Monday, January 24, 2011

Maybe Monday - Memorable Music

A song is played on the radio while you are driving to work, another song being played at a mall speaker while you are shopping, while dinning or having a drink at a restaurant or a bar- a song from the past is being played and it takes you back to memory lane.  All  of these moments will sometimes brings so much happiness or sadness or just a smile.  I am sure all of you have certain songs that you will know exactly where you were, who you were with and how it affected you then and how it affects you now.  So I will now share some songs, who it reminds me of and what it feels like now when I hear it anytime or anywhere. 

Among my souvenirs - my father's favorite song, he use to sing this to my mother - good memories.

Love hurts, Inagadadavida - my childhood friend and my next door neighbor in my hometown - it's kinda funny -there's more to this but cannot share.

Leaving on a jet plane - my first boyfriend (i think)- his name was Jett - I was only 15 - a little sad because he later died in a tragic accident.

Caribbean Queen - I danced with my friend who I worked for in the mid 80's. - great party

Biggest Part of me (Ambrosia) & So very hard to go (Tower of Power)  - my sister and I loved both this songs. I am very lucky to have watch both these groups performed live. Feel good songs.

Baby Come Back, Come on Eileen - my daughter loved the first song when she was little and as an adult for the second song.  Always puts a smile on my face.

Chasing Cars, Speed of Sound, Viva La Vida - my son, the first two songs makes me cry and the last song is my daughter's happy song and I copied it to be my happy song too.

Don't stop believin' and Open Arms - my friend Gina (the bad one).  We would sing this at work and it gets a little crazy.  I miss those silly things we did at work.

Where do you go (No Mercy) - my friend who I call brother - when we use to go to clubs, we would all get up and dance.  It has been a really long time since he and his harem went out.

Don't wanna miss a thing - my hubby, when we first met I knew he was a bit rock and roll and I am a bit country.  This was our song that was played when we got married. 

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