Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Treasure Tuesday - Bargain Hunting is my thing

It's all about searching for the right thing, being there at the right time and of course paying as little as possible for whatever item you require.  Although there are some things you have to just suck it up and pay for whatever price it is, because of their quality and life time warranty - is there such a thing?  Anyway, I am pleased that we found a few neat stores that are bargain like but not dollar store.  There's a couple we found in town and we have been lucky to find items that we needed for the home.  I like checking out stores that are different from what we were used to in San Jose.  Although I have to admit that there's a lot of my favorites back in the are we use to live and the bargains I can get there are even better.  But now that we are here, I need to switch over to what is available to us.  We are still just getting things as we go shopping and we find something at almost every store we go.  I know I can get some items in the more expensive store, but we have already been spending bigger items and so I have to keep things lower for items that are not as important.  It's getting closer and closer to finishing the decoration and much needed furnishings.  Here's some of the things we found. 

  • Blender for $6  - Jeff will use it for blending his compost
  • Bread Machine $ 15 - almost new and this is Jeff's new hobby, making bread
  • Wire tool .50 cents - for my crafts
  • Fabric flowers - for any arrangements for the home
  • Warm wrap - for my during the cold temperatures day or night
  • Wooden vase - a special size for that corner in the hallway
  • Piano bench - repainted the legs and reupholstered the seat

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stitching Sunday - Back to sewing

Since we move to our new home,  I am pleased to announce I now have my own room that is used for crafting, painting, sewing, blogging, filling papers, not to forget ironing whatever it is that I want to keep busy with.  One of the great benefit is that I do not have a basket of ironing items.  When I do our laundry, I take the clothes that needs pressing in this room and I do them after folding the laundry.  It is also nice to have my sewing machine always ready for whatever it is that I need to sew and or repair.  Can you imagine if I had to take the drapes that we bought for the dining room to a seamstress, the cost of just shortening them. I am not sure how much it cost now a days for stuff like that.  Even hemming pants or any taking in a few inches for a dress, etc.  We also needed new curtains for the RV.  Jeff knows I am a little creative and can do this.  I took down the old own and unstitched the part for hanging the drapes.  There was a good sale of drapes at Fabricland and it happens that the color we needed was the one on sale.  I bought one panel and divided in half in order to have one for the right and one for the left window of the RV.  Last Monday night, I made a couple of hand towels, one for our guest room and the other for a friend who is San Jose Sharks fan. We also did a little bit of our own headboard for our bed using the idea from one of the room in our home in San Jose.  I am guessing by now, you know I have been busy.

Not the greatest photo, but this is on the driver's side window.  The material is perfect to provide privacy.

Since we still do not have night stand the frames are just temporarily hung.

A hand towel or a golf towel for a very good friend and golf buddy.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Frustrated Friday - Need some lessons

For some reason or another, I am on a roll on painting bottles.  The first few I did was a result of the champagne bottles that we received as a welcome to your new home from our realtor.  Then we had company and two more bottles were empty so I painted them also. Then there was a small bottle, a small can and a small metal basket I got from the garage sale.  At first I used the left over paint that the previous owner left in the garage.  Then I started with the left over paint from our front door.  I have to check previous post to make sure I have not posted the photos of these bottles that I have painted.  After this week, I am done with bottle painting as I ran out of ideas.  Maybe I should take some painting lessons at the senior centre or the local Community Centre.  Notice how I spell the word CENTRE.  I am definitely back in Canada.  This would be a perfect winter class as long as I don't have to travel far and I can do it during the day.  So check out these bottles with winter/Christmas in the North.  Some of these scenes are from memories of what it was like living in Northern Canada.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Waste Wednesday - Sorting is not simple

Recyling materials and waste is not simply in this area that we moved in.  We were very good with recyling items when we lived in San Jose.  But there, it was simple.  Black bin - garbage, Blue bin - paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, styrofoam.  Green Bin - yard waste, grass, leaves.
The first thing we did when we got here was ask our neighbor with regards to their garbage/recycle schedule.  We were told to buy our own garbage bin, recycling blue bins and green bins if we wanted to do it, but not necessary as they would pick up your leaves, branches, weeds, etc. as long as you pile it in one spot in front of your curb.  But it is actually not that simple.  Garbage pick up is every Friday but Recycle Blue bin pick up is only every other Thursday.  I don't even know when they pick up the yard waste.  By the way the glass bottles and jars, foam tray, food container and packaging plus plastic bag and outer bags are to be DROP-OFF ONLY - you have to take it yourself to the Recycling Depot.  OK let's go back to the BLUE BINS - we labelled one PAPER ONLY and the other PLASTIC.  After a month, we thought we got it down pat.  Well, Jeff got a note from the Recycling guys and they did not take some of the stuff that we thought was part of the blue bin plastic,cans, cartons and foil wrap. I mean really, I could go on and on but instead of trying to figure out,
I placed their paper instruction in front of our fridge so I can just check where an item goes in one of those blue bins or garbage.  Oops, I almost forgot, Jeff also started this compost container which holds food scraps, fruits, veggies, etc.  It has a very potent smell each time I open it.  I have to convince him to find another spot instead of our counter near the sink. The one important one is the hazardous waste - my insulin needs - Superstore provides a container for free and once full, you bring it back to them and the provide you with another empty container.  In San Jose, you buy the container every time you need an empty one.  For more information visit

Image result for recycle bc

Image result for recycle bc

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tennis Tuesday - Taking advantage of warm weather

In another couple of weeks, the leaves will start to turn and then fall comes then we all know that white stuff.  Jeff and I have been taking advantage of some of the warm weather to play tennis and get a bit of exercise.  The only problem is most days it is very smoky.  We have stayed in as much as we can but after a while we need to get some fresh air or should I say smoky smell.  We had found at least 3 different tennis courts that are very close to our home which is perfect.  There's one that has a great view except I cannot take great photos to share because of the smoky skies.  Sorry I have to keep repeating myself because it's been over a month and we hardly see those beautiful blue skies.  Anyway, I decided to take photos of the different plants around the park where the tennis court it.  If you look closely on one of the photo you can almost see the Kalamaka Lake. 

Notice some of the leaves are already changing colors.

We notice that these grass weedy like plants are everywhere.

This would be a beautiful photo if the sky was blue.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Maturation Monday - Is it possible I am getting better

It is hard to believe but most of the plants that I bought and planted in pots or in a box outside and inside of our home has been maturing.  Except for that beautiful red mums that I bought from Home Depot which started dying from heat or smoke or something.  I was very disappointed but luckily my friend Dorothy brought me a house warming gift - A bigger
pot of two colored mums.  I've added some herbs like Thai Basil and Lemon Verbena.  At the same time I bought a couple of non edible Kale in green and purple.  They are looking good and have to definitely bring them indoors when the cold weather arrives.  The other plants with flowers are doing well and I have to give credit to Jeff who is very good at watering all of my plants.  Our front porch looks good with all the different pots with plants.  We also added two wicker chairs for us to seat and enjoy whatever is left of the summer weather.  It is sad that we have not seen some of the perfect blue sky that the Okanagan has due to all the fires in the surrounding areas.  When we wake up in the morning, that is the first thing we check is the smoky skies.  It still does not stop me from golf and tennis, I just need to use my puffer for protection.  

This was the view from our living room window last Friday at 9 am.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sesquicentennial Saturday - Canada 150 Anniversary

It just happens that we decided to come back to live in Canada this year when this country is celebrating it's 150th Anniversary of Confederation.  There's still a lot of celebration going on probably till the end of the year.  Since I have lived in Canada for over 35 years, it's really what I call home.  While checking out some fabrics at a store called Fabricland, I notice they had a lot of materials celebrating Canada's birthday with some just the red and white maple leaf but there's a set that really caught my attention.  In fact it was Jeff who noticed it first and gave me the idea on what to do with them.  After checking it out, I thought of thinking things through but after two weeks, we went back since they had a big sale and we bought the fabrics.  Jeff helped me with this project and we finally finished it last night and now we can say we are celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary in our own way.  These are the two Territories I have lived (Northwest and Yukon) and two provinces (Ontario and British Columbia).  Although I have visited almost all provinces except Newfoundland and have never visited nor lived in Nunavut, I am very happy to be back in the country I call home.

My sister sent me this as her house warming gift to us.  It is very fitting as when we lived in Yellowknife we did see this scenery live.

Another very familiar scenery during the winter of children wearing their parkas and going to a small schoolhouse.