Saturday, November 18, 2017

Selection Saturday - NHL and NFL

This is how you know that winter is here to stay.  You start making up lists of your sports teams.  It's like our own hockey and football pool.  Only difference is that it's just for me and Jeff.  That's right we have finally decided to pick our teams to make it more exciting when we are watching these games.  There is no prize, no initial fees or weekly pot.  Just a simple game of your team vs my team.
We picked our teams for the regular season and then look them over once the playoffs begins.  OK you must think, we have way too much time in our hands.  Maybe a little, we are both retired.  But truly I do this stuff while watching the game so I actually don't waste my other time doing my hobbies.  You must be wondering which teams we have and did I make the right choice.  Who knows, it was all pure luck, except for some teams who are my favorites already. Good luck to both. LOL

NHL:  MY PICKS:  Lightning, Senators, Canadiens, Sabres, Devils, Penguins, Capitals, Flyers, Blues, Jets,  Avalanche, Kings, Flames, Ducks, Oilers.

JEFF's PICKS: Leafs, REd Wings, Bruins, Panthers, Blue Jackets, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Hurricanes, Predators, Starts, Blackhawks, Golden Knights, Canucks, Sharks, Coyotes.

NFL: MY PICKS: Cowboys, Giants, Rams, Cardinals, Vikings, Packers, Saints, Falcons, PATRIOTS, Jets, Chiefs, Chargers, Steelers, Browns, Titans, Colts.

JEFF's PICKS: Eagles, Redskins, Seahawks, 49ers, Lions, Bears, Panthers, Buccaneers, Bills, Dolphins, Raiders, Broncos, Ravens, Bengals, Jaguars, Texans.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Fortunate Friday - Very lucky to have my SIL

It has been a long time since I had featured someone very important in my life.  Today is my favorite SIL's (son in law) birthday. Oh I forgot to mention, I only have one SIL.  I am using Fortunate even though it's not monetary but it's like I won the lottery when my daughter married Mike.  In 2010 when I retired I was not really sure how to explain how I felt about leaving my one and only daughter.  Even though she's a grown responsible woman and very independent, deep down she is still my kid. The only thing that made it easier to leave was that she was in good hands, actually change that, she's in excellent care of my SIL. I knew in my heart that he will always be there for her.  He also has an amazing family and they just embraced my daughter as one of theirs.  I could go on and on but today I just want to thank him and wish him an awesome happy birthday.  Maybe he might stumble upon my blog today so he will know how much appreciate him as my son in law. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tempting Tuesday - Dress making

Have you heard of The Great British Sewing Bee show?  Last Tuesday while searching for something to watch while other shows are being recorded, I stumble upon this show.  We started watching it, mainly me because Jeff was on his laptop reading or watching You Tube of something about RV's.  Anyway, I got really excited and some memories of stuff that I use to do back then.  In my teen's I remember learning how to sew from a couple of aunts (each side of the family).  If anyone can recall Bell bottom pants, bright colored dress with geometric shapes, and micro mini skirts.  Anyway, I did some sewing then, making my own patterns for pants, etc.  So when I saw this show, I wondered if I can remember show to make my own patterns for whatever it is that I can make.  For the next few days I will attempt to either make pajama, a skirt or maybe even a dress.  Although I know I cannot wear them until summer time, it will be a challenge. I could pretend I am part of that sewing bee.  But for now, I will still to simple sewing stuff. It's really time to get busy just in case my neighbor and I decide to do a girl's night of early Christmas shopping - home made gifts for special family/friend. So far I have potato bags, fabric wallets, credit card holders, cell phone charger holder, cleaner pad, pin cushions and maybe some kitchen towel with special embroideries, not to forget some baby bibs, binkie holders, burp pads.  I might need to take inventory so I can figure out how many more to make, just in case.  Two weeks is probably all I have to add more items of everything.  For now the dress or pajama making will be put on hold.  By the way, I also had an idea and made patterns for my home winter slippers.  Here are all my samples of the above items for the maybe sale. I better get going as my neighbor just informed me the sale will be the first week in December. 

Cell phone charger holder

Baby's first set

Microwave potato/corn bag

What a girl wants - set for your BFF

Shopping bag - just when you need one

Crochet hooks holder

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Solitaire Sunday - Staying indoor

Being busy and being productive is a result of staying at home when the snow is coming down and the roads are not clear and visibility is a bit low.  Honestly I don't really mind since I could finish all the several projects that were put on hold due to the move.  Aside from old projects, I ended up with some new ideas as well as different order from family and friends.  . It's like solitary confinement in a good way.  I enjoy what I do for hours and hours and sometime it's hard to realize how much time flies by.  Instead of writing more words, why don't I just share what I have completed.  The two bottles are for my friend Dorothy while the two mini African frames are for my sister.

My sister said that these two will match perfectly to her living room decor.

Final item for the day, just needed a quick case for my paint brushes.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Family Friday - Country artists so together

After watching the 51st Annual Country Music Association Awards night, I can now declare my loyalty to the country music and their artists.  I just love that part when each artist accept their awards and the talk about family - like all of them - as one big family who resides in Nashville, TN.  A couple of years ago, Jeff and I plus my MIL had to go to Tennessee for a family emergency.  We had a day free to spend the day in Nashville.  We walked the downtown area, check out the stores, restaurants, bars and the whole experience was nothing but amazing.  Everyone was so friendly and happy.  There's live music every pub and restaurants that we passed by.  We weren't planning on buying some footwear, but we stop by one store and they had a deal -  buy one pair of boots and get two free. We did it, one for Jeff, mine was free and also for my MIL. I guess that could the beginning of being part of the country family.  Actually maybe even before when we visited my BFF Susan in Texas.  I did buy my first cowboy boots and still loves wearing them, except not during winter.  So back to country family.  Here are some of my favorite artists and a list of favorite songs old and new.
  • Carrie Underwood - Before he cheats
  • Sam Hunt - Body like a back road
  • Martina McBride - In my daughter's eyes
  • Rascal Flatts - Prayin' for daylight
  • Lady Antebellum - Need you now
  • Kenny Chesney - You had me from hello
  • Kacey Musgraves - Christmas makes me cry
  • Lone Star - Walking in Memphis
  • George Strait - I cross my heart
  • Alan Jackson - Remember when
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Winter Wednesday - It's beginning to look like Christmas

White fluffy snow reminds you of Winter Wonderland, right.  But not at the beginning of November. It's too early.  Everyone said that they don't get snow until about a week before Christmas.  Well, they are all wrong.  It arrived on the morning of November 2. You might ask, were we prepared?  Of course we were.  We put on our warm pants, -32C boots, Hudson's Bay Canadian mittens, toque aka beanie, bola and ear muffs, turtleneck, fleece jacket, winter jacket, OK you get the picture.  We had to get out that day as we had a couple of appointments to get too.  So first Jeff shoveled the driveway so we can leave.  When we came back he shoveled again. Then before he took me to my volunteer training and then after we got back.  The next day more snow arrived.  Not really sure who ordered them because we definitely did not.  So Welcome to Canada is what it said.  Today more of that white stuff arrived and I can't decline the delivery. I know it's free but it's just way too early for such.  Honestly, I think Jeff is taking this really well.  It's me that has become a WUSS or woose, doesn't matter how you spell it, that's me at my age.  I don't like cold, slipper stuff anymore. OK I made my declaration, winter is not my favorite season.  But we now live here, so there.  Actually I don't mind being stuck at home since we don't have to go outside. I keep myself truly busy with my crafts, sewing, blogging, baking, music and of course tennis and golf on TV.  Yes, I found my winter sports and it's not outdoors.  There's a sports center that offers Squash and Racquetball, with a small gym and a nice bar (a little too noisy for us).

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monetary Monday - Early Christmas gift ideas

Just in case you have not counted, there are only 48 days before Christmas. Are you ready?  Have you made your naughty and nice list?  Are you one of those that just buy gift card because you don't know what to get that special person?  Today I am trying for the very first time to see if I can monetized my blog by convincing my readers or followers to check out my blog for special gifts for that some one.  Every week I will feature some items you can choose from and order.  At this time unfortunately I am not sure how the billing and shipment will be covered.  With the help of Jeff, hopefully I can have it all set up in a week.
You are probably wondering why I am doing this.  It seems like everyone is telling me that it is a great idea to sell the items online.  The problem is I don't think I have enough audience to do it.  Maybe if you can tell a friend or family to check out my blog, then somehow my audience will eventually grow.  As this is just a trial, I would like to offer a prize for the first one to comment on the featured item.  

Potato bag aka corn bag.  Instructions included inside the bag.