Thursday, October 13, 2011

Truthful Thursday - Renovations Project

As much as I love the fact that we are thinking of several projects to make our home more up beat/up to date/upscale, I am not looking forward to living in a house during renovations/constructions/mess.  I guess for those of you who have stayed at our B&B, you might asked, what do you want to change or replace.  Here's our list not in any particular order.
  • Living room carpet removed and replaced with hardwood floors similar to the rest of the house.
  • Fireplace - new mantle installed with some storage space for games, DVD, etc.
  • New TV to be hung on the wall above the fireplace.
  • Both bathroom floors to be replaced with ceramic tiles.
  • Replace master's bathroom tub with stand up shower, new glass doors and hopefully one piece wall cover (not really sure what it's called-but something to the lines of no more grout cleaning).
  • Vanity, sink and cabinet and maybe even light fixtures.
  • A fair size shed to be built on the side of the house for Jeff's tools,etc in order to get the garage cleaned and organized.
  • Stairs railing to be removed and replaced with wooden post and balusters.
If all of the above has to be done, it means we won't be able to have guests for a few months.  We were planning on starting some of the projects as early as January.  I am not really sure which one will have to be first but I am sure this will take a few months because Jeff will do most of the work which means he can only do it some evenings and most weekends.  I don't really know how I can help but I am willing to do as much as I can even if it is running all the errands and of course making all the meals.  He might even use some of his PTO in order to dedicate more hours to the projects. 

After all I know that our home would look really good once he finishes all these projects because he is a very handy, creative and very detailed when it comes to these type of work.

So for all my Canadian family and friends who are contemplating on visiting sometime in the new year, please know that you are still welcome to visit but be prepared to deal with a little sawdust. We have enjoyed the friends and family that have stayed at our CPBB and look forward to other friends stopping by in the new year. 

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  1. That's a lot of renovations but I am sure it will all be worth it. I can't wait to see some of them.