Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Whimsical Wednesday - A unicorn birthday

It's a little funny story that I wanted to share for my post today.  A week ago, my neighbor invited me to her birthday party.  She was going to be 8 and the theme is unicorn.  I got excited as I have never been to a Unicorn birthday party.  She told me that I could wear a pajama if I wanted to but she will have a unicorn headband for me.  She told me the date and the time.  A few days later I bought a couple of gifts that had unicorn on it.  Before making some extra give away for her five little friends, I ask her mother what sizes do they wear for flip flops. It took me a few stores before I found the right sizes I needed.  The day before her party I started decorating the flip flops and then realized I needed to make doubles. Anyway you will see what I am talking about.  On the day of the party, I put on my PJs and carried the gifts and extras plus my manicure basket (nail polish, tools, etc).  When all the girls arrived, they made name tags using the unicorn chart, played games, had unicorn treats and then I gave them all a quick mani pedi which they all loved.  Once their nails were done, it was Pinata time which I did not participate (as per Jeff's instruction). Anyway here's some photos I took for the very whimsical unicorn party. 

These became a unicorn friendship bracelets, it was meant for the flip flops,
but it was too late to crochet more.

Everyone gets this during their pedicure.

Sparkle Fudge

Unicorn cupcakes - I saved mine and took it home for Jeff.

The birthday girl and me

Her friends

Her other friends

Monday, August 13, 2018

Motor mouth Monday - Golf etiquette

The only time that I try very hard not to talk a lot is during golf.  Don't get me wrong, I would engage in short conversation but I know when to stop.  For example, when people are teeing off, on the fairway and putting on the green, I truly pay attention and keep very quiet.  I understand we are not the professionals or even the amateur, but I believe that golf etiquette applies to every type of golfer, even the hackers.  About a month ago my golf buddy and I decided to try the Thursday special at the Vernon Golf and Country club.  Since it was a busy day we knew we were going to be paired up with another twosome.  We had no problem with that but we were not that lucky.  We had the same tee time as these two ladies who were apparently members of this particular club.  As soon as she met me, she started convincing me that I should join and be a member of the golf course.  Almost ever hole she was promoting the club and how it was inexpensive and that there's a lot of events.  I told her I was not interested but she told me that she would sponsor me and again that it was not
expensive.  On another hole, she asked if had taken lessons and almost on every other hole, she would tell me where to direct the ball.  My golf buddy was getting annoyed as she would not stop talking specially when he is putting.  Towards the end of round, she made a comment about my drive as being a good one.  My ball went right and was under the tree.  Apparently, that was good for her.  In my mind, I was thinking, it's a bad drive, I am not in the middle.  Once we finished, my golf buddy and I went to the restaurant and shortly after our spouses joined us.  The same annoying woman asked where we were going to sit.  That's when I just ignored her and went to straight to the restroom.  Most of the people you meet at the golf course are pretty good but once in a while you get someone like this woman who is just annoying and would not shut up.  So here's a few golf etiquette that I found just in case you are a golfer and did not get a chance to read up on this part of golf.  
  1. don't be the slowest player (play ready golf)
  2. keep your temper under control (it's not the equipment's fault)
  3. respect other people's time (if you have to cancel, do it sooner than later)
  4. repair the ground you play on (repair your own ball mark)
  5. be a silent partner (think of the course as the green library - Shhh)
  6. keep your golf cart invisible (don't leave your cart in front of the green)
  7. always look your best (your appearance speaks volume about you as a person)
  8. turn off your cell phone (I agree that if your cell phone rings, it's a two stroke penalty)
  9. lend a hand when you can (help to look for ball if you can)
  10. learn the little things (lay flag stick down slowly)

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Scrunchies Saturday - Back to sewing

After my daughter requested that I sew some scrunchies for her hair, I made sure that I have extras to give away as gifts.  Last weekend while she was attending a birthday party for one of her nephews, she sent a text asking if I still have extras as the girls (her nieces) wanted to have some scrunchies just like hers.  So I immediately sent her a photo of the extras that was left from the first batch I made.  The girls loved it and they wanted all plus some other colors.  The youngest does not have as long hair as the other two.  My daughter requested that I make a couple of smaller scrunchies for her.  Now that I have started again, I will make more for later as I never know when someone might need scrunchies .  It is very easy to do and I have so much scrap fabrics but need to get more elastic for the rest of the scrunchies. Do you have little girls with long hair?  If so, this is the time to make them while they are still home and you can make it in a couple of hours.  They will be so happy to wear them when they return to school.  

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thirsty Thursday - Something new and refreshing

Summertime is a perfect time to try something cool and refreshing.  Last April when my friend from Vancouver came to visit, he was only drinking the Lone Tree Cider.  There's a few variety and I did like one but the others tasted a little too much like white wine.  As I prefer red wine to white, it really did not excite me.  This past week when my cousin and her hubby visited from Yellowknife the brought a six pack of peach growers cider.  It was tasty and a couple of days later we tried the strawberry rhubarb.  After they left, we stopped by another liquor store close to home and I saw two very interesting flavors.  We bought the raspberry ginger and the green apple and lime flavors.  So far I only have tried the raspberry ginger and it was not as sweet at the peach nor the strawberry rhubarb.  During the party that we hosted this past weekend, I tried the green apple and lime.  It was a bit tarty and not as sweet. I guess I would just rate is as just OK.  When I checked online, there was a new flavor called Clementine Pineapple, I already know that I will love this.  Just in case you like ciders and have not tried them, here's the variety of flavors available.  Although online it seems like there's a few available in West and some are just in the East.  Wherever you reside, I am sure you fill find at least one that will quench your thirsty today at four thirsty.
As you can see the bold flavors would have to be my favorites, even though I have not tried all. 
  • Clementine Pineapple
  • Raspberry Ginger
  • Harvest Stone Fruit
  • Extra Dry Apple
  • Summer Peach
  • Bartlett Pear
  • Wild Blackberry
  • Orchard Berry
  • Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Field Raspberry
  • Green Apple & Lime
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Honey Crisp Apple
  • Cranberry Pomegranate
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Bing Cherry
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Monday, August 6, 2018

Monstrous Monday - Amazing huge crops

A very happy long weekend to everyone in Canada.  For those who live in the USA, the first Monday in August is a holiday and different province has a variety of name for it. For example, Heritage Day, Civic Day, Terry Fox day, BC Day, Natal Day and New Brunswick Day.  I wonder if the just added that in order to get a holiday in August since it's the only month without a long weekend.  But today's post is really not about the holiday.  Today I wanted to feature all the photos I took of the beautiful garden we saw at our friends place. A variety of vegetables and fruits around his property and a beautiful terrace in his backyard.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Friendly Friday - Reconnecting with Yellowknifers

When my cousin arrived from Yellowknife last weekend, we didn't know what to expect since I have not seen them for many years.  She is my cousin on my mother side of the family.  Her mother is the only one left on my mother's family.  We were a total of 11 cousins and currently 9 still around. Six in Canada, two in the Philippines, one in the USA.  We had a lot of catching up and they were searching for a place they can call home when they retire in a couple of years. One day we checked out a couple of open houses and there's one in particular that my cousin's hubby could not forget.  Hopefully their trip here would give them some ideas.  During their stay we were able to video chat with a couple of our friends and the following days we were able to visit them in West Kelowna and Summerland.  After a little over 22 years, it was amazing to meet up and catch up on life.  Truly the friends we met in Yellowknife (where I started my Canadian life) are so wonderful and friendly.  We also got a chance to talk on the phone with a couple other family and another friend.  Although my cousin only stayed for 3 days, we had a lot of hours of just reminiscing.  They invited us to visit them in Yellowknife and shortly after they left Jeff and I decided to book our trip.  Now I can show him what the North is all about as well as meet some of our friends and some relatives that are residing there.  Hopefully the Northern Lights will have a show for us during our visit and if not, I am sure Jeff will just enjoy being somewhere that far north.

This was in front of the home of our friend.

This is an actual name of a street in Yellowknife.

Great souvenirs from the Northwest Territories - polar bear shaped license plates.

Can you spot the shadow that looks like a First nation chief?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Momentous Monday - A year ago today

No one could believe it either.  We have been in Canada for one complete year.  Winter was not that bad and we survived living in our new home for the whole season.  Spring came a little late but Summer is hot during the day and comfy during the night.  We have made
many friends in the neighborhood and are still meeting new ones as some old neighbors moved out and some new ones moved in.  Of course there are other people we meet through my volunteer, the golf course and through our neighbors.  It seems like the year went by so fast that we have no reason to complain about anything.  We are very lucky to have found a great home which technically we have not done any repairs or repainting.  At the beginning we did a lot of shopping for furniture and appliances and decorative items.  Once everything was in place, there was nothing to do except enjoy living in our new home.  Some of the hobbies I started during the winter months are painting empty bottles of wine.  I also started painting 4" x 4" canvas using acrylic paints (both materials from the Dollar store).  Of course sewing still keeps my busy on those cold nights.  Embroidery and crocheting were the other hobbies.  As for Jeff he is constantly tinkering in our RV and of course in the garage.  His biggest project for the winter was the wooden shutters for our entertainment room.  After that we started collecting different items we bought from the store, garage sales and some were donated by our neighbor and friends.  We had a chance to visit relatives and friends who resides in other parts of BC as well as the state of Washington.  This weekend we will celebrate this even with a little backyard BBQ with the good old american dishes (hamburger, hot dog, corn on the cob, coleslaw, potato salad, watermelon and some treats).
We cannot wait to make new exciting memories as well as welcoming friends and family who will be staying with us.  

The day we moved in a year ago.
The two deer were in our front yard - the Vernon welcoming committee
Our first winter, snow arrived the first day of  November and stayed for a couple of weeks.
These flowers bloomed for my birthday.
My daughter and my sister came to visit.