Monday, October 1, 2012

Mad Monday - I cannot believe it

Mad because Team USA lost the Ryder Cup.  How can they just let that lead go and losing by 1 point.  If you saw my blog yesterday, I went all out to show my support to the team.  Although no one really made a comment about it, deep inside I was cheering for them all day.
But the sad part is that they were winning for the first couple of days.  Oh bother, we have to wait another couple of years for them to try it again.  It will be a lot tougher because it will be in Scotland.  If the USA wants the cup back here, they have to try very very hard and maybe really pick the best player of the USA.  Don't just pick players because they use to be great or that maybe one particular player can rise to the occasion.  Anyway, no use venting because today is a new day, a new month and everyone including me has to move on.

Moving right along, I thought of sharing a photo that I took last week.  This is one of the shelves in our living room.  While trying to do some dusting, I noticed four gumball tucked inside the middle shelf.  The sofa where Jeff sits while watching TV is near this shelf.  I am guessing that when he does not want me to know he is snacking on gumballs, he hides a few here.  This way I don't see the big jar filled with gumballs.  Jeff is a very sweet man - loves his gumballs, red vines, chocolate chip cookies, mike&ike, good & plenty, starbursts, skittles, and last but not least, all the miniature candies/chocolates that Halloween treats.

Gumballs that are egg shape that only comes out at Easter.


  1. How devastating that they lost by ONE point! It makes the heartbreak worse. Before my favourite baseball player C.J. Wilson went to the Angels, he played for the Texas Rangers. We have never won a World Series, but went to the World Series twice in a row and lost back to back. The last time we were ONE strike away from winning it all. I don't think I've ever recovered from the sting of that loss. Ugh! So even though I don't watch golf, I feel for you!

    The pic of the gumballs cracks me up. Did you call him out on it? :) haha Jeff is like my husband, he loves the same candies as him. As far me, give me chocolate! I love the miniature chocolate Halloween treats! :)

  2. So funny. I don't think Jeff was trying to hide it from you, he was probably saving it for a rainy day.