Monday, October 29, 2012

Magnificent Monday - World Series Champion

There was nothing to post today until SF Giants won the World Series last night.  For those of you who are sports fan, you already know how awesome last nights game was.  It's interesting that my first year being a resident of the bay area, the Giants won in 2010.  Two years later, they are the champions again.

Another interesting fact, Marco Scutaro use to play for the Toronto Blue Jays (2008-2009). My southern belle friend Sue would be visiting Toronto for a couple of weeks and she would invite me to watch the Jays game.  We had great seats - three rows behind the Jays dugout.  That was the first time I have heard of Scutaro (each time he would bat they would play some latin song).  We would have so much fun watching the games as it was our way to spend some time together while she was in town. Imagine if he stayed with the Jays, maybe they would have a chance to be in playoffs. (NOT).
Last July 2012 he was traded to the Giants.
Congratulations San Francisco GIANTS.  All your fans will be waiting for your return to the bay area.

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