Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sensitive Sunday - The knee bone connected to the hip bone

At what age do you start feeling that you are getting old?  Is it when your bones starts to crack or when your muscles are always aching?  Maybe this is not a topic I should be posting but lately my knee and the right gluteus minimus muscles (had to look it up).  It all began a couple of days after I had worked for 13 hrs for the local election.  Although I feel better standing than sitting, there were a lot of hours of standing and maybe it was too much.  While I was at the doctor's office a few days ago, I sort of mentioned this to him and he asked if my knees were swollen - NO, are they still in the morning - NO, do hear them cracking - NO.  This is when he said, you should do stretches and go for walks.  OMG the two things that I should be doing but I am not.  The husband of my BFF in Discovery Bay is the one person that I look up to.  He is very religious about stretching and exercise even when we were on vacation, on our cruise, or just visiting.  The same couple goes for their walk which is another thing that Jeff and I don't do. Well, I should say, do not do it everyday.  We do go out for walks every now and then.  So now that I am feeling all these aches and pains, I might have to force myself to do both (walking and stretching).  As the golf season comes to an end, I will definitely have to go back to using the elliptical.  Since Jeff has already bought his season pass to the ski resort so he can snowboard whenever.  That will be his winter sport.  I on the other hand won't be doing that but might take up snow shoeing.  Really?? Our neighbors mentioned it to me and I said that as long as I get the nice green color snow shoe, then there's a good chance I will go.  LOL.  For now I have to try my very best to do the simple things that does not cost a lot.  WALKING and STRETCHING.  The reward for doing both is a once a month hour massage from my favorite RMT.  What is moral of the story? It's just a reminder not to wait until you're old to do these simple day to day things.  I actually believe that both are so good for your bones and your muscles.  OK I need to do it.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Favor Friday - Anything for my daughter

The past weeks has been all about sewing baby items.  After I delivered the order last week, I got a phone call from the mom of the woman who was expecting.  She mentioned that she saw the items I made for her daughter and ask if I could make a cover for the mattress for the baby bassinet.  Since I already knew the colors and patterns, I said I would do it.  Of course I immediately head out to the fabric store and got what I needed.  The following day, while sharing with my own daughter some of the things I have been sewing, she ask me if I could maybe do some baby stuff also for her boss.  This makes me very excited.  A project for my daughter.  She gave me her request for the color and pattern.  I sent her some photos and she liked the first pick.  Within 48 hours, I was able to complete the first order as well as well as the one for my daughter.  It did not take me a long time to finish the items because I was already in the zone.  Anyway, the order has been picked up and the package for my daughter is on it's way.  Hopefully her boss would love the surprise items for her new baby. Just realized that I forgot to take a photo of the mattress fitted sheets I made. Oh bother. You can just imagine it, the pattern is the polka dot blue and grey.

Burp pad as an additional item.

So comfy and so soft baby blanket.

Changing pad for travel.

Burp pads, bibs, binkie holders and baby mitts (non scratch)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Weathered Wednesday - It was time

A year ago when we bought the house, there was something in the front of the house that was sort of a sign.  It was made of wood and it also had the number of the house.  The first time I learned about this piece of artwork was when I lived in the Northwest Territories.  It was called Inukshuk (a structure of rough stones stacked in the form of a human figure, traditionally used by Inuit people as a landmark or a commemorative sign).  
Since the one we had was made of wood, I knew that somehow we would have to replace it with rough stones as it would be more like what it should be.  As there were many other items that needed more attention, we sort of put this item on the bottom of our list.  The winter, spring and summer has come and gone and the wooden inukshuk was looking very weathered.  It was actually a little wobbly as the post or screw that was holding it to the ground was very lose.  The past weekend's weather was sunny and warm.  We took advantage of it and headed to Just Rocks (a great place to search for the perfect stones).  It was located just outside of Vernon off Highway 97.  When we arrived there, we can see the variety of stones and rocks piled by sizes, types, shapes and textures.  We were told to drive to the back and get on the scale.  We got weighed (us and the car) and we proceeded to the area where we could pick what we needed.  Once we found the pieces to complete an inukshuk, we loaded them in the car and we got weighed again.  Then we went back to the office and paid for the granite rocks.  The next day Jeff removed the old wooden one and stacked the pieces and was able to get two inukshuk.  Here's the before and after photos.

Old wooden one.

First try, the little one.

Second try, the big one.

The final one. If you look at the back, you will see the little one.  

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Secret Saturday - Bargain hunters

Now that the weather is definitely getting a little cool for outdoor activities, there will be no
more garage sales on the weekend.  Luckily the last couple of times we had gone to check it out, we were able to get a couple of items that were very useful.  I think that as long as you only buy what you really need and not just buy to collect more stuff, then it's OK.  Sometimes when I find something I like or should I say we like, it might need a little touch up.  If an item requires more work than just a little then even if it is a bargain, we don't get it.  Here are some of the latest that we are adding to our home.

Jeff found this Corelle dishware set for our RV - $15 for 22 pieces.

The only touch up was the wooden part that's holding the tray - $2 only.

This vase was perfect for these flowers.  No scratches and the right color and only $1.

For now, I am using this candle until I get the proper size and color and scent.

These tea cups were such a great deal at $2 for the set. Now I have to find a tea pot.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tiny Thursday - Just for your little ones

There is definitely one way I could make some money selling the stuff that I make, but I always think that if it becomes too much of a high demand, then it's like working.  So the way I sell my stuff is just through friends or just myself mentioning what I items I sew.  The last time I was getting a massage, my therapist and I were talking about something and all of a sudden she was very interested in what type of baby gifts (new born) do I make.  As I describe it to her, she was getting excited and had her convinced that she needs to buy it from me and if I had the time, could I make a package for a baby boy.  One of her co-workers was due any time this month.  Of course, the next days I was at the fabric store buying the materials I will need to make what I think would be perfect for the package.  At the same time, I was making all these items, it made me remember that I had to make a set for my BFF in Ottawa, who's daughter just had a baby girl.  Now I am in the zone.  Check it out.

Bandana Bibs with magnet closure.

Binkie or toy holder.

Burp pads (one for mom and one for dad.

Bow ties for baby boy or later.

A new project, a baby head rest while getting fed or sleeping.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tacos Tuesday - Yellow Food Truck on Hwy 97

Also known as the YLW Taco Truck.  If you are ever in the Okanagan area, you have got to check this out.  Every time we are in Kelowna, we always look for the yellow truck as they serve the best tacos in the area.  The two young guys makes everything from scratch.  The taco shells aka tortillas are the perfect size and they do not fall apart.  This past weekend we stop by and instead of having just two tacos which I normally have, I had the full lunch dish.
Three pork belly tacos with all the trimmings.  When you bite into it, there's so much crunch and the mixture of everything starts a mini fireworks inside my mouth.  My hubby chose to have the Burrito Bowl and of course he enjoyed it because it has a little less carb (no tortilla).  The previous visit he had the special, which had three tacos (chicken, beef and spicy chorizo).  Each and every visit, the food taste exactly the same or better.  The only down side is that they are not there during the winter months. I cannot blame them.  Maybe they can figure out another place they can be indoors and still have the yellow truck.  So if you love tacos, the YLW truck will still be there until the end of October.  If not, you can watch out for them next April, I hope.  You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram (unfortunately, I don't do either).  

Burrito Bowl with chicken

Pork Belly tacos

Monday, October 8, 2018

Mats Monday - Placemats for as a house warming gift

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to everyone, to my relatives and friends in Canada or wherever you are.  Although some of the people have their dinner on Sunday night, some actually have it today.  This year since there's only two of us, we decided not to do the dinner.  Instead we were invited to a thanksgiving dinner at one of our friends home. Aside from being thankful, I am doing something special for a friend who recently bought a house in her home country.  While she was visiting I thought of asking what she might like to have in her new home.  I showed her some ideas and she decided to have some home made placemats.  Last week since it has been raining and I could not golf, it was a perfect time to do some sewing.  First, I had to fix Jeff's back pack as the zipper is broken on one of the front section.  Jeff was so pleased with the way I fixed it and he was very happy that it won't get stuck like the original way the zipper was sewn. Second, I started the place mats for my friend.  While getting everything ready, I realized I needed a different batting or lining for the middle part of the mats.  The main side are materials that I bought from the garage sale.  Not knowing what to do with it, until I showed it to my friend.  She loves butterflies.  Well, here's the finished product of her new set of placemats for her new home.  I hope that she truly loves them.