Monday, October 10, 2011

Maybe Monday - Marvelous Meal

A quiet Canadian thanksgiving dinner was what we had last night.  It was just me and Jeff and my MIL.  My cousins couldn't not make it in time as they were out of town but she promised they will be here for the US thanksgiving (I guess it's hard to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving when you are an American).  Well here's what they have missed.  My MIL made the Roast Beef and the awesome gravy while I did the simple sides (mashed potatoes and steamed veggies).  For dessert, I made chocolate cupcakes with walnuts and Kahlua with orange frosting.
My new stemless red wine glass
It actually is a light orange frosting with chocolate sprinkles
Today our friends Raff and Andre arrives and I am preparing a 3 course meal.  I will post everything tomorrow.  To all my Canadian friends, enjoy your Thanksgiving Monday Off.

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