Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Waiting Wednesday - Only a few more sleep

Why does escrow take 30 days to process the selling of a house?  Sometimes I wonder if they just want to have extra days to deal with the unexpected.  Anyway it is finally going to happen.  The papers will be signed off and whatever else needed to get done.  We will plan to head north soon.  We are looking forward to this new adventure.  Today, while cleaning some of the last few items, I found our guest book for our Cranberry Portage B&B.  It was very interesting to know that during the seven years I lived here, we had 30 visits from friends and family from Canada and USA.  Now that we are moving the location of our B&B, we will sending our new information electronically.  I will have to design a new brochure for our B&B.  I am not sure if I will keep the name but since my blog is named the same, probably will keep the same name with different address.  I know for some it won't be that exciting because we will be in Canada.  Some our friends here in the Bay area are planning on visiting us as well as some of our friends in Canada.  Of course we won't be accepting reservations until we have everything in place, like beds to sleep on, tables and chairs, etc. Last night our neighborhood group went out for dinner so they can say goodbye to us. My friend Pam gave me a very nice gift.  Here's a photo of the gift. We will definitely miss this neighborhood as we have made great friends, but we know we will see them when we come to visit the Bay Area.  There's friends in Discovery Bay, El Dorado Hills, Daly City, Los Angeles as well as family in Arroyo Grande, Newark, Hemet that we hope to visit. We also have some friends who we can visit in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mishmash Monday - because I need to post

Only a few more days before we head north and get back to normal life.  I wanted to make sure there's a new post for my followers but it was difficult to work on my lap top. We have no more furniture in our house.  There's a couple of folding chairs, our sofa, guest bed and a folding table which I use my crafts.  Sometimes I would look for my lap top and it has been moved depending on what Jeff needs to do around the house.  Tonight I decided to write a post and I am actually using my lap to work while sitting on the folding chair.  It's weird but this is truly my first time working on my computer and it's actually sitting on my lap.  LOL. What I have to share today is a mix up of things that I have received, bought, etc.  As you know I cannot really buy anything as there is no more room on our RV or the trailer.  But these items are small so I guess it's ok.

This was a raffle prize I won when we attended a retirement party of a friend of Jeff.

"Tristan" the name of the style of pizza from MOD pizza.  It was so yummy I had the leftover for breakfast.

Our appetizer at Rock Bottom Brewery.  Freshly baked pretzel with a spinach with Asiago cheese dip.

Courtesy of Sephora - a belated birthday gift from them.

We finally took down my twig ball hanging lamp and gave it to my friend Debbie.  I will miss this item.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday - The Backyardigans

About 13 years ago, my daughter and I were bored one morning and starting watching the children channel.  I think it was Nick Jr.  We saw one episode of the Backyardigans and we loved it so much, we watch some more.  My daughter only watch a couple and I ended up watching all the episodes.  The songs are so catchy and their dancing are so in the groove.  A couple of days ago while visiting our friends in Discovery Bay, I got a chance to hang out with their grandson, Jackson.  We all went on their boat and took a slow cruising around the discovery bay.  After a while he was getting a little bored so I took my phone and we started watching some children's show.  There was Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse and of course the Backyardigans.  He was enjoying them and my friends were amazed on how much I know about these shows.  Not only that I knew all the lyrics to their
theme songs.  Almost forgot, my daughter told me that her youngest nephew Brantley now likes the Backyardigans.  I got very excited and thought I could share my DVD's with him. Apparently they don't have a DVD and probably just streaming.  What is funny is that I have a few DVD of the different episodes of the Backyardigans.  On Wednesday morning I received a video of the kids singing the song and I love it as they truly did a great job.  I shared it with Jackson and like me, he just wants to watch it over and over.  Now I want to make a video for the kids.  I will do the song A message and dance like Uniqua. Hopefully they will have fun and have a good laugh when they see it.  

Image result for backyardigans uniqua
UNIQUA is my favorite.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spoiled Sunday - It can't be better than this

Last Tuesday was Prime Day Deals on Amazon.  I got so excited to check out what were the deals.  It was very interesting to see all kinds of deals but at first there was nothing that interest me, until I saw E010.  You might be wondering what is this number means.  It all started when we had nothing to watch on TV and I stumble upon DRL (Drone Racing League).  After show, I told Jeff I want my own beginner Drone toy.  Luckily, it was available during the Prime Day Deal on Amazon.  So I placed it on the Wish List and of course Jeff ordered it for me.  Yeah.  It can't be better than this because it arrive the next day.  There was another item that we wanted to get and Jeff decided to order it since it was such a great deal.  I am calling it the daughter of Alexa, the Echo Dot will be a great addition to our techie family.  Jeff ask what color I wanted and I chose the white one.  We plan to have it in our new home, most likely in our upstairs area and have Alexa in the family room.  Now that I have my own Drone and Jeff has his, it was time for us to have our own race around the empty home.  Unfortunately we are still trying to tweak the piloting of our drone.  It's very finicky and there's some extra buttons for trimming but it's difficult to do all the adjustments while learning how to operate it.  Since everything is all packed, I am not allowed to buy anything anymore, but on Friday my MIL and I went to Kohl's and I got a new sandal flip flop and a new top for a very good price.

My new toy E010 aka Whirlie

Introducing Alexa's daughter DOT.

Jeff's not so new toy - Whytti

Friday, July 14, 2017

Freehand Friday - A new project

When my daughter ask me if I can make something like this, after sharing a photo, I immediately said YES, I can do it.  We are currently in the waiting game after we sold the house as escrow takes forever.  There's nothing left in our home except a sofa, two folding chairs, two small side table and the bed that use to be in our guest room.  All my sewing items and craft items are all packed in the trailer.  When I saw the project that she wanted me to make for her sister in law, I was very exciting because I knew it would not require a lot of notions.  It was very simple, a white piece of fabric for the banner, black thread for stitching, three neutral color yarn for the pompoms and finally a wooden dowel.  I asked my MIL if I can borrow her bigger hoop for the embroidery part.  The stitch is very simple - running stitch.  Since I don't have my sewing machine, I was planning on finishing the banner this weekend and when I visit my friend Jean, I could use her sewing machine as I know it's always set up in her craft room.  Yesterday I was able to drag Jeff to Hobby Lobby and get the supplies for this project.  I truly hope I can deliver to this task for my daughter's SIL (sister in law).  Here's the two projects that I must complete before we head North.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Tennis Tuesday - Wimbledon is exciting

It's hard to believe that Wimbledon Championship is over.  There must have been hundreds of hours of recorded coverage that I breeze through each morning at breakfast.  The one pleasant experience is that one of the players in the women's bracket is not playing but the sister is still hanging on. However in the men's final, the Big 4 were all there for the Round of 16 and then after all the games were played, only RF, my favorite tennis player of all time is going forward to play the Semi Final on Friday.  I am sure if you were watching some of the games or following the sports news, there were many players who retired.  Of course there's the question of how real were the injuries.  Did they just want to get the prize money and not play through.  It was sad to see Novak retire and to see Nada lose on the fifth set against Muller.  I am so looking forward to the one semi-final between Federer and Berdych. I will be cheering both Friday and hopefully Sunday for the finals for Roger.  Almost forgot to mention that I breeze through all their chit chat because one of the sports commentator that is fairly new is the coach of that player that I am not fond of.  It's hard to listen to him, so each time he's on the, I just click click click.  That's the benefit of DVR.  In a month the US Open is scheduled and I am hoping that we will have a new TV, a cable provider and a new DVR.  Until the next Grand Slam tournament, good luck to my favorite RF for this Wimbledon men's final.

Image result for roger federer

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Solitude Sunday - It's not our home anymore

Day after day we have been living in the house that use to be our home but not anymore. Since the house has been staged for selling purposes and since we have removed almost all our personal items, our lives has been a little bit of a solitude.  We left the basic necessities for cooking, for daily cleaning, personal hygiene and of course our favorite electronics. Thank goodness we still have our TV, internet and even our home phone.  We also have not disconnected Alexa which keeps us company when we are just in our living room and nothing to watch on TV.  This weekend we packed more items that we don't need in the RV and smaller items in the trailer.  We would really want to head north but escrow is taking a long time to complete.  Each week there's still something to be checked, inspected or appraised.  I am sitting in the pretend little office that use to be our guest room.  Last week I did a bunch of baking in order to use all the ingredients that were in open packages.  Some days I would like to make or cook something only to find that I don't have any of my kitchen cookware.  Some days we are so bored since I can't do any craft or sewing.  We manage to play a few hours of tennis as we can still access our racquet and balls from the trailer.  The only other item I have not stored are my golf clubs and push cart.  I plan to golf every week until I am told of a final date of escrow.  Here's all the sweet treats that I baked using recipes from Pinterest.