Friday, January 21, 2011

Fat Burning Friday - Exercise & Pyramid

When you get to my age, losing weight is such a difficult process. The biggest problem for me is that I only like to do a workout/exercise that is fun. Like playing tennis and squash or maybe dancing.  A girlfriend from work even gave me a workout plan that is easy to follow and still I've only done it less than 10 times. Lately Jeff and I tried walking after dinner. We did it for a week and then we are back to normal evening routine, watching TV.  During the weekend we were able to play tennis twice - an hour each time. It was a great workout but we can only do it on weekends because by the time Jeff gets home, it's too late to play as the sun had already set.  During the week I might get a chance to play with the senior men and it's usually a two hour game. It still a workout but not as much as playing singles with Jeff.  Now I am checking out the exercise on Demand. So far I have tried the Billy Banks Jr. Cardioke - a 25 minute workout where you get to sing while doing the exercise.  The other one is the Crunch-latin dance which is a 20 minute workout using different latin dance moves.  This one is a little tiring for your legs but gets your heart rate going.  Another girlfriend gave me some pilates/yoga DVD, I think I've tried it once and actually fell asleep as the music and the tone of voice of the instructor was so soothing and calming.  I know that probably walking is the best way as it does not cost anything and you can do it anytime and anywhere. So why can't I get motivated? After last night's Diabetes Class, I will have to do it because it's what I need to get back on track on everything in my lifestyle. The instructor specified 30 minutes per day is not a lot, but it means a lot when dealing with Diabetes and all the other health issues that accompanies it.  I have one more class to go next week and then they recommend to take two more other classes - Heart Smart and Cholesterol & Lifestyle.

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