Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simply Saturday - Tennis Anyone?

Can you believe that I played tennis on Thursday morning – outdoors.  It was pretty cool at 8:30 am, but if  3 senior men can play when the temperature is at 40F (+5C), then I can play too. We played doubles for 2 hrs. switching partners after each set. This tennis group sort of adopted me. One of the players who I met at the golf course, invited me to be a substitute and from then on, I am the regular sub.  They have one player who organizes everything and all I have to do is show up.  Sometimes after tennis we would go directly to an executive golf course and play 9 holes. Since the tennis court is close to Jeff's workplace, we would take one car so we can use the Carpool lane. I would drop him off, play tennis, and sometimes I would meet Jeff and his co-workers for lunch. For the rest of the afternoon, I would window shopping for real bargains and sometimes I get lucky and find some. When Jeff is ready to go, he would text me so I can return to pick him up. We usually time it so that we can take advantage of the carpool lane on the commute home. 

Thursday evening I attended a Living Well with Diabetes Classes. You would think that after all these years I should know everything. It was a two hour session and it was a full house. The one thing that made me feel good was the fact that I felt skinny compared to the rest of the students. Each time the teacher ask a question, I knew the answer except I did not shout the answer because I did want to be that one student that everybody hates. There are 3 more classes and I have to pace myself.  Half the class were recently diagnosed, the other half is doing remedial. But as we all know, every class there's always one or two that never stops talking (asking too many questions or sharing TMI). I thought I should complete the rest of the sessions because the last two sessions covers healthy choices and counting carbs. This is something I need to learn because I am not doing the Canada Food Guide anymore. Now it's all about how many GRAMS of carbs I am allowed (between 45 to 75 per meal). The final goal of this class is to have better Diabetes Management.  DO EVER WONDER HOW MANY CARBS YOU EAT PER MEAL? 

Last night Jeff and I went out with for dinner with my tennis friend and her husband.  We were trying to get together during the holidays but due to busy schedules, we agreed to go after new year. We ended up going to this restaurant which one of our favorite place to go for drinks and dinner with our other couple friends. We tried the GB select which a little darker but not as dark as Marzen. Check out their site.
After dinner we checked out another bar/restaurant called AZUCAR.  The special drink for the evening is MOJITO. So everyone tried a different kind from Classic lime, to Mango and  pink guava.  We did not really get to the dancing part but we all agreed we will try another venue next month or so. If the weather is nice for the weekend, Jeff and I will be playing tennis as our weekend workout. During the week, we have been walking around the neighborhood after dinner. As some of you know, I like to do fun type exercise. So it takes a lot of encouraging for me to complete an hour of walking.

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