Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surprise Saturday - Total Recall

Everyone loves a surprise of any kind and it usually is a happy feeling. I guess it's not a surprise if it's a sad thing - it will be a shock.  Trying to remember all the surprises in my life may be a little tough but there are certain ones that are still so clear in my mind.  I might even take you back as far as my childhood.  When I celebrated my 7th birthday,  I remember my surprise gift from my parents. My mom use to sew our dresses so she made a yellow dress with a square neckline, sleeveless and some pleats on the skirt. The nice surprise is that my Dad had fabric painted different colored tulips on the dress. I remember wearing it to church first and then to school. 

During my teen years I met a drummer of a band named DEMZ.  There was a concert sponsored by our high school and I was one of the Go Go dancer.  Actually the other girls were fighting for the front spot and I really did not care so I got the left rear of the stage.  It so happen that the drummer was in that area.  The surprise was that I never thought I would see him again until one weekend I was staying with my aunt.  He called to say he would like to take me out on a date.  I still remember what he was wearing - purple suede bell bottom pants and printed paisley long sleeve shirt.  It was a very exciting time for me, I was only 16.

While living in Ottawa, Ontario on a one year assignment, I celebrated my 40th birthday.  It was not a surprise party but I was definitely surprised by a couple of my girlfriends gift. They hired a male stripper to come to the party.  It was a little embarrassing as some of the guests were my friends from the church choir.  The funny thing is that I didn't even enjoy his show.

No one has ever given me a birthday gift that was so well thought of and involved a lot of paying attention.  It has been only 3 months since I started my long distance relationship with Jeff.  Since he was unable to attend my 50th birthday party, he sent his gift via Purolator.  I picked it up on the day of my biggest party ever.  When I opened the box there was a total of 50 items that he bought.  There was a bottle of red wine called Crocodile Rock - my party was being held at bar named Crocodile Rock.  A lot of little items that meant something to me, like little chinese take out box from Lucky's,  a mini basketball use as a stress ball, a winnie the pooh book, a shot glass, a paper placemats with the chinese zodiac, watch, bracelet, and some candies. 

There are many many other surprises in my life as simply as a phone call from a long lost friend, a surprise visit, a package delivered, a bouquet of flowers, a free hotel in Vegas for 2 nights, an unexpected letter or card in the mail, and the list goes on.


  1. I remember the drummer's name....Moli Camara and he is kinda cute. I also remember the dress. How come you do not remember your birthday when it rained all day and your party was almost cancelled and you got upset and cut all the 28 off the calendar?

  2. That was a very nice and thoughtful gift more Jeff. How come I don't remember you opening up your gift? I know why, I had drama the day of your 50th birthday with Julie and her ex. Maybe I didn't see you open it.

    The party was a fun night, actually all your parties were fun.