Friday, August 16, 2019

Frenzy Friday - Kitchen towel madness

Two weeks ago I decided to do make some kitchen towels to give as gifts to some of my girlfriends.  At first I was only going to do two, then after I realized I needed a couple more and then another one.  It was such a frenzy because between the birthday outfit for my little friend and trying to finish up some other project, the towels were being put aside.  One day I decided to stay in my sewing room, lock the door and just completed all the towels that I have created.  Some of them I wanted to add some embroideries and others were just letters.
Hopefully the recipient of all these towels will appreciate the amount of time I spent to makes each on a special towel for their use in the kitchen.  After completing them, I thought that sometime next month, I should make some for our kitchen for some special occasion. 
This time I remember to take a photo of each one so I could share them with my readers.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Toonie Tuesday - A dollar a pound

A month ago we decided to have this little game that involves losing and gaining weight.  We each put the number of loonies for the number of pounds each wanted to lose.  Every Sunday morning we would weigh ourselves. If one lost a pound, then you win a loonie and if the other gain a pound then he or she would have to put a loonie in other jar.  The first week we stayed at our original weight when we first started this game.  The second week I lost a pound and Jeff gained a pound, so he just gave me the loonie.  The third week I lost another pound and so I got a loonie ($1 dollar coin) and he stayed the same.  The fourth week, I weighed the same and Jeff gained a couple, therefore he had to put a toonie in the jar.  We know that the jar will not really have a lot of funds, but it's just an incentive to lose weight or at least try to maintain our weight and not gain.  We don't know how long we will continue but for now it is still fun.  What is your incentive when you are trying to lose weight?  Do you eat less or exercise more?  Maybe you can create your own game with your spouse or partner or maybe even co-workers.  We thought it would be a good system to try and stay healthy and have a good BMI.  For now we both have to keep trying and it's really not about the loonie or the toonie, it's about keeping tabs on the weight so it does not get out a hand.

Image result for loonie money jar

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Shareable Sunday - Pie to Pie

OMG, there's bananas that were dying, zucchinis that were getting too ripe, what to do!  This is what happens on the weekend when I notice things like that.  I get on a baking rampage.  First, get the bananas mashed and make something out of it.  Result - Banana Chocolate Chips Nut Bar.  I started making these bars instead of making banana bread.  Two zucchinis that I got at the fruit stand, one green and one yellow.  I was going to make some side dish with it while my friends from Ottawa was visiting but we were so busy I forgot.  So I made a Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Kahlua Drizzle with the green one. I shared this at the house warming party last night. As for the yellow one, it became a zucchini pie with yellow peppers, onions and bacon. A very healthy pie if you are trying to diet. For a first time making these zucchini items, they turned out to be pretty sumptuous.  We brought the zucchini pie and apple crumble to the RV campsite where our neighbors were staying for a week and had joined them for dinner.  Almost forgot about the apples that I bought at the same time as the zucchini, I was able to make an apple crumble pie and the left over apple slices became an apple butter, one small jar.  It was a very productive weekend. Now are you ready to check out these items.

Zucchini Pie
Apple Crumple Pie

Banana Chocolate chips and nuts bar.

Double chocolate zucchini cake with Kahlua drizzles.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Frilly Friday - A special gift for my little friend

When a little girl who is turning 9 ask if I can make her an emoji top and maybe something like a skirt, I usually try to accommodate her request.  What is sad is that she invited me 3 months ago for her birthday party since I attended it last year.  Her birthday party theme - EMOJI!  So I started looking on Pinterest for some ideas.  She actually drew her favorite emoji so I knew exactly what to do.  Her mother bought the top and I got all the materials for it as well as for the skirt I was going to make.  After I told her that I will not be able to attend her birthday, she was a bit disappointed. Anyway, I decided to make her another special gift which I know she will love.  She will be able to use it for school to hold all her special colorful pens/pencil.  There was another request that came from the wife of my BFF.  Her granddaughter would like to have a small blanket for her doll.  Since I already had the fabric for it, I immediately completed that order.  In addition to this she asked if I had some scrap fabrics to make small cloth squares to be used for the new baby, instead of a bib.  Of course I would do it as it only takes a few minutes.  I mean for those who does not sew and have to figure out everything, it make take more than just a few minutes.  So at the end of the afternoon, these are what I have completed.  It was a very busy afternoon but I am so glad I completed the tasks and there will be couple of little girls that will be so happy when they get their surprise gifts.

The mom will still have to trim the skirt for the prefect length.

The favorite emoji

Burp cloth for the new baby.

The reversible blanket for the doll.  Her favorite pattern - unicorn.

The pen/pencil case for school.  The birthday girl's favorite is also unicorn.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Weathering Wednesday - Prepping for winter

That W word is a bit too early to mention and a bit scary too.  Summer is still really great in the Okanagan as the tourism industry is just booming. But after my friend stopped by to check on some of my plant, she suggested that it might be best to transfer some of my plants that are perennials into the ground instead of leaving them in pots during the winter months.  She said that this way it will established their roots really well in the fall and be ready for the coldness of winter.  Last Friday, after golf, we started working on the front yard, first weeding and then transferring all the plants that are in pots into the ground.  Luckily Jeff was able to help me as the digging part was the most difficult part of that project.  This week they are looking better and hopefully continue to establish their roots.  Some of my annuals are starting to get a bit more browns but still able to have a few more flower blooms.  Now I would like to share what our front yard looks with the addition of all the perennials I received from my neighbor and the succulents from the golf course.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Multicolored Monday - Flowers around the course

Every now and then my BFF who is a master gardener from Ontario sends me some photos of the flowers in her garden.  She was truly hoping that I would be there to see them in her garden.  For now she just shares some photos.  This is when I thought I should take some of the photos of the flowers in the golf course that I played last Thursday.  I couldn't help it as they were so pretty and colorful.  Today's post is another one of those stop and smell the roses day, but actually no roses, just beautiful colorful assorted flowers. Enjoy while they last.
These are flowers from my BFF's garden.

Do you know the names of any of these flowers?  I am confident that my BFF can name all of them.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Succulents Saturday - A small act of kindness

Lately I have been watering our front yard flowers and plants that I am contemplating on just having succulents in our garden in front of the house.  Although I have some that are perenials that are actually thriving, but I need to add some other plants to fill in the gaps.  This is when I thought of maybe adding more succulents.  While golfing last week, I was talking to one of the maintenance guy and he was kind enough to offer a bucket of these succulents that I have seen around the golf course.  What was funny that when I was telling him the story about a female worker that offered to give me some of the plants.  I found out that in fact she was his wife.  And so that confirmed the offer and he told me to pick up a bucket that he was going to leave on the side step.  After my round of golf, I did stop by and sure enough the bucket was there.  I took it home and had asked Jeff to help me transfer it to our front yard.  So far we have not done it, but hopefully this weekend we will get a chance to
do it.  In the meantime, I wanted to show you the succulents in pots that are around the club house and the lady is the one in charge of taking care of these pots.