Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simply Saturday - Poker/Pool Night

Poker night with the boys are usually Friday with Jeff’s co worker and one of his friends holds one every now and again and it’s usually Saturday.  My first experience playing with the boys was when Jeff hosted it. I made some manly appetizers such as Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings, Loaded potato skins, crusty bread with hot chicken ala king. The boys were very pleased with the food as compared to the last time Jeff hosted it because they had pizza and KFC. I lost money since I was too excited and very aggressive player. The next Poker night was hosted by another guy sometime in August.  I was not comfortable staying home alone so I ask if I can join the boys.  Since they were short one player, I was allowed to play instead of staying home.  At the end of the evening, I was the big winner.  Now I know I won’t be allowed to play with them. 

So the next poker night will be hosted by a long time friend. We have not decided if we will be going but apparently I am allowed to play with the boys. I don’t know any of the players except Jeff’s friend.  Not sure how much are at stake but I will have to play conservatively if I want to stay in the game until the end.  The nice part about his friend’s place is that he has a very nice pool table in his living room. A bonus for me , because if I get kicked out early in the evening, I can just practice shooting pool.   

A long time ago I use to go with my girlfriend to a bar/pool hall and play. It was sort of funny because we looked like a pro walking in with our own CUE in a carrying case over our shoulder. I also remember going with my son when he started learning how to play and eventually got better and beat me.  The other funny memory of shooting pool, I was not allowed to play against my son-in-law.  The reason for this was the curse:  if I played against the guys that my daughter was dating, after they lose from playing me, she would end up breaking up with the particular boy.

This is my pool cue that I bought a long time ago. I made a carrying case which has two slots inside for each piece and a little pouch where I keep my chalk and a cue shaper.

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