Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wholesome Wednesday - Our new favorite eatery

The name: WINGS Tap and Grill.  The location: Vernon, BC.  Reason for trying: we were headed for the Match Bar and Grill which is located inside the Casino in Vernon one Sunday afternoon.  We sat at the bar for a few minutes then waited and waited - the bar tender was by himself and never acknowledge us, so we left.  Right across from this place was the WINGS.  We were greeted by the bartender, sat in the bar and a couple of minutes later we were enjoying a very spicy Caesar drink. I also ask if they can switched one of the TV to the Tennis game which they did very quickly and had it on two screen.  Shortly after we ordered our food were delivered in front of us in less than 20 minutes.  Jeff and I decided this was going to be our new go to place.  Last weekend we return to the same place and although a different bartender, our drink was there within a couple of minutes.  We ordered the special which Jeff and I shared and tried a new flavor of their wings (Canadian Maple syrup rub). Of course I took some photos to share.  The food arrived quickly and it was hot.  We finished our meal and really enjoyed our one hour food and drink experience.  We know we will come back and try some of the other dishes in their menu.  Wednesday and Sunday are their half price wings. If you are ever in the area, you have to stop by.  

Flaming Caesar

Canadian maple syrup dry rub on wings

The special, Hawaiian bowl with chicken, pineapple and stir fried veggies over rice.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Mixture Monday - Can this be real?

Sometimes I wonder if I can actually grow plants, flowers and maybe even a tree without killing it on the first week.  You have seen the orchids that I had from the house in San Jose. With our new home, there's only a small portion of the front yard that you can plant and we have a small piece of fake grass.  At the back is pretty much going uphill and very rocky. Last weekend I decided to add some other plant to the collection.  I painted the rectangular planter box in our deck in the back.  Jeff putt up some black metal hangers for three hanging pots.  I noticed the other day that the nice red mums that I got for the front porch was looking sad and some are drying up.  I checked with the watering boy (Jeff) if he remembered to water them.  He actually did but I think it needs a little more since the weather was getting a bit warm.  Yesterday when I checked, it was back and alive again. This week I will have to try a different place to get a couple more perennials (one for the backyard and the other for the hanging pot).  Maybe there's still hope for me to take care of plants and watch them thrive.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Soulful Saturday - To Gino on your 36th birthday

For this the 36th birthday of my son, G, I decided to plant another tree.  A few years ago, I planted a Dwarf Alberta Spruce as a suggestion by my BFF Percy.  Unfortunately we were unable to take it with us when we move to our new home, so this morning we got up early and head on to Home Depot and bought exactly the same one.  There was a big pot that was left in our backyard and I painted it red a few days ago.  Today, this is how I am celebrating his birthday by planting a tree, a memory tree.  I will watch it grow slowly in the pot and hopefully it will survive the winters and with Jeff being in charge of watering, I know it will thrive.  Since it won't be a birthday celebration without a cake, I was a little edgy and had to be busy.  I made some regular cupcakes, mini cupcakes and a small birthday cake for G.  So no sad poem today. Instead we will just remember all the good times with him.

While searching for a song for today, I found a CD that my son had, it was dated May 2008 and I was surprised that this song was included in music mix.  I remember when my sister was babysitting my son, she use to play some of the old songs for him. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Freehand Friday - What happens when there's no TV

So what actually happens when you cannot watch TV?  Well for us it was perfect timing since we had to get our new home in order.  Every day we listened to the radio for some news and some music to get us working at home.  After a while we didn't mind it at all, of course we still had our phone to check some news on Flip Board and I usually check Pinterest.  Although there was no TV we were still connected to the world because we have our phone that includes data.  While Jeff does what he needs to do to get the house in order with regards to internet, cable, electricity, etc.  I made sure the kitchen was functional the first night we arrived.  The next day I unpacked and organized all the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen as well as the fridge and freezer.  After a week we're almost back to normal except for a few things which was unimportant.  The second week my room was ready for sewing, crafting, ironing, and whatever I wanted to do except no internet, so no blogging.  Here's some of the things I have completed and there's a lot more on my list.

The red pillow was from our former living room, I added a piece of fabric and embroidered the design.
Left side of the stool

Right side of the stool. 
Top of the stool.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Trying Tuesday - Not a gardener but loves plants

Since moving to our new home, I started making our front entrance a little bit more inviting and looking like it's a home and not just a house.  We were able to get some great deal on pots and plants when we checked a couple of weekends for the garage sales in our neighborhood.  We also got a coupon for a local store and I used it to buy a nice pot.  When Jeff goes to Home Depot to buy stuff he needs to do some repairs, etc. I usually would head to the garden section and see what deal I can find.  Although it is late to plant flowers, etc. it was still good to get some that will eventually end up indoors once the weather gets cooler. Check out what I have done both in the real plants and fake flowers (someone told me that the deer loves the flowers).  Actually there were a couple of deer that welcomed us when we arrived in our new home. I almost forgot about the title, I am describing me not being the gardener but I love watching flowers and plants grow.  Hopefully with Jeff in charge of watering these plants, they will in fact survive and thrive.

The fake one but still looks bright and pretty.

This is the set of pots I bought at the garage sale (set of 3).

This pot is also from the garage sale (set of 2).

The mums is from Home Depot for $4.99 

These plants are the ones I've always wanted for indoors, now I have something to look after.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mountain Monday - Moving is not for old people

First I would like to apologize to all my followers and readers for not having a new post for over three weeks.  I will blame it the most recent big move we did and for the internet provider which took forever to figure out what we have and where our address is locate.  So the topic today is about moving and old people.  Why did I pick that, I am actually not sure because I started this three weeks ago while using my friends internet.  I just remembered, it was because when the first part of our furniture were delivered, there was a young guy and an old guy who happens to be the driver.  They did such a good job bringing our mattress and box spring as well as the love seat and bar stools.  The older guy spent a few minutes chatting with Jeff while the young guy put together our bed and the love seat. By the way I forgot to mention that we have stairs that goes to the main living space.  I have to give them a lot of credit for their expertise in furniture delivery.  They were fast, courteous and punctual.  So here's the collection of our new items in our new home.  Now we can sit and enjoy the view and finally have our dinner at the table.