Sunday, January 9, 2011

Soulful Sunday - Grandparents are cool

What are grandparents for? They are the best babysitter ever, right? When you are a young grandparent – you are cool, because you are still able to do a lot of stuff with your grandchildren.  If you are the older grandparents, you are just the one that buys toys, etc. you can’ really play with them because you are just too tired. Yesterday we were asked to take care of our Grandson so the parents can have one free adult night. His name is Gamble and he loves to stay at Grampa’s and Ola’s. It actually is a sleepover as he arrived yesterday afternoon and we will drive him home today, maybe after lunch.  He is actually a very easy going little boy who loves CARS (the movie, the characters, the book, the clothing line, the dinnerware, etc.).  We usually starts playing with the toys he has at our home. Last night we played with 2 fire trucks. Then we he got bored, we put on the movie called ASTRO BOY. Prior to the movie we all had tiny brownies and some ice cream. I decided to bake a banana bread and Gamble wanted to help, so I let him mashed the banana and beat the eggs. He then measured the walnuts and placed them in a tiny bowl. He was a great helper. When he is sleeping over, we don’t follow the sleeping schedule, we would let him stay up until he falls asleep which is usually during a movie that we are watching.  When he wakes up in the morning, he would sit quietly in the living room and wait until we get up.  Since this is a Sunday, Jeff will make pancake for breakfast and some ham and eggs for him. Last night's favorite words were super warm, so sick and super super cool.

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  1. Gamble is a lot of fun! I remember when I met him for the first time. I sat next to him and gave him a toy (it was a CARS toy), the first thing he was was, "This is sick!".