Thursday, February 27, 2014

Truthful Thursday - Eleven years ago

Today is exactly 11 years that Jeff and I decided to try this so called long distance relationship.  Here's our story, written by my favorite sister.  It's funny how we still celebrate this day because we feel it is such an important part of our lives.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wet Wednesday - Much needed rain

As much as I love being out when the sky is blue and the feel the warmth of the sun, our area needs more rain.  Last week we had a couple of days of rain but it was still not enough.  The next few days the forecast is thunder showers and maybe more rain.  I hope we get all the rain we need this week but not next week because my Canadian friends will be arriving a week from now.  It's not good to promise something if I can't deliver so I am just hoping that the rain holds off for the time they are here.  After they leave, then we can have more rain again.  Yesterday while golfing, I managed to stop and take a photo of something so small.

Next week will be March already and there has been a lot of sign of springs.  The flowers have started to bloom.  The leaves have come back.  The fairways and the greens are looking really great at our golf course.  Sometimes it's a good feeling to stop and enjoy the surroundings.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Managing Monday - Back pain and Bandana

My sister said "you are getting old" and if I told my BFF aka Brother, he would say "you are old".  I'm beginning to believe these sayings after I woke up on Sunday morning with some massive back pain.  What I don't understand is that I did not do anything strenuous on previous days to cause it.  Since I don't like taking pain reliever pills, I tried using some of my favorite patch called " Tokuhon-A.  They are like little square patch that smells like Salonpas but less.  As soon as they stick to the problem areas, it starts heating and provides some relief.  Today is the second day and the pain is less but I'm taking it easy just in case.  I don't have problems moving around the house but I try not to sit or stand for a very long time.  I'm now searching for some easy stretching exercise to maybe help ease the pain.  Honestly it has been a long time since I've experienced back ache/pain.  Maybe it's part of my sciatica issue.  There's only eight more sleeps before my visitors get here, so I need to get in shape.  I did promise to share the rest of the colorful bandana bibs I finished and something else new. 

These collection of bandana bibs are so soft and easy to care.

Guest hand towel for our guest bathroom. Just trying to be creative again.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sincerity Saturday - Gemstone meaning

Do you know what your birthstone means?  I didn't.  I was looking for what each year of anniversaries meant and instead I found the meaning of birthstones.  This was at the very end of the pages of my old address book.  It was so old because some of the names on the book, I do not recognize, not sure why I have their name and numbers.  When I say old, it's at least 20 years old.  Really, who still keeps an address book.  I actually found another one which was more recent - ten years old. Haha!  Hold on, I was getting to the subject for today.  Here's what I found.
  • January - Garnet (Constancy)
  • February - Amethyst (Sincerity)
  • March - Aquamarine (Courage)
  • April - Diamond (Innocence)
  • May - Emerald (Love)
  • June - Pearl (Longevity)
  • July - Ruby (Contentment)
  • August - Peridot (Married Happiness)
  • September - Sapphire (Clear Thinking) 
  • October - Opal (Hope)
  • November - Topaz (Fidelity)
  • December - Turquoise ( Prosperity) 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Flowery Friday - We're trying again

That's right, we are trying again, planting flowers in our front and back yard.  After my a bad experience a couple of years ago, I thought I would not to do it again.  Remember the flowers I planted were eaten by the squirrels.  This time we remember what type of flowers they like and therefore did not buy those.  Instead we chose different once and hopefully we are successful with these.  We thought we purchased enough but when Jeff planted them, it looked very sparse.  He reminded me that when they start grow and spreading, it will cover the area.  I truly hope so.  The flowers in the back were not planted last weekend because it got dark, so they will be done this weekend.  If after a month and they still need more, then we can go ahead and get some other types and do more planting.  So far this is what we have.  We wanted to have something in the front instead of just ivy since we will have visitors from Canada in a couple of weeks.

Notice that weeds have grown, I pulled them that day and they keep coming back. Aaah!

I love these decorative cabbages in purple and white.  We hope that they don't die on us.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Messy Monday - That's why you need a bib

Oh bother, I started this post without the photos and when I finished adding the photos, something went wrong and wouldn't publish, so I copied it.  When I opened again, I lost all the text and all it copied was one photo.  Oh well.  Starting from scratch.  All I want to share is the latest bandana bibs I've done.  I am calling it real bandana bibs because it's made from very colorful bandana.  It's a little bigger than the set I made for Dianne.  I believe this ones should fit between one and two year old.  What is good about it - it's cotton, washable and a magnet closure.  It will be perfect for catching milk and baby food.  There's one more color - lavender but it's still in progress.  


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunshine Sunday - Remember the Mr. and Miss Collection

When my son and daughter were little, they had some of these books.  Later on my son had a t-shirt that says Mr. Messy - I can't remember if he bought it or someone gave it as a gift.  There was a time when we decided to buy one of these books just for souvenir and I found this one for me and I think my daughter bought the other one for Jeff.  I am currently having a senior moment and I am not sure if this is correct.  Hopefully when my daughter reads this, she will send me a message or submit a comment.  Do you remember these collections?  If you have children, do they have one of these books?  I know that I still have them somewhere in one of my collection box but I can't find it.  In the meantime, I copied the exact same book.         


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seamless Saturday - Whoppie Cookies

The best thing about starting a new sewing project is the anticipation of actually figuring out what and how to make whatever item it might be.  When I was asked by a friend from my other volunteer place to make her something for her kitchen, I immediately said yes because she is a very nice person and I knew it would make her really happy.  The last week I was able to finish some of the things and I add more items because I wanted to use all the left over materials.  I forgot to take photos of the first half of her set but I was able to take photos of the second half.  She has not seen these but I thought of sharing.  Yesterday she sent me a message telling me how happy her family was to see all the items on their dining and kitchen area.

Pot handle holders and two mini for hot plates

Rectangular placemats for the bar area of the kitchen

An apron for her.  She does not know about this and it's my surprise for her
This whoppie cookies patter was so cute and she loved it.  It has all the colors that she has in her kitchen/dining area.  All the items I made are all reversible.  I have never tasted a whoppie cookie but maybe one day I would like to try making them.  They look yummy!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Frosty Friday - Happy Valentines Day

Frosty equals frosting on the cupcake.  I apologize if you thought that we are having frost in San Jose.  I feel really bad for the other parts of the USA and of course Canada that are having an awful winter.  After a while those white fluffy snow gets old specially when they are knocking down power lines and leaving people without power.  Yesterday I decided to make a little treat for Jeff for Valentines.  I hope that what I am sharing today will make you feel just a bit better to get on with your day.  Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  Before I forget I have a couple of friends who are celebrating their birthdays today.  Sue from Georgetown, Ontario and Marty from Ottawa, Ontario.  Happy Birthday to both and maybe you have more happy days to come. 

Happy Valentine's Day chocolate cupcakes with nuts and vanilla frosting!

Happy Birthday cupcakes!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Truthful Thursday - I don't take orders very well

What is the definition of volunteer?  According to the dictionary - a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.  You are probably wondering where I am going with this subject today.  Since it's truthful Thursday, I thought I might as well get some of my venting online.  I am sure you have read somewhere that my MIL and I volunteer at one of our local library.  We spend an hour or two depending on the work required on a weekly basis.  Most of the time we are there, we have fun doing what we think needs to get done.  There are no other volunteers during the day and time that we come in to offer our precious time.  Twice a year, the group that we belong to have a Book Sale.  They also need help organizing the books for the sale the day before and on the day of the sale.  For the past couple of years we have been helping on both days and spend more than a couple of hours each day.  This past weekend the sale was on and again we offered to help.  When we arrived, we noticed there were more volunteers working.  We approached our President to ask what needs to get done.  She instructed us to start filling up the shelves of our NOOK by using some of the books out on the floor.  My MIL and I started collecting the books that we need and as soon as we got to the Nook, one of the other volunteers started telling us what we should do and not do.  Shortly after, a student volunteer who was tasked as a cashier for the sale, also came in the Nook and started giving us instructions.  Both of them came back another time to give us more instructions and ordering us to remove some of the books as they were not in the correct spot.  She was using the words, Real and Not real (instead of Fiction and non-fiction).  I tried to control myself and not say anything because I knew what words would come out.  My MIL was just calm and all I said to the student volunteer "if you seem to know what should be on and off the shelves, would you like to continue and we can leave".  She immediately went back to her post as a cashier.  I told my MIL that we are done for the day.  If they are not paying me to do the job, I do not appreciate being ordered or supervised.  Once I got home and have calmed down, I wrote an email to our group leader.  As Jeff always say "if you are not appreciated, you don't need to waste your time there".

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Threading Tuesday - It's time to use the tool

If I had been sewing most of the day, my eyes starts getting tired.  Since my sewing machine has an automatic needle threader, it's not so bad to do some sewing in the evening.  But there was one time when I needed to use my needle and thread to repair part of a jacket.  I tried using my sewing machine but I did not want to take some of the seam apart so I thought of just doing some hand stitching.  The hole of the needle was so tiny and after several attempts I ask Jeff to help and instead of trying he told me to use the tool.  I forgot all about it until he checked my sewing tool box and found it.  Although my eyes are still pretty good for doing things close up, threading a needle was a little too tiny specially when you're eyes are tired.
In case you have not seen one of this for a long time, this is what it looks and you will usually find it in the small starter sewing kit.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stupendous Saturday - An amazing friend

It's always been a part of my blog to feature a family or a friend on their special day.  Today my BFF aka BROTHER aka PJD aka Percy.  He's one of my younger friend who I have known for almost 25 years.  I remember the day I met him for the first time as well as the day he became a dad.  Since we both worked for the same office for a few years, we also travelled together and at some point we were partners (on the road).  I learned so much from him specially the enforcement part of our job.  He was a great teacher but he was also the best partner because you know he will always be there.  As he says, "don't worry, I got your back."  He is an amazing friend, a wonderful husband, caring father, an excellent teacher/training and stupendous officer.  There are so many memories that we would never forget both fun times and sad times.  Each time I say to him that I think I'm getting old, he would tell me, "You are not getting old, YOU ARE OLD" (in his own sweet way).  He knows exactly when I am having my lows (Blood sugar) because he says my personality changes from sweet to bitch.  It's very hard to find tried and true friend.  Happy birthday Percy!  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Follow Friday - A saying I would like to copy

Now that Jay Leno is leaving the show, I decided to record the last few shows.  I was not interested in watching it unless his guest is someone that I really love.  Twenty years and I can say I've watched maybe twenty of them.  The other morning I watch the Tuesday night show and I was pleasantly surprised, I actually enjoyed it.  But there was one thing that one of his guest said that I cannot get off my mind.  He said that he remembers his first appearance so well because Jay asked him a question, "do you want to be here?" and from then on he has taken that saying and applied it in life.  It's so simple and yet so powerful and practical.  It applies to everyone, not just actors.  So if you did not see the show, you can ask yourself the question.  As for me, I AM SO IN.  I want to be here.  Enjoy each and every day wherever, whenever and whatever.  


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Treasure Thursday - When you find great deals

Since I am not working anymore, I am very careful with what I use my allowance each month.  That is why I try to do what I call a treasure hunt.  When I think I want something like a new purse, a new sandals or shoes, or really anything for myself but also for our home,
I try my very best to get the best deal or as they say "the best bang for my buck".  Even at times when I see something that I really really love, I would still wait for it to go on sale and if for some reason it's not there, then I would say "it's not meant to be.  My husband says I'm a really good shopper and also very lucky at times in finding things we need for the home.  Now you are probably wondering what I will be sharing with you as far as my recent result of my treasure hunt.  I was looking for a red one to replace the one I use to have but it broke.  I have organized my purse by their color and use them for specific months.  Twelve months in a year, four different colored purse to be used for three months.  Red is for December, January and February.  Yellow is for March, April and May.  Pink is June, July, August.  Orange is September, October, November.  Sometimes I might change my spring one to Turquoise or Green.  After my red one broke, I have been using my one black very expensive Cole Haan purse, which I don't use often because I did not want it to get old.  Anyway, introducing my new summer purse.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trimming Tuesday - My new table settings

While trying to do some early spring clean up, I found some nice fabric in a tote storage under the guest bed.  It was enough to make some placemats and more.  One was just plain and the other was quilted which was perfect.  Since I will be having some visitors next month I thought it was perfect to show off some of my sewing skills.  Actually I don't have to show off because both of my BFFs that are visiting knows my sewing skills very well.  When I was still working with them, I was the resident seamstress.  At first I was doing it for free because they are all my friends, then Rosie suggested that I should start charging otherwise they would take them somewhere else and they will be paying more.  So I did and I ended up with more repairs and request to do some other items.  Let me just show you what I've completed.  What is nice about knowing how to layout or how to make use of the fabric in hand, is that you end up with a lot of different pieces.  I am very proud to say that I've used every inch of the found fabrics.  The only thing I bought - towels and table cloth.
Kitchen towels to hang on the front of stove

Kitchen towels for the door below the sink

Table cloth which I bought at Target on sale

Four coasters, a variety of sizes of hot plates for the middle of the table

I made 6 placemats of this size and 2 placemats of a smaller size for the ends

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl Sunday - Is it even worth watching?

As the rest of the country is watching this spectacular event, I will be doing something else.
Honestly, because both teams defeated our two favorite teams: Jeff's 49ers and my Patriots, then there's no one to cheer for.  Although we would cheer for the Broncos because of Gracie and Kevin (Jeff's cousin and fiance).  I truly hope the Seahawks get the "you went to the Superbowl award")  Anyway, for those of you are true fans of NLF, good luck to whichever team you are routing for.  I wonder if my friend Gord is having his Superbowl party at his home.  For a number of years I would be invited and I love attending because all of our friends are there.  Lots of food, drinks, poker and even a football pool (buying a square or two and waiting for result each quarter).  Most of the time, I am the DD for my friends but I still have a great time.  I guess it might be worth watching the million dollar commercials and the half time show since Bruno Mars is the headline.  Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!