Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybe Monday - Flower Arrangements

When someone ask me what I will be doing when I retire, I use to say that I would like to work at flower shop and help with flower arrangements.  But when I actually retired, I thought I would just volunteer with Jeff’s mom at the Senior Center.  Lately I have been doing some flower arranging just for the house every time someone brings me flowers when they come for dinner. Jeff suggested that maybe I should just drop by one of the shop in the area and ask if they would need a volunteer to help out during their busy times. Of course, I would offer to receive some sort of training and eventually come in for a few hours when called upon. I thought that I would take some sort of survey to see what my family and friends would recommend.  Here’s a couple of recent arrangements.
Maybe I just like the idea but maybe it is a lot of hard work and trying to remember all the names of each and every flower in the shop.  Has anyone work as a florist or help out at a flower shop? Do you feel happy when you get flowers for any occasion?

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