Monday, December 31, 2012

Moody Monday - New Year's Eve

Last day of 2012 and I am moody.  Well, it's not really that moody, just not interested in doing anything for tonight.  Two years ago we went to a party and last year we just stayed in because my sister was here and we all did not feel like doing anything special.  I blame it all in getting older.  As much as I like dancing the night away, Jeff is not really into dancing so what's the point.  There's one invitation to go to a house party of one of Jeff's friend but I believe we opted to stay in.  Then there's the other dilemma of what to cook tonight.  Maybe I will just make a couple of appetizers and have some special drink.  Since I cannot really drink a lot to celebrate and welcome the new year, I have to pick one drink and it has to be something the I truly love.  So the drink for the night is AMF.  Just in case you don't remember, here's a photo and the recipe in case you want to make it.  Whatever you will be doing tonight, just make sure you are with the one you love.  Happy New Year's Eve to all.

1/2 oz Vodka 
1/2 oz Rum 
1/2 oz Tequila 
1/2 oz Gin 
1/2 oz Blue Curacao 
2 oz Sour mix 
2 oz 7-Up

Pour all ingredients except the 7-Up into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Top with 7-Up and stir gently.

The only new year's eve song that I know.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shamless Sunday - Unruly Shoppers

These type of people should not be allowed in the stores.  These are those who are either uneducated, unruly and just outright rude.  When there is a line being formed for the cashier,
there always seems to be one or two who either jumps the line or tries to make their own line.  The problem sometimes is that the cashier will take them even though they can see that there were other people waiting.  I guess you already know why I am doing this post.  Someone pissed me off and I have to vent.  By the way, I left my item at the store because I was not satisfied with what the cashier's response to me.  Now I am going to write a review on Yelp.  The funny thing was that I was the only one who was upset, all the other shoppers just waited in line even though this particular man did what he did.  I am sure that what he does all the time because he thinks he is special and he does not have to wait like everyone else.  I guess that's why I shop during the day when the store less shoppers.  OK I am done.

Talking about shameless or shameful.  I don't know which one I will fall under.  But after coming home from our mini get away, I just realized that I have been to at least ten of the Indian Casino and Resort in Northern California.  Here's my list.
  1. Robinson Rancheria - stay and play
  2. Jackson Rancheria - stay and play - dry casino
  3. Black Oak
  4. Red Hawk
  5. Thunder Valley
  6. Cache Creek
  7. River Rock
  8. Gold Country - stay and play
  9. Feather Falls
  10. Chuckchansi - stay and play
  11. Table Mountain - dry casino
Although Jeff does not really gamble, he would put in no more $20.  Most of the time he would play a little, check out the sports bar, use the hot tub or just keep me company.  Since we've been to most, I guess it will be a while before we go to one again.  By the way, my list is  covering the years that I have known Jeff which will be ten years by February 2013.  Oh how time flies by when you are having fun.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturate Saturday - More rainy weather

The good news is that tomorrow and the following day is suppose to be sunny.  The bad news is that it's back to cloudy, chance of rain and showers.  The truth is I am not complaining, I am just sharing our weather.  It could be worst, right.  On a happier note, do you want to see what I got for Christmas?  

Small, medium and large frying pans from Macy's.
Leather steering wheel cover and the tiny item in the middle is my new golf ball marker.
In other words, I was not naughty this past year because I got these gifts this Christmas.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fraggle Friday - Do you remember them?

The first episode was shown January 1983 and the last episode was March 1987.   What is interesting about this date is that we moved from Yellowknife to Whitehorse in August 1983 and left Whitehorse to try and lived in the big city of Toronto in September 1987.  I am not sure if this was shown in the USA because my children watched it on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  Some of the Fraggles are a bit scary but the songs are very catchy.  Here's some of the characters and the opening song.

This one is scary.
These ones are kinda cute.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Brunch at Cups & Saucer

Remember by post from yesterday, well I just solved the mystery of my weight gain.  Since Jeff's cousin could not make it to our home for Christmas dinner, she suggested that we all go for brunch last Saturday.  I am not going to lie so just guess which of the following breakfast plate is mine.

Chicken Fried Waffle with Country sausage gravy and syrup

Omelette with spinach, mushroom and gorgonzola cheese and country fried potatoes
Eggs Benedict and Mimosa
Two eggs, bacon and country fried potatoes
For those of you who really know me, you are probably correct in picking the first plate.  I have not had waffle with crispy fried chicken, so when I saw it on the menu, I had to try.  What is funny is that when I ordered it, I said to the waitress, I want it cholesterol free!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weightful Wednesday - Is that even a word?

It does not matter if it's a word or not, for me it means that I have extra weight and I am full.  This also means that it's time to stop gaining more weight.  I really don't understand why it's so easy to put it on but it's so difficult to take it off.  There must be an easier way to do it and I am sure there are numerous way to lose those ugly unwanted pounds but it's not easy.  Here's an interesting fact, on Christmas eve, Jeff and I played tennis for an hour and 15 minutes because when we woke up, it was sunny and blue sky.  After checking two courts which are both wet from the rain, we finally found one which was dry and only a couple of small wet spot.  I decided to weigh myself prior to breakfast and then again after playing tennis.  It was a surprise because I lost two pounds within a span of three hours.  Maybe I really need to do some very regular work out in order to shed some of these unwanted pounds.  Truthfully I get very scared when I reached a certain weight and I start measuring my meals and avoid eating out.  My hula hoop routine is also suppose to help keep my waistline trimmer but it takes a lot to see some result.  I am not going to make some new year's resolution that I cannot keep, so I will just say that it's time to really be mindful of my health.  Workout equals weightless.  

For all my Canadian family and friends - Happy BOXING Day.  I hope that Santa brought you something nice because you were all so good this year.  As for me, as usual, I did not get anything because I had been NAUGHTY all year.  Wait a minute, let me show you what I got.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Monday - Productive Day

Due to the very rainy days in our area, we have been stuck at home.  The weather forecast is pretty similar every day, cloudy, rain, showers, windy.  I know that all those are easier to handle than snow, sleet, freezing rain or blizzard.  Jeff and I decided to do some productive chores.  While I was doing my normal chores, I also tackled the organizing of our kitchen cupboard.  It has been a while since I took inventory and really discard all those expired items.  The other chore that I was so proud of completing was our Liquor Shelf.  I created a legend (locator) for our inventory.  So here's how it looks and check out my inventory list.

From Top to Bottom (Liquor, canned goods, tea/coffee, spices,snacks, nuts,baking needs, rice and noodles)

The bottom line from L to R describes what's in the first row of the top shelf.  I can easily find what I need.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sleepy Sunday - Football and PJ's

What would you like to do when the weather is cold, damp and raining? The answer: put on your warmest cozy PJ's, cuddle up with a fleecy blanket and have a cup of sweet raspberry tea.  Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining because rain is easier to deal with than snow.  Lately the forecast is more rain and cooler evenings.  I think I need to get some new warmer PJ's.

Last Sunday I watched the Patriots exciting game only losing at the end.  The good news is that they have won more games, therefore they already have clinched the division.  Today they are playing against the Jaguars (only won two games)Although I am not as familiar with the game of football, I have Jeff to explain some of the plays in order to understand.  I know it will take time, but since there's no hockey game to watch, then football is just as good.  So no naps today because I have to cheer for my team and for now I will be wearing just my grey sweats and my Harley Davidson hoodie.  If the Patriots make it to the Superbowl, then I will have to order one of those great looking Patriots hoodie.

Nike New England Patriots Property Of Pullover Hoodie - Navy Blue
This one is by Nike of course.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Score Saturday - Haven't heard it lately

SCORE! have you heard it lately?  This is the third month of NO hockey and it seems like they have cancelled all regular games until December 30.  Without hockey I have no choice but watch footballLast Monday I saw a TV special - Maple Leafs 75 years.  Although I was never a Maple Leafs fan, it brought back a lot of memories because I had lived in the Toronto area for 13 years.  The fans of the Leafs are like any other hockey fans, they are very loyal and very supportive in that you can never get any tickets to watch them live.  It's funny that I believe I have seen the Sharks play at least five times (even before I moved here) and I have only seen the Maple Leafs play once (pre-season game).  Anyway, the TV special was filled with memories as they show old and new clippingsSome of the clippings was even before I knew hockey (60's to 70's).  They also talked about the change from the Maple Leaf Gardens to the Air Canada Centre.  In case you are wondering why I am going on and on about this topic?  Believe it or not, I miss watching Hockey specially on Saturday nights.  Last season I was very happy to see that the hockey channel actually cover the one where Don Cherry and Ron McLean.  Here are the different teams that I cheered for through the years. 
  • New York Islanders - when I lived in Yellowknife
  • Boston Bruins - when I moved to Whitehorse
  • Colorado Avalanche - because they were previously Quebec Nordics
  • Ottawa Senators - for the few years I lived in Ottawa temporarily
  • San Jose Sharks - because I moved here and they are a great team  
In 1979 we were at the Edmonton International Airport on our way to visit Manila for the holidays.  My sister and I were watching a group of good look men in suits.  I noticed and recognized one and told my sister it was Glenn "CHICO" Resch of the NY Islanders.  She dared me to approach him and get an autograph.  I accepted the dare and Chico ended up introducing me to the rest of the team and signed a blank page in my pocket calendar.  Later that year when I changed the calendar, I forgot all about that special page.  I knew that there would not be a monetary value but it would have been nice to get it framed, right?

NHL San Jose Sharks Score NHL Full Zip Hoodie
Hopefully I will have this for the 2013 season

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fine Friday - Are you really?

In a satisfactory or pleasing manner, very well, nicely, good.  That's what the dictionary defines the word FINE.  A long time ago a friend of mine ask me if I knew what fine really meant, so I replied with how it was defined in the dictionary.  And then he explained the meaning of the acronym.  At that time I thought my friend was so clever (this was before Google).  After that I was not very comfortable saying that "I'm fine" and pick some other way to describe exactly how I feel. 
  • F - @#%*! up
  • I -  Insecure
  • N - Neurotic
  • E - Emotional 
After last Friday's school shooting, one might ask if there will be a day when those people who lost their loved ones are going to be fine.  I believe it's the shooter that is definitely fine.  I wonder how many times his parents ask him "how are you doing today? and his response "I'm FINE".  

It has been a week and the country is still talking about the tragedy.  The parents are still processing what happened to their children.  The children are wondering what happened to their parent or grandparents.  When you lose a child, you will never be FINE.  You just try to move on with life and hope that one day you will stop asking why. It has been over four years since my son died and I am not FINE (see above), but I am alive and I'm doing OK.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

This Thursday - New favorite bagel

Surprise, it's not me that is thin, it's my new favorite everything bagel.  I was getting tired of all the other type of breads that I have been eating, English muffin, Hawaiian bread, health nut bread, etc.  So when I saw this one brand of bagel, I thought I would try it.  It's so thin, so crisp when toasted and it's only 110 calories.  Can you find this at your grocery store?



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weather Wednesday - What if I was there?

Each time we get a few days of cold weather in San Jose, I cannot help but say "it could be worst".  If I was to compare some of the places that I have lived, one can only say "you are very lucky that you don't have a real winter.  So here's some comparisons of places that I have lived and what it would be like if I was there today.  
  • San Jose, California:  53 F  or  12 C
  • Mississauga, Ontario:  39 F or  3 C
  • Kiev, Ukraine:  18 F or -8 C
  • Ottawa, Ontario:  34 F or  2 C
  • Whitehorse, Yukon:  -11 F or  - 23 C
  • Manila, Philippines:  86 F or 30 C
  • Yellowknife, Northwest Territories : -11 F or  -23 C
As you can see, San Jose is the second warmer city and our winter is mostly just rain and some cold nights.  The weather might be cooler in the morning but if it's a sunny day, it warms up really nice.  I have to admit that we have been experiencing some cool nights that I need a pair of socks and an extra sweater when I am at home.  Last Saturday I was wearing a toque inside the house for most of the day. 

Are your winter months getting to you?  Do you look forward to your next sun destination?
What do you think of this photo?  Don't you wish you were staying at this resort?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Three on Tuesday - How long does it last?

Today is about crying babies, only because of our babysitting experience this past weekend.  I cannot recall any continuous crying when we use to look after Gamble when he was younger.  He was so easy baby sitting and would only cry (very little) when hungry or wet.  It was only easy when bed time comes and to this day, we would let him know what the schedule is and he was fine with thatEven though it has been ages since my children were small, I don't have any recollection of them having one of those crying hissy fits.  That is why I am having a difficult time with the other grand kid.  It's either she's very spoiled or she's just harder to please.  So how long do you let her cry?  
  • YES - according to some books and other experienced parents, let them cry between 5 to 15 minutes before giving up.  Usually they fall asleep before the 5 minutes is up.
  • NO - it's very difficult for me to listen to her crying because it's very high pitched and very loud.
  • MAYBE - the next time, we might just have Gamble only instead of bothI am sorry but I really don't have the patience and energy to look after two very young little people. I guess I am the wicked step grand mother from the East. Oh bother.
Not sure who this is but you get the idea?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mischief Monday - Our new 10 commandments

During the weekend I was listening to a radio station (through the internet) that featured only songs from the 50's and 60's.  One song was titled the ten commandments of love.  Jeff and I was having breakfast so we made our very own ten.  

  1. Thou shall not HIT.
  2. Thou shall not CHEAT.
  3. Thou shall not LEAVE unless #1 or 2 has been violated.
  4. Thou shall not be MEAN with INTENT.
  5. Thou shall not NAG or WHINE. 
  6. Thou shall not COMPLAIN.
  7. Thou shall not SCREAM or throw a HISSY FIT.
  8. Thou shall not GO TO BED ANGRY.
  9. Thou shall not let one be LONELY.
  10. Thou shall not forget to TAKE CARE of each other in their golden age.   
Now you can make your own Ten Commandments with your better half and see what you come up with.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sorry Sunday - Lets pause to say a little prayer

Today I would like to share this poem for the family and friends of the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting.  It is very sad and I know exactly how those parents feel.  I know what it feels to lose a child.  When you read this post, please pause and say a little prayer for all who have lost a loved one last Friday, December 14, 2012.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sitting Saturday - Babysitting that is

Gamble for an overnight as he is such an easy going boy to look after.  My problem is the baby who requires a lot of attention and is very hard to please.  She cries when she does not see her Dad.  She cries when we have to change her diapers and it takes two people to do it.  I am not sure what it is but she does not want to be held either.  What she loves to do is walk around from the living room to the dining room and kitchen and keeps going around in circles. Sometimes when she is so content with that, then Gamble tries to play with her and she starts crying again.  She calms down when you give her her bottle, but how much can she drink?  I feel bad for Jeff because on Sunday I have to leave both kids with him because I have to do my volunteer in the afternoon.  I am really hoping that this is going to be only a once a month thing and not every other weekend.  Maybe when Greenlee is a bit older, it might be less stressful and actually more fun when she is able to communicateIt all boils down to me being old and not having much patience when it comes to crying and consistent attention.  According to their parents they are really easy to care for, like just give her the bottle and put on the Sponge Bob cartoon channel and that's it. 

A very tired little girl.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Freshlook Friday - new contact lens color

This month was eye check up time and I ended up with two separate appointments.  One is with an optometrist and the other with an ophthalmologist.  For some reason I could not just have one visit to check both my prescription and preventative check up for being a diabetic.
I am happy to report that my eyes are healthy and that there are no changes with my prescription.  Just in case I needed a new pair of glasses or contact lenses, the doctor gave me a new prescription.  When I got home, I decided to check my contact lens supply and to my surprise, I don't have any left and am wearing the last pair.  Two years ago this month, I bought Blue Sapphire from Fresh Look.  This time I have decided to change it up and be a little more daring and ordered the Gemstone Green.  Although I have received a lot of compliments with my blue pair,  I wanted to try something different for the new year. 
FreshLook Colorblends

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Truthful Thursday - A little bit country

While getting the envelopes, stamps and letter organized for our annual newsletter, I decided to turn on the TV and watch a recorded show - "American Country Awards".  There were the old time favorites (Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley) but then there were some really great looking new artists that I have never heard of. So far here's a few of my new favorites. 

Luke Bryan
Jake Owen
Chris Young

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wild Wednesday - 12-12-12

What does this mean? Is it a day to buy a lottery ticket?  Do you believe in numbers and their meaning?  I think I would like to do my own interpretation by picking the 12 countries that I have been and why it was memorableThis is not in any order,  just what I can recall.
  1. Beijing, China - seeing the Great Wall and going up and down on their chair lift.  This was one of the most traumatic ride of my life.
  2. Rome, Italy - stopping by the Trevi Fountain and actually throwing a coin and making a wishAfter that my friend Alex and I stopped by a Dunkin' Donuts to get a Caramel Machiato Coffee.
  3. London, England - My BFF Percy and I checked out one of their dance clubs and while dancing, a blast of fog from the machine covered the whole dance floor and I could not locate my friend. It was a bit scary but funny after he found me.
  4. Akosombo, Ghana - It was some hotel outside of the city and it was a little scary when the taxi had a flat tire. Thank God that my colleague helped the driving to change tire in a flash so we could be on our way. 
  5. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - The hotel that we were staying had a Filipino Band performing at their club.  It only took one drink and I was on the stage singing a duet with one of the band member.
  6. Kiev, Ukraine -While working there, it was nice to have a driver who took me to and from work and sometime stopping for groceries.  It makes me feel very special.
  7. Tallin, Estonia -The restaurant that we found was beautifully decorated for the holidays.  The building is like an old house that was transformed into a restaurant.  I remember this so well because it was the first time I tried ChateauBriand for two.
  8. Punta Reinas, Costa Rica - My first all inclusive resort vacation with two BFF.  Aside from having a great time for 7 days, this was the first time I had my hair braided - a total of 52, cost $1 per braid.
  9. Frankfurt, Germany - Looking for a place to have dinner, we stumble into a small restaurant that served the best Schnitzel.  The flavor and the portion was excellent.
  10. Dubai, UAE - We decided to take the day trip of the dessert.  A Lexus SUV took us up and down the dessert.  It's like being on a roller coaster only not as high.  It was the first time I felt how hot the Arabian sand was.
  11. Warsaw, Poland - It was wonderful to have someone who takes you out to dinner and have your own private tour guide. We were lucky to be friends with one of the LOT airlines steward in chargeWe stopped by a totally different type of bar where each section reminded me of the Three Little Pigs - one made of straw, one with wood and the last one bricks.
  12. Brussels, Belgium - Walking around certain parts of the city, we stumble into one of their square filled with big balloon with a decorated Christmas tree inside.  But one of the most popular spot is called the Manneken Pis.