Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Triple Tuesday - Three Things Today

There are days when I am in the zone, I could do a bunch of post and schedule them so far in advance.  And there are also days when I would sit and stare at an empty page trying to write something, think of interesting topics or be very creative.  I always being with my title and then I work from there.  So today I thought of posting three things from different categories that I would like to try as well as things that I want to have again and lastly things I don't want to ever try or have.

  • Restaurants I am not interested in going back: Five Guys Burger (food not that great) Marie Callender (there was a very funky awful smell, I had to walk out) and the Grandview (the view was awesome but the service was extremely terrible).
  • Cocktail drinks I would love to try someday: Apple bee's white peace sangria, PF Chang's Coconut Lemon Sour and Elephant Bar's Skinny Mango Fusion Mojito.  Being a diabetic these drinks contain a very large amount of sugar.  But maybe one day I will just have to have one.
  • High activities: Hot air balloon, para-sailing, chair/ski lift.  Because I am so afraid of heights and for some reason I was able to do all 3 before, I would never do it again.  For my 50th birthday a friend gave me a champagne hot air balloon ride in Ottawa.  While in the Dominican Republic for my daughter's wedding, Jeff and I did the para-sailing, and while on a business trip in Beijing, my co-worker and I got on the chair life to see the Great Wall of China.  This is my been there done that and will never do it again.
  • Sports that I love to play until I can't anymore:  Golf (walking the course is a great exercise and being outdoors with great view), Tennis (playing doubles is not as bad for my knee, a great workout even when you are already a senior) and Billiards (well not really a sport but it's a fun and does not require a lot of energy).
Well, I thought of just doing three things and then I got carried away.  Maybe I will have to do this every Tuesday or do it only if I have nothing to post about.

Believe me, that's me in the front and Jeff behind me.

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  1. i love five guys' fries (i'm a vegetarian so i've never had their burger) but my sister and husband were disappointed when they went.

    next time you're at applebees, you should have the skinny mojito for me (DELICIOUS!)

    also, i shared a photo of the cute baby shoes you made felix on my blog today :) so sweet and nicely made!!!