Saturday, January 22, 2011

Satisfied Saturday - My Fascinate

Never thought that I would be saying this but I love my new cell phone.  When I left Canada, I gave my cell phone (got it for free using Fido $$) to a very good friend. Since Jeff got the new DroidX, I inherited his old Nokia phone as the long distance plan was excellent.  A couple of months later and after a lot of convincing, I bought a Samsung Fascinate and we switched to a family plan.  The guy who sold me the phone explained the great features of the phone, did a quick training and set up, then he said just play with it as it's really easy.  There are so many APPS or should I say doodad or thing.  So what is so great about this phone, well without being too technical or gheeky, I will list the 26 things that I love about it.  Why 26?? it's a good number. 
  1. the shape is very girly - slim and curvy corners
  2. the colors are amazing - the graphics - Fantastic
  3. the ring tones are soulful and exciting
  4. the reception are very clear specially long distance calls
  5. i can get my email messages 
  6. a bunch of fun free games - my favorite - Angry Birds
  7. free caddy - for my golf game
  8. the camera takes awesome photos - i don't even know half the settings
  9. i can dictate anything using the microphone
  10. my wall paper is live
  11. calorie counter helps my carb counting program
  12. my converter - always know how our Loonie and Toonie are doing
  13. the dictionary - everyday a new big word for me
  14. memo - my shopping list
  15. Shazam - it's too bad you can't use this on Name that Tune
  16. i have yet to try using KINDLE
  17. eventually I will learn to watch a movie - on long trips
  18. will never get lost - Maps/Latitude are free
  19. Contacts will have to be entered - all those friends telephone numbers & email
  20. Messaging - little green square with a smiley face
  21. Music player - have to add my favorite tunes
  22. Daily briefing - latest news, weather, etc. not into it but it's there
  23. BING - my search engine
  24. Market  - where i find new games and apps for free
  25. really cool gel skins and covers (see below) - currently using a green gel skin
  26. the best part is when it notifies me of an incoming message (email or text) - the little tiny voice says " there's a tiny text message, a very tiny one, please read it.  

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  1. Your phone is pretty cool! It's so crystal clear. I'm kinda jealous.