Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Win Win Wednesday - World Series

World Series Game #1 Detroit Tigers versus the hometown team San Francisco Giants.  East versus the West.  Tonight the every baseball fan will be watching and will either be cheering for Tigers or Giants or for some it just another excuse to hang out in the bar with their friends and watch their favorite sport.  I know that we will be watching it from the comfort of our living room and most likely have some pizza, wings and beer.  Good luck Giants!!!

While waiting for another show to watch, I switched channel and saw a few minutes of the X Factor.  I thought that this was suppose to be a singing competition but from last nights show it looked like an evening soap opera with a lot of crying and a lot of lows and a bit of highs.  That's when I realized that it was the reason why I am not following it anymore.  Too much drama for a show that suppose to showcase singing talents with an X factor.

Although I don't vote on any of these reality shows, I like picking my winners for the week and pick who I think should go home.  This weeks DWTS, I believe that Kirstie Alley should go home, I don't know how she still survive, I guess she still has a lot of fans??  My favorite to be the top three would be Gilles, Melissa and Shawn.  I have to say also that their level of dancing has become more difficult and in the group dance of Derrick's team was so awesome you couldn't tell the difference between stars or the professionals.



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