Friday, November 30, 2018

Final Friday - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It is the last day of November and we all know what that means.  There are only 25 more sleeps before Christmas Day.  Most of the lights and outdoor decorations are on our streets.  The variety of lights, blow up Santa, reindeer, Olaf and of course minions are glowing at night.  Some of the residential area have had their decorations and lights right after the American Thanksgiving.  We decided to wait until a few days after and it only took us a couple of days to complete our decorations.  Last year one of our neighbors lent us a couple of those blow up items (a Santa and a polar bear) which made Kevin the minion happy as he had company every night.  This year he is flying solo with a couple of trees with lights guiding him at night.  Of course our very own minion nativity scene is back and this time we did not have to repair anything as it stayed in tact in the special box for storage.  Over the weekend, I am planning to wrap some of the presents so I could place them under the tree.  It's probably not the right tradition but we do not have little ones who would keep checking them, shaking them, etc.  As of today the spot under the tree is empty and it looks bare and lonely.  In our neighborhood we do our very own Christmas Caroling on our streets.  This year I was voted to take charge of this event.  The invitation has been sent and I am just waiting for responses. On the day of the event, we gather at the starter home and sing a couple of songs and have a drink.  We would continue this to the homes down the street until we end the event at the last home for the night.  Last year we had so much fun doing it for the first time and we did not get home until past midnight.  Although I think the singing was just an excuse to get a drink, but the sharing of stories, laughter and toasting a drink or two, will make you feel so much like having a very big family who are together around the holidays.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wishful Wednesday - It's that time of the year

I wonder which list my name will be added: NICE or NAUGHTY.  Unfortunately most of you know where my name has been for the last decade.  LOL.  Anyway today is more about the pretend wish list that I make around this time of the year.  Usually I will do it during cyber Monday when all the deals are and I would place items in Jeff's Amazon Wish List.  This way, I am hoping that it will trigger some ideas for the gifts I wish to get at Christmas.  It is just a fun way of wishing and even if I don't get any of the item on the list, I am OK about it.  Wishful means a desire of hope for something.  Do you make a list and share them with your family so they won't have a difficult time getting you something?  Are you OK with not getting any gifts because you have almost everything in life?  Anyway, here's my wish list and I am definitely having a great time shopping for it online but not really buying them. After all, it is just a WISH list.  I need to write my letter to Santa but I am afraid it won't get there on time as Canada Post is still on strike.

A soft golf travel bag 
Taylor Made Women's Kalea golf balls 
Green Drone with a camera
Eye shadow palette from Sephora
Set of 3 mini Moschino perfume
Footjoy Stacooler half finger golf gloves
New England Patriots long sleeve V-neck T-shirt
Set of Papermate colorful felt tip pen
Handheld Garment Steamer
Brown tote bag

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sportsmanlike Sunday - only versus Jeff

Why is it that I cannot get over losing a game of any type of sport that Jeff and I plays?  Is it because I am a bad loser? A poor sport?? or just a petty individual???  Actually that is not true.  Why, I don't mind losing to any other person either competitively or just for fun, which means I am a good sport, except when it comes to Jeff.  The first few times we played pool, I would use the Maynards Fuzzy Peach candy to count how many game each of us won.  By the end of the evening, I would stomp back upstairs if I lost but if I won, I would be all giddy and would have the best sleep that night.  Sometimes I would challenge him again after a couple of days in order to see if I can beat him.  After many months of this and I was not enjoying the game because I was losing a lot, I had to really suck it up, and learn the true meaning of sportsmanship.  I have stopped using the Fuzzy Peach as counters or score pieces and instead use it to bribe Jeff.  Every body knows he has a sweet tooth and cannot resist, but he still would not throw that game, just to make me win.  And this makes me work harder to make sure that I concentrate on my shot.  It makes winning a much more rewarding because I did it on my own.  Although there are some nights that I would get ahead and win more games than him but because he is a good sport and as he says "it's all for fun", it makes me feel good about learning to be a good sport. Now I can apply what I have learned from him about sportsmanship. When we play  tennis, squash, dart, bowling, etc. I can enjoy every part of the game.  Yeah, I am cured. 
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Friday, November 23, 2018

Frozen Friday - Black Friday sale is not my thing

Line ups, overnight camping, pushing and shoving are the main reason I am not into Black Friday Deals.  Since we have never had this in Canada, it was not my thing.  When I move to San Jose, I was excited to see all the deals and how early the stores are open.  Although I mention it to Jeff that I will get up at 600 am to check it out, I never did go because of what I have heard from other friends who had experienced this one craziness of shopping.  I am sure some of the deals are amazing and if you are on a budget and have lots of gifts you need to purchase, then I guess you need to go.  But when you see how crazy some of the shoppers are when it comes to this day, I definitely don't even want to go out of the house for that day.  In a way, it's great that they don't have it in Canada but I have noticed the store flyers that came with our newspaper on Wednesday, that they are advertising for Black Thursday and Black Friday.  What is interesting is that no one has protested about using black in that context.  Is that even politically correct?  Why is there no White Friday or Red Friday? I mean I know the reason why they are using black, but now a days, you have to be careful when you are using those type of colors.  So to those who camped last night, those who got up very early to get in line, I hope that you get what you want and that no one gets hurt during all the shopping everywhere in the USA.  Be safe, be smart but most of all, have fun.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Warmhearted Wednesday - Just because

Today is one of my bff's birthday and I am dedicating this post today because I know she will be checking my blog.  She's one of my avid follower and although she's only started following my blog for at least four years, she is very loyal in that I get an email from her if she notices that I have not posted anything in a week.  This is so good of her to do it because it gets me going and do a bunch of post scheduled.  It has been almost four years since I saw her at our B&B in San Jose, CA.  We had such a great visit because she chose our home to celebrate her birthday.  She was such an awesome guest in that she didn't mind helping around the house (inside and out).  One morning after breakfast I saw her pulling weeds in our garden.  Another day she was showing me how to make home made tomato sauce from scratch.  She also made dinner for us, just to give me a break.  We had saw much fun when I took her to my spa, our local winery and the most part she enjoyed was the beautiful garden of  US Santa Cruz Arboretum.  She told me some of the names of some flowers that I never knew.  Since then every time I took a photo of some flower in and around the area, she would tell me their names and if they are easy to grow, etc.  She is my own personal master gardener.  I have invited her to visit us in the new location of our B&B but unfortunately she could not leave due to family commitments.  She is a dedicated daughter, mother, grandmother and a loyal friend.  She is caring, loving, thoughtful but most of all humble and kind.  Happy birthday Maria, may all your birthday wishes come true and may you have many years of happiness, great health and amazing friendships.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Terrible Tuesday - Different or obsessed

One of latest TV show that we started following is The Good Doctor.  Last week's episode, I realized that the reason why I love the show is because Dr. Shaun Murphy and I have something in common.  We both like having things in order.  Not just in order but in the same spot.  For a number of years I thought that I was just different in that, I like being organized and things in order.  Like how you fold your clothes, how you organized the linen closet, how to organize the pantry and so on.  If I can, my clothes are hanging according to their colors and to their style.  By the way, the last week episode, I saw something different, Dr. Murphy likes the toilet paper placement OVER while I prefer mine UNDER.  Every now and then I do noticed what I have done, take a moment, then accept how it is.  But someday, I just can't resist and when there's down time, I go through the stuff in the house, reorganize them, straighten them, and do what it takes to look right.  It's funny because Jeff just let me go through the motion.  But sometimes, he would say " OK Miss OCD, you can stop now as it looks fine".  He says he is not trying to change me, he said he prefers organized than slobs.  Do you have some different habits or quirks that you are obsessed about?  Here's a list I have collected from watching different people on their special day to day habits.  Is yours on this list?
  • Over or under when hanging your toilet paper
  • Only 5 ice cubes for your drinks (water or any cold beverage)
  • Placing the dishwashing sponge in the microwave prior to doing dishes
  • Wiping the sole of foot wear after each use
  • Arranging money by denomination and facing the same way before putting in wallet
  • Counting stuff (trains, trucks, stairs)
  • Folding a certain way and arranging by colors
  • Checking to make sure everything is ok (stove,iron,keys,wallet,phone)
  • Straightening things, moving furniture and frames, kitchen wares
After reading more about this topic, I know that I don't have OCD and that I just like being organized, having a clean home, and accepting I have different ways/habits. Whatever it is that you do, as long as you are happy and the people around you are happy with it, then it is not a terrible to be a little obsessed or different. 

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Saluting Sunday - Remembrance Day

In Canada we celebrate Remembrance Day and in the USA they celebrate Veterans Day.  Around the world I am sure that they have similar day to honor those who lost their lives in service to their country.  This year is the first time I have created a garden flag for this special day.  When I realized that I did not have a flag for the month of November, I knew that this day could be the theme.  It wasn't until I was at the fabric store and saw this special fabric that the idea started coming.  I got home and started cutting and designing the flag. Then I thought it would be easier to buy the felt to cut out the letters that I needed.  Today, this is what I have to offer and salute those who are still here and to the families who lost their loved ones during the many different wars.  

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Foodie Friday - Trying out new recipes

Now that golf season is officially over, I will have more time to try out new recipes from Pinterest, from family and from friends.  There are so many interesting ones that I found lately and so far I have tried three new ones.  Sometimes I get really excited when there's    something really interesting even just looking at the photo.  Of course, I would like to see the ingredients and then all of a sudden, I am checking the pantry to see if I have everything.  Pretty soon, I am in the kitchen making whatever it is that I just saw.  Last week while going through my freezer, I realized that I have only one container of my sweet treats and one loaf of banana bread.  This weekend I am planning to do some more baking since we have an upcoming event for this month. Remember how our neighborhood have a get together at least every other month or sometimes every month, that is one good reason to get my containers filled.  Another good reason is that next month is December and it is perfect time to get ahead of the game.  Here are the results of this weeks new recipe tryouts.

French Apple Cake (Pinterest)

Cashew Cranberry Brittle (Pinterest)

Apple pancake - a slice of apple inside a pancake batter. (Pinterest)

Condensed Milk Cake (Pinterest)

Banana Bread (recipe shared by my daughter.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Woven Wednesday - Upholstery 101

Do we really need another chair?  Where will we use it?  Is it worth fixing it?  After seeing a chair marked FREE on the corner of our street,  we ask ourselves those three questions.  Then we turned around and picked it up.  When we got home we examined the chair and the legs were in good condition as well as the cushions.  The only thing we need to do is change the cover also know as re-upholstery.  What was I thinking?  I have done simple change of fabric on a couple of chairs.  But this one I thought would be a tricky one.  We put it in the pool room for a few days and then while I was at the fabric store, the upholstery fabrics were on sale, we picked one that is woven pretty tight and the colors and patter would not be hard to match.  This past weekend, we decided to tackle this project as it has been raining and it was a good day to stay at home.  I started studying the chair trying to figure out the pieces of fabric I had to cut.  Remember: measure twice cut once.  The chair cover had five pieces that I needed to put together while the back of the chair also had five pieces, interesting, right? Anyway, I am sure you can figure it out just by looking at the photos.  It was worth it.  Between Jeff being handy with taking it apart and putting it back together and my sewing experience, we did it.  What do you think?  Please leave a comment.

The FREE chair

The fabric that we both agreed on.

Disassembled chair ready for covering

Trying to fit the covering of the back of the chair.

The seat was easier to fit and it took one measure, one cut and one sew.

Everything stapled and ready for assembly.

Our new accent chair.