Thursday, May 31, 2012

Truthful Thursday - A very nice surprises

You know what is the best surprise?  The one that arrives by snail mail.  The other day I received a box from my friend Lis who visited us at the end of April.  Here's the surprise.
Thank you card for their great stay at CPBB.
This solar hummingbird is now glowing at our backyard at night.
Last night when I got home from tennis and golf, I opened our mail box and found an envelope from my daughter.  At first I thought it was just some regular mail.  When I opened it, there was a surprise for me.  
The perfect birthday card.
What to Eat pad
My daughter found the perfect card and a perfect gift because I do love planning my meals.
I love the three choices for dinner.  Dine in, dine out or take out.  The pad says that it will make my life easier.  I don't have to think about meals every day - only have to think once a week.  Another bonus is the convenient fridge mounting magnet on back.  Thank you so much. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whenever Wednesday - Random thoughts

Only one more day and the month of May ends.  What's so special about it? Nothing really that is why today is just some random thoughts about nothing, anything and everything.
  • whenever I see a clear blue sky - I just want to be out playing tennis or golf.
  • whenever it's a cloudy gloomy day - I just want to put my PJ's, curl up in bed and read a good book.
  • whenever I hear a song that reminds me of my son - I can't help but feel sad.
  • whenever I see some great deals on clothes - I immediately take a photo and send it to my daughter just in case she wants it.
  • whenever I am on the road and have to stop - I tend to check if the other cars are doing the California stop.
  • whenever I hear a child experiencing a tantrum - I try to listen to how the parent is dealing with it.
  • whenever our home phone rings - sometimes I try to guess who is calling.
  • whenever I have a craving for a particular food - I would ask Jeff if he would take me to a restaurant serving that particular food.
  • whenever I watch something scary which is not very often - I would have nightmares that same night.
  • whenever someone does anything for me or say nice things about me - I always make sure that I give thanks in person if possible, if not by telephone, email or snail mail.
Whenever, whatever, wherever, whichever, whoever,  just enjoy today and thank you for stopping by.
My blue sky

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Terrific Birthday

Thank you to all of you who sent your birthday wishes to my blog, my email, my phone and snail mail.  My day started with a breakfast at Jack in the box, a little shopping at Ross and Bed Bath and Beyond and then golf at Deep Cliff.  The day ended with dinner and drinks at the Elephant Bar.  Sorry I forgot to take photos of our meal because we were so hungry and only remembered half way through our meal.  On Sunday night, my MIL made her famous Roast Beef dinner with all the trimmings.  It was so good that she sent the leftovers with us.  Then she surprised me with a bouquet of roses and a bag filled with gifts - fifty nine in total.
My niece collected all the ribbons from the gifts and made me this special ribbons bouquet. I think she has been to too many bridal showers. 
Ribbon bouquet

13 beautiful roses in a variety of colors
6 cupcakes with a special frosting
My birthday gifts from my MIL (she is such a sweetheart)
#258 (Azure Blue) Diorshow Mascara from my favorite niece Marilen
What was very interesting were the other birthday wishes that came from the following business that included some sort of gift.
  • Royal Caribbean - Crown and Anchor Society
  • Carnival Cruises
  • Sephora - a free Sugar kisses mini lip duo - to be picked up at their store
  • Preston Wynn Spa - $25 spa credit
  • Panera - something awaiting when I visit their store
  • Le Boulanger - free cinnamon roll
  • AARP 
It was definitely a wonderful birthday and many thanks to everyone for all your birthday wishes.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Monday - plus a special day

Happy Memorial Day to my American Friends and bloggers and you might ask, what is special about today?  It's my birthday so don't think twice about sending a birthday wish as it will definitely make this day very special.  This year I decided not to do anything special except for buying that dress and shoes last week.  As for going out for dinner, my MIL made the special roast beef dinner with all the trimmings last night.  Of course it's not complete without her yummy gravy.  If I had a birthday cake with that many candles then I guess I can have many wishes but if I post these wishes then it may not come true.  Maybe I can post some of the things that I like but not necessarily need.  I still am enjoying this day without the material things.  Just the fact that I am retired and loving every minute of it.
Turquoise Cross Body Purse
May one of this
and one of this too

A day trip to this casino

BMW Mini Coupe (just dreaming)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Songs that breaks my heart

Music brings different emotions to different people.  The combination of melody and lyrics at times just bring a tear or sometimes a smile.  While watching the Finals of American Idol, Jessica sang a couple of songs with so much feeling and emotions, goose bumps are felt.  Each Sunday when I take a moment to remember my son, I think of how much he loves music.  Sometime when I hear a new song by artists that he liked, I always ask myself, "I wonder if he would like this song".  But when a particular song is played on the radio or if I am at a store and a song comes through their speaker, I cannot help but remember my son. Even after almost four years since his death, hearing the song still breaks my heart.  Here are some of the songs that really brings back so many memories both happy and sad.

If I Lay Here - Snow Patrol
Speed of Sound - Cold Play
Save Room  - John Legend
Everybody's Changing - Keane 
Two less lonely people in the world - Air Supply
You had a bad day - Daniel Powter
You don't know my name - Alicia Keys

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simply Saturday - Festivals Begin

One of the many things that I love about living in the Bay Area is all the different Festivals during the summer months.  We have attended one when my BFF was here and last weekend we took our grandson to the Bayou Festival in Campbell.  This weekend is the Mushroom Festival in Morgan Hill.  I seem to recall going to this one a few years ago when I was just visiting Jeff.  They had all kinds of mushroom dishes to taste.  I remember that the entertainment was great.  Lots of different cover bands.  From now until the end of September, there would be a festival almost every weekend.  We have to actually just pick the ones that we have not been because sometimes, they have almost the same vendors for food and same artisan/crafts.  I usually check them out to see which bands will be featured in each of the festivals.
Mushroom Festival - Morgan Hill - May 26-27
Strawberry Festival - Arroyo Grande - May 26-27
Arts and Wine Festival - Sunnyvale - June 2-3
Oyster and Beer Festival - San Francisco - June 30
Garlic Festival - Gilroy - July 27-29

During the months of July and August, it will the different Music in the park series.  There's one in downtown Sunnyvale on Wednesdays, downtown San Jose on Thursdays and downtown Los Gatos on Sundays.  It all depends on what band will be performing.  The people who attend these series usually have their routine and spots each week.  They all have their comfy chairs, maybe a little table for snacks and drinks.  Everyone is dancing to the music of the band who usually plays Top 40's, oldies and even latest dance music.  It will be a fun summer and hope to lose some weight walking, dancing, tennis and of course golf.  What do you love about your summer?  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Footjoy Friday - A real comfy shoe

My feet is joyful not because of Foot joy golf shoes but a new pair of really comfy flat shoes that I bought at Ross last Tuesday.  I was window shopping after my golf game when I saw this pair that look comfy.  It was my size and the last pair but it was beige boring color.  I felt it and then put in one foot and then the other and OMG, my feet started feeling very joyful.  I did not do the "should I or shouldn't I" because my daughter taught me the "YSYLT" (you snooze you lose theory).  So I bought it along with a new dress ( for my birthday and our upcoming cruise).  Then I saw this pink wallet that I also thought with be perfect for our cruise.  The good part about buying on Tuesday is that I get my senior discount.  When Jeff saw the pair of shoes, he said that although it looks comfy it's not usually the style I would pick (so true).  He loves the dress and as for the pink wallet - he thinks it's perfect for my pink purse.
Dirty Laundry Shoe - oh so comfy
Pink aluminum wallet
You will have to wait for the photo of my new dress as I won't wear it until my birthday.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Truthful Thursday - A little daring

A little daring you might say, but I thought it was time to change the look of my blog.  After checking my daughter's blog, I noticed she changed some of the design and that's when I got a little brave.  I checked out some of the different design and colors of the template and background.  Maybe too much red and it's not even Christmas, but since the title of my blog is Cranberry, I thought why not make it a true cranberry color.  I asked my daughter to check it out and within minutes she designed a new banner for my blog to match the design and color I picked. As you can see, she did a great job and I love how it is so simple and yet classy. One thing I have to remember is using different colors for the text. I would have to be cautious as I don't like my readers having to wear some special glasses to be able to read the text.  If for some reason I get some truthful comments and truthful suggestions, then of course I am willing to change it up to make sure my audience are happy.  So if you have some ideas or comments, please send them my way, I would love to hear both positive and negative.  This is the only way for me to learn more about blogging.  For now I am loving this new look.

Speaking of colors, I have been searching for a new summer purse and this year I decided to pick yellow.  I guess it all started when I bought those yellow flip flop.  For our cruise I am contemplating with these combinations: Black/White/Yellow or Black/White/Turquoise.  If I pick the second one, then it means I will have to buy a turquoise purse or maybe I will just use a black one.
For the price I paid for this, I won't feel guilty buying a Turquoise purse.
Nine and Co. Jolie Too Patent Satchel
This is available at Kohl's but not the right price.
Maybe I can get one of those cross body purse for my birthday.  I just need to check some online and then forward it to Jeff - he loves to shop online.  But I might just check some of my favorite shops to see if I can get one that is pretty and my price range.
Product Details
Available at Amazon for only $10

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wilted Wednesday - No more flowers

It's not even summer and all the flowers that I planted are wilted, snipped, chewed and burnt.  The main culprit is those damn squirrels and maybe too much sun or not enough water.  At the moment, I am just letting them all die and later pull out the weeds including these dead plants.  Maybe at the end of June, I will search for other plants that are perennials or maybe just plant bushes that has a bit of flowers that are hardy and easy to maintain.  As I have mentioned before, I do not have green thumb and don't like spending a lot of time pulling weeds and now after the recent squirrel dilemma, I am more and more gearing towards NO gardening ever.  I tried to take a couple of plants and transferred them to the front to see if they will survive.  My MIL gave me some jade plants that we also planted in the front of the house.  It might take a week before I see if it actually survives.  
This is what they look a couple of month ago.  Now I can't even share how it looks.
I wish my garden was something like this photo but then it means I have to give a lot of my hours pulling weeds, watching for squirrels and of course watering them consistently.
Maybe not as organized but at least the flowers are not chewed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Summer hair cut

When we picked up Gamble last Friday for his sleep over, we were very happy to see his new hair cut.  A summer hair cut is so timely because the weather can get hot and a short hair is perfect for boys who loves playing outdoors.  On Saturday morning before heading out to a couple of festival, Gamble wanted me to fix his hair.  I used a little bit of gel and hair spray to create a Mohawk effect in the middle of the head.  He actually liked the way I did it but I believe I would need to get one of those Twisted Taffy by Sebastian or Redken Pliable Styling Paste.  For his next sleep over, I will definitely have something available in the hopes that I will be the coolest Ola (Grandma).  We took him to a couple of Festivals which maybe was a bit too much but he had fun, won a few little toys and enjoyed some cotton candy.  He is very easy to entertain and such a great grandson.  We always look forward to our time with him and someday he will be able to spend a real weekend with us.  Of course we also look forward to having his sister tag along too.  But for now, we will enjoy whatever time we can get to see him.
He is growing very fast and looking like a big boy.
Gamble picked this baby slipper for his sister, unfortunately it was too small.
GreenLee almost one year

Monday, May 21, 2012

Magnificent Monday - and the winner is

The counter hit 7777 last night and the judges took their time reading the answers and awarding points fairly to each entry.  After all the answers were read and marked, it is my pleasure to announce the winner of my 7777 contest who received the highest marks.  There were two entries with similar marks and another two that were lower and one with just one point over the two same high marks.  The process took a little over an hour as the judges listened carefully to all the answers.

Congratulations to Nikolett - you are the winner of the Lucky 7777 contest.  Your prize will be on it's way this week.
For the rest of the participants, many thanks for your time and for stopping by.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Dance the night away

It has been a long time since Jeff and I attending one of those big birthday party.  Last night was Gamble's Grammie's birthday.  It was her 50th birthday bash given by her daughter (Gamble's mom) and son (Uncle T).  The dress code was Semi-formal so you could just imagine how Jeff felt about wearing a dress shirt, dress pants and dress shoe.  On the other hand, I did not have any problem dressing up in my pink flowery dress, black high hooker sandals and even curled my hair. Actually, I enjoyed getting all dressed up.  It seems like only a few years ago when I did my big five O party back in Canada.  I believe there were almost 150 friends and family who celebrated with me that special day.  

This post is a bit late because I woke up not feeling that great.  I know I don't have a hangover because I only had one drink for the whole evening as I was the DD.  I also know that we were home before midnight which means it was not for lack of sleep.  The venue was great, very cozy and out of the heavy traffic downtown.  Appetizers were being served when we got there and open bar.  DJ was already playing loud music.  Prior to the dancing, a young lady maybe half my age came over to our table and complimented my legs.  What a great feeling.  Later on an older lady complimented my dancing and suggested I continued on.  Another great feeling.  Considering we did not really know a lot of people, Jeff and I had a good time without the guilt since we showed up and celebrated Blanca's birthday.  One thing we forgot - take photos.

Now my MIL and my hubby will be busy marking the answers of the 6 entries to my 7777 contest.  Tomorrow I will send my message to the winner at the same time post the name.  Good luck to all and again my sincerest thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Something Saturday - Oh bother

Something is humming in my left ear.  The problem started last Wednesday afternoon.  I booked an appointment with my doctor just to make sure it's nothing serious.  Getting older is not fun when something is bothering you and you don't have a clue where or how it started.  The other thing that is bother some is the bump on top of my left foot.  Not sure if it was a result of that time I tripped and fell in the garage.  My knees seems to be find and actually did not get black and blue.  When I was golfing on Tuesday afternoon that's when the pain started so I loosen my left shoe to ease the pain.  It did for a short period and after my golf game, it was still a bit painful.  Hopefully these will all be addressed on my appointment and that I don't have to worry about it anymore.  Although these things are bothersome, I have had so much fun creating those baby slippers and I am done for a while.  I believe I made a total of 15 slippers.  Mostly for baby girls but maybe one or two could be for baby boys. My daughter suggested to make some with anchor prints as they are suppose to be a hot item.  
My second favorite.
My #1 favorite.
My Saturday Day Shoe Fair
What is your favorite out of all these baby slippers? Do you think I should make adult size slippers?  Do you know anyone that might need one or two? 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Frangible Friday - Plates vs Granite

How many times have you broken things in the kitchen?  Do you have to be really careful when doing your dishes?  Do you like ceramic or plastic plates?  Do you have granite or marble or stainless steel or tile counter top?  Do you have thick or thin bottom drinking glasses?  If yes to most of these questions, then you already know where I am going with this post today.

My worst nightmare was the day the I was putting away all the new set of glasses that we bought the first year Jeff moved into our home.  We decided to buy extra sets just in case they don't sell the particular style.  I wanted to help out while Jeff was mowing the lawn, so I decided to put away the newly washed drinking glasses.  The cupboards had 3 shelves and the middle one was for our mugs and glasses.  I started arranging the glasses and all of a sudden the shelf support broke and the whole shelf with all the glasses fell on the granite counter tops, shattered the glasses and there I was standing in front and did not get hurt.  There were broken pieces all over the kitchen floor and even after a couple of months, Jeff still found more pieces.  I believe 9 or so glasses were broken, so glad we bought those extras.

Every now and again while washing the dishes, our plates would get chipped just from bumping the counter or the sink.  One day I told Jeff that I will try not to break any glass and within seconds, I broke a glass after rinsing and trying to load in the dishwasher to dry.  When  a plate gets chipped, I always try to find the piece so Jeff can glue it back to the plate.  We thought about getting those Corelle or Corning ware plates but unfortunately they don't come in dark colors, just white with some lines or flowers or leafs.  

This is something that Jeff might like.  I kinda prefer square plates and bowls.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Truthful Thursday - I am so excited x 2

The counter is getting very close to 7777.  Unfortunately I only have received 5 entries which is too bad, but on the other hand, it will be a lot easier to mark.  I am also thinking that since there are only 5 entries, I might just decide and have one winner and four runner up.  The truth is, it's my contest on my blog and I can technically do what ever I want.  For those of you who responded to my 7777 contest, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and submitting answers to the seven questions. Hopefully the counter will hit 7777 by the end of this week so the judges can mark the entries and I can announce the winner by Sunday or Monday at the latest.  Good luck to all and if you are still contemplating on entering, you have at least another day or two.  

What else I am so excited about are the baby slippers that I have started making.  Yesterday was my second day of the marathon and it is very addictive.  Once I am doing the final zigzag, I get truly excited turning the slippers to see what the finish product looks.  As soon as I finish it, I immediately take a photo and send it to my daughter for her comment.  So here's what I have done since yesterday's post.

My favorite is the flowery one with rickrack.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What Wednesday - Baby slippers marathon

When my daughter ask for a little favor, I did not know what to expect, but actually is was such a small request.  She had left some fabrics already cut and ready to be sewn.  While she was here visiting she used my sewing machine to finish a couple of her projects from her sewing class.  Last Monday, I decided to stay at home and do some chores and a bit of sewing.  Instead of golfing, I started reading the instructions on how to make the slippers.  It was a bit confusing and I thought I should just look at the one she made to see if I can figure it out.  Actually it was easier for me to see the finish product. 
Except for one that my daughter left as a sample, I made a total of five slippers.  It takes a little more than 30 minutes from cutting to finishing.  Truly was an amazing feeling after I invert it and see the completed set.  Because I have so many scrap fabrics from making aprons and other projects, I picked out some more fabrics matching them with either plain or similar colors.  Now I have a total of six pairs ready to go and I plan to do a bit more detailing by adding buttons, ribbons and maybe some laces.  I will be busy for the next couple of days just enjoying each and every pair as they become very cute slippers for little girls or boys.  Two slippers are already on it's way to Oregon.

Would you like to buy one of these cute slippers for your little one??? Would you buy one as a gift for your friend or sister who is having a baby??

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Timely Tuesday - New nail supply and more

With summer being just around the corner or for some summer has already arrived, it was nice to get some new summer colors for my nail art.  My MIL gave me some really neat stuff for mother's day and the regular Sunday flowers.  

As you can see, I received a variety of nail polish supply with two palettes of eye shadow in earth tones and very neutral colors that with go with anything.  The great thing about it is that I could take one for our cruise instead of taking a few little single ones that takes space.  The current nail polish I have just happen to match so perfectly. 
It's very simple, apply the base color and apply the sparkle just on the tips similar to a French manicure.
My cheap and chic combo,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maybe Monday - To stop or not to stop or maybe just roll

This is not a test, this is just a funny story from yesterday while I was having lunch with my hubby.  I thought of taking two photos and see if you recognize these signs.  We could not help but laugh because there was only one car out of 12 that actually did what the sign says.  It was good that there were no other cars coming from a different direction.  It was also good that this was in a shopping plaza and we don't think a police patrol will be hanging around to give tickets for rolling stop.  But just say he was there, then he could have given 11 citations in a matter of 15 minutes.  I guess these drivers thing or believe that just because it's in a shopping plaza that it's not a requirement to do a full stop.  Maybe they actually drive that way so it's all the same whether they are on regular street or any other place where there's that sign.  It's not that the sign was covered by trees or other signs.  What is even funnier is that this was the second time we have sat outdoors for lunch at the same spot and we have seen exactly the same scenario.  My usual comment: "and they have a driver's license".
As you can see, this is very clear and no obstruction.
I believe they have repainted this sign so it's more visible.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Special Sunday - Happy Mother's Day

Today is my day off.  Well actually every day is my day off since I retired.  But today is a special day off.  For all the mothers out there, you should take a day off because you deserve it. Why take a day off?  Because it's the one day that we should enjoy for all the hard work we have done for many years and for many more to come.  Some might think that they don't deserve it.  Don't ever think twice about not taking a day off.  Some might ask, well am I going to do.  NOTHING is the answer.  Aside for waking up and getting ready for today, that's about it.  Just in case you forgot, the following list is a reminder of what you won't be doing today. 
  • cooking
  • washing dishes
  • laundry
  • house cleaning
  • tidying up
  • ironing
  • making the bed
  • grocery shopping
  • driving
  • any other things that a mother usually do
This day only comes once a year and you should enjoy it to the fullest.  Happy Mother's day to all and may your day be surrounded by lots of cards, gifts, great food, awesome drinks, thoughtful children and loving husband.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Simply Saturday - Back to Normal

A week ago my BFF arrived and today she is heading home.  We have had such a great time but also relaxing time.  Each morning we take our time getting up and taking it easy, no rushing to go out shopping, just spending a lot of quality time in our back yard.  Yesterday we played tennis again and had a nice lunch in our patio drinking our ADIOS drink.  Since I had recorded the second day of the Players tournament, we watched a bit while relaxing in our living room.  It was still a very nice evening so we had our dinner in our deck and sat talking for hours after dinner.  I made Turon (Banana dessert) and served it with ice cream.  Shortly after it was time for bed.  I cannot believe that her visit was over but it's OK to get back to our normal life.  It was nice having her around as she is such an easy going guest - not really a guest as she was very comfortable at home and also giving me a hand at anything.  She enjoyed everything from the meals, our dance work outs, shopping at my favorite stores and sitting each morning in the backyard watching Ted and Sylvia take turns sitting/guarding the nest.
TL and our Adios Lunch
Appetizer Plates that TL painted at Petroglyph (Ceramic Lounge)
Unfortunately I cannot show the ones I did as it's a surprise for my daughter.  Maybe after she gets it from TL, she will post it on her blog or I can feature it some other day. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fah Friday - A new expression

She is not the type of girl that uses swear words or any thing improper.  So when you hear her say something like Fah, I was surprised because I thought she was swearing but actually it meant something else - depending on how she uses it in her sentence.  It might mean "obviously" but now after having such a great laugh, this could now mean anything like a swear word.  My MIL actually said it's a new Canadian way of swearing.  While we were shopping or when we are just chatting or having breakfast, every now and again we would say Fah.  Of course being Canadians, we can't help but say Eh, which sounds funny when you say both words after each other, Fah Eh!  After my girl friend leaves, each time we use this word we will be thinking of her and probably be laughing.  Do you have any special words between your friends that only your group knows.  I seem to recall that my daughter and her hubby sometimes have these special language that they invented that only the two of them understand.  I was going to do a post on Farewell Friday because my friend TL will be heading home tomorrow.  We have had so much fun doing things together and sharing both new and old stories.  I will miss her for sure but there's a lot of memories that will put a smile on my face.  I truly hope that she enjoyed her visit at the CPBB.  So happy that I remembered to ask Jeff to take our photo.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Discerning Shopper

With my BFF visiting, there's definitely some shopping but not doing the shop till we drop.  She is actually very relaxed and very easy going.  I took her to some of my favorite shops and was able to get some bargains and was surprised with the deals that she got.  What was funny that while we were at the mall, she made a comment that I walk very fast.  I told my husband and my MIL this and they both laugh, I am sure my daughter is saying whaaatttt??  After two days she said that I am a discerning shopper. She is also impressed with nail art kit especially my peculiar way of using mini dental tools for those intricate design

Yesterday we finally got the chance to do Just Dance 3 and I was surprised that she was able to keep up with all the dance moves.  This was her first time to do it and she got some stars on certain dance routines.  Since we both are not familiar with the Wii, we keep trying to change songs but ended up with either the same one or some songs we are not familiar with.  When we tried to do DA FUNK song, it resulted to her score being Creative and I was Wild.  After 45 minutes of sweat beads we decided to quit but look forward to another session for the next couple of days.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Wednesday - My 4 year anniversary

A little late on my post for today, but as for PST it is still May 9th.  My daughter was the first one to remember our anniversary and this is what she sent us.
Actually my MIL gave us a card/gift early but did not open it until Jeff came home from work.
Then we did our anniversary card exchange, then my friend TL gave us our card and took us to dinner including my MIL.  I also got an email from my niece with her wishes.  We decided not to have gift exchange because we will be going on a cruise as our anniversary gift.  It was a wonderful simple way to celebrate our 4 years of being married.  No complaints, no whining and still no hissy fits.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Timely Tuesday - Eviction Notice Enforced

It seems a little mean when you have to enforce the eviction notice but my hubby is determined not to have any birds nest in our back yard or in our front entry way.  It's not that we don't like the birds, we just don't want the white stuff that falls on our deck or the BBQ cover or the main entrance.  If you remember Ted and Sylvia Baxter (the turtle doves) who were very much around when my daughter was visiting,  well they are back again almost everyday really trying to check the different sections of the deck to see if where they can start a new home.  Unfortunately, the enforcer aka my husband, has been checking almost everyday because yesterday while we were out on our day trip to Monterey, Carmel and Capitola, those birds were able to build half of their nest.  I still am amazed at how fast they can build using twigs, leaves and spit.  The enforcer decided to place my little bunny as a deterrent but it did not seem to bother Ted and Sylvia.  While TL and I were enjoying the morning sun in our deck, the enforcer gave us the task of being on watch while we chit chat on the patio.  I had to apologize to TL because the enforcer had to put her to work.   In addition to being a watch dog, the enforcer also gave an order to search for a more menacing animal than the bunny.  At some point of our shopping escapade, we will be looking out for one mean animal (squirrel, owl or eagle).  I suggested that we get something that is a noise maker motion sensor in the backyard and front entry to shoo away these birds that are determined to make their nest in our B&B. They must have read my blog about our comfortable hospitality and relaxing refuge.
The current watch dog but has been identified for a replacement as he is not performing his duties appropriately.
We have tried Ernetuar but he is also too cute to do the job.
Bird repellent/scarer - this might actually do.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sleepy Sunday - Staying up late

What happens when your BFF comes to visit?  You end up staying late the first couple nights because you have so many stories to share.  That is exactly what happened.  TL arrived on Friday night and we stayed up till midnight just to catch up with our short stories but that did not stop us from getting up early on Saturday.  We had our CPBB special breakfast to give us our energy for the A la carte and arts festival in Mountain View.  Before we headed out, I decided to give TL one of my special manicure.  Check it out.
I started with a pale pink base, then an off centered white line and ended with three silvery moon beam dots.
On the way to the festival after parking our car, we stumbled upon the remnants of a garage sale.  Bargains to be had!!!  What I learned from my daughter is that expression "you snooze you lose".  I was not looking for more furniture but this cutest little desk was an offer too good to refuse.  To sweeten the deal, they threw in an otter music box for free for the visiting Canuck who was wearing a pashmina in 80 degree weather??
My garage sale bargain - $5
The icing on the cake - free souvenir that plays "You are my Sunshine" - perfect from California.
There are many more days of fun ahead, we have to pace ourselves.  My friend TL doesn't even know that I am going to make her do the Just Dance 3 with me.  I wonder if she would like this dance.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sweet Saturday - Bright nails and toes

In preparation for my week with my BFF from Canada, I decided to change the polish on my toes and applied some nail art on my finger nails.  At first I was just going to have it in different colors and then it looked sort of plain so I added some simple nail art.  This is my result.
Very happy because my nails look very alive.
My apologies but toes were not cooperating for this photo shoot.
Dots are very easy and fast nail art. This is my daughter's nail art that I did while she was visiting.
Almost forgot, today is CINCO de MAYO - a special holiday in the Bay area.  There's parade downtown San Jose with food and entertainment. There's a two day a la carte and art festival in Mountain View with lots of artisan display, live music, great food and drinks and the best part - it's free.  If you are visiting the area, don't forget to support any events.