Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soulful Sunday - Flowers make me happy

When a friend invites you to see some special flower arrangements exhibition, specifically his wife's arrangement will be featured, of course there's only one answer. YES we will attend.
There were a lot of very unusual and special arrangements.  I believe there might be only one or two that did not impress me.  It's a Japanese way of flower arrangements.  This time I remembered to take photos and would like to share them with you.  After the show, I went to the farmers market near our house and bought some fresh flowers.  Then I ask Jeff to cut some of the greens that we have around the side of the house.  I then made five arrangements for the house.  It's not as good as the ones I saw but I am very happy with my own creations. As my sister always say " You cannot have all the talents". So this might not be my passion, but it makes me feel happy to have fresh flowers around our home.  One of my arrangement is for my son.  I have a little corner in our spare room specially for Gino.  It's Sunday and there's never a Sunday when I don't think of him and how I truly miss my son.

Clarise flower arrangement
My own arrangement
My Gino Corner

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