Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday - Where to go next

April seems so far away so I might have to persuade Jeff to go on a short trip somewhere. But where? I have been checking out some of the travel deals. At first we thought of Hawaii, then maybe New Mexico or maybe just spend the weekend in L.A. with our friends that we met on our first cruise.  The last mini vacation we took was last August.  We met my close friends in Vegas for 4 days and we had fun and a nice visit.  My next trip won't be until  April to meet 6 of my girlfriends in Arizona for a golfing week. It's at least 72 more sleep and that is why I say it seems far away.  Before I retired, Jeff and I use to travel at least every 3 or 4 months.  I would either travel to SJC or he would travel to YYZ or sometimes we would meet at our destination if it was one of those cruise or all inclusive or depending on our choice destination.  When I was working, part of the job involved some travelling. The scheduled was a little out of control sometimes because you would be travelling once a month or three times a month or nothing for 3 months. But the great part is that I was able to see at least 50 countries before I retire.  Now I know why I am getting antsy to travel somewhere and it's funny because I don't live in a freezing city like before.  The weather in San Jose is sunny, warm and no snow.  Actually I should feel like I am on holidays everyday. So why I am still thinking of going somewhere. What I should be looking forward to are my family and friends back in Canada who will be coming for a visit something this year.  Here are some of the places I have seen in my travels.


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  1. Are you tired of cruises already? You have been to so many places - like what, 50+ countries so it is probably hard for you to pick a place. I say Hawaii, wherever Susan lives (you should visit her), Paris or maybe Yellowknife. Jeff can our hometown. Maybe check out Portland, NYC or do a vacation rental in Myrtle Beach and golf.