Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Thriving Tuesday - My plants are still alive

Spring has arrived and there are some flowers in our front yard that are starting to come up.
I believe they are called crocus. There are some purple ones and white ones.  In addition, I noticed some tulip leaves but no blooms yet.  Hopefully this month they will be all coming up.  For today, I just wanted to show you the indoor plants that has survived a couple of winters already.  Although I have to give my hubby the credit for remembering to water the plants, I am doing all the talking and providing positive support as well as snipping of dead leaves.  The only thing about having indoor plants is that you have to ask someone to look after them when you go on away even if it is for a few days.  So far I only have six left and will most likely not add anymore.  I would like to add some more flowering plants for the front yard when the weather gets a bit warmer.  

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Sweatshop Saturday - Team building projects

It was a great visit with my BFF and his wife but it was a bit short but we had accomplished a lot of things.  We managed to share stories while shooting pool.  While I did a few sewing repairs and sewing lessons and other sewing projects, we continued to talk about old times.
Even though we were home most of the time, we managed to do a bit of shopping just to show what is available in our city.  I made sure that I baked enough treats for their trip back to Victoria.  Anyway, here's some of the photos I took during their visit which includes crafts and some foods I made.

Fluffy no knead rolls

Asian dinner

Artisan bread with nuts and chocolate chips

Roast beef dinner

Pot holders using left over fabrics

Attaching velcro using the fusing ribbons

My BFF's new cell phone holder 
New drapes to help block the sunlight for the baby's room

Friday, March 22, 2019

Friendship Friday - My BFF is arriving

Spring has sprung.  Friday is friendship day.  By BFF and his wife will be arriving sometime today.  It will be a long drive from Victoria to Vernon but the weather is perfect to enjoy the beautiful scenery of British Columbia.  His wife has never been to the Okanagan so I am hoping that she will really enjoy the trip.  This is the second visit for my BFF.  He was here last year with my other BFF to spend time during my birthday month.  I have been busy getting the B&B ready and even had a chance to do some baking.  So far I have made a Banana Bread and a Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  A long time ago, I use to make this type of quick bread because the ingredients are simple and the recipe is easy to make.  Last night I started my artisan bread with cranberry and walnuts.  Today I plan to make some Texas Roadhouse rolls for them to try. While they are visiting I am sure we will check out of the tourist spot but also will just chill at home to catch up on stories.  There will also be some sewing/repairs that they had requested prior to their arrival.  Of course, we will have time to shoot some pool although I have not played for at least a couple of months.  Hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny, just in case we are going for our daily walk. LOL.  A few weeks ago, I have made a couple of items for my BFF for a belated happy birthday.  It is not a surprise because I had to ask him for the measurements.  This next few days will go so fast as we get busy and enjoy each and every moment of their visit. 

This is a pouch for his new tablet.

A travel toiletries roll up case

Sour Cream Coffee Cake 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Technical Tuesday - On becoming geeky

What happens when a non geeky woman marries a geeky man?  She becomes a geeky wife.  Before I met my hubby I was just beginning to learn about the latest technology.  After hanging out with him and his buddies, my knowledge of technology has increased.  He made sure he got me some of the latest gadgets and toys that I would enjoy.  In addition he made it a point to show me how to use and how to fix, just in case.  He had shown me so much short cuts when using my computer to make my task at work easier.  During my volunteer days at the police department, I was complimented by the supervisor as to how fast I get the updates done in the shortest time possible.  It was all due to the tips/secrets that my hubby has taught and shared.  I recently had to re design our brochure for our Bed and Breakfast using Publisher.  It was a recent version of the program and I had to re learn how to use it.  This time I thought it would just be an electronic version compared to the one we had in San Jose where I actually had my daughter take it to the printers.  Although it is a nice souvenir for our guest, so I might still get it done once the final version is ready.  Last week I had to change the ink cartridge for our printer.  Luckily the process was simple and I was able to use the printer right away.  But the next day, my computer was not connecting to our WiFi. Of course the first thing I do is re boot (that's the first advise from my hubby).  And then I did the diagnostics which was the second step.  After all that, the wireless connection works.  Most of the time, I would just call hubby to do it, but I thought I should learn how to fix things myself and I did it.  There are still many more things I need to learn, but that is what Google and You Tube are for.  Now a days there isn't a single thing that one cannot do. Right?
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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sumptuous Sunday - Something new

Before I forget, Happy St. Patrick's to everyone who is reading this post because you are my loyal follower or reader or maybe you just happen to stumble upon my blog, in that case, thank you for stopping.  I decided to share some of the latest recipe that I have tried this weekend.  One is from my daughter (the artisan bread). She told me about using the "Everything but the bagel seasoning" from Trader Joe's.  I added a tablespoon in the bread and another tablespoon on top just before baking.  Check out how good looking my bread turned out.

The next recipe is from my sister.  I was asking her for some ideas for dessert that I need to bring over to the dinner my neighbor was hosting last night.  My sister is great at trying different recipes and tweaking it until it's just perfect and easy to make.  So this is called
Tibok Tibok.  I know it's weird to pronounce but it is definitely smooth and yummy.  If you like coconut, this is perfect for your taste buds. It is not so sweet and yet so much flavor.  One tip my sister added, make sure you don't leave the pot, stirring with a whisk and being patience is the key. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Favorite Friday - Craft night

Our neighborhood is definitely the best place for retire couple.  We have great people who loves getting together and doing things specially when winter months are keeping us indoors.  Now that the weather is getting a bit warm we are planning all our upcoming events.  For the month of March, two of our ladies are hosting craft night.  We are so fortunate to have some really creative guys.  The hubby of the host has made a wooden star in two different shade.  Each of the ladies will decorate these stars with whatever they wish but the theme is Memory Star.  If someone had collected some jewelry from their mother or sister, they can decorate the star with it.  Since I did not have anything that I have collected from the loved ones we lost, I am doing a Memory Star by placing their names on a shape and adding a key.  The key symbolizes the key that will open the new door to whatever place they have gone after their life on earth.  Check out how I gathered the items and how my star turned out.  The two ladies hosting this event are providing appetizers and everyone attending will BYOB and all their items to decorate their own star.  It's going to be a fun evening of stories, friendship and imaginations.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Way to go Wednesday - Daylight saving time

Yesterday morning while watching the Today show, I saw a short clip of Penny (Kaley Cuoco) of the Big Bang Theory starting a campaign to get rid of the the DST.  I am on board with her and any other person in the world.  If you are like me, that has a few watches and lots of clocks at home, time change is not fun at all.  I have listened to some of the arguments and how it all began but I am not sure if anyone really loves this twice a year exercise.  Can you imagine how many people all over the world miss their flights every time this happens?  How about those who miss their train, bus and even going to church?  I can understand the time difference between cities and countries.  But that's another whole issue and I am glad I don't have to deal with it anymore.  When I was still working and travelling, we had to pay attention to that.  I had to because of my insulin and it was not easy but I did it.  Now that I am retired and not have to worry if I will be late for work, it shouldn't really matter, right.  So hopefully they can figure out something and totally get rid of it.  I bet if they took a vote all over the world, the YES get rid of it team will win.  Now that I have said my two cents on this topic, it is time to figure out what I will do for our upcoming craft night. Good luck Penny, you go get your followers to join in your campaign.

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B.C. Premier John Horgan has sent a letter to governors in the states of Washington, Oregon and California asking to be kept in the loop on no longer changing the clocks twice a year. The jurisdictions are looking at ways to stay on either Daylight Saving Time or Pacific Standard Time year-round.