Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slow Saturday - Something Soothing

In this fast paced world we live in, sometimes doing things slow is not a bad thing.  As the expression says "take time to stop and smell the roses".  So what slow things do you do?
  •  Tea Time - there is something special about sipping a very hot cup of tea slowly.  The other night I tried for the first time the Timothy's K cup Peppermint Tea that my daughter gave us on her last visit.  It was so minty it tingles in my tongue and lingers for a few seconds.  I really enjoyed sipping it so slowly while watching Private Practice.
  • 17 Mile Drive - Monterey/Carmel area - I cannot forget the first time Jeff showed me this very scenic drive.  At the time he had is blue convertible Miata and we picked the perfect three days to do this trip.  We started in Monterey and came out of Carmel.  The most memorable part is when we saw two fawns crossing the street. The mother was waiting on the other side. The baby deer actually look both ways before crossing the road.  Unfortunately Jeff's camera was in the trunk. This past April we took my daughter and her husband to this area.  It was memorable this time because we stopped at some of the popular golf course and had lunch at Pebble Beach looking over the 18th hole.  Driving slow was recommended for this 17 mile drive.
  • Slow Dance - It has been a while since Jeff and I went dancing.  I believe that last time we went out was when my BFF visited us in October 2011 which is one year ago.  So Jeff does not really like dancing but does not mind going out to bars that has live music specially when it's a band that plays his type of music.  If and when we do go out, he does not mind slow dancing (two is his max).  
  • Slow Jams - When I first got my MP3 (a birthday gift from Jeff), the playlist I have is mostly slow jams.  I copied most of the music and while going through some of the files, I found one play list that my son made for me.  It's a little tough now a days to listen to it because it reminds me of him and I can't help and be sad.  Some of the songs I've never heard and so I thought of featuring this one from his play list.

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