybe Monday - Go Giants Go

Baseball instead of hockey??? Well, now that I live in the Bay area I have to pick a team to follow in Baseball and Football.  After watching a lot of the MLB because Giants and A's were in the playoffs, I am now a new fan of the Giants.  Tonight is the the 7th game and I am really going to cheer for them so they can go to the World Series.  Yesterday I wore my orange Tshirt and black capri.  It was an exciting game and I am looking forward to watching it again tonight.  Jeff does not really like watching baseball and he prefers football but he has been watching the game with me.  I know that it's more fun to watch it at a bar with the other fans, but I love being comfy in our loveseat with my fluffy blanket.  I don't really know how to cross my eyes but I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for the SF Giants to win tonight. GO GIANTS GO!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Flowers make me happy

When a friend invites you to see some special flower arrangements exhibition, specifically his wife's arrangement will be featured, of course there's only one answer. YES we will attend.
There were a lot of very unusual and special arrangements.  I believe there might be only one or two that did not impress me.  It's a Japanese way of flower arrangements.  This time I remembered to take photos and would like to share them with you.  After the show, I went to the farmers market near our house and bought some fresh flowers.  Then I ask Jeff to cut some of the greens that we have around the side of the house.  I then made five arrangements for the house.  It's not as good as the ones I saw but I am very happy with my own creations. As my sister always say " You cannot have all the talents". So this might not be my passion, but it makes me feel happy to have fresh flowers around our home.  One of my arrangement is for my son.  I have a little corner in our spare room specially for Gino.  It's Sunday and there's never a Sunday when I don't think of him and how I truly miss my son.

Clarise flower arrangement
My own arrangement
My Gino Corner

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sister Saturday - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my favorite sister Estrella aka Pinkie.  She's probably smiling while reading this post because I actually only have one sister and that is why she is my favorite.
My sister and I are very close even though we are miles apart.  She lives in Canada and we only see each other once a year but sometimes even longer.  We call each other at least once a week and sends email every now and again. I am looking forward to seeing her next month as she will be spending US Thanksgiving with us.  I know that I will be spoiled again as she is a great cook and an awesome baker.  Every time we get together either in her home or my home, she always makes my favorite Filipino meals that I cannot make.  Hopefully I won't gain those extra pounds while she is here.  I remember when we use to live in Yellowknife she made this special noodle dish.  It was so good we had second and third helpings.  We both had a tummy ache after and our mother was actually laughing at us and no sympathy.

In 2006 at the resort where my daughter got married, my sister and I would pretend we were part of  a synchronized swimming team.  The funny thing is that, we both don't know how to swim.  We would do this each time we are in the pool and we would cracked up as we try to do different moves.

If my sister would bake her own cake it won't  look like this simple.  Since I can't bake a cake, I hope she likes this.
Happy Birthday Sister!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Facture Friday - The more you do the better you get

It has been at least three weeks since I have been sewing all these different projects.  Each time I finish a bunch I end up cutting more fabrics to make more things.  I am thinking that since Christmas is only a couple of months away it is probably best to keep sewing and maybe I can sell them to some of my friends for Christmas gifts.  The other way is to follow my daughter's suggestion and take them to the Flea Market when they have a free day to have a booth to sell your stuff.  Another way is to take them to some of the ladies at the place I volunteer during the first week of December.  So far here's what I have in my inventory.

  • 25 Fabric Wallets
  • 29 Business Card/Credit Card Holder
  • 6 Cloth wipes for glasses/cell phone or computer screen
  • 10 Cell phone holder (variety of sizes)
  • 4 Earbud case
  • 1 Reading glasses case
This is my Pink Flowers Set

This is my version of the Patriotic Set that was a Thank You Give Away

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Truthful Thursday - What I did today?

Because I am determined that I was not going to miss a day of blogging, I am doing a mini post today.  Here's what I did today.  

  • Got up around 8 am and had breakfast.  Cinnabon cinnamon toast (2), light cream cheese and hot dog; a cup of raspberry chocolate truffle coffee with skim milk; half a banana = approximately 55 carbs.
  • Took a shower, got dressed and then wash the breakfast dishes.
  • Started sewing fabric wallets, business card holder, cell phone holder and earbuds case.
  • Emailed back and forth with my favorite son in law about Hawaii trip - maybe next year at the same time searching for air fares and hotels.
  • Search for the EOS trio that my daughter wanted.  Made several calls and finally drove to the Target in Cupertino and bought 3 boxes.
  • Instead of taking a nap, I found my Hula Hoop and started doing my 15 minute mini exercise.
  • Watched a bit of golf while doing the rest of the sewing that I needed to finish.
That's all for today.  I am just happy to share my Thursday at home. Here's some photos.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WOW Wednesday - My favorite dancers

Bollywood will never be the same.  The dance that Gilles and Peta performed on Monday night was so entertaining and Gilles interpretation was a WOW moment.  His facial expression says it all and his steps were impeccable.  Their score should have been all 10.  The second favorite pair is Shawn and Derek who always have great lifts and really fast steps.  As for the rest of the teams, they are all about even except for two teams that should have been eliminated sooner.  Kirstie and Bristol should have been eliminated sooner.  Since I am writing this prior to watching last nights show, I do hope that either Bristol or Kirstie got eliminated.  Do you watch this show? If so, which team are you routing for?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Training Tuesday - New to Pinterest

There's always room to grow and learn even though I am already retired.  Although not new to most of the bloggers, for me this is all new and without my daughter's help, I don't think I would have done it.  I had my first lesson yesterday and it didn't go as smoothly because of lack of time and I was using a different search engine as my daughter.  After my short training, my husband was able to do some part of it for me.  I still have a lot to learn and need to play with it a bit more so I can be comfortable using it.  My daughter is so helpful whether it is blogging, anything creative or things to do with my computer or anything and everything that I feel she would be able to assist, suggest or comment.  With the help of the latest technology, she is able to help me even though we are thousands of miles apart.  My life is even more interesting being part of Pinterest.  Hopefully it won't take too long to get the hang of it. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Maid Monday - My new assistant

Introducing my new cleaning assistant.  The brand name is called NEATO but Jeff gave it a new name, CONSUELO.  She arrived on Friday and after charging for three hours we gave it a try.  I am very happy to have her assist me in my housekeeping chores.  It's not that I am incompetent or so busy that I cannot do the sweeping and mopping of the floors.  The main reason is that Jeff loves geeky toys and this all new robotic .vacuum just one of them.

So far it has completed cleaning the three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as our living room and dining/kitchen area.  Consuelo starts mapping out the area and then starts in the middle of the room and ends in the same spot where Jeff puts her.  There was only two places it got stuck, in front of the book shelf and the other is in front of the fireplace.  The solution, Jeff placed a boundary strip that came with the package.  It's like a magnetic strip that you tape on the floor so that the sensor knows not to enter.  What is nice about it is that we could be downstairs and it will do all of the upstairs or vice versa.  It will also do it while we are away as long as we clear some of the items that we think might interfere with Consuelo's cleaning.  Now all I have to do is mop with the special solution for our hardwood  and the bathroom floors.  She is definitely a keeper.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sightseeing Sunday - Sunny day trip

It has been a while since Jeff and I took a day off during the weekend to do a day trip.  Yesterday was that day.  We did not really have anything planned, we just said we will WING it.  Although we took a quick look at a map to see which direction we will head out.  It seems like going South was the way to go.  While looking for the downtown area, we saw a small market and we ended up buying some different kinds of wine that were reasonably priced. The names are Wild Hare (Cabernet), Pink Truck (pink wine) and Hey Mambo Kinky Pink (Rose).

Our second stop was a small quaint town called San Juan Bautista.  This is one of the many missions which is part of the historical California.  Downtown area was filled with old building and the stores were mainly Antiques and Collectibles.  It is also a pit stop (lunch break) for a lot of the bikers as it's on route to some of the scenic coastal towns.  We walked around and checked out some of the stores and the most interesting one is the Clock store.  The owner was so friendly and showed a lot of the pieces that he restored.  The variety of clocks is so amazing from Cuckoo, grandfather, alarms, cute animal clocks and of course musical ones that plays a different music every hour and clocks opening to a different scene.  The prices vary from $5 to $2000.  One kind of music clock plays only Beatles tunes and this what Jeff and I really liked but it was a bit expensive.  All of a sudden my stomach started growling so we head down to the end part of the main street where a burger joint called JJ's burger.  The outdoor seating was starting to fill up so is the line up.  We decided to split the "BIKER BURGER" which has one patty, cheese, grilled onions, ortega chili on a french roll.  The meal came with Garlic Fries.  For our drink we decided to have a half and half (Vanilla and Kona Coffee) milkshake.  Our lunch arrived already split and everything was yummy.  The sky was blue and the temperature was just right.  It was time to head out to the next town.

Watsonville and Freedom was our next destination.  Nothing special but we drove to their downtown area and while trying to find the highway One, I saw a KMart store.  Since I have not been to one in a very long time, we decided to check it out.  In the end I found a box of golf balls (pink and white) and a package of wedge sponges.

It was still a very nice day that we continued driving towards Capitola.  This is a similar town to Santa Cruz but a bit upscale.  We walked around the streets towards the beach and end up in a pub to have a beer.  One store we stopped by was a Cupcake store and I am sorry that I forgot to take photos because their variety of cupcakes was so delicious but too sweet for me.

That's it for our weekend.  I hope that everyone is having a great one and took the time to really enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slow Saturday - Something Soothing

In this fast paced world we live in, sometimes doing things slow is not a bad thing.  As the expression says "take time to stop and smell the roses".  So what slow things do you do?
  •  Tea Time - there is something special about sipping a very hot cup of tea slowly.  The other night I tried for the first time the Timothy's K cup Peppermint Tea that my daughter gave us on her last visit.  It was so minty it tingles in my tongue and lingers for a few seconds.  I really enjoyed sipping it so slowly while watching Private Practice.
  • 17 Mile Drive - Monterey/Carmel area - I cannot forget the first time Jeff showed me this very scenic drive.  At the time he had is blue convertible Miata and we picked the perfect three days to do this trip.  We started in Monterey and came out of Carmel.  The most memorable part is when we saw two fawns crossing the street. The mother was waiting on the other side. The baby deer actually look both ways before crossing the road.  Unfortunately Jeff's camera was in the trunk. This past April we took my daughter and her husband to this area.  It was memorable this time because we stopped at some of the popular golf course and had lunch at Pebble Beach looking over the 18th hole.  Driving slow was recommended for this 17 mile drive.
  • Slow Dance - It has been a while since Jeff and I went dancing.  I believe that last time we went out was when my BFF visited us in October 2011 which is one year ago.  So Jeff does not really like dancing but does not mind going out to bars that has live music specially when it's a band that plays his type of music.  If and when we do go out, he does not mind slow dancing (two is his max).  
  • Slow Jams - When I first got my MP3 (a birthday gift from Jeff), the playlist I have is mostly slow jams.  I copied most of the music and while going through some of the files, I found one play list that my son made for me.  It's a little tough now a days to listen to it because it reminds me of him and I can't help and be sad.  Some of the songs I've never heard and so I thought of featuring this one from his play list.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Feeling Friday - Health issues

This is not a complaint post, this is just me sharing to my readers how I am feeling and what's on my mind.  Warning label: this might result to some mild boring moments, a pity sigh and an urge to switch to a different blog.
  • Mammogram results are all good that I don't need one until 2014.
  • Six month dental check resulted in two fillings.  Do you know that it cost $225.00 for one small filling.  What if people did not have insurance?  I guess they would be toothless.
  • Flu shot that I received a couple of weeks ago seems to make me feel sick or not feeling great.  Lack of energy, no appetite and just wanting to sleep.  Do you get the yearly Flu shot?  Have you experienced some side effects?
  • Wheezing is the latest thing on my health issues.  I have never used an inhaler in my life.  A few months ago I complained about it and my doctor prescribed an inhaler to be used only when required.  Lately I have been using it twice a day (early morning and before going to bed).  Sometimes Jeff chuckles when he hears it because he says it's like I have a new wind instrument.  Other times, I laugh at myself because the sound that it makes is very funny.  I wish I could record it and do instant replay.  Maybe I shouldn't be making fun of this as it might be a sign of something more serious.  If this does not improve in another week, I will have to make an appointment to get it checked.  
The good news is that I still have a lot of energy left to play two hours of tennis, three hours of golf, four hours of sewing, house chores, nap, and last but not least, 15 minutes of hula-hoop.
My new hair color for the winter season.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Name that LOGO

What are your secrets or tips when it comes to falling asleep?  Jeff use to call me "PON=Princess of Nap" because I was able to take naps or fall asleep just like that.  I am guessing that since retirement, I go to bed later and wake later unless I have an appointment or going one of my volunteer days.  Back in the days when I was working, I would do my laundry right after work.  The process was a bit funny because in the apartment where we lived, we had to go to the second floor where the laundry room was located.  I would start with loading the washer and then return to our apartment and take a nap.  After 45 minutes I would wake up and go back to the laundry room to transfer clothes from washer to dryer, go back upstairs, return to the my nap and wake up an hour later just in time to pick up the clothes from the dryer.  I am not really sure how I trained to perfectly time it but it did work.  Now a days, it takes a bit more time to fall asleep at night.  Sometimes I read a book from my Kindle or play a game on Jeff's Kindle Fire.  I started with Angry Birds, Crossword Lite, IQ quiz, Sneezies and the latest addiction is the Logo Quiz.  One time I stayed up until 3:00 am because I was doing so well earning points and hints.  Then I discovered that the answers can be found at LOGOSQUIZNow it does not seem that exciting and I might have to find a new game to help me fall asleep.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Worth it Wednesday - Two Club Event

Every year the guys from Jeff's work holds a golf tournament.  This is not a regular golf tournament because the #1 rule is that you can only use TWO and only TWO club from your bag.  At the beginning you will let your team know which two clubs you are using.  This event is held at the Sunken Garden Golf Course which is only a 9-hole course.  For this year, they have appointed me to organize it because all the participants are working and of course I am not.  The other thing that makes this special is that I am the only female included in this event.  It sort of reminds me of the One of a kind tennis tournament that we have in Mississauga every summer.  It's one of a kind because there's only one female and the rest of the players are male.  I believe that they still have this tournament but it's not one of a kind anymore because they have added a few more female players.  Sorry, got side track there.  This golf event will be held in a couple of weeks and I have started some of the leg work. As the course does not have any restaurant on site, I might have to look after the refreshments for after golf.  Because I have to bring both drinks and appetizers to the location, I have to think of some appetizers that are easy to serve without the need of warming, etc.  It might end up being chips, salsa and maybe pretzels.  Almost forgot, the player with the lowest score wins and I believe there is a second place winner too.  I kinda doubt I have a chance because some of the guys are really great golfers.
I know that this is the favorite of the guys because it's also available during poker games.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Triple Tuesday - Three Things Today

There are days when I am in the zone, I could do a bunch of post and schedule them so far in advance.  And there are also days when I would sit and stare at an empty page trying to write something, think of interesting topics or be very creative.  I always being with my title and then I work from there.  So today I thought of posting three things from different categories that I would like to try as well as things that I want to have again and lastly things I don't want to ever try or have.

  • Restaurants I am not interested in going back: Five Guys Burger (food not that great) Marie Callender (there was a very funky awful smell, I had to walk out) and the Grandview (the view was awesome but the service was extremely terrible).
  • Cocktail drinks I would love to try someday: Apple bee's white peace sangria, PF Chang's Coconut Lemon Sour and Elephant Bar's Skinny Mango Fusion Mojito.  Being a diabetic these drinks contain a very large amount of sugar.  But maybe one day I will just have to have one.
  • High activities: Hot air balloon, para-sailing, chair/ski lift.  Because I am so afraid of heights and for some reason I was able to do all 3 before, I would never do it again.  For my 50th birthday a friend gave me a champagne hot air balloon ride in Ottawa.  While in the Dominican Republic for my daughter's wedding, Jeff and I did the para-sailing, and while on a business trip in Beijing, my co-worker and I got on the chair life to see the Great Wall of China.  This is my been there done that and will never do it again.
  • Sports that I love to play until I can't anymore:  Golf (walking the course is a great exercise and being outdoors with great view), Tennis (playing doubles is not as bad for my knee, a great workout even when you are already a senior) and Billiards (well not really a sport but it's a fun and does not require a lot of energy).
Well, I thought of just doing three things and then I got carried away.  Maybe I will have to do this every Tuesday or do it only if I have nothing to post about.

Believe me, that's me in the front and Jeff behind me.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Must be Monday - Many Winners

As promised, I am announcing the five winners of my THANK YOU GIVE AWAY contest.  Thanks to my daughter for promoting it on her blog.  It was not difficult to complete the process because I only have five entries and everyone became a winner.  And the TYGA goes to:
  1. Connie
  2. Marianne
  3. Micaela 
  4. Kathy
  5. Ellesy
Everyone will be contacted today for shipping information and package will be mailed this week.  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to join in the fun.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Selection Sunday - Name the shop

During the past two weeks I have been trying to think of the name of my shop/store/crafts.  My SIL (son-in-law) will hopefully design the logo once I have decided what name to pick.  Even my BFF from Ottawa has given some suggestions as well as my daughter, my husband and of course my MIL.  So far here's what I have.  This is not a contest but if you happen to like any one of this maybe you can send me a comment.  
  •  BonneChance Creations (good luck)
  • Lucky's Knick Knacks
  • Baize ( some description of a fabric)
  • Forget-me-not
  • Iba-iba ( filipino word meaning special or different)
  • IBA2 (same as above)
  • Ola's ala-ala (Ola is what my step grandson calls me - means grandma. Ala-ala is the filipino word meaning to remember or memory)
  • Ola's Ooh la la (my MIL cracked up when she thought of this)
  • Marikit or Marilag ( filipino word for pretty or lovely)
  • Cranberry Portage Tresors (french word for treasures)
Today is the Canadian Thanksgiving Day so I would like to wish all my Canadian family and friends a very very happy thanksgiving day.  Although I am not celebrating it here in my new home, I still think of all the things I am thankful for.  Maybe Jeff will take me out to dinner to have our own simple celebration.  This is a long weekend for the Canadians so their celebration can extend to Monday.  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fitting Friday - Very comfy fit

When I see a pair of jeans that is different, I cannot help but check it out.  Last night Jeff and I stopped by Kohl's so I can use my coupon that was going to expire on Saturday.  We wanted to get a different flavor K-cups but unfortunately they did not have anything new.  Going around the store trying to find something that we really needed was useless because we don't need anything.  But I did not want to waste the coupon so I told Jeff just to get a T-shirt.  I tried checking the shoe section and there was nothing special.  After Jeff checked out and we are almost to the exit door, I noticed a pair of stripped jeans on the sale rack.  A part of me said, I don't need a new jeans, but it was very American so I decided to check out the price.  Regular $68 and on sale for $4.80.  Guess what, it was my size and I did my trick to check if it will fit me, it did and so I bought it, and we went home happily.

Jeff said I could wear it on July 4th.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

TV Thursday - My list of shows

The new season has already started for most of the shows that we watched.  There are days when we end up changing the recording and watching live because of conflicting schedule.
Tonight is the first show for the season of Big Bang Theory - my number one favorite.  Then there's a bunch more that I like watching but of course if I can't there's also On Demand. So here's my top ten in no particular order. 

  • Big Bang Theory
  • Grey's Anatomy*
  • Two Broke Girls
  • The Voice
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Parenthood
  • Modern Family
  • Private Practice
  • New Girl*
  • Harry's Law 
* These are the two shows that my daughter watches this season.
And then there's the other day and night shows that I do watch because it's interesting or it helps me with my nap.
  • House Hunters/House Hunters International
  • Ellen
  • Diners, Drive ins and Dives
  • Golf Channel
  • Curious George
  • How it's made
  • Good morning America
  • Property Brothers
  • Chopped
  • Game Shows on the GSN - not HD - but it's ok.
What is sad is the NHL lockout which will make winter months longer without hockey.  I feel for all my Canadian friends.  What are they going to do for evening activities, what will their excuse to have a beer at their local pub, and how are they going to survive their weekends hanging out with their wives.  Truthfully what the fans should do is not buy any tickets this season and fans boycott the season if they decided to play.  Maybe they will think twice next time they want to do this lockout, without the FANS, they players won't have the indecent salary they are receiving now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wrongous Wednesday - Just not fair

While trying to figure out what to post today, I saw this word WRONGOUS and immediately I thought it was the perfect word for all the things that I wanted to post about.  These are unjust or wrongful things that has been collecting in my head.
  •  During the weekend while I was at Macy at Valley Fair, I saw a pair of black jeans that was on their sale rack.  Not that I needed another pair of jeans but if the price is right and it was my size, I was interesting in buying it.  There was the price check scanner so I held it to check the price.  To my surprise, it was not on sale and it shows the original price of $68.  There was also a piece of paper that had the rest of the info - USED/WORN.  Why would a store like Macy sell a pair of jeans that has been used and worn for the same exact price as if it was NEW.  It's so WRONG.
  • Yesterday on our commute home,  we noticed that there was a back up of cars on the highway that we take going home.  Jeff and I both said that there must be an accident.  We continued to crawl and there it was a car on the side of the highway, no accident, just that the car probably had some issue.  But everyone slowed down to check it out.  Later on we saw a police cruiser and a vehicle that was obviously been hit hard.  Again everyone slowed down to take a peek.  I can understand being in a traffic jam because of volume - commute hours - but when it's going smoothly and all of a sudden cars start crawling - you know the problem.  It is soooooh WRONG, gauckers being so interested in someone's mishap.  They should just keep their eyes on the road and maybe say a little prayer that the driver or passengers are OK.
  • After meeting new people who are interested in either golf, tennis or going for lunch or getting together after exchanging phone numbers.  Usually I will give them a couple of chances then I just move on.  It's too bad that some people have to pretend that they are interested but in reality are not.  It's unjust and wrong.
But as the expression Life is not fair, well it's just not fair, and we all just have to live it and go on.